Much Gamer Wow

Dogs are the best amirite. (This was posted for the April Fool's update over on Tapas)

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  1. Fire up the blue shells guys, cause I am first.

    1. than i shall use my new invention the blue shell minigun and blast you to smithereens!!!!!

      1. *gasp* you fiend

        1. How about the classic śhøtgùń

      2. But then only the first shell would hit Wess, the others would hit you and everyone else after in order!

        1. WES IS BEST

        2. different anonymous

          Only if shells were fired AFTER Wess was hit by the first shell.
          I have played long enough to know SPIKED shell targeting AI. (In Mariokart 8 deluxe)

      3. then i shall use my new invention-the blue shell tank!

      4. I got a Bowser minigun! Bet you can’t top that!

    2. Dun dun DUN!!!!!!!!!!!! 😧😦

    3. I feel like no one actually minds the whole ‘first’ thing anymore, it’s almost as much a part of this comic as the comic at this point.

      1. true true to true in fact.

    4. I through blue shell and it hit *drum roll* Wess! Congrats you got hit. :D

    5. Ah ha, but I have a trick up my sleeve. BLUE SHELL, MEGA EVOLVEEE!!

      1. Uno reverse card

        1. uno uno reverse card

    6. I’ll use the Blue Tortoise Shell, that way, I can use the WHITE Tortoise shell and hit you AGAIN in Last place :D

      1. I feel so proud that I made the comment that made everyone mad at me and throwing blue shells for the first time. *wipes away tear* Ah, memories

        1. If anyone was wondering, i was the “first!” on the comic made on July 17, 2017. Honestly, looking back on it, it did seem kind of obnoxious 😂

        2. who cares anymore about being first?

        3. ah, the nostaligia of mario kart…. yup, classic. oh lso, to wess: *gets out a flying blue shell nuke* U R DEAD NOW, BOY!

        4. But now it’s time for the Spiny She’ll to USE THE Z MOVE!!!

        5. I was that guy who randomly brought up nostalgia, back during… the…
          I’ll finish that though later.

    7. *Uses enchanted diamond sword from Minecraft*

      1. I play a blue 8 uno card.

        1. I special summon blue eyes blue shell dragon!

    8. *bullet bill goes flying past* “Later nerds”

      1. I play a red stop uno card. Now you must skip a turn.

    9. REVERSE

      1. *incenarates everything with a huge Gaster Blaster*

        1. waght is going on!?!?!?! :P

        2. idk just use uno or dos cards from the game or a star from mario cart to get through this


        4. It’s not very effective
          Bright counter attacked with you all suck!

    10. Breon_The_Shiny_Umbreon

      But wait… I SEND ME!!! AS A SHINY!!!
      Breon_The_Shiny_Umbreon Used MuRdEr! Everyone before him… D1€D

    11. I shall use my BLUE SHELL SUBMACHINE GUN!!!

    12. Technically, the comic was first.

      1. The Blue Shell Nuke is the newest tech of the day!

        NUKE INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. blue shells are for noobs. bad times are the best in the arsenal baby
      (gaster blaster gun appears on arm)

  2. V

  3. I thought Tapas was closed?

  4. Gamercat and Glitch are wonderful even as doggies! =^w^=

    1. zer0 the drago baggo

      Can agree!

  5. i really like it but prefer cat than dog more

    1. Same here. CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😸😸😸😸😸

  6. Sixth! Just barely in a position to win.

  7. Also I love the face in the first panel.

  8. Whoever wants to see the rest of the cast as dogs say “Woof”.

    1. I just want to see the rest of the cast as dogs

      1. woof

        1. woof

        2. The Gamercat 2.0

          woof or at least make the cat and dog characters meet Spiderverse style

        3. woof I AGREE WITH SPIDERMAN THING!!!!

        4. WOOF

  9. the grammar is blowing my mind right now.

  10. smol pupper?? too cute!

  11. This is unsettling

      (dies from lack of oxygen from not taking a break to breath)

      1. bruh calm down AHHHHHHH *hyperventilating* NO KITTY NO KITTY NOOOOOO *hyperventilates some more*
        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*die from sadness of no kitty cat*

  12. oh sorry i only saw the comic and screamed emideately before noticing it was posted on april first

    1. oh my god… i think my ears are bleeding dude!

      1. um

    2. I’d suggest not going to deep into this. Some dog people tend to be… Extreme when it comes to preferencess.

  13. Hey gamer cat should react to apexleagnds’s ping system and comunication system

    1. no, he should react to team fortress 2 Ping, roblox ping, or the comic of him as a dog. lol


  14. this is basically an alternative universe

    1. GaMERCat: Into the GaMERverse, in theaters now

      1. Heck YES! Do it or at least in the comic

        1. i think posting that comment was a mistake

        2. I…………
          totally disagree with you

      2. I NEED A GaMERANIMAL MULTIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. or whatever you call it

      3. some idiot with a laptop

        yes! GaMERCaT: into the GaMER verse! THIS SHOULD BE A COMIC, MY DUDE

      4. Yes we need to see that as a movie

    2. im starting to regret this…

  15. Where’s anonymouse? …. are they planning an attack on Glitch and Nano?

    1. they havent been in the comic for i dunno a million updates!

  16. This is cursed

  17. also im more of a run and gun gamer plus glitch puppy is the only one i like because no evidence needed.

    1. true. wouldnt you love it if there was sweet as a german shepard and pixel as a shi-poo? (shi-tzu poodle mixed breed )

    2. Glitch is still extremely cute as a puppy (if not cuter)

  18. Dan-The-Squid-Who-Has-No-Money

    People on Tapas get comics early…

    No, people not on Tapas get comics late!

  19. Give the dog a bone~

    1. tyler suddenly hears a large crowd of people booing him.

      1. r/ThereWasAnAttempt

      2. Lucario (Master of Aura)


  20. I welcome this change! :3

  21. I saw the dog version of GaMERCaT. Let me cross that of my “things to do so i can die happy” list
    [ ] Become 100 years old.
    [ ] Become an enginer.
    [×] Solve a rubiks cube.
    [ ] Finish sonic unleashed for xbox.
    [ ] Complete portal 2.
    [×] See GaMERDoG made by celeste.
    [×] Make a card game.
    [ ] Watch all of DBZ.
    [ ] Play Animal crossing for the switch.

    And yes. All of these are real.


    1. Translation: CALL OF DUUUTY!

  23. So happy to know this was posted on April 1st. I tolerate dogs. Barely. And only because I have family that have pet dogs so I have no choice but to tolerate them. ;P Seriously though, if dogs could talk… yep this is definitely accurate! lol And Gamercat and Glitch are still cute! ;)

  24. Gonna bring the blue shell, am I?

    1. At this point I’m pretty sure you would end up with a bullet bill

  25. Have gamerdog meet gamercat

  26. GoldenDonutzGaming


  27. Gamerfish, Gamercow, Gamerhorse, Gamerpig, Gamermouse, Gamerturtle, Gamerspider… Gamerpets! Gotta get them all!

    1. you forgot gamer bunny and gamer bot

      1. there can also be gamerbee gamerdragon gamerlizard and maybe all the other animals

        (ps the dragon is in there because i’m a fan of dragons)

        1. noob / pro gamer

          me to. gamerdabuinicorn yeas.

        2. GamErFisH


  29. gamer cat should start a new game! like Roblox fortnight slime rancher or subnutica
    everyone say which new game he should play

    1. Pls Roblox!!! I’d love to see GC’s avatar.

      1. Slime rancher would be great.

        1. cuphead would also be great too

      2. Roblox!!!Roblox!!!Roblox!!!


    3. Slime Rancher

      1. a vary vary vary happy gamer master

        a lot of people replyd to me thanks! also i would like to see gamer cat rage wile playing cuphead (go to a wiki if you don’t now eny of these games)

        1. a vary vary vary happy gamer master


  30. Cawadoooty! Haha.

  31. Can we have a gamer dog plushie?

  32. I’m glad this is not a real thing.

    1. Even though i prefer dogs over cats i agree with you.

      1. dun dun duuuuun what did you say ( i like dogs more just i like gamercat more)

  33. Dogs are not as tasty as cats.

    1. What?!

      1. He said he doesn’t particularly enjoy the taste of dogs as much as he does cats

    2. Boo ur comment


        (faints from shock)

        1. noob / pro gamer

          and anonymous people around the world eat cats and dogs. TRUE FACTS :-)

        2. Anonymous person

          This is discrimination

      2. Well, i actually used to play PvE Fortnite for 4 minutes, so i eat ass too.

        1. noob / pro gamer


        2. you would probably be arrested if you eat cats dogs and well buts ( and also you are a vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary sick person) :(


  34. Lotta late April Fools stuff coming out lately. I guess being on a delay can pay!

  35. sooga (sega's retarted wiki bois section)

    im in last place cus im late.. awww…… and SEGA is sppused to be first…. ;^;


  37. i got an important question what is so good about animal crossing for switch if its a better hd version of new leaf and you can play online for free on the 3ds or you can pay to play online for the switch

  38. QUICK, make a list of your favorite game using dog puns!

    1. nice lol

      1. i got a pun but its a cow pun and it super moorio brothers

    2. I like Skyrim, it’s RUFF! Sorry, I’m barking mad for that pun. It looked like a dog’s breakfast! Sorry, I’ll stop the dog puns. But, cat puns are clawsome! I’ll stop meow.

  39. SOO DAMM CUTE!!! i like doggos AND cats so this is fine by me!

  40. I think I see a parallel universe crossover on the horizon.
    Hmm, I wonder if Gamerdog’s owner is a female version of Gamercat’s owner.

    1. No Wrazid. I am his owner.

  41. Opposite day

  42. Oo-oo-ooh, call them the Gamer Dogs
    Oo-oo-ooh, call them the Gamer Dogs
    Bow-wow, woof woof, bow-wow, wow
    Call them the Gamer Dogs

  43. It took 3 days for me to understand the Cawadooty joke. Please help

    1. I don’t really get it either. Supposed to be like a dog howling I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Cawadooty… Sound it out. Think of video games. Caw a dooty.

        Hope that helps! ;)

  44. me to i think it’s call of duty. Maybe. hopefuly

  45. Welp they’ve officially jumped the shark! Why dogs?!? Dogs are a slobbery dirty clumsy mess of degeneracy. They could never match the sophistication of a cat when it comes to gaming. For goodness sake THEY PLAY COD AND FORTNITE RELIGIOUSLY! THEY’RE EXCITED FOR THE EPIC GAMES STORE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!

    1. Really? REALLY?! You expect me to think that a CAT would be sophisticated when it comes to games. I have played a game with cats before and they where just the worst at it. Say what you wan’t about dogs but THEY can atleast play their games.

      Edit: Cats are evil. Wan’t proof? Go to youtube and search for Talking kitty cat (Warning. Profanity!)

  46. I want a crossover now. Even if it’s just next years april gag

  47. Let’s just be honest, though, nobody likes CoD anymore.


  49. Keep this around as occasional side gag.

  50. bork

  51. We really need a GaMERCaT: Infinity War in which Gamercat, Sweet, Glitch, Pixel, Gamerdog and Smol Pupper team up to defeat that stupid fairy

    1. i think yor commit was the weirdest commit and i also think this comic is the weirdest comic

  52. Hi there gamercat. Just was wondering if u could make a comic of me first meeting you. Here’s my description. I love video games,am pink,and have rainbow eyes. I wanna be part of your gaming club. Love,your biggest fan,rainbow tail. BTW I am a female.

  53. Hi is anyone chatting in here?

  54. By it’s t!me yes

    1. You summoned me.

  55. powerpuffrailfan121

    Whoever prefers this MUCH more than gamercat, say I.

  56. Hi Gamer Dog 🐶 I’m Gamer Girl 👩

  57. What the heck is Cawadoooooooooooooty!?

    1. Cawadoooooooooooty.
      Call Of Duty

  58. i check this every week to see if they have a new one but they dont

  59. I see a parallel universe crossover on the horizon

  60. They really get along with each other. Would love to see more of it.

  61. this guy agian?!?!?

  62. So gamerdogs favorite game is call of duty?

  63. Hey GD. Wanna play Resident Evil? It’s got a fetch quest!~

  64. I’ve never played call of duty and the first time I heard of it was in wreck it Ralph

  65. Powerpuffrailfan121

    This is probably gonna surprise a lot of people, but I don’t like dogs…

    …I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

  66. Somehow I think this suits Glitch a lot better.

  67. Internet marketing Swansea

    Hello gamercat. Recently was contemplating whether u could make a comic of me first gathering you. Here is my portrayal. I love video games, am pink, and have rainbow eyes. I want to be essential for your gaming club. Love your greatest fan, rainbow tail. Btw im a gamer too if you mind go to this site .

  68. call of duty

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