Remember Us

This is a literal depiction of what happened to me when I started Spyro 2 in Reignited. I had a lot of trouble with the transition from 2D to 3D games. Everyone else seemed to think the graphics were amazing, but I found most models creepy. I think I've repressed most of them at this point, so looking back is always a bit startling.

169 thoughts on “Remember Us

  1. yayyyyy spyro!

    1. Boo Furries!

      1. switcherland your the worst what is wrong with you?

        1. furries unite!

        2. no wifi= no life

          furvengers assemble :D

        3. furries can be furries with out $500 costumes! some people just draw furries, either for themselves or the internet. anyway, furries rule!

        4. trollllllllllll

          furries are life ( i like how many furries are outnumbering switcherland.)

        5. i’ve never played skylanders before soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P also im not a furry but im okay with furries.

        6. Ok guys don’t worry it’s just one dude using multiple guest names, no need to panic.

        7. zer0 the drago baggo

          Hello, comrades! -w-

        8. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          To everyone here: There is no reasonable explanation for people hating furries. I have been listening to this argument for years, and all the points that have been given by the haters have easily been proven wrong, or shown that not only furries do that. It’s a shame that so many people are in the hive mind of furry haters, that no matter how many ways furries are proven to be innocent and helpful, they still want to hate. I often see the haters calling furries names, and even giving death threats. Meanwhile, I have not seen a single furry start a conflict or start an argument on this topic. This is not the way to act. I’m not a furry myself, but I’m really starting to think that non-furries are just pathetic, and want someone to pick on. You aren’t allowed to pick on African Americans anymore, so now you choose to mess with another innocent group. Yes, I’m calling you racist. Now, apologize to the furries. They don’t deserve the hate that they are given.

        9. Uh oh we found the furries better call in for the nukes

        10. Why?

          What about furries scares you or traumatizes you so?

          Do you think their fandom owns a the rights to creepy people who take their fandom way too far?

        11. Also one time I glued a furry to a car seat

        12. Furries are degenerates

        13. furries are no more wrong than having the hobby of collecting rocks. its a hobby, nothing more. Being a furry doesnt inherently mean anything sexual, it doesnt inherently mean that they think they are an animal, all “furry” means is that they appreciate or have a fascination of anthropormorphic animal characters.

        14. He meant the NPCs stop saying that they’re furries because they’re NPCs

        15. Apparently common sense is wrong with switcherland

        16. I should push you off a bridge while you’re glued to a car seat. Hate on the otherkins, the ones who actually want to **** animals. Otherkins are the degenerate cousins of furries, while furries will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

      2. SHHHhhhhhhhhhHHHHH don’t listen to them furries :<

        1. I recognize your profile pic…

        2. I think i recall that avatar of yours… wonder on what sites you were XD

        3. I know exactly where he got that pic x3
          Cant post it here or I might get in trouble but I know where its from

        4. Tyler are you a furry+gamer?

        5. I heard of it on a thread

        6. That WAS why I put it as that but now that profile is banned

        7. wait whats a furry because ive never played spyro except in the skylander series

      3. Whats so bad about furries…?

        Im a furry…

        Just going to point this out but this topic sparks a lot of hate so maybe don’t put it in the comics….

        1. Oh cool a disappointment!

        2. Justin thats kind of mean… you know, it IS possible to have an opinion without sharing that opinion, right?

        3. No sir, by the way, what the hell are morals?

      4. An absolutely unepic thing: Furries and Gamers fight instead of rising up against society

        1. zer0 the drago baggo

          I’m both, so I may as well be neutral.

      5. Person with a uncreative name

        Why do you have a problem with furries? After all you are on a webcomicsite about a comic with anthropomorphic animals.

        1. Yeah that’s what I wanted to say but couldn’t really find a place to put it.

    2. The struggle to decide how meta to be in responding to this is real.

      Ultimately I’ve settled on whispering the term “anthro”, holding my pinky up in the air snobbishly, and reminding people the main character of this strip is a talking cat. Smug life, yo.

      1. i know right? gamer cat is
        ~a talking cat
        ~a cat that sometimes walks on 2 legs
        ~a cat that wears a bandana
        ~ a cat that plays video games
        ~a cat that flirts on an occasional basis
        basically, a furry in a nutshell

      2. smug life is best life

        1. Yeah but GaMERCaT IS a cat. A furry is a human pretending to be an animal or charachters that look like animals but have a human anatomy. GaMERCaT is a litteral cat in a human universe.

        2. I pushed a furry off a bridge

        3. Gamercat is not a cat. Cat’s cannot talk.
          As soon as an animal has a human trait, it’s considered anthro/furry.

          Your lack of knowledge makes you not only look stupid but also a ignorant fool. I recommend you find some rope and do the world a favor

        4. Luke_The_Ripper

          The term “furry” is used for both any form of antho animal AND fans of such characters.
          And possible furry forms range from “feral” which are just animals who talk and sorta act like humans (think Simba or Scooby-Doo) all the way to “kemonomimi” (normal people with animals ears).
          Gamercat would mostly fit into “funny animal/cartoon animal”, much like Garfield for example, but is still clearly a “furry”.

        5. “GaMERCaT is not a cat”… Are we watching the same comic. GamerCAT. It’s a little worrying how just because i got some info wrong you imply that i should comit suicide. Are you that person in a fanbase that as soon as someone crituiqes something in it you have to hate on them untill they either take back everything or kills themself? If you would have been like Luke and given a correction that wasnt half assed and you know, not imply that i should kill myself you proboavly wouldn’t have came of as a jerk.

        6. im calling the cops on you justin

        7. WTF. WHY? WHAT HAD HE DONE? (Well I get the idea that he pushed a furry off a bridge. And I have no flickin clue to what a flicken furry is.) and y u name anonymous? It can me a nickname


        9. Like seriously I can literally think of NOTHING

        10. And that petition

        11. Not to mention all that cussing.

        12. The car trap

          And I can’t swear without censorship anymore I think there’s a filter

        13. Yay! Now this humble comment secgion may finally rerurn to it’s [beep] glory it once had.

        14. How about this? If I get banned one more time, I will never comment here again.

        15. a furry is not a human pretending to be an animal, its just a person who likes anthro characters. Has someone been watching too much tv?

        16. What the hec justin??? Why u hating on furries so badly those people never hurt you, im a pseudo furry don’t judge me people psdeuo furry psdeuo=a gamer and otaku thats a kemonomini/feral furry= anthropomorphic character that’s a animal jam player and Mickey and tony the tiger are anthropomorphic characters!

    3. Now for something different:

      Steamed hams!

      1. I thought that we were having steamed clams.

        1. steamed lambs, i thought.

      2. justin is nothing but a bully and attention seeker. celesse can you please put bad word filters on this website?? it would improve my childhood inoccence immensly. thank you if you acknowledge this comment.

        1. That would be great if she put a filter.

        2. What did I do to deserve all this b-hole coming out of your mouth

        3. im 10 justin. and you make rather offensive comments.

        4. What ever do you mean?

          *5 days earlier*

          “We should eat rocks and throw sandals at each other”

        5. I should be worried that i have an extremly small amount of respect for you but i wen’t insane a long time ago so worrying is basicaly out of the window.

    4. be quite about the furies, they smell fear…


      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

        How has so many of these comments not been deleted, it’s filled with toxic furry haters who if born a century ago would definitely have been racists

    5. When a remake of a popular game comes out and then you remember the old graphics.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of people dont like the new models for the characters in spyro two, especially shiela. But to me, I love them! Hunter especially, hes kind of a cutie now =P

    1. I liked all of them… except Shiela, lol. I could get used to the clothes and the hair, but slapping a teeny tiny human torso on her was so unnecessary and just looks terrible on on top of her bulky kangaroo legs x_x;

  3. What the hell

  4. OMG GamerCat as Spyro looks so cool!

    1. wait what would a normally drawn non gamercat spyro look like.

  5. i never thought i would type this, but good idea justin!

    1. that is kind of racist though (?)

      1. They’ll raise their hands to the heavens above with resentment in their eyes

        1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          Justin, please get off the drugs, you’re speaking gibberish again

  6. Way better the new version! Oo’

    1. Breon_The_Umbreon

      To be honest I HATE the new spyro style. I liked him better in the original skylanders games.

  7. The one thing that both the right and the left agree on is that furries are degenerate scum. You know that something is bad when you somehow manage to make the right and left agree on something!.

    1. I semi agree with you. As long as they don’t bother someone intentionaly they can exist. Well. As long as it’s in another country.

      1. no, the 13 year old edgelords on the left and right agree about that. most mature people agree that there is nothing wrong with liking anthropormorphic animals. If you like garfield you are technically a furry. This stupid idea that “furry = someone who thinks they are an animal” is ridiculous and just plain wrong

        1. Lucky the Husky

          Otherkin=someone who thinks they’re an animal
          Furry=people who know they’re people who just like drawing animals and dressing up as them

          If you’re gonna hate anyone, hate the otherkins

        2. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          Super Isaiah you are correct. Apparently most people don’t even know how to search the definition of something

    2. *sigh* I thought we were done with this?

      1. Hatred towards the furry community will never die

        1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          yes, it will. Now, stop acting like a racist

  8. The first time I played Spyro was on a Gameboy. I hated it and rage quit because I was on a file that was already started by my parents or something and I couldn’t understand what was going on.

    1. My first “introduction” to spyro was through the first skylander games. At the time i wasn’t good at english so and because the idea is to waste money on little figurines which there are hundreds off i thought spyro was just a random dragon made for the game.

  9. I can’t relate but damn i want to.

  10. It was actually backwards for me. I’ve been playing a lot of the more 16 bit type indie games recently, so it was jarring to play EBF5 with its more cartoonish style.

  11. I had to transition from 3D to 2D character models, as I was raised on 3D games

    1. I had to transition from 4d to 2d. It’s a weird jump

  12. i would not be surprised if a idiot human drew me as a furry. the internet is weird. should i just stick to the darkner’s interweb? idfk. but then again im a soundcloud rapper now so i should please my fans… HMMMMMMMMMMMM… decisions decisions. i can do anything though! chaos chaos!

    1. So it isnt a coincidence that you just have to take the J away from your name to make another word.

      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

        Empty Child what?

    2. Breon_The_Umbreon

      Darkner… Where have I heard that before… UNDERTALE 2 (DELTARUNE) CONFIRMED!!!

  13. All around me are familiar faces…

    1. Worn out places, worn out faces…

      1. r/TearsForFears

  14. Does anyone else remember what the Romeo and Juliet bird use to sound like too?

  15. I’m with ya Celesse! The transition needed to happen, but it was so awkward.

  16. Original designs are way better. They can be polygonal, but they are not ugly. Elora looks really bad. And sounds like stupid brat.
    There is sth more important than just “more polygons”, “effetcs” or “resolution” to make game look better. And original Spyro looks better because it has the fitting atmosphere, the aura, making this feel properly. They made too much of a cartoon for 3yo kids out of it. And making Elora dumb… man. They could have done better. Way better.
    RT isn’t that bad, but some choices were really wrong. Like dumb furry Elora or stereotypical Sheila with awkward look. Hunter was okay, could be better, but looking at other desings, I’m glad they didn’t make him as them too. Moneybags is for example pretty well done. And Spyro too.

  17. At the children’s hospital they gave original ps1’s with Spyro on them. I want to be dying so I can go and play Spyro

    1. Actually you know what? I just want to be dying period.

      1. Tell Dregg Moriss that he’s clogging up the line, the Hell Innovation Committee need to work on a different project already.

      2. With that avatar it’s a fact you wanna be dying

        1. Is it because of the source of the image?
          Because if so that’s why the profile picture is funny

  18. The reason why FFIX sprites looked so great was because Square learned that their goal for the FFVII sprites couldn’t be done on a PS1.
    Hence, semi-Chibis.

  19. My ComIcs NeXt.

  20. Gamercat it’s an lizard and furries… Furries!!

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      No wonder it sold so well

  21. Did somebody say… furries

    1. Feel the wind beneath the steel as your mind becomes insane

    2. I’ve seen your DA

    3. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Yeah, people are spreading hatred about them for no good reason again…

  22. I remember the original (PS1) sound mixing in Spyro 2’s opening being the worst as well. Whomever was in charge of the board did not fix the plosive problem, causing every “p” sound to cause audible pop on the mic. I did want to ask, did you rotoscope the PS1 models? Those are amazingly accurate. Oh, and one more thing. “Furries” That is all.

  23. Purple

    1. Harplens

      A color invented in the year 2176

  24. low poly in the original playstation

  25. I just relaised something. If GaMERCaT was alive during the release of the original spyro games wouldn’t GaMERCaT be very old? How old is GaMERCaT really?

    1. Gamercat is a gamercat He lives aslong as the internet alows him.

      1. I don’t know if you got the grammar wrong intentionally but all i can only hear PBG’s voice when i read it. Also. I guess that makes sense.

  26. it would be nice to see a regular spyro drawn

  27. Another settlement is in real need of your help, Spyro.

  28. That was funny as hell though

    1. No I mean the profile picture

  29. I thought that’s what school is for.

  30. I thought that’s what school is for.

    the fudge? I have not already typed this computer. Figure it out!

    1. oh I see now. needed to reload

  31. Spiro gamer cat is adorable!😄

  32. I have a riddle! A cowboy travels into a town on a monday morning. Stays there 2 days and leaves on friday. How did he do it?

    PS. If you look it up i’ll make you mildly annoyed.

    1. It never mentioned that he had a horse

      1. Could you explain?

        1. Living gives you cancer

          I would but it would give away the answer

        2. But isn’t the point of riddles to find or give away the asnwer?

        3. Well it didn’t mention horses so i’m letting the person who read the riddle know that he went to town on a horse which was a vital part of the riddle.

        4. By the way I’m stealing Lawrence Gordons profile picture

        5. Why the [beep] do i always forget that detail. Thanks. Also i don’t know who the [beep] Lawinsurence Gordon is.

        6. They’re someone on this site.

        7. I think i'll just pass out now.

          … Okay.

  33. Hey, what happened to #ketchup?

    1. You’re right. What did happen to him.

      1. Haven’t seen them since Mind Games

        1. Strange.

  34. I hate Elora’s and the Sorceress’s face. Did they both get hit by a frying pan?

  35. I actually like the new design.

    And calm down, dudes and haters. Most of your childhood video games’ heroes were anthropomorphic animals (therefore, “furries”).

    And just because some furries did some sh*ts doesn’t mean all furries are all the same.

    Keep calm and enjoy your video games, regardless of what your characters are.

    1. In MegaMan X you go and kill robots made to be anthropomorphic animals. Can you imagine a more perfect game?

  36. Justin i don’t know if you’re reading this but why are you constantly getting banned

    1. Because i’m an absolute d*ckwipe

  37. Your 8D looks like a tic-tac shut the f*ck up

  38. If you don’t like the comic, why are you even on the website commenting this in the first place?

    It shows that you went out of your way to let people know that you have good taste in art or webcomics

    1. Oh yeah that’s right because you want attention

      1. U absolute hypocrite

  39. Can there be a Spyro Gamercat tshirt/plush now please?

  40. The girl’s clothing should not be allowed in a kids game

    1. Excuse me several MARIO CHARACTERS are worse.

  41. Gamercat as Spyro looks so cute!

  42. Furry bad >:/

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)


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