He’s a cat. He likes to play video games. He often has a hard time with this since he’s a gamer cat living in a gamer human world, but he gets by.

Gender: Male


Glitch was a stray kitten that Gamercat brought home with him. He still has a lot to learn about being a gamer cat.

Gender: Male


Sweet is a very large cat and a little rough around the edges, but his usually mellow attitude makes him a decent gaming buddy.

Gender: Male


Pixel is sleek, swift and light on her paws, if a bit near-sighted. She enjoys games with puzzles the most.

Gender: Female


Nano is a spunky little kitten with a love for hardcore games and a big crush on Gamercat.

Gender: Female


Malcolm is Gamercat and Glitch’s owner and a gamer in his own right. He works at an electronics/games store and is blissfully unaware of his pets’ gaming hobbies.

Gender: Male

Annoying Fairy

Gamercat’s persistant and unwelcome partner. She usually points out his flaws and likes to talk him into buying things he doesn’t really want or need.

Gender: Female


These little guys can come alone or in groups. Their main purpose in life is to antagonize Gamercat. They do it well.

Gender: Either