Easy Sell

I always get really salty when I hear a new remake announcement, but then I see it and my heart gets all squishy and I go buy it.

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  1. I’m also starting to get tired of all the remakes.

    1. YES! THANK YOU!

      1. You’re welcome?

        1. I want an earthbound remake this year

          Seriously it’s the 30th anniversary of mother and is on the year of the pig it’s the perfect time to release mother 3/earthbound remake

          Do it Nintendo

        2. Year of the pig?

        3. its a traditioal china holiday

        4. Aight

        5. i still don’t see why people celebrate pigs though like whats so special about pigs

        6. Pork chops.

        7. It isnt just pigs, there’s the year of the dragon, rooster, snake, dog, cow, rat. Theres a list somewhere.

        8. Oh you mean that chinese circle thing with animals.

        9. It’s most likely gonna be a porky fighter dlc alongside an official mother 3 release

        10. Hopefully if that does happen we get a mr saturn map

        11. Here. I’m Chinese. So ima find out

        12. It’s called the Zodiac

        13. no that is at those pyramid thing

        14. no anonymous there are all kinds of zodiacs in the world. china and japan have their own unique ones and last year it WAS the year of the pig.

    2. You guys have to make pixel and gamercat kiss and like it. That is a have-to thing. Make them be valentines on valentines day. Please im sure the readers would be happy.

      1. we have a love enthusiest in uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isile three somebody kick them out

      2. Theres already a comic (well more likr a bookmark) where they kiss.

    3. Speaking from the perspective of a younger person who never got to play most of those games that are being remade, I like it because it gives me a chance to try them.

      1. You do have a point. But when there are remakes and remasters every year even for a younger person it starts to feel repetetive.

        1. also logan you are very wrong on what you think would make people happy

        2. I dont really care about the remakes, because I always end up getting the game 3 years after it came out. So really, I dont even know a remake is being made.

  2. Play some deltarune

    F-Zero fans : F-Zero remake ???
    Nintendo : no

    1. None of the remakes I want come out either.
      Paper Mario: no
      Path of Radience: no
      Golden Sun: no
      Skyward Sword: no
      Katamari Damacy: yes?

      1. What’s skyward sword?

        1. It’s a Nintendo Wii Zelda game.

        2. Why did I ask this if I was just gonna look it up a minute later?

        3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          Why’d ya ask on a forum, Justin, if you were just going to look it up a minute later?

      2. Yes! I want Paper Mario so bad.
        The new ones are terrible, the only NPCs are toads for some reason.

        1. PreciseDrawngift

          We need a new paper Mario like the old ones on the switch.

      3. would love remake of the golden sun games or a new one. just replayed dark dawn a couple months ago and it just felt to short. probably going to find my old ds and play the others before to long. Are there any other games that are similar to golden sun in terms of gameplay?

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus it’s a joke from when he took my profile picture

      4. I’d kill for a Super Mario RPG remake.

        1. would every body prefer me to use my graviatar name or prefer for me to being anonymous?

        2. ps my gravatar name is

        3. gravatar

  3. !
    (vwing noise)

    1. video game mashup mode: activated.
      (blue shell)

  4. People often mistake remake and remaster. Spyro is JUST a remaster. More than regular one, but it’s still not remake. The same goes for Crash.
    Also the “it can introduce the classic to new gamers” is a bs. First, emulators. Second, they are selling the games in e-shops already. Three, ebay etc. Four, nobody cares today about it. I can ask… do people now watch super old classic amazing movies that were 50 years ago? No? Because they play new games. You can say, they are making remakes sometimes of those movies, but that’s not really the same. Game remaster is like copying the game with making the quality better (not always better means real better, cause old Crash looks better than remaster, and Spyro is 50/50 in what is better and worse). Sometimes adding small stuff. Remake is like making the same plot once again with imrpovements. Like Black Mesa and Tomb Raider Anniversary. But movie remake is more like reboot of a game. Making the same story, completely changing the facts, even the format/genre. This is like Tomb Raider from 2013. This isn’t just making it again. It’s like using ideas to make new game. Classic movie remakes like Godzilla, Ghost Busters or Marvel doesn’t even have anything to do with old films. MCU now isn’t even a bit similar to what old movies were. This is what we are calling deep change of a script.

    While I am for doing remakes or remasters for games that actually needs it, I am against mass producing re-games, that actually aren’t that good. Crash remaster+ is bad. Dark Souls Re-released is a joke, actually a blasphemy. Spyro isn’t that bad, but they could or rather should make the game better. Also nobody ever NEEDED this remaster to exist. I played classic Spyro till those days and didn’t have any issue with that. If someone calls themselves a fan and can’t play classic game cause it’s too old, they aren’t a fan at all. I understand when the game IS broken for some reason. We would need TR: Angel of Darkness remake, cause the game is good, but mechanics are bad as hell. The controls suck. But Spyro was one of the most beautiful game, was still playable, so why remaster? While I like animations of RT, I hate many models and also too cartoonish style. Cutscenes are dumb too. I prefer original one, cause it has more charm. But for example TR: Anniversary is way better than TR1. Mechanics have been improved, graphics changed a lot and the controls are better. This is when we make remake. Remasters are good mainly as HD remasters for new console. I would play Ratchet & Clank on PS2, but I don’t have the console. But they made the game to PS3 and upscalled it a bit, so I can play. But the gameplay and EVERYTHING remained the same. We also have remake of Ratchet on PS4. I think it lacks some colors of original, but gameplay looks better. This is when we make remakes. Dark Souuls, Crash and Spyro are examples of when we doesn’t need one. I mean… I would love to have better remake of Spyro. It has too many bad sides. It has more or less 50/50 good/bad sides. Half of the game is amazing, but another half looks and sounds terrible. I can’t play such game. When they make Elora an idiot teenager, while she was so smart. When they make Sheila a stereotypical asutralian char, while she was so cool in the original. I can’t stand bad OST, but at least we can hear original too. Would be better if the original OST was decently remastered, though. And they couldn’t even improve cheat codes. It could be an unlockable menu. Also Superflame should be in that menu with a on/off switch. And should work for all trilogy, if once unlocked. But to unlock cheat code menu, the specific game should be at least once passed. So You can unlock Superflame for all games, but to use it in Spyro 3, You need to play the game and win it at least once. They also failed with colors cheat. Should not be paint over Spyro body and should be more of a chose a color from a pallette to change colors of specific elements of Spyro body. Like his scales, his horns etc. THIS SHOULD BE IN A GAME. But they didn’t do that. They just went all lazy and make Spyro splashed with paint. Epic fail.

    So if the re-games were made smartly, I would be for making them. But theya re just a cash grabs usually. People doesn’t care for making gamers happy. They want to suck the money of them. To deceive them, cause nostalgia is powerful weapon.

    1. I will read that in 20 minutes

      1. i will read this in never minuites

        1. not salty just lazy

    2. Somebody’s salty~!

      1. wait my reply messed up i ment to put it under lols comment

    3. Have you forgotten the basic rules of grammar?

    4. I read half of this…then stoped.

    5. You understand that they do remaster old TV shows and movies right? Color improvement, adding color to black and white films, heck, even making it for a completely different system VHS followed by DVD and blu ray. And perhaps it isn’t something you wanted but I’m aware of others who’ve wanted to get a remastered version of the game, you as an individual can not want it and no one is forcing you to get it. But that doesn’t automatically make it bad.

  5. thats a mouthful

    1. yup

      1. I haven’t even read it all, I got the point from the first paragraph.

  6. i thinks it is strange that the fact is the world is made of clay and they added some mario enemies like goomba and chain chomps

    1. You haven’t played the original Link’s Awakening have you? I forgot the reasoning for the Mario enemies specifically, but I think it had something to do with the games development, not sure what exactly, but spoiler alert, the game takes place in a dream. As for the way it looks, it isnt clay for one, but they basically recreated how the characters looked in the original, and made them 3D models.

      1. nope never had

        1. also it does look like claymation

  7. Link’s Awakening is probably the one game in the series (besides maybe Zelda 2) that really NEEDS a remake. I love it to death, but it’s a bit rough around the edges and could benefit from some expansion on story and content. Plus, if it’s like some of their other recent re-releases/remakes/remasters, it won’t be full-priced which would be good.

    1. for a sec I thought your name was KingSarcasm. just a mistake but a funny one.

  8. i think one remake we need is either windwaker for the switch or phantom hourglass and spirit tracks and yes i own the originals

    1. OH MY GOD YAS!

    2. But Wind waker was already remastered for the wii u

      1. hat about those of us who cant buy a wii U and want better quality.

        1. when i put hat i meant to put what

        2. If someone couldn’t buy a wii u how and where would they get a switch?

        3. exactly. with that comment, we enter the relm of my mind, a world where nothing makes sense.

        4. Eh. Your mind and my mind combined ( that’s a lot of not making sense) would proboably not even come close the amount of sense the real world doesn’t make

        5. so… a nonsensical world combined with another nonsensical world makes a world that makes more sense than reality. screw logic.

        6. Now you’re starting to make sense.

  9. oh yeah i forgot to mention celeste you are going to have a lot more readers because i just started reading at school and every body started copying me and it was also strange because everybody hated me PS it was IRL

    1. What’s a PS?

      1. PS means by the way. it’s like btw, but more likely to be used when talking to someone face to face. or at least, that’s what it means here. sometimes it means playstation, for example ps2 means playstation 2.

  10. I’m still super salty about the fact that they discontinued virtual console.
    Other than that, I will admit, it seems that more and more companies are only doing remakes not for nostalgia, but for an easy cash grab
    That said, I really hope Nintendo comes out with a new mario kart for the Nintendo Switch, not a remaster of a previous game

    1. everybody is salty theas days of early 2019 plus all the good releases are happening in june so it will be like early christmas so ohhh I see where this comics going in june

    2. Hey, you can’t diss Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! it’s way better than the original Mario Kart 8. I know because I have both of them. Also, none of the games I’ve played are getting remakes, unless you count the smash bros. series as a series of remakes. then I have a remake of a remake and a remake of a remake of a remake. And if New Super Mario Bros. U is a remake of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and if Wii is a remake of DS, then I have a remake of a remake (DS is a remake of classic Super Mario Bros.) and a remake of a remake of a remake. Again.

      1. I’m not saying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is bad. It’s a really great game!
        But here’s the problem; its a remake.
        It just disappointed me that they came out with a remake instead of an actual, new mario kart game.

        1. I understand, but I have a question: did you read any of the rest of my comment?

        2. …..no
          Look, the only point I want to make is that I just want a new Mario Kart game; thats it.
          By the way, I do appreciate your new gravitar

        3. But isn’t every other mario kart game the same game but with better graphixs, stages and charachters?

    3. All I need in anew mario kart game is 16 new tracks (maybe 24), an updaded versions on classic tracks.
      Maybe they could do some thing like fortnite, where every few months or so, they add new tracks
      Thats a new mario kart game for me

      1. also what the [beep] is a virtual console plus i felt the need to mention i fixed my kingdom hearts birth by sleep game for my psp or also my play station portable since 2009

  11. Video game mashup! choose your character. one from each series, custom characters not allowed. I’m a cucco from botw, so no Zelda characters. I cleverly chose cucco because they don’t die. I could’ve been a dragon, but I chose to be a chicken. … you know what? I take it back, I’m Dinraal, the fire spirit. nothing better than a dragon. anyways, reply to this as the character you choose (one from each game series, no custom characters) and we can get ready to fight, or we can work together. also type which one you choose, I’m leaving it up to vote.

    1. by the way, dragons in botw don’t die either. immortal characters are allowed, but only because I don’t want to be a hypocrite and break my own rules.

      1. I’ve played an M&M’s kart game on Wii so I choose blue m&m

        1. Wait crap the green one!

        2. Can I be Thunderblight Ganon? Is that allowed?

        3. no, you cannot be thunderblight ganon. I am already a legends of zelda character, so nobody else can be one. one character per game series, people.

      2. by the way, please reply to the comment above the one above this one. that way, more people can reply.

        1. … I meant the first comment in this box…

        2. you know what? you can be thunderblight ganon. I’m revoking the one character per series rule. no custom characters, though.

    2. I choose Cappy from super mario oddysey because then i can capture anyone and use their body and powers for whatever the hifl i want.

      1. … you must have issues if that’s your main reason…

        1. Does being crazy count? Also the main reason is because it’s op. I mean you’re immortal.

        2. crazy being an issue is a topic for a different site. good to know that op is your main reason. of course, cappy is half ghost, and I’m a fire spirit, and somebody told me that ghosts can only be destroyed by fire, so… yeah. better hope that the first 7 votes have more work together votes than fight votes. but you could cap-ture me and make me fly into a lake, where my powers would be weakest, so we’re evenly matched.

        3. Makes sense. Btw what would be your second choice for a charachter? Mine would be a lego guy. Just, just any lego guy. Even if they die they just respawn. Basiacly immortality.

        4. I would choose the electricity spirit Farosh. if not, the ice spirit. other than that, cucco. I choose all immortal characters.

    3. I’m Dark Pit, from Kid Icarus Uprising. I am NOT pittoo

      1. i would be ultrasword kirby

        1. i also changed into kirby image to show you how OP it is

        2. oh yeah i also have infinite lives with kirby plus kirby would win because he killed god him self

        3. kirby has unlimited power, but he still operates on health and lives, unless you’re talking yarn kriby. either way, fire or being cap-tured can be deadly for you.

        4. i changed the image because this conversation is over.

        5. for future readers

        6. infomation

        7. this conversation is not over, you’re banned from this. jk I can’t do that and wouldn’t, but still.

  12. New Gravatar, do you like it?

    1. … I just saw that it changed my blank photo in my other comments to my new Gravatar…

      1. Should have changed it to a Squirtle in a link suit

        1. Still pretty good though.

  13. Now I’m angry…


    1. The hell did I do?

      1. for your information, I was not the cause of your broken vase, you. and when did he get here?

  14. why so many reboots??? whats next? a reboot of a reboot?!?! slow down, game makers! i mean seriously! look at all the games on steam!! reboot TF2 maybe! i dunno!

    1. How about Undertale and Deltarune.
      It feels like when It’s your first time playing Undertale but diferent.

  15. I’m still waiting for the Dinnoh reboots.

    1. *Sinnoh

  16. I Am Just!n 2.0 [loading insult] You are upleasant!

    1. [loading counter-insult] You are smelly.

      1. What’s funny is that Justin thinks that people actually care about what he says, like OH WOW your not gonna comment on a website anymore! News flash, guy quits being a tremendous a##hole! Like shut the hell up! Who does this guy think he is?


        2. Ya talking to me Ted? Because i just wanted to make a joke at his expense. I think he didn’t quit either

        3. my names not ted

        4. I know. I was talking to Ted. The guy above your first comment.

  17. How old is gamer cat if he played the original links awaking? I was too young to read when that came out!

  18. I personally am looking forward to this Remake or Remaster or whatever of Link’s Awakening. It was not only mine, but my Older Sister’s and our late mother’s favorite hand held Zelda game. I actually think it’ll be great, and I know I’m not saying this due to nostalgic bias, because I do think Link’s Awakening DX has problems. Honestly after seeing the trailer, not only was I happy, but the first thing I thought was, “I cant wait to hear an updated version of Ballad of the Wind Fish.” The reason I think remakes or remasters or whatever are great, is because the developers are able to include things that werent there before, and maybe even improve things for the better. this game is $59.99 so says gamestop, so why would they charge full price for a remake of a zelda game? new stuff must be in there, and imma find out what when the game is released. as for changes, I’m hoping that with all the additional buttons on the Switch controllers compared to the gameboy, the Roc’s Feather and the Power Bracelet will no longer be needed to equip in order to be used, but instead be items that once obtained, are passive abilities one can use using say, X to jump, and one of the L,R,ZL,ZR buttons to lift stuff.

  19. How about SCP CB (Containment Breach) or SL (Secret Laborator)

  20. I can’t wait to See Gamercats reaction to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  21. Actually it takes effort to remake a game, not just re-render it with new texture… so… it technically does not easy grab…
    Still easier than making up complete new plot and mechanism and stuff tho

  22. I wish that there were more comics about botw. feel free to share personal botw experiences here.

    1. I have a [beep] ton of stuff. Let me tell ya 10 of them.

      1. A molduga phased thtough me and sent me half way through the desert.

      2. Me and a bokoblin were balancing on an octorok platform (i shot two of them)

      3. I somehow managed to shot a bokoblin from under an octorock platform.

      4. I was trying to snipe a moblin from above in the rain at night but a keese i didn’t even see got right in the way so i accedentaly sniped it instead.

      5. I got a metal chest and used magnesis to hurt a lizalfos. The thing is i hit him from the sides repeatedly so he turned 90 degrees every second like a cartoon.

      6. I was driving on a motorcycle when i boulder came from the side without me seeing it and hit my motorcycle on the front destabelysing it and sending me right over the boulder down to the ground.

      7. I was climbing a mountain in the faron reigen with a bokoblin from an octorick platform that i had brought down floating in the river stuck in dome rocks. When i reached the top of the mountain the bokoblin made a giant leap straight into the water.

      8. Once i hit a gold bokoblin straight of a horse whilst on my horse myself but then i hit the bokoblin again just as it had fallen to the ground

      9. You know that annoying korok seed where you have to hit a rock with stasis onto a roof in Luerin village? Well not only did i get that on the first try. I also accedentaly got it in a wierd angle last second making it bounce of the corner of the wall onto that sliding part and rollong to a stop on the roof.

      10. I shield surfed on the edge of a tower and unequiped the shield so i would fall but when i landed i bounced up in the air again spinning like crazy before landing again and THEN i took the fatal damage.

      Which one of these was your favorite? Mine was proboably the Lizalfos metal chest one because it was so cartoony.

    2. Also if you want me to tell any other experiences i had just ask.

      1. GOLD bokoblins? I’ve only seen red, blue, black, and silver.

        1. Gols Bokoblins, Moblins and Lizalflos only exist in the master mode wich you can only acces through the dlc.

        2. *Gold

        3. oh, okay. master mode is a dlc item, so I won’t unlock it any time soon.

    3. some of my own personal experiences:
      1. I tried to fry an egg by placing it on the ground in Death Mountain, but
      it broke.
      2. I got a black moblin to hit another black moblin when trying to throw stones at me.
      3. Metal crates can break ore deposits…

      4. Or they can kill black moblins with 3 hits.

      5. Hylian shield, need I say more?

      6. all great fairies plus horse god (?), full map, all memories, master sword, etc.
      7. I don’t know what happens when enhancing clothes to level 4, but I don’t want to find out. (level 4 champion’s tunic btw)

      1. Enhancing the armor just increases the defence. I have all enhancements on all clothes exluding Amiibo because A: the materials are extremly costly and 2: i don’t have the money.

        1. As for the dlc stuff. You should really try it out. Maybe on a different user if you don’t wan’t it on your oroginal save file.

        2. I don’t want to spend extra money on an already costly game.

        3. I can understand that.

        4. how did you do that shiled surf thing and bounce back up

        5. Not a hundred percent sure. I shield surfed on the edge and made sure to unequip it whilst still on the tower so i would fall. Then i feel off the tower and somehow when i hit the ground i bounced off it and landed again on the ground and that’s when i took fatal damage. I guess it was a bug because the height i gained from the bounce was about the height of a normal tree so the damage was stored when i landed again. As i said though i’m nlt completely sure.

        6. i need a moment of silence for my broken hylian shield in botw

  23. click on the link above (my name) to go to the botw wiki, something I use often when playing.

    1. which link the person link or you

      1. i know the pun is really bad

        1. what pun? wait, was I supposed to understand that? no offense, but I didn’t. I get the person link part, but I just don’t get the joke…

        2. I think he meant that there are a ton of Links. Like original Link. Twilight Link. Ocharina of time and Majoras mask Link which are basiacly the same Link. The list goes on. Or it’s because the hero of the zelda series is Link and you made a link to the Zelda wiki.

        3. wait you got the link thing wrong i ment just one link not the entire series

        4. Aight

  24. hey did gamercat make 2 new faces

    1. I think so.

      1. who even cares? who even reads the comics anymore though, we all know that everybody rushes to the comments. it’s like the comic has lost meaning, now just a place for us to make comments that have nothing to do with the comic itself.

        that is my one serious comment for the year, back to enjoyable comments.

        1. Rushing to the comments, especially to talk to each other, doesn’t mean you’ve stopped interacting with the comic. It means the community around the comic has grown. It’s about the same when you read comments in other webcomics. See it as a good thing :)

        2. PS botw champ i’m the new champ here

        3. you can be champ of master mode, I’m champ of regular.

        4. A better reply: new champ? more like new chump. I know that’s mean and I’m sorry, but NOBODY takes my throne.

        5. proof master mode is harder i will tell you that SPOILER ALERT there is a lynel in the great pletu in master mode and it will kill you if it sees you

        6. Sort of. The commics almost never change so once you’ve read it. That’s it. But there are always comments and replies that people type every week.

        7. im also champ of regular because i have all arrmor and dlc armor in basic mode

        8. you cheats, you uses dlcs! NO DLCS FOR ME MAKESES ME THE ONLY CHAMPS!

        9. No dlc? First of, you’re missing out. Second. There’s a master mode that makes the game way more difficult. Wouldn’t a, oh i don’t know champion need to be on top and master the hard mode of whatever they are the champion of?

        10. Didn’t read your earlier comments. You can just invalidate the comment above this comment.

        11. But just so you know i’m the champion of messing around in Brearh of the wild. Don’t even try to challange me i got my horse on a small branch on a bridge in the faron region. I have photo eveidence.

        12. Ask me to do something wierd and funny in the game and i bet you all my starfragments i’ll find a way to do it.

        13. Fine TimT!me 10.
          Do a back flip off a floating log (octo baloons), last second paraglide onto a tree, then reflect a guardian laser with no Armor or weapons except a pot lid.

        14. Challange, accepted.

        15. finished. Press my name to see it.

        16. Okay when i post a website url it won’t send it so i’m just gonna tell you what to do. Go to twitter and search for TimTime10 then click on the breath of the wild video.

  25. Maybe people from 2030’s will make remake remakes. I’m scared to even imagine bois from friggin’ 2090’s. They may treat Mario 64 like a T-rex skull.

    1. there’s already an sm64 remake. it’s called sm64 ds.

      1. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but still. we are on our way to remaking remakes of remakes of remakes of remakes of remakes of remakes of remakes of remakes, etc. until the word “remake” has lost meaning. we are spiraling into madness, hd versions of hd releases. we know not when it will end, but when it does, nintendo and other major game companies will go bankrupt for remakes will no longer satisfy us. mobile game companies that make original games will take over, leaving us yearning for the days when nintendo was known worldwide instead of a mobile game company.

        you know what? I can make serious comments whenever I want.

        1. “Mobiles game companied that make original games will take over”. I never thought i’d hear Mobile games and original in the same sentense.

        2. you didn’t hear, you read.

        3. Sometimes i take long comments and run them to a text to speech program. Don’t question it.

  26. Sweet finished his (small) packet of snacks in that conversation haha

  27. I need to see a batim comic because how would he react if he saw bendy or wait for it……. Boris dun dun dun

  28. Super Mario Maker 2, please!

    1. that games not even out yet

  29. if we get a cuphead comic what do you think cupcat would look like

    1. A black Cup with cat ears, a red scarf and some of those mikey mouse pants.

      1. you mean mickey mouse pants, right?

        1. Yeah.

  30. I meant GaMERCaT’s reaction to Mario Maker 2

  31. Bout this
    This was supposed to be a reply to my other comment on this page, soooooo

    1. Oh okay. Press the reply button if you wan’t to… reply.

  32. [Generating insult. Please wait]
    [Insult loaded] have a not so good day.

    1. [Generating counter insult. Please wait]
      [Counter insult loaded] I’d rather smell limburger cheese.

      1. [Generating counter counter insult. Please wai-]
        [Personal insult loaded] You are avarage at: >The legend of zelda. Breath of the wild<

        1. [ERROR ERROR CANNOT PROCESS OWN IMPERFECTION AT >The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildJust!n 2.0< TIME 2:00 P.M. 9/9/99 ERROR ERROR CANNOT COMPUTE 9.exe HAS INVADED SYSTEM LAUNCH 9IRUS DE99TIO9 9999E9 999 99999 99999 9.999 999 99999 999R 999TEM 9ETEC99NG 9.exe HAS BEEN REMOVED RESUME LAUNCH OF insultattack.exe LOGGING OFF]

        2. [ERROR ER OR F L TO C E C R IN FAIL T REC IZE PR M letter.exe DELE E UN O N P GR M DELET G DELETI G DELETING DELETED PROGRAM CONTAINING SYTSTEM32 FILES ERROR ERROR (insert blue screen here) FILES REPLACED UNKNOWN USER REPLACED FILES EMAIL INCOMING FROM UNKNOWN USER {doubleclick:mail.exe} Hello, botw champ. I have taken over your computer and intend on using it for myself. What’ll I do? You will never know until it happens… {doubleclick:mail.exe.x} ERROR ERORR UKNOWNN UESR HAS SRCELABMD ALL LTETRES EPXET FRIST AND LSAT LREETTS STUHTNIG DWON TO PERVNET TOATL CTATSAPTHROY…]

        3. [Loading maluicious laugh] … Ha.

        4. Dude botw champ what happed you seem like an actual computer crashing… a vehicle after being invaded by the alien armada invasion and tortured and haveing a brain surgy by them and gettig a crashing computers brain

        5. [Loading exuse] His cat ran acroos the [buffering. . . . .] Keyboard.

        6. [Loading Insult. . . Loading. . .]
          [Insult loaded] You’re are mediocre at your prefered hobby.

        7. [Error] [Incorrect name displayed at last comment.]

        8. I was just trying to be funny, and simulated an actual crash? without crashing? wow, I got lucky.

  33. A serious matter.

    I have a rant to go on, so listen up. anybody who listens to theorists say how “Mario kills innocent toads by breaking blocks” might think it’s true. if you do, then I’ll prove you W-R-O-N-G. and theorists who think that? stuff your head in a bucket of ice. if you read the manual for the original game, it says that some toads were turned into blocks. this is all that theorists read, but I read more. it also says that they will reward you for telling them apart from normal blocks, meaning ONLY THE BLOCKS WITH COINS ARE TOADS! not all of them are. oy! if i had to rate most theorists on weather they agree with me or not, most would get low scores just because they don’t agree. they disagree because THEY DIDN’T READ THE ENTIRE PASSAGE, ONLY PART OF IT. I’ll vouch for Mario being a sociopath, but I have no choice but to defend him on this matter. because everybody out to get him on this “all brick blocks equal toads” thing is wrong because they cherrypick the facts they use by only using part of the paragraph.. SOME of us, even if we hate mario’s character, have to defend him on this simple matter. please join me on this quest by sticking up for him when it comes to these brick blocks. again, to state: NOT ALL BRICK BLOCKS ARE TOADS, ONLY THE ONES WITH COINS IN THEM! you could argue that coins are souls, which I’m okay with. say that he murders them by stealing their souls or say that those people are wrong if they think that. I don’t care. I’m not getting into THAT war, at least not yet. believe what you believe about the coins, just note that only blocks with coins are toads.

    1. Interesting. Thank you for telling me. I personaly think Mario is a good guy (mainly because Sugaro Riasotto said it himself).

      1. another war I’m not going on even though I have an opinion on it is whether or not mario is a good guy or a sociopath. I personally choose to believe the latter, but I don’t force my opinion on others or get offended when somebody says otherwise. if they say I’m stupid for thinking it, though, it gets seriously personal.

        1. wait….. so you mean to tell me i’ve been stealing from toads this whole time.

        2. also i had no idea that blocks were toads in the first place

        3. The more you know!

        4. you weren’t stealing from the toads by doing that, you were being rewarded. the way you steal from the toads is not turning in all the coins you find on your adventures.

  34. am I the only one here up past 9?

    1. nope i usually wake up at 6 am.

      1. I meant P.M., doofus.

        1. i also stay up past 12 am

        2. thats when my eyes really hurt to stay open

    2. I usually stay up past 10:00 pm, and occasionally 11:00 pm

  35. people who want to see a batim or cuphead comic say i

    1. Batim and cuphea… Okat maybe not cuphead but Batim is small potatos compared to SPACE CHANNEL 5 PART 2!

      1. what does this have to do with what i had just said (stares angrily)

        1. Wouldn’t you like to know. (Stares back smugly)

        2. (stares so hard his eyes start glowing)

        3. If this is a sans reference. See answer 1.
          If not. See answer B.

          1. I legitematly dislike you now.

          2.(shot’s your eye)

        4. i had no idea it was a sans reference it was just the first thing that came into my head


    Mario’s clothes are: What color?
    No googling.

    1. blue and red.

      1. and maybe gold buttons.

        1. CORRECT. 10 points to anonymous. Second question.

          The dancing villan Purge is from: What game?
          Again. No googling.

        2. i had no idea i ggogled but nope nope nope

        3. i regret googling mainly because it was creepy

        4. -24 points to you. Second. What wen’t wrong. Let me check.

        5. Okay so (heh). I looked it up and if it (pffthehe) is from the fanwiki you saw then (heheha) then jjst loon up space channel 5 part 2. It’s a rythm game and a pretty decent one at that.

          NEXT QUEST!ON!!!
          The protaganist from slime rancher is named: what?
          No googles. Guess if you don’t know.

        6. *just

        7. also the tar slime is the enemy ps i watch live streamers play it alot

        8. also if your going to say its weakness its weakness is water

  37. Virtual boy is old, so GaMERCaT is right. “Oh wait, they discontinued that.” -GaMERCaT

  38. Actually, Sweet is partialy right about remakes. They introduce young gamers to games they wouldn’t even know about otherwise. For example, I’ve learnt about “Cossacks” series because of “Cossacks 3″.
    About preorders:”Imperator: Rome” and “Total War: Three kingdoms” are on preorder now and they sound great. Really hope to see them in comics!

  39. I got the remake cuz I never got the original

  40. solitaire spider online

    lol perfect

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