Who Needs Cake…

When I have you!

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  1. More Gamercat pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! -^_^-

    1. I second that!

      1. I third that!

    2. Hey! This comic was started on my birthday!

      1. Cool!

        1. this looks more poster less comic

    3. I don’t know, I don’t think it’ll kick off…

      1. SolarEclipse/AngryVampire


    4. I LIKE GAMERcat

      1. GaMERCaT
        Both have lowercase a’s

  2. ahhh companion cube how I love thee

    1. do you even know that there is a theory which has so many evidence that the companion cubes contains dead bodies of the failed test subjects of apeture science??

      1. Lol game theory rocks

      2. oh that scary

    2. then you are sorely mistaken

    3. gamercatxCOMPANIONCUBE

      1. I’ve never played Portal…

        1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

          Will you go away, don’t harass me like this.

  3. :3

  4. Now all I need to do is make a plushie of this little kitty to sit next to me while I play games! :D

    1. Oh, yes!

  5. I JUST FINISHED ALL OF THESE IN LIKE… A MINUET. Gamer cat is not only 100% YOURS but it’s 100% CUTE and FUNNY! Please, please keep updating and making more comics. These make me lol and go aweee ; w; at the same time!

    1. WHo else owned him him?

  6. Wow. Cute comics. Love the background of the site too. Metroid, Layton, and Ace Attorney?!! :D

    1. you forgot to add dragon quest and megaman

      1. and you forgot pokemon

        1. failure.

        2. What about Kirby??? That’s the star right?

    2. Hello from Hoenn!

      1. Well I failed *facepalm*

      2. Hey y’all from North Carolina~!

    3. Hello from USA

    4. You even forgot Professor Layton.

      1. What about Yo-kai Watch it might be too new tho

        1. What about Call Of Duty? They have it on Wii.
          Sup from an oven (New Mexico)

  7. Hi from France !
    (So sorry for my bad english)
    You’re comics are great ! I hope you continue for a long time :)

    1. Hi from mexico !

      1. This chain is all your fault.

        Hello from Louisiana!

    2. Hi from Peru!

    3. Hi form Germany! :P

    4. Hello from Russia

    5. Hi from Norway

      1. Selvester Tilling

        Hi from usa

    6. G’day from Australia

    7. Hello From Canada :D

      1. I believe you mean Eh!

        1. Same here! Canada FTW

    8. Hi from Sweden :D

    9. Hi from Brazil :D

      1. Yay, I found another brazilian :D (outro br! :3)

    10. Hello from Puerto Rico :3

      1. Hallo from The Netherlands

    11. Hey from the USA! XP

    12. Hi from Wales!

    13. Bonjour!, from Quebec, Canada

    14. Terveisiä Suomesta!

      = Greetings from Finland!

      1. shalom from israel

        1. Hi From the saddest part of Mexico. (Tizayuca, Hidalgo)

    15. Hello from the Maldives!

    16. Hi from Chile!!

    17. Hello from El Salvador :D

    18. Игрокот

      Hello from Ukraine ^^

      1. Huh. Who would think that everything started with a French Dude greeting Celesse for her good work :T BTW. Hi From Peru!

      2. hi… from TAMRIEL! XD i win

        1. nid I win because I am a dragon from skyrim tamriel and I speak the dragon language

        2. Hey Benny, Pat is my favorite too. I don’t know El and Corbett but love to check out their blogs as well. Nice meeting a positive and passionate due like yourself online. Keep up!

        3. Musical Armaggeddon

          greetings from ussr influenced usa

    19. Tashkent is on-line too))

    20. “Little” late. But hi from the UK.

      1. Late hi from Sweden.

        1. Wow. Really. this is comment chain is large.. 2011- 2014 o_o

        2. Lets make it longer >:)

        3. hi from the OC

      2. Hi from USA!

    21. Hi from Italy (Late)

      1. I’m from Italy too! Yay!

    22. and from Hyrule

      1. Hiiii…. From Perúuu! :D
        Wait I did this already xD

        1. Hello from Colorado, USA. :D ♥

      2. YES!!!

      3. hi from the future USA

    23. hello from MARZ,no really i live on mars,its,its definetly true look it up,

    24. Hello From Paraguay! (Hola desde Paraguay! )

      1. Well… Hello from Poland :D

        1. -Just to make this chain longer… Hi from New Jersey!!!

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          and also U.S.A :3

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        4. Good day from jolly old England!

        5. Hello from CA XD

      2. I’m a washingtonian myself! Hello!

    27. TennesseeLoneWolf

      Howdy from Tennessee <3 btw love the comic ^-^

    28. Hello from Washington state USA!

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      Hello from the other side

      1. Moi from Finland!
        Torilla tavataan ExPaladin :D

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    33. Hello from the USAAAAA! I must’ve yelled a million “HEYYYYS!” (*facepalm* how can I show my face in public after the election?)

    34. Hello from Earth ?!

      BTW Ashtonbunk, don’t invade Earth or I will have Donald trump build a super canon! xD

    35. Hi from canada!!! Btw this chain is so long, 2011-2017…

      1. I know there already is hello from Poland, but… Hello from Poland!

    36. Hi from USA! also, you got it all correct!

      1. Hallo from Germany

    37. Hallo I’m late

    38. HELLO FROM THE SINNOH REGION! (Platinum is life)

      1. Just A Narwhal Sloth

        Very late hello from France! :3

        1. Hello everybody from 12th century Masyaf ( I WON ) ( I saw Altaïr once.

    39. America!

    40. Hello from that dark foreboding pit from which nothing can ever escape’s bathroom

      1. Hi from the literature club! =^w^= (yes, the Daisy Kitty up there is also me)

        1. One does not simly WALK

          Into narnia

        2. RandomCommenter#1437

          Hello from USA!

        3. Hello from 🇺🇸

    41. Hi there!
      I’m from New Zealand

      1. Hi from Minnesota!

        1. 2011-2020 Jees

    42. Aperture Science Online Chatbot

      Hello from Scotland! First Scotland! PS that’s not bad English!

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  8. sooo cute
    jajajaja the little kitty master pokemon :P!

  9. I really love how simple the drawings are, yet they capture people’s eyes. Love it! Keep up the work, it’s really funny and adorable!

  10. i finished all the comics in less than a minute! ‹(º€º)›

  11. i dont get it… just kidding! :3 this is my first post on a real computer. my other posts were on a 3DS

  12. gamer cat is a very good web comic x3 i wish i knew how to make web comics, i only know how to make paper comics

  13. ._.
    Very amusing.

  14. I need a plush cat to go with my plush companion cube to reenact this comic in squish form…

  15. I agree with this =^-^=

  16. I loves this; tis adorable. X)

  17. You have equipped:

    6-8 dmg

    +1 reader
    +1 Fan

  18. :3 luvz dem.

  19. I need this on a t-shirt

      1. Why’s your box darker?
        I’m new to the site :D

        1. Robbie The Furry

          she was the creator, thats why

  20. my first coment on my acount ._.

  21. Meowwww Por The GamerCat


    So cute… so nerdy… so furry! MUST! HAVE!

  23. naaaawww kawaii *—-*
    i want a plushiiii ♥

    1. Musical Armaggeddon

      what is your profile pic

  24. HI!!! just wanted to tell you i really like your art (enough to tell you through my ps1000!!!) gamercat is so cute and id love to see him as sly cooper or cole mcgrath 83 keep up the great work!!!

  25. Any1 heard about slender?
    GaMERCat should play slender.

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  27. i love it

  28. is the gamercat a boy or girl?

    1. I came here for Nostalgia!!!

  29. This makes me want a gamercat plush that has interchangeable cloths like assasians creed outfit link outfit basically one for each outfit hes been drawn in and you can buy the plush and pick one outfit to go with it then buy more outfits if you like

  30. I just found my new favorite webcomic to follow!

  31. wut’s a companion cube?

    1. You, are the disease to this world.

    2. I will burn your house down… WITH MY LEMONS!

  32. Kennedy Elise Walton

    Make a Pokemon Gamer cat!

  33. These are so @#$%ing cute!!!!

  34. Soo Cute .. Soo Cute .. x3

  35. =3 i don’t ned cake win i have you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. listien i really love ur work they are comepeltely hairlours and i hav played the game journey its awesome

  37. hi i really like your work! you should make plush cats and stuff that would be awesome! xD

  38. @GaMERCaT @GaMERCaT (the other one which dosen’t use grammar) @GamerCatt @gamercat Why is everyone pretending to be GaMERCat? -.-


  40. This is amazing! But I noticed that it was posted on June something last year. COuld you get more pls? TY

  41. it vary cool

  42. Reason GaMER CaT’s name has only the a’s lowercase is because of this comic, portal’s GLaDOS

    1. Actually, no. GlaDOS only has the last three letters capitalized, which is to make fun of DOS programming. It has nothing to do with GaMERCaT’s capitalization.

      1. The DOS programming bit is correct, although it is in fact GLaDOS and not GlaDOS. ‘GLaDOS’ is an acronym for ‘Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System’. The ‘a’ is lowercase because it is a conjunction, which is left lowercase in most titles.

        1. Never mind.

  43. Your comics are so awesome!

  44. After watching Game Theory’s ‘Portal’s Companion Cube has a dark secret’ I can never see this the same .-.

  45. You should make a postcard out of this…

  46. Goedendag from The netherlands

  47. Hey! I really like that image, I’d love having it on a t-shirt. I was sad to see you didn’t have any in your shop, do you think it’s a good idea to make it happen? Thanks!

  48. U need to make a video game with Gamercat

  49. CUTE ❤❤❤ >^~^<

    1. Gamer cat fan 119


  50. From humble beginnings. :)

  51. amo los gatos y soi gamer :3 esto keda bien x3

  52. Hola desde Argentina!
    Yo me vine a esta pagina por los comics en español de otras paginas!
    Y crei que esta pagina podria tener multiples idiomas!
    Pero no :(
    Aunque se un poco de ingles y puedo entender un poco los chistes! :)

  53. And then you watch game theory and this comic is ruined.

    1. Oh no you too? :#

  54. I actually recently got to know about this site, and I just read the whole serie backwards :D it was fun, thank you so much for this making such a cute and funny comic <3

    Love from Denmark

  55. The one that started it all<3

  56. I love gamercat so much ^_^ continue making more awesome comic stuff lol

  57. hi from Singapore :D

  58. Hi from Pittsburg USA! :3

  59. Hello from Greece :D

  60. Hi from France ! :3

  61. Did anyone notice the link in the old comics is spelled GaMERcAT instead of GaMERCaT? Kinda weird that he changed it after a while, but oh well!

    1. That would be a typo.

  62. Don’t complete that chamber Gamer Cat…

    it’s for your own sanity.

  63. I am a newcomer to this comic and so far i am liking it ^^
    Thank you very much for this comic (psst i also like Axe Cop) and keep up the good work!



    1. It’s spelled “Hyrule”.

    2. SKY IS FROM HYRULE?!??!?!?!?!?/1/11/1/!?!?!/1?!1/1

  66. The comic strip that started it all…

  67. Hi from Brazil! Natal, Rio Grande do Norte! :3
    I love GaMERCaT! pls! Keep making more and more! ;D

  68. I love this comic series SO MUCH!! If I had money I would become a supporter and buy all the merch!

  69. Please do comic with all characters and glitches mother please

  70. I have finally completed reading every single GaMERCaT comic in backwards order! IN ONE SINGLE DAY! WOOT!

    …until next Monday…

  71. I want this on a T-shirt.

    1. I second that motion!

  72. Yo-kai Watch next anyone

  73. I am late to the fandom! But count me in! I love the Gamercat gifs for facebook, its the only one I use because they are the easiest to relate to! I wish there were more. Like a sleepy one, and other emotions.

    I can’t wait to read the comics!

  74. Gimme the Rights 2 make a game out of you!!! I need the rights 2 make the game!! APPROVE OF MY RIGHTS QUESTIONING!!!

  75. Hi! I absolutely adore this comic

    I really wanted to ask if I could cosplay GaMERCaT, Glitch, Pixel and Sweet with a group of friends

    I’ll link the site under the pics and link the pics we’ll take directly to you quq

  76. >u< Dominique S(*o*)S

    this is sooooo cute ~ <3

  77. Hi can you do a Twilight Princess one

  78. Beautfiul
    The start of a grand beginning.

  79. The great site for relax

  80. boooooooooooooooooo it sucks

  81. que los saquen en español plisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  82. Bbbooo
    I need cake to live!!!!?
    So not nice?

  83. Ксения

    Hello! Can I translate your comics?

  84. So this is where it all starts.

    1. Yup. This is how GaMERCaT was born.

  85. omg too cute

    1. Gamer cat fan 119


  86. i read the hole commicbook,
    glich is so cute.


  88. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!
    [lol I didn’t put my real email address bc I need to remain mostly unknown]

  89. Gamer cat fan 119

    I love gamer cat it is soo amazing my favourite comic is when gamer cat interviews pusheen

  90. Same the gif is so cute

  91. Gamer cat is EPIC! PLEASE PLEASE please make more gamer cat is sooo cool and we need more with glich and pixel

    1. Um, have you SEEN the new comics?

      1. Ye, there’s plenty of new ones…

  92. I hate cake anyways.

  93. U should totally have desktop figures, Whitten. That would be awesome. so would a gamercat Nintendo switch decal set or case.

  94. Hah, this thread is matched by each of the Hiatus ones

  95. I have a question for you all. How many times have you gone back here to reread the comics?
    Me: Too many to count…

  96. And it all began with a reference to portal. My favorite game series. I love nostalgia. And GaMERCaT of course

  97. I have an unhealthy obsession with Picross. Please send help at 1-800-NOT-A-REAL-PHONE-NUMBER.

    I have a feeling that when the series ends, it will with GaMERCaT playing a theoretical Portal 3, and stopping at the first companion cube. He remembers all the good times he had with the ones of the past two games, and realizes their only purpose was to be used as a tool. After finding out his love was garbage, he takes a little time off games to cope with what he’s going through. He spends some time outside to forget it. The fun he has outside is overwhelmingly large that he realizes there is no point to playing video games. The entire series ends with a single phrase:
    “Who needs games…when I have you.”

    1. Some name

    2. Sort of already happened, click my name to jump to the comic.

  98. I saw the whole thing and gc is so different

  99. thats not derp that is judt horrible


  101. What the fuck justin

  102. RandomCommenter#1437




  103. Soldiers of destiny calling

  104. Hello everybody it’s me GAMERGIRL.:)

    1. As you probably can see I finally have a Gravatar.:)

  105. powerpuffrailfan121

    I don’t know, I think cake is much better.

  106. Selvester Tilling

    Gameing and cake are better

  107. Selvester Tilling

    Hi from usa

    1. Hi from Mexico

      1. hi from nowhere

  108. Hi from somewhere

  109. I love the stickers and comics😍

  110. Hello people. I am a fan of The GaMERCaT. Its weird and funny kinda my type. and do not think this is a bot cause its not LOL. I really enjoyed this comic. cause I read it already. =3
    But that does not mean i will never read it again.

  111. Interesting

  112. I love these so much! I have read them all at least 5 times! I so can’t wait for more!

  113. i love these

  114. Awww! But more comic theme would be appreciated GREATLY!! 🦁

  115. Lol this was started in pride

  116. that_kid_that_oofs

    This comic was started a month earlier than Monstercat, and I think that’s pretty cool. Two black colored cats that wear bandannas were born less than a month apart.

  117. Anybody here is just looking back on what the comic was like back all these years?

  118. yay maybe more comics here an there

  119. I gamer cat is the best brother.

  120. Gamer cat should try the video game called Sea of theives

  121. I was born in 2012

    1. glitch The buttin masher

      I was born on 2010
      1 yer after gamer cat was made

    2. glitch The buttin masher

      I was born on 2010
      1 yer after gamer cat was made

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