Helping Hand

Do you know how much time I spent avoiding Ripto while my "friend" rained power orbs on him instead of me? Yeah. Good job, NPC helper.

179 thoughts on “Helping Hand

  1. Ehhh. First.

    1. Nice try – blue shell activated-

      1. you won’t get first with your blue shell. -bullet bill activated-

        1. ***Suddenly a Star Power up is used, initiating the Piranha plant as the Battle for First place Commences**

        2. suddenly u relise it is the 30th aniversery of the Earthbound seires and forgot all about this

        3. Jojo intelectual

          By activating King Crimson’s sub ability i foresaw reality and dodged everything that tried to prevent me from reaching first place.Nice try young man

      2. Jojo intelectual, right?

    2. who looks at a cat comic strip at 3 freaking a.m in the morning wess?????????

      1. timezones ?

        1. I like your name, treforce. based on Legends of Zelda, I presume?

        2. this is how all npc treat me by aiming for the bad spots and times to help

      2. Someone who can’t fall asleep. Lol

      3. Timezones. Your 3am is my 6:00

        1. *6:00pm

        2. Except… the time posted is based on which timezone you’re in. Some cases use timezone specifically, others use the time on the device. However, depending on age, occupation, and a number of other things, staying up until after 3 am isn’t that unusual.

      4. The comics usually go up in 11 am here but it still says 3 am

      5. Patrick would do somehting at 3 am

      6. Oh, boy. 3AM.

        (In fact, it’s 7:28AM and I’m still awake…)

    3. Shallow, shallow lives…
      Nothing better to do?

    4. Last. Because no one ever calls it. Poor sad lonely last.

      1. 647th

        1. Which is still not last. ;) So I still win because I already called it and now you can’t without just looking silly. BWAHAHAHA!

        2. 647 was actually a combination of numbers to unlock something in a movie

  2. Stupid npcs :-(

    1. npcs are the worst.

      1. Except in spider-man 3

        1. and in bioshock’s DLC

        2. noob / pro gamer

          they always help.

        3. what about a certain tale dat is under

        4. Pretty much every character from the tale that is under should be sent into a conversation camp.

        5. In spider-man np are really good. Especially the ones in ps4 pro

  3. yey fifth

    1. im confused and kind of scared.

      1. very easy to get confused about this. do you mean the webcomic, or the comments on the webcomic being numbered?

      2. of what?

  4. spagetti

    1. poptarts

      1. lava cakes

        1. lol I misread your name at first as no wife= no life

          That would have definitely needed a backstory… ;P

      2. strawberries

        1. Moon cheese

      3. goldfish


        2. if anybody who is famous for making memes popular read that, can you please make it a meme? the comment I replied to with this one, that is.


  5. I would love it if there were more, but I understand if you don’t have time to make web comics every day. just thought that I’d say something about them being weekly instead of daily. also, I don’t care what number my comment is. it’s just a number, people! it’s not a race!

    1. also, just thought I’d say this, botw means Breath of the Wild. it’s the newest Legends of Zelda game that I know of.

      1. just realized, Ripto’s horn looks like a backwards moblin horn. anybody who plays botw knows what I’m talking about. at least, if they’ve played for a while.

        1. Huh. I didn’t notice that.

        2. speaking of moblins when i got off the plateau as soon i landed i fought a moblin and broke all my weapons while trying

        3. XD R.I.P. Bro! I don’t have that problem, I have the master sword.

        4. and it was on master mode forgot to mention that

        5. do you have to beat the game to unlock that, is it a dlc, or what? because if it’s dlc then I’ll pretty much never get it because the game costs enough already, and if it’s unlocked by completing game then I’ll get it, but not any time soon.

        6. Spyro has 2 backwards moblin horns on his head, he must be slaying them 24/7 and doing a happy dance every blood moon.

        7. its a dlc and its not that expensive either if you by the bundle pack its so worth it

  6. I’m trying to come up with a funny/witty remark about this, but the best I came up with is double negative, and even that might not be true.

    1. And when you finally think of it the comic is 2 months old

  7. going to start a race in the comments. use any items from mario kart 8 that you can think of, including ones from deluxe. I’m in first and have a blue shell, so no blue shells until I throw this.

    1. Okay, okay, spyro GaMERCaT is adorable

      1. …how does that have anything to do with the race I started?

    2. banana peel (I think)

      1. yeah, that’s an option.

    3. I’m in last, but I just got the crazy 8. I’m gonna spam it all at once!

      1. I have some caviar. Does that count as an item?

        1. XD sure XD


      1. the HORN

        1. it breaks blue shells, even in mario kart 8.

        2. and it breaks peoples faces ears and works as a shield

        3. … what release are YOU playing?

        4. nevertheless, time to start the race! entry is no longer available. I’m in 1st. I’m doing this on purpose and know the consequences, but BLUE SHELL, GO! (1 second later it hits me and knocks me into 6th)


  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. And that is how Gamercat learned what it means to live with a cat.

  11. I loooove the Spyro games… but haaaaate the boss fights in every single one of them.


  13. I love orange juice, and if you don’t like orange juice, well then guess what? I don’t like you

    1. Orange juice is great man
      Finally, something we can agree on.

      1. grape juice is supreme juice

    2. Orange juice is the best!

    3. LOL, but that’s completely random.


  14. I mean, they both have horns so its kind of hard to tell them apart

  15. don’t worry he will die for consuming liquid steroids that come in balls


    1. stop it the game is dead

      1. true dat

        1. i am just thinking of all the hate we will get by saying this

        2. wat make the game gud anyway????

        3. Okay 1:your not fooling anybody, your obviously just posting with different names.
          And 2: If there is a person alive who enjoys deltarune, and has a girlfriend, then I’m not a Cyber-Bully

        4. well good new justin you have somebody who has half of the requirements because i love deltarune just got chapter one on my nintendo switch for FREE!!

        5. What do you mean good new Justin?

    2. … So you are a cyber bully.

      1. Precisely

        1. sorry when i said new i meant news

        2. Justapersonontheinternet

          Nope. My boyfriend likes Delta Rune.
          Therefore, assuming your logic statement is anywhere near remotely true, then no, you are not a cyberbully.

        3. what happened to your gravatar?

  17. lol just looked ahead the next comic will be about remakes

  18. and if GaMERCaT turns pixel boyfriend it would not be cool

    1. What? Could you reword that because i have no idea what you just said.

      1. Running back through the mid-morning light, there’s a burning in my heart

  19. All these people wanting comics about the octoexpansion and Deltarune but they don’t see the true game that deserves a comic. SPACE CHANNEL 5 PART 2!!!

    Edit: this was juat a joke. The game’s pretty good though.

    1. I just want one comic on a Capcom game

      1. Maybe someday.

  20. I am now Marc Hudson

  21. The nicest friends are the least helpful

    1. r/ThereWasAnAttempt

  22. There’s a thing that i call Ultra hardcore New game+ EX. Also it’s called AI.

    1. Ultra Beatdown

      DF’s 4th album

  23. This is the last March of the 2010’s

  24. “Hunter, you’re such a baka!”


  25. My account where I just literally stole someone someone’s profile picture got banned, so due to my words last week I’ll be out of these comments by next Monday

    1. Of course that happened. You steal something you get punished.

      1. Dude. He was not stealing anything of real value. He should not be punished.

        1. Yeah no I got punished because I’m the Hitler of these comments.

        2. I guess now is the best time as any. Check out Call me Kevin. I think you’ll find that channel hilarious

        3. Everybody is aware

  26. hey why doesn’t the author make a comic about gamercat playing bendy and the ink machine

    1. have you not seen the one with FNAF? he’d get scared to near death, and the mess…

  27. Ahh. What is life without friends?

    1. Oh hey it’s you

      1. Okay screw Ted but once again your just a complete moron and that’s coming from me

  28. does nobody want to see a batim gamercat comic

    1. No because we’re not mentally challenged.

      1. why aren’t you banned yet like you said

        1. I’m gone by next Monday I said

  29. And those comments were deleted

    1. seriously, do you use multiple e-mails or is my computer glitching out?

      1. Yeah he does.

        1. okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.

  30. What are you talking about, Justin?

    1. What kind of comments were deleted? Mean, inappropriate, or just plain stupid?

    2. Oh go to hell! I know it’s you!

      1. Who?

        1. That guy who just makes claerly fake conversations in the comments.

        2. What’s his most consistent name?

        3. He probably just comes up with them off the top of his head but his name is always yellow

  31. if no batim comic how about cuphead

    1. or maybe a smash bros comic

      1. I’ll break the seal off this curse if I possibly can

        1. you sure have a habit of making mean comments don’t you

        2. For freedom of every man!

  32. So… I just noticed something I’m wondering about. In the description of the comic, it says, “by Celesse”, but on the comic, it says, “by Samantha Whitten”. Is this a difference in digital versus real name, or…?

    1. Celesse is just her username.

  33. Awww Hunter is adorable in this comic <3

    1. Hey. Don’t make the comments unsafe for children. We’ve got enough with Justin here.

      1. Yeah this guys gonna be a more obnoxious me

        1. And that’s saying soemthing

  34. Oh dude what the [beep]

  35. No but we can sacrifice him to the god of cocoa pebbles

    1. …? what do you mean? never mind, you were banned. :p

  36. Tomorrow we’re gone, our souls rising up to the sun

  37. Cornbread

    1. And thus passes the last comment made by Justin. May we remember him as the troll who made the comments unsafe. For aproxometly five minutes.

      1. now he’s gone i can forget him and who was he

    2. his last words were cornbread, gotta reply with chili. the two food items go so well together…

  38. just figured out how to make my name yellow… gosh I’m such a noob.

    1. how do you do it

      1. you put a website url in the website url box. I used the url for this site, so it’s a link to this site.

  39. Revisiting the Spyro games were so much fun but also a reminder in how 90s games could be so so frustrating haha

  40. This is just weird

  41. Thank you for making me realize this. It’s great.

  42. This article is great. I like it very much. Thank you.

  43. So cool i love this i guess many people will love this

  44. He didn’t say exactly WHERE in the battle arena

  45. Solution: first defeat your “ally”

  46. Like… can someone PLEASE tell me what blue shells and white shells are?

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