So it's time for another break update. I'll cut to the chase for anyone who doesn't want to read a lot - I'm going to remain on indefinite hiatus for now. I really have no idea when I'll start again.

I know this is disappointing, and I'm sorry. I was really hoping that as I got closer to the 1 year mark for the break that I would feel like returning. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually get back there, I just need to stay "pawsed" for now, especially with all the extra stress and anxiety from what's currently going on in the world.

Regarding the Patreon, please feel free to suspend your pledge if you want to. I can't close/suspend the Patreon without blocking access to everything and losing the grandfathered account, but I know money is getting tight as the economy goes downhill and I'm not currently active with the comic, so it's totally understandable. I am still doing monthly wallpapers for the $5 tier for now though, so if you dig those they'll be around for a while. That being said, The $1 tier is set as a general tip jar and I greatly appreciate anyone that is still supporting me as an artist. It really does mean a lot to me, so thank you!

Finally, I still intend to print Volume 3, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do it this year. There are so many restrictions in place - both from tariffs and now because of Covid19 - and everybody is tightening their belts anyway, so it's probably better to hold off on a Kickstarter for now. But I'll try to do it sooner if possible.

I'm still active online otherwise, so if you want to follow me and my general art you can find me on Twitter at @celesse. I know it's pretty different in style from Gamercat, but it's there if you're interested! And you can check there to confirm that I'm not dead, don't have cancer or disprove any other weird rumor people try to start ;)

1,027 thoughts on “Pawsed!

  1. In true GaMERCaT fasion, I would like to tell you to ‘hang in there’ ^ w^ Thank you for the update (and the wonderful pun) and I hope there will one day come a point in your life you’ll be able to resume your lovely webcomic. Until that day comes, I wish you the best (after that day comes too, as well as if it never comes) and stay awesome~!

    1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

      You mean,PAWsome?😹

      1. lolZ

        1. scroll down

      2. The cat puns… keep them up! Also *blue shells AnotherMemory* job done!

        1. Oh wait he got that bullet.. and he’s coming after me OH GO-

    2. Thank goodness you didn’t comment ‘first’ or some guy would probably rage

    3. Thank you! I do really appreciate the support and kind words :)

      1. Continue the strays!

        Awwww man! First the strays and now gamercat! So many great thing must come to an end! Anyways, hope you borrowed your friends stardew valley journal and stay safe!

      2. I love comics and cats and video games so puurrrrfect book

      3. I love comics and cats and video games so puurrrrfect book meow gamer cat

      4. hiya! hope that you’re ok and not too bored stuck at home! i love gamercat and it is just purrfect! when you’re back, do you think you could make a rollercoaster tycoon comic? it’s really funny when you put people in a river and then their status is ‘drowning’ or if you make unfinished rollercoasters so the vechile flirs off!

      5. I have some ideas for gamercat! how about a stray siamese cat named silver who has never played any video games other than mario until he comes over. there’s also a posh cat named chloe who has loads of video games cus her family is rich. she has a mega crush on silver.

        1. Celesse, make more comix plzzzz

          is it too late? i’m with you gamerdog. sounds like a good idea. a few tweaks and that would be great.

      6. Hope you get the virus 😒

        1. Keep that to your self!!!

        2. Don I hope you step on a lego

        3. I agree doom STEPON A LEGO

        4. Couch_Potato_Cat

          Don! That is ILLEGAL!

        5. Wtf dude?

        6. Don, if you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the heck up.

        7. glich is adorible

          i agree.

        8. glich is adorible

          don…the virus is no joke it has devistated over 9.7M lives. you just hoped a deadly virus on a fricking LEGEND! what the F is wrong with you!

        9. glich is adorible

          i mean 10.2M in the F-ing US! *rages*😡😾😠

        10. never, joke about the virus, don, pleas don’t be mean on this positive site, i ruins everyone’s feelings and makes everyone mad, and these people mad means they will GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND BURN IT DOWN PEE ON IT AND ALL THE SEAGULLS WILL KILL YOU AND THE GODS WILL CURSE YOUR LIFE FOREVER AND MAKE YOUR LIFE HORRIBLE AND A SEAGULL WILL POOP ON YOUR HEAD, AND YOU WILL BE TORTURED AND BURNED ALIVE AND EATEN BY SEAGULLS AND SEAGULLS WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER… oops, i got angry. don, just don’t be mean or you will face the consequences… and i hate seagulls

        11. I hope you get something much worse! :D

        12. Like, say, a blue shell! Or the Black Death (in case you don’t know, the Black Death is another name for the bubonic plague). Or literally any disease or sickness that’s more deadly than coronavirus.

        13. Don I hope you fall into a pit and die

        14. Don’t joke about the virus. Samantha is a real person and she could get the virus. We never wish it upon anyone. Never. It’s extremely insenitive and if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it, okay Don? Glad we’re all on the same page.

          Don’t make me bring out the red shells.

        15. Literally, it’s not a joke. Sorry to extend my comment but I want to say that I didn’t mean that joke about the red shells and I’m being serious.

        16. I hope both sides of your pillow are warm don

        17. Don i hope you step on a lego and then fall into a toilet face first (the toilet hasn’t been flushed btw)

        18. Don, great job in being a total moron. You’ve embarrassed yourself by being a jerk who wants the world to burn. Don’t know what you’re pissed about

      7. Hey! I love all of these and they’ve helped me through lockdown! Once this is back up, d’ya th8nk you could do a super mariokart deluxe 8 comic? It’s an awesome game and I’ve been playing it with my family

      8. thanks for all the comics over the years. by the way, could you please make a terraria comic?

      9. Can you make a starcraft cartooned comic? Just asking.

      10. I love this comic. Please, Celesse, if you could make more of them — unless you don’t want to, because that’s OK too. But if possible and you want to, I would LOVE more GaMERCaT — maybe some reactions to the new Pokemon games, etc.

      11. can you do piggy roblox? its a puzzle game so pixel would like it.

    4. what actually is the, “first” thing with the blue shell, it doesn’t make any sense!?!?

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        Theoretically, it does. As I’m sure you are already aware, the Blue Shell is an item from the Mario Kart series, a weapon usually obtained by those closer to the back of the pack of racers. It’s shtick is that it targets the player in first place in the race, seeking them out, then crashing into them causing a large explosion, giving other players a chance to catch up.

        I believe the logic here is that those who claim “first” without adding any significant input to the conversation regarding the comic or topic of the comic, claiming “first” purely so their’s is at the top of the comment list, are deserving of having such a fate befall them. It’s a bit of a childish response, as it is giving the poster exactly what they want, but there’s not much else one can do if annoyed with such things. One could argue that it isn’t worth one’s time as the poster of “first” has already wasted our time by scrolling, and the one responding with “blue shell” comments are only really fueling the fire, causing the rest of us to have to scroll down even further to get to actual comments worthy of reading.

        Anyway, that said, welcome-ish back-ish, Celesse. I genuinely thought the comic was dead. Even put it in the “probably dead” folder. Given your comment, that’s probably where I’ll put it anyway, and come check back in another year. At least you took the time to respond, unlike the 3-4 years without word we’ve had waiting for Nerf This’s creator to say anything. It isn’t that a comic creator has a life and might not want to keep the comic up that bugs a reader, especially for a well-made we get to read for free. It’s when they just drop the comic without saying anything at all.

        1. Couch_Potato_Cat

          Wow, ChaosSorceror_Davidicus. Your explanation is LONG! I just spent eleven minutes reading your whole comment. Not that that’s anything compared to the time I’ve spent reading the gamercat comics. I love GaMERcat so much!!! >w<

        2. WhenWillIReadAnotherGaMERcatComic

          Ikr Couch_Potato_Cat, his comment was so long…

        3. glich is adorible

          wow. just. wow. *faints*😐

        4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          I can pontificate longer if you’d like. I didn’t go to college to learn a buncha words to NOT use em.

        5. @ChaosSorceror_Davidicus, I smell increasingly verbose.

        6. Increasingly verbose? FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ZORK

        7. Well that makes sense.

        8. Celesse, make more comix plzzzz

          thank you for explaining how the blue shell works, ChaosSourceror_Davidicus, you are appreciated for your explanation.

    5. Anyone here from october

    6. I feel Malcom needs to find a girlfriend of something. Just sayin. I feel like it might be good comic material.

    7. i read through the entire comment section… yeah, im THAT bored -_- AND I SAW NOBODY SAY FIRST FOR ONE WHOLE FRICKING YEAR, SO HERE GOES…


    8. Look here —–>
      there is a bar. Use it to scroll down in 1-5 secs.

  2. the virus just had to show up am i right lol, it can get very boring sometimes having to stay inside for multiple weeks but a wise cat gave me a solution…play video games! we will all get through this crisis together and i hope you all stay safe until its over.

    1. True gamers have self isolation at max level

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        Doom Cat, Why do you think so much like me?

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        BTW we have not only self-isolation down but also more ideas for what to do other than games too.

      3. Us gamers have been doing this for years

    2. I live like this every summer, it’s nothing new to me, the problem is that during breaks you deplete YouTube of interesting videos and burn yourself out of the games

      Or that’s just me

      1. It’s not just you……..

        1. Lol.

    3. #gamesforever!

  3. I only started reading gamercat about maybe 1-4 months ago, I enjoy the comic and I am sad that it’s been ‘pawsed’ for about 1 year. Continue the updates, please.

  4. Totally understand. I miss the kitties and the laughs, but you take care of yourself and do what you need to do. We’ll be here waiting when you get back!

    1. Me too.

    2. Thank you! We’ll see how this year goes ^^

      1. me toooooooooo

        1. Celesse needs to make more comics. Who will document my and GaMERCaT’s wacky adventures?

        2. glich is adorible

        3. Navi have patience. Everyone needs breaks and time to themselves

  5. indefinite

    lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time

  6. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    When I discovered this comic last year I have been waiting for something to even happen here, so this makes me a happier person.

  7. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    I have read every single comment on every single comic and no longer have anything more to do.

  8. need more clan members in clash royale join with this tag #LRVYOLCU

  9. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    I’m sorry but I only play games that are FUN so no.

    1. Hello there! Have you ever heard of Raid: Shadow Legends? (don’t worry I never played it)

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


      2. Today’s video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it’s totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it’s one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them’s a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It’s easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you’ll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I’ll see you there!

        1. glich is adorible

          my cousin has it but I do not.

  10. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    That game among other mobile variety games is NOT FUN! But you should really play “The Room” games.

    1. Jeez, ‘The Crusher Of Your Dreams’ you really crush dreams :/

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        That’s the point! :}

        1. I play Cookie Run: Ovenbreak because it’s fun and I love the lore

        2. I agree, but FNAF has SOOO much lore, especially with Security Breach coming out soon.

        3. glich is adorible

          this is the #3 biggest question right now:why does the crusher of your dreams want to crush dreams?

        4. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          *thinking intensifies*

  11. play brawl stars!

    1. Man, all my friends are OBSESSED by that game…..

  12. if I was stressed, I would think DOING a comic instead of not-doing-it would be the relief. Especially getting patronbucks for it, instead of havin to worry about different work

    1. I actually quite enjoy my shop, I’ve been running it even before I started Gamercat. But I probably won’t have any cons to do this year so I’ll have more chill time and might get back into the comic groove.

  13. Thank you for updating us! That’s all we wanted (well, okay we really wanted new comics, but we understand if you’re not quite up to it yet and are just glad to hear DIRECTLY FROM YOU that you’re okay). Stay safe and be sure to keep those talented hands washed! ;P

    1. Thanks for understanding! And I’m washing my hands a ton ^^

  14. Glad you’re okay – please take all the time you need and stay healthy!

  15. Long time reader, and long time checker XP
    Glad to see your alright and to see an update
    Whatever may come in the future I hope your safe and will always love your works even if it ends here

    Stay Safe!

    1. Haha, thanks for checking back even while it’s been on break! And thanks for the support ^^

  16. Finally next update! This is my favorite comics, so please do not quit it!!!

  17. I knew not to give up! It was worth checking every week! :]

  18. I’m so happy you wrote something! I really hope one day you will restart with Gamercat, but don’t feel obligated

    1. I’m glad my little update helped ^^ I hope I can resume it too!

  19. Wow i actually thought you were dead. i found this comic one day, and a few months later, it stops. Take your time coming back if you need to.

    1. I’m always a little surprised when people think I’m dead/gone since I’m so active online for the rest of my work ^^; But I guess most people don’t associate me with the comic for some reason.

      1. pls make new comic, the fans are bored, and that is a lot coming from a person who like never commits, ps i check every day. we need more entertainment!!!

        1. Dude chill she is going through a lot bro read the description for the comic before this one if u want more details but chill.

        2. First of all, Celesse/Samantha is a human being. She does not gring out comics just for your contentment. Try to have a little consideratio for others- she has been working on this comic almost nonstop for 5 years. Imagine how tiring that is. You do not need more entertainment if she is in a bad situation, stop being self centered. Second, just because saying you “never commit” doesn’t make your argument any better. Have consideration please.

        3. Wow Nano, you really have a lot to say. Not saying I judge you. But I agree all the way!

  20. anyone play animal crossing new horizons cuz i think gamercat should play it,it was really good

    1. yes

      1. Lol made bridg yesterday

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      What is animal crossing exactly, other than a more interesting and complicated town-building game that isn’t restricted to mobile? It’s not complicated enough for me though, Civilization VI is more complicated, yet the switch controls for it SUCK. (if you’re a veteran gamer then you know what the Civilization games are, I’m not, my dad just had a Steam account that already had Civ V on it.)

      1. tom nook sez: here is your nook phone your tent and your ITEMIZED BILL

        1. the itemized bill is the funniest part

        2. play ACNH teach your kids the fun of dept

      2. I really wan the game, but I cant get it.

    3. Gamercat already played one of the Animal Crossings (I forgot which one)

      1. I think one of them was new leaf, in the comic Gamercat says something about being a mayor

        1. He played also pocket camp


        3. that’s the spirit !!! goooooo acnh

    4. I found gamer cat when i was looking for terraria comics so I
      thought that one would be him playing terraria so please make one

      1. I found gamer cat when i was looking for terraria comics so I
        thought that one would be him playing terraria so please make one

  21. ok i know i said i was done commenting but i feel the urge to say this.


    also just a P.S. i’m not done commenting forever i’m just going to comment much less than usual

    1. yeah I saw your comment saying that you were done lol

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      That is sad, that you wanted to stop commenting, not that the day after you say that you’re done commenting an update gets posted.

  22. well glad your not dead :3

  23. FINALLY AN UPDATE!! THANK GOD YOURE ALIVE!! I hope you’re doing well otherwise!

  24. Also, have you ever played Deemo? It’s a tap-to-the-rhythm story game. It’s really good <3 another good game is Incredible Mandy, which I am currently working on completing. I can also see GC quitting Incredible Mandy very quickly because it is little bit hard and it’s a puzzle game.

    1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      You like puzzles!!!! Play The Room games,they will confuse you for a couple of hours at least, especially The Room 3 and The Room:Old Sins VERY FUN and VERY CONFUSING.

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      Also if you like tap-to-the-rhythm games then play an old game called Rhythm Thief it’s an old game but harder than most games, make sure that you know the beat WELL or you will never finish.

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        or just slap all of the buttons repeatedly, that works too, in the hang glider level (Thank goodness that there’s only ONE) it is VERY HARD to find any beat.

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        BTW it is also partially a puzzle game so very fun, very hard, very annoying, very old, and very only on 3DS.

    3. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


    4. I take it back. Incredible Mandy is a good game, but story wise it is not worth three dollars. The story is more confusing than the puzzles! I just figured out the story. At least I’m sure I have :p

  25. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

    DUH-DUH-DUH DUH DUH-DUN DUH NA-DUH DUH!SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE! Is a game I’d like to see gamercat play,and I feel very sorry for people who’ve never played it.Try it,it’s one of the best fighting games ever!

    1. This comment has been approved

      1. agreed.

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        I also agree with Doom Cat!

    2. Who do you main? It’s Dedede for me!

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        ALL OF THEM!!!! (other than animal crossing characters and a few others as I suck at the game D:)

        1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


        2. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

          Villager,mii isabelle,jigglypuff,kirby,peach,inkling,

      2. I main a bunch of different characters (Byleth, Hero, Piranha Plant, Joker, Falco, Kirby, Lucario, and more)

        1. I’ve never played it, but I think I’d always choose inkling girl

        2. I can’t wait for the next dlc to come (even though I never played ARMS)

        3. I main Meta Knight. Nothing else really.

  26. Dude, do the thing that’s best for you; and when you feel like going back to drawing, come back. And if you don’t – be as awesome at the next thing you move to as you are/were with GamerCat.

    1. Thank you, the support for anything I might do is very much appreciated! Though I can hopefully do some more Gamercat at some point ^^

      1. Powerpuffrailfan121

        If you don’t mind, I’d like to make a suggestion for the next comic.

  27. From one of your fans, I hope Gamercat and his family, (don’t forget his servant Malcom!) find a way to get past this outbreak. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    1. They’re definitely washing their paws and staying inside, even if it is getting so nice out (the torture!)

      1. hold up, don’t cat hate water?

        1. Cats don’t hate water. They just hate forcibly being wet. I mean, would you like it if someone just threw you into a pool out of the blue?

        2. yes, it happens all the time

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      This comic and comment section is the best thing to do during the COVID-19 outbreak/shutdown.

      1. I totally agree

  28. ok i was just on my thread on klei “staring at a brick wall” (it was made as a joke) and then some people joined in and even changed the wall a little and i will give the artist credit.

    the skeleton looking dude is called minespatch, they also drew the fish person

    the person who drew the creature that looks like ori is named dragonmage156

    the person who drew the creature holding toilet paper pricing and it $500 is named HorseyTheYes

    the person who drew the creature holding the brick and with a cube head is named zee_dragon

    and the person who drew the cyclops seagull is called Sunset SKye

    i’m the person who put the plug creature

    1. heres the link

      1. i forgot this one by accident

        the person who drew the tiny creature with the skull on its head and looks like a fox is called Kuba5565

  29. Hi Celesse! Thank you so much for the update I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I love this web comic. I know because of the things going on in the world its hard to get back into it so just hang in there. Thanks for everything.

  30. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    Read my comments on other commenter’s comments and I usually discourage their games and ideas unless I can relate to them, and that is very rare as I don’t like most games, as games are majoritively those annoying city-building games for mobile that there’s too many of and advertise themselves too much because no one plays them because they’re too repetitive.

    1. you are a monster

  31. Every Monday, I throw a pillow. The pillows arn’t doing so well.

    1. I’m happy you choose to keep your hiatus on an indefinite amount of time so you don’t have to feel anxious about a deadline especially considering that 2020 seems to want to kill us all.
      Let’s hope that everyone (exept Dave) makes it out on the other end okay.

      1. Sl!ghlty annoyed Tim

        Why did this become a reply?! I didn’t even come close to pressing the reply button. *sigh* [Bleep]ing gravatar…

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        Who is this “Dave” you speak of? My name isn’t Dave I’m just curious. 🤔

        1. My worst enemy. Dave and I hate eachother on a personal level and we always try to sabotage the other ones life at school.
          Oh, that reminds me. In sweden schools are still open. Don’t ask why they’re still open because I have no idea.

        2. Pewdiepie do something about this

        3. What can Pewdiepie do about this? Besides. If he critizised swedens way of handling this, whilst what he would say would most likley be accurate, the media would proboably twist it to say something like “Pewdiepie betrays his own country” or some **** like that.

        4. How could pewdiepie do something about this? Jag vet att han är svensk men han bor ju inte i Sverige längre. Det och Nyheterna kommer troligen att vrida och vända på det för att få honom att se ut som en riktig jävel vilket han inte är. (Note. In this context “Jävel” whilst techniacly a swearword in the swedish version when translated to english it should come out as devil which isn’t a swearword.)

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      Good for you.

  32. Hang in there girl. We good!

  33. If you DO get back into comics, can you have GamerCat play SMM2 story mode?

    1. What’s SMM2? Is it an acronym for Splatoon 2?

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        That dose not even fit the acronym, so no.

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        I just looked it up, it’s Super Mario Maker 2, at least officially anyways.

        1. I can’t wait for the update that releases on the 22nd!

      3. *Mission Failed we’ll get em next time intensifies*

        1. What?

        2. I just referenced to a meme. And as The Crusher Of Your Dreams said, SMM2 does mean Super Mario Maker 2

  34. Hope your gonna be able to continue! Stay alive, give us updates just so we know that your not gone! Hope you start the comics soon :D

    If not, oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    But you could at least restart another one or some mini comics.

  35. It’s not letting me comment -.-

    1. Well THERE IT GOES finally -.- I’m a little annoyed
      I was just trying to post and link to a comic if you want to read it while your waiting for update or comics on this
      Here’s the link

      1. Pls no ban cause I posted that

    2. I’m a little annoyed form that

      THERE IT GOES finally

  36. Gamercat inspired me to teach to my cat how to play videogames

    1. How’d it work out?

      1. Ehm…. I think my cat will never be a gamercat

      2. It didn’t work out

        1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

          Maybe dangle ing a string near the controller?

        2. Mmm…… I’ll try

    2. teach your dog to slay demons. trust me, you’ll want a companion.

  37. Try doing games like bioshock. Or something interesting from remedy studios

  38. Have you considered choice based games like dragon age & mass effect?

  39. Who are you asking?

  40. I was so scared! With a year of silence, I thought you gave up on Gamercat completely!

  41. I’m happy for you!! its good to hear from you again T^T maybe we could do some fan art in the meantime? just an idea…

    1. That sounds like a good idea but I think that could lead to potential worries for her.

  42. Great post! You really amazed me with your post. This is so helpful. Read about Kanya Rashifal with an easy and simple click.

  43. Man its such a shame that she hasn’t been posting this year. There is so much stuff that has happened this year that would have made for some great comics.

  44. As a fan of your work, please stay safe. We are living in troubling times and it’s many of the small things which can keep us going. I’ve been taking Calvin & Hobbs, Get Fuzzy, and other comics to keep my spirits up.

    Don’t underestimate how important and valuable a smile or a laugh is. Withe eveything going on, we all meed more of them – and we have GamerCat to re-read to bring it to us.

    Please stay safe, and may your light shine on. :)

  45. I am hooked with this gamercat because I love cats, and we do have a lot of cats in our house. They are the sweetest. Hope to read more after this pandemic

    1. it has been a year

  46. Very “PAW”-some!

  47. cute little paw beans

  48. You keep these precious kitties safe. We’ll all get through this pandemic, I swear it.

  49. If this is not allowed to do i won’t do it again.

  50. Visste du att det finns en svensk barntidning som handlar om en anthrophomorphisk björn med blå byxor och blå luva vid namn Bamse som äter honung för att bli världens starkaste och kämpar mot skurkar som ofta försöker bli av honom ibland via kidnappning och mord som att falla ner från ett stup eller att dränka honom?

    1. transltion by google: Did you know that there is a Swedish children’s magazine about an anthrophomorphic bear with blue pants and blue hood named Bamse who eats honey to become the world’s strongest and fights against villains who often try to get rid of him sometimes through kidnapping and murder like falling down from a dive or to drown him?

      1. That’s almost a perfect translation. The only word that is wrong is dive, a more suiting word would be cliff or precepie.

        But yeah other than that the comics real. I have over 20 comic books from him and they are a fun read. It’s really interresting how a kids comic targeted at younger audiences sometime involve kidnappimg or murder. I kid you not i skimmed through a Bamse comic maybe 1 or 2 years ago and the villans kidnapped Bamse, bound him up, put him in a crate and threw the crate of a pier to try and.drown him.

  51. I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m going to add my voice to the chorus of others.
    Take all the time you need.
    I know it is a stressful time and I know how that can pile on when you already have things going on in your life.
    Having followed your art for almost seventeen years now (all the way back to the days of Arcy and Frog UwU), I know you are a dedicated artist who loves what they do, even if you need to take a break for your health from time to time. It is not an uncommon thing for wonderfully talented artists like yourself to need a health break.

    So again, take all the time you need, take care of yourself. I don’t want GamerCat updates at the expense of your health, I would much rather wait as long as it takes so you have the time to look after yourself.

  52. Celesse, take as long as you need. I think your entire fanbase is just glad that the comic wasn’t abandoned like we all thought it was. Art isn’t something you can force, and something you should never force at the expense of your health, so please, only return when you’re ready. If the hiatus last another month, year, or even decade, if you do not believe you can continue, please don’t.

  53. Hey, I am perfectly happy with your break :) I love reading the old strips from time to time, too
    That being said, burnout is inevitable, so it’s good to do your best to avoid it. Have you ever thought of maybe just posting on here weekly with, instead of a comic strip, maybe a short paragraph about the creative progress or maybe just whatever you feel like writing? It might be nice to hear what you have to say about everything a bit more often.
    Hope you’re stayin safe

  54. hey. i am here to say that you deserve a break, like me. you get stressed a lot, i don’t i get it. but, you can do anything. your comics were here for me like i am for my bunny, Daisy, and all of the people of earth. i love reading your comic strips, it’s a cute break from the violence of killing demons. i hope to see your comics again someday. i read through them every once and a while. it’s nice. see you hopefully not in hell, but see you making more comics. :)

  55. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to read this. I just want to say, have an amazing break. I’ve loved every single one of your comics, and take as much time as you need with everything. You’ve made my life so much happier, and I thank you for that.

  56. Hoo boy, looks like it’s getting to two years.

  57. Oh wow I just realized that it has been an entire year now

  58. At least she gave us a break update. It leaves hope that when Celesse finally does end the comic, she’ll tell us rather than abandoning it

  59. well the time has come, i’m going to be gone for a while (as long summer vacation lasts) so dont worry because ill be back

  60. Can’t wait for more gamercat

  61. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


  62. We need your comicses! WE NEED

  63. This is a great thing, I think everyone feels this information is very valuable, thank you

  64. I hope that GaMERCaT wears mask and washes his paws.

    1. well he already has a bandanna, so he has that going for him

      1. It’s improbably that the virus can infect pets, too.

        1. Espurr used Post

          Unless your pet is a fruit bat.

  65. how about doing a comic strip with Roblox

    1. I LOVE this comic its my favorite <3 :3 :D

    2. No offense but the only one who will be playing roblox is glitch if you catch my drift

      1. I do, and I don’t even play roblox

        1. Ha ha ha ha

  66. “Why not read the archive?”
    *Proceeds to read every gamercat comic ever made*

  67. Who knows?

  68. K you now what? Never mind.

  69. You make no sense

  70. If you started up the comic again soon, you might get som ieads because of the virus.

  71. looks like nothings changed

  72. Just a few days, and the theories about the gamercat’s author dying will restart

  73. Anyway, I don’t think it’s dead

    1. Me neither!!

  74. Aww please make them soon I love the comics they make me so happy 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  75. Aww please make them soon I love the comics they make me so happy 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  76. MyOtherCarIsAGyarados

    I completely understand why Celesse is taking time off. I’m an aspiring artist myself and I haven’t done much. I just can’t focus, so I,m just hoping for a quick return to the best video game strip that features cats. keep on truckin’!

  77. Boreeeed

    1. Me toooooo! I’ve been surfing the internet ever since GaMERcat comics pawsed, searching for something to replace it. ( Even though I know that’s impossible! These comics are so unique! ) But right now I just finished re-reading the GaMERcat comics. For the 6th time. IMMA DO IT AGAIN!!

  78. I just realized the shop icon spins.

    1. we’re really that bored, are we?

      1. Yeah…

  79. Isn’t the world open now?

  80. nope. second wave

  81. Is anyone else planning to get Ninjala?

    1. What’s a ninjala?

      1. that one game that is bacily a splatoon rip-off just without squid -kids but instead, ninjas

        1. and bigger maps and more lame

        2. Yeah, it only has 2 maps, 2 modes, twelve weapons, and lots of micro-transactions

  82. A Sherbert Shortkake

    I… have very mixed feelings about this.
    While I most definitely endorse Ms. Celesse and living life and such, GaMERCaT will always be a part of me, and I can’t say that I’m happy that it might end. While I understand that it might, I think I’m a bit more worried as it seems a bit… unfinished.
    Whichever your choice, I wish you the best of wishes, Ms. Celesse.
    Until then…

    PS: I get spam, right? I hope I get spam…


      1. I think he means a lot of people will respond to this post

  83. 5 more comments then we reach 200 comments which means it has been too long since a new comic, pls hurry up

    1. I replied to other people just now, making this the 203rd comment

  84. just 2 more idk

  85. I am sad you are not updating often, but I know that it’s not the comic that matters, it’s the person writing it that matters. I know this isn’t the end, but untill your hiatus is over, just hang in there, alright?.

    1. She probably updates stuff more on facebook, twitter, etc.

  86. We are 206 comments now. Did we make a record on this site?

    1. glich is adorible

      i think so.


  88. i like gamercat because you have great stuff

  89. Does Gamercat have a Discord server?

  90. Congrats all of y’all we reached 210, maybe amount of comments could replace blue shell

  91. Ever played Delta force? The original Delta force. When I was younger my dad and I used to play deathmatches pretty often.

  92. I play time splitters and bully on ps2, honestly I love vintage games

    1. but never herd of that

  93. Gamercat is dead. To believe that it’s coming back at this point I would be harder pressed trash in a compactor.


      1. It never died

        1. Heroes Never Die

        2. glich is adorible

          you mean legends` because GaMERCaT=legend

        3. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          I was quoting a video game character, but yes

  94. HEWWO

    1. Aka DJ Cold Breakfast,

    2. this was posted on my birthday lol

  95. Just like I said a few comments ago, death theories are restarting

    1. She’s not dead. 2020 is. It was dead on arrival. Now we live in a low budget Twilight Zone knockoff. I don’t know who stole the remote, but if I ever find it, I’m changing channels. 📺

      1. In Italy there’s a famous astrologer called paolo fox. Before New year’s eve, he said: 2020 is gonna be a very lucky and amazing year. Nothing more wrong.

        1. Oh it’s lucky. Bad luck is still luck right? And it’s amazing how easily the powers that be were able to shut everything down. Sigh. I’m still searching for that remote…


        2. And insofar as ‘amazing’ goes . . . well, it’s the whole ‘great’ but not ‘good’ thing.

  96. Guys, I think we could arrive at the 300th comment

  97. Wow it’s been a year already. It’s been a while since I was last here.

  98. Well, I think we have to wait more and more for another update. So, let’s talk about videogames? The new game Paper Mario: the origami king. What do you think about it?

    1. There’s a new Paper Mario. Sweet.

  99. I began following GamerCat years ago. At the time, the comic was on an app you could download. Submissions came slowly, but GC had one up every week. Loved it. And I miss it. I finally found you guys again, and everything is on pause! I’ll keep checking back in, though! Keep your fuzzy chin up. I feel you’re missing out on some great issues with Covid and Trump. But, I respect the artist’s decision to take a step back. Just, don’t forget to come back! This strip is the best one I have seen since Calvin and Hobbs! Make it RAIN! Bring the THUNDER!

  100. did u realize that gamercat never played any paper mario? its time to start then

    1. Yes. And I read some comments, and looks like many people asked for an octo expansion comic. Octo expansion was released more than one year ago. There are so many games gamercat has never played. Pokemon sword and shield too.

      1. We need more variety with games ps I think gamercat should see his own comic or comics voice acted on videos on YouTube

        1. I don’t know why people do it in the first place

        2. Ah, the gamercat comic dub! I’ve seen it. I don’t know if celesse agrees with the gamercat comic dub.

  101. its been 6 months…

  102. changed my name

  103. Zzz…

    1. It has been too long, at least give us a break update, actually dose Celesse really read these pleading comments for more comics or has she just given up on gamercat

      1. Only God knows

  104. I hope the latter is not true.

  105. Your Best Nightmare

    Darn. Still not back

    1. 5 months and still nothing

      1. No. One year and still nothing. The last update was last summer.

    2. Your Best Nightmare that song is really good

      1. Back Again Once More

        (Sorry for the almost year-late reply) I actually didn’t know that there was a song, I was just being “edgy” I guess. I’ll check out the song tho.

        1. Back Again Once More

          scratch that “almost”, im bad at counting apparently lol

  106. I just want to say this was probably one of the first webcomics ive ever read and it will always be my favorite

  107. Hello!! Just wanted to say I need more to read OwO

  108. Hello! I just wanted to say… IDK i am just here now… sup?

    1. who are u no offence but i kind of have a bad memory

      1. I come whenever someone says idk

        1. are u new? i read all comments


          that guy was one of the first.

        3. im new, ill try to find him in earlier comics

  109. Completing the Mission came out a little while ago. It’s sad that the Henry Stickmin series has come to an end…

    1. Also one of the ending is one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed, if not, the saddest

    2. It was sad, I Loved The Valiant Hero Ending. IT WAS TRULY THE GREATEST PLAN

  110. Nooooooooooo plz dont say this comic is ending! I love reading them!


      It ended a long time ago.

      1. What if I told you… you are my dreams *uno reverse card intensifies*

        1. glich is adorible


  111. Cellese you probably won’t read this. But I feel a duty to say it regardless. Don’t string us along, ask yourself if you have any real desire to return, and if not… just tell us. Everyone in this fandom will be completely understanding if you do, and if you ever change your mind you can just pick it back up again. The majority of us just desire some form of confirmation if it’s over. Thank you

    1. if it is over say gamercat became a pro gamer or a good ending if so, but pls dont be over

      1. if it is over then we need a good ending

  112. GUYS!!! Celesse is lying to us, on the about page it says this about gamercat which I copy pasted on to here

    The GaMERCaT is a weekly webcomic that mixes gaming humor with mischievous felines. It started in 2011 as a fun little side project and quickly gained popularity from both gamers and cat lovers alike, and now has a steady once-a-week update schedule (every Monday!)

    1. “and now has a steady once-a-week update schedule (every Monday!)”

  113. Ps also she is more active on Facebook and just updated yesterday with something more hard thing than a gamercat drawing so she is just lying about gamercat

    1. Imagine getting worked up over a free comic that’s still available. Just move on, if she does decide to make new comics it will be a more pleasant surprise.


        1. I agree with you idk

      2. Calm down please has just posted cringe

  114. Like this gamercat…my mom loves playing this too….so adorable

  115. 2020 has taken this too far

  116. Maybe you can make a Bendy and the Ink Machine comic

  117. I find it weird that there was never a comic about Super Smash Bros. It came out when comics were still being made, and features so many characters… I also wonder if there would have ever been comics about Among Us or Henry Stickmin’s Completing the Mission

    1. like, if the break had ended sooner

      1. Nevermind, Gamercat mainly only really plays games that are on Nintendo Consoles

        1. no he did pc games and ps games

  118. The ps5 should be out now. I’m not going to take it, but it’s out.

  119. I’m caught up! Way for breaks!

  120. I started reading yesterday and finished today (pls make more)

  121. Ehy. 290 comments now. We’re arriving to 300.

  122. FashionableFurret

    Hey, I’ve been following Gamercat for a while, and I love your stuff. Although I AM dissapointed that there won’t be any new comics soon, you certainly deserve a break! Keep up the good work! (eventually when you restart lol)

  123. i we get 300 comments we need a comic for our hard work

    1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Senpai

      Umm… I think she seriously needs a break. We all want a comic but Samantha is a human being too.

      1. i dont think seven month break but constant twitter is human

        1. *sigh* What will we do with you, stop being self-centered and actually think about Samantha. She’s human. She has feelings. Please have consideration before saying that “you need a comic for your hard work” Posting a comment takes no effort whatsoever. Please stop.

  124. GamerCat should try Half Life: Alyx. Since, Everyone Is going crazy about it now (=^・W・^=)

  125. 5 more comments till 300

  126. few months again. hope this can start by the time corona is gone

  127. arriving to

  128. 300 comments. Yay.

  129. I’m currently playing Kirby Fighters 2 and Rivals of Aether

    I don’t know why I’m telling that to everyone

    1. Maybe because gamercat was a gaming comic, over all.

  130. Samantha, if you see this, please read this- please. I really hope Samantha/Celesse isn’t dead ;w; t’s all right though, I just wish we had… one… last… update… But Samantha, your wellbeing is more important than a webcomic. Sure, we miss Glitch, Gamercat, Sweetie, Pixel, Nano… But we all know deep in our hearts, that you are more important to us than a webcomic. I hope you’re okay Samantha! If you see this, keep going in life and don’t stop to satisfy us. You need to live your life to the fullest. You’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years now, and if it’s because of your feelings and wellbeing, maybe it even has to end here. If you’re reading this, and you’re not dead (hopefully), I hope you have a good life and be happy. – Nyan (Nano)

    P.S. : It’s been a while since I’ve commented here…

    1. Also it says I posted this an hour and a minute later than I actually did- hmm….

      1. She posts stuff here. So don’t worry, she’s not dead.

      2. she has lied to us, there is no monday schedule, i did research, check the about page, but gamercat wont die no matter what because i won’t let it, so make a new comic Celesse or you have lied

        1. you do realize that was before the break right? also just give her time off please. she has deserved this break for working on this comic for years on end

  131. I speak for a few of us that read you comics, we hope you are doing well, Gamercat and company. We haven’t heard of you and are getting concerned please return!

  132. Giorino The Tabby

    Hey, Are you still looking for a player 4? Or am I too late?

    1. You are late

      1. *Internet Explorer intensifies*

  133. Wow dude awesome comics im new here btw

  134. Respect for black people

    R.I.P. Black Panther

    1. yes, let him rest in peice, he was legendary

  135. I bookmarked this and check it every hour in hopes of it starting again :(

  136. I just started reading this comic about two months before the hiatus. After reading the comments section I think I have to conclude that this is the most dedicated fanbase I have ever seen. :)

  137. Yes It Is, I come here often to chat with any people who have chatted recently

  138. I just realized how stupid the Imperial System is. C’mon America, don’t make this harder for everyone

    1. I know. We should just use metric (even if I have memorized the conversion number for ft. to mi.)

  139. GamerCat Should Try Half Life:ALyx!


  141. It is now SPOOKY MONTH!

    1. It sure is! 👍

  142. is your profile…A FURRY!?

    1. So what? Furries are kind of like a fandom. You know, like how people dress as their favorite movie, book, or video game characters. (ex: Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc.) There are numerous documents showing that there is nothing wrong with furries. Just read this:

    2. So? There’s nothing wrong with furries. They’re just a fandom, kinda like how there is with Harry Potter, Star Trek, Stranger Things, Marvel’s Avengers, Minecraft, and more. It’s just that people who were jealous of them decided to spread rumors and false information to get them hated throughout the internet. Just keep in mind that they’re people too, and they are actually nicer than most people.

      1. EXACTLY. People make out furries to be disgusting and since then the image of furries has been distorted, with lots of hate toward the fandom. So many of them have done nothing wrong, they’re just someone in a costume wanting to cosplay, wanting to connect with the fandom, be themselves, or whatever reason they have for donning the suit. Please, don’t judge multiple books by the one, angry, hateful cover the community has formed.


    1. Isn’t that kinda racist?

      1. i can’t believe what gamercat has become

        1. I’m just trying to protect an innocent fandom

    2. Well, they are kinda weird but you’re kinda being toxic right now

      1. i have nothing against furries but i hate discrimination

  144. So how’s Super Mario 35 for everyone?

    1. For me, I often end up dying because I fall off the map, trying to be too careful. Also, I’ve placed 4th so many times… I’ve only gotten 1st once, and my average placement is probably around 10th. Overall, I like the game, and will continue to play it in my free time.

  145. who thinks ninjala is a splatoon+fortnite+smash+overwatch ripoff

    1. Me! Do you hate squids? Here you have: splatoonwithoutsquids-no, wait, ninjala

      1. I just think that Ninjala was overhyped. They were not ready for release. The game felt more like a demo (with it’s limited modes and maps). Maybe they put a lot into the story mode, but since that costs money many people aren’t going to be willing to try it.

  146. Ninjala is made by some of the same people who made splatoon.

  147. How does anyone feel about Half Life: Alyx?

  148. no its not that

  149. Anyone always check here and even bookmark it hoping it comes back too?

    1. Well now I just go back to check on the comments, see what people are talking about

      1. Honestly, Same…I Hope Gamercat Returns

  150. Gamercat should try Goldeneye 007 for the N64. Also, has he ever went to a thrift store? He should also try some retro pc games from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Maybe some Unreal Tournament?

  151. So last time, Gamercat went missing for six months playing Minecraft… I wonder what he’s been playing now for the past 18 months…

    1. he was lost in time while playing Pokemon Diamond

  152. Also I finally set up my pfp

    1. wait what?

      1. Oh okay it loaded

        1. What no why did it switch to that

        2. Okay it’s not working I’m just going to go back to having no pfp

        3. Why is it still here after I deleted the account?

        4. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          You know what, I’m just going to switch my username forever. Goodbye Doom Cat. Hello Lucario

  153. Sorry, I was gone for the weekend.

  154. Everyone, Reply To This: What Should Gamercat Play Next?

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Hoonestly, I don’t know. He normally plays games that were recently released. Unfortunately the only game that’s extremely popular right now is Among Us, which has been out for about two years.

      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)


    2. UT!

  155. lucario, look into Half Life: Alyx, Even though VR isnt made for cats normally, he should try it, tell me if you agree

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Yeah, he did try VR once. I guess I don’t really pay attention to games that are M for mature

  156. It’s Nice To Have People To Talk To During These Times

  157. Here’s My New Identity I used to be Anony-meows by the way

  158. hopefully gamercat doesnt try among us with his friends…it might actually successfully tear their friendship apart!

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      I highly doubt they would, by time Celesse returns the popular game list would have changed. At this rate, the game can be not popular anymore before she announces that she’s returning.

      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

        Looks like I was right, even the memes of the game is dying down

  159. Maybe Gamercat SHould Appear on Youtube As A Gamer Or Maybe Reaction Videos

  160. whats the hashtag for?

  161. Do you think that Gamercat Might Try League Of Legends Or Rainbow Six Siege?

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      I think Gamercat is much more likely to play League of Legends than Rainbow Six Siege. He doesn’t really play shooters that often.

  162. What’s Funny Is Fortnite Got Desperate And Started Ripping off other games so then its popularity made it no longer on the top

  163. what’s sad is that it’s only you and me now lucario…

    1. no one is commenting now

      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

        People are commenting far less, I agree, but we must stay strong. Also why did it take me so long to read and respond to this comment

  164. Internaut (Speech Mode)

    I Love How A Simple Webcomic That started with a pixelated feline has exploded into such a dedicated fanbase. People Always Wait For More And Show Their Concerns When A Comic Isnt Quickly Posted. The Care That The Author shows for her fans and comics is wonderful.

    It’s always wholesomely inviting to see that the fans even interact with others and show their support and ideas. Sharing What’s On Their Minds is always the best thing to see in fans and i could never wish for a better fanbase to be involved in.

    Celesse is indeed a very smart and creative artist to be able to share her talent with others and so others give her support as well. I hope that we get more people like her in this world. *Snaps out of speech mode* WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST SAY!?

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)


  165. Hello. I’m here just to announce that we’re arriving to the 400th comment.

  166. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    I have a YouTube channel, which on it I mainly play Overwatch, which for some reason Gamercat and his friends never played.

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      My content has dramatically changed, and most of my videos have some form of editing. I’m currently editing a video that has a large amount of editing, that will have maybe 6 parts? Depends on how I divide them

  167. Still nothing? Okay, just checking.

  168. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    Does anyone want the link to my YouTube channel?

  169. Whats your youtuber name? and yes, i went back to my original name

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      My name on YouTube is Arch Angel, and this is the link to my channel:

    2. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Oh the message I sent got deleted, I think because it had a link in it. My name is Doom Angel (I had just changed it to that because I just realised someone else had the name I had previously)

      1. I’m sorry, it didnt show, i was planning on subscribing though.

        1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          Yeah, makes sense, I only have 13 subscribers, so the chances of me appearing were slim to none.

        2. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          Someone from here had found my channel

  170. so apparently my comments are bAnNeD now for some rEaSoN? what did i dOoOoOoOo, btw im idk

    1. so can sOmEoNe HeLp Me

  171. Can we just talk about politics and how it’s overrated by now?

    1. “That sounds like a very bad idea that could easily backfire.”

  172. reply if you have suggestions of what gamercat can do next

  173. maybe a Q&A?

    1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. unban me

        1. i said to reply if you have a SUGGESTION FOR WHAT GAMERCAT SHOULD DO NEXT not COMPLAINTS

        2. glich is adorible


  174. Well rip this comic is officially dead

    1. Haven’t we lasted longer though?

    2. I doubt it’s anywhere near dead. If the comic was dead, the comment count probably wouldn’t be going up as much.

      1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

        Well, the comment count’s rise has slowed down, but people still do check here regularly at times.

  175. Hi! I dont know if youre reading this but I love the comic. recently I remembered it and saw this. I understand you want to take a break but I will be here with everyone else waiting for your next post with baited breath. take your time and do things whenever you want. just saying we all support you greatly! Thank you for the PAWsome journey thus far!

    1. wholesome 100

      1. I even reread the entire archive. I can’t wait for the next comic! this is one of two webcomics i am watching, but difinitely the better one. PS celeste if you are reading this, yes. I do belive this is the best webcomic ever. I just hope you never give up on this comic! do updates whenever you want, but keep going! if you ever need help we will all be here for you with anything you would need. There are always ideas for things to do, just ask your trusty readers for our ideas! we want only for you to keep faith in our feline friends.

  176. 400 comments. Amazing.

  177. how you know? did you individually count them?

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      …it shows you.

  178. now 406 comments :)

  179. i started the comment count thing! ps unban me pls im idk

  180. if you were banned you wouldnt be chatting

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      He’s banned on his main account.

  181. If you start up again, could you maybe release another Cookie Clicker comic, and a Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot comic?

  182. thats a good idea!

  183. yes im unbanned!!!

    1. Now you’re not

      1. Ops stupid translater

    2. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Yay nice (also my comment is the 420th comment)

      1. yessssss! i can speak agian

  184. and my spelling is still horibal without autocorrect

  185. ok this might be crazy but i’m going to count all comments on every comic

    1. You will be counting a long time.

  186. i think it banned me

  187. nevermind i just cant reply i guess

  188. Aww! So sad! I’ll be waiting for your next comment! PS, when will Gamercat be playing Minecraft Dungeons?!?! Awesome game. Still trying to kill the Arch Illager. Please do it!!!!

    1. I agree. that is a good idea because it would give you a LOT MORE fans.
      (but you are already a legend.)

  189. gamercat should play among us and fall guys

    1. He has a wii, AND a gamecube … he should play Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee!

  190. and also gamercat should play fortnite

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Gamercat doesn’t really seem to be playing online multiplayer games nearly as much as he used to. In fact, has he ever even played a battle royale before?

      1. yes. he is right.

        1. glich is adorible

          i don’t think he has?

        2. glich is adorible


        3. glich is adorible

          nope. checked THE ENTIRE ARCHIVE for it.

    2. but it would be cool and fun and i change my name from roland to eachtie

  191. is any one even on right now?!

  192. it has been 7 months since the last comic. if you see this celesse I hve a sugggestion about a new charicter it may sound kinda dumb but hey,this IS a good time to think on future comics.

    1. i’m going to wait until you respond to say it (mostly because I’m still thinking.)

  193. glich is adorible

    if anyone is here plz comment.

  194. you know what screw it i’m changing my username. goodbye glich is adorible hello glich legend

  195. nice comics dude awsome and i mean awsome

  196. gLiTCh’S FoNT sHOuLD bE aLL gLiTChY LIkE tHIs (pun intended)

  197. I mEaN: *(PuN IntENed)

    1. i’M sTiLl cOuNtInG aLl oF tHe cOmMeNtS AlSo GaMeRcAt ShOuLd PlAy aSsAsSiNs CrEeD VaLaHa BeCaUsE hE pLaYeD tHe PrEvIouS AsSaSsIn’S cReEd GaMeS In ThE pAsT

    2. how do you reply BEFORE i posted the comment?!? i posted it on 11-11-2020 at 12:51 pm, but you posted your reply at 11-11-2020 at 10:40 pm!!

      1. different time zones

  198. wow, while i was gone there has been a lot more comments!

  199. I will check the comments every day in hopes of being the 500th comment!

  200. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    Hollow Knight is such a good and cute but also difficult game

    1. seagulls suck and i hate them

      1. kill all of the seagulls cuz i hate them

        1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    2. lucario is a pokemon and idk why do you hate seagulls?

  201. lucario is a pokemon and idk why do you hate seagulls?

    1. i live on a boat and everyday they wake me up, they eat mussels and break their shells on my roof and one time they broke the roof and they steal food and just cause trouble and THEY WAKE ME UP AT 6:00 IN THE MORNING

      1. so who supports my hate for seagulls

    2. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Yes, I’m aware that I’m a pokemon. Why do you mention that?

  202. reply to this comment what you think The Gamercat should play next!

    1. portal nights!!!!!!!

      1. xbox series x and ps5

        1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          Raid Shadow Legends! *gets banned* (don’t actually ban me)

          No I really think he should play the next mainstream Kirby game

    2. pokemon sword and shield!!!!!

    3. terraria

  203. 17 more comments till 500

  204. hey how about a strip about him playing among us pc

    1. ya that will be a great idea

      1. I want Glitch to say red is SUS

  205. It would be fun to see him do assassins creed again because if I remember right that was one of the first games you did on the strip. I hope you’re doing ok and get well soon or however long you need. :) lots of love from a little cactus boy

  206. when will the new comic will be post?

  207. i dont know if there is gonna be a 5th player but i think it would be awsome to have a 5th player

  208. gamercat should play pokemon sword andd shield

    1. Sword and shield deluded my expectations. Pokemon should make more to modernize. They use the same battle sistem from almost thirty years and their graphics could be better.

      1. while not being available in America yo kai watch 4 is an amazing game and don’t get how people think it’s a pokemon rip-off when pokemon has turned to rinse and repeat garbage. I mean most people there cause it’s just a Pokemon game but they’re so lazy with it. I mean my incentive to buy it was that its the first pokemon game on the switch but it sucked, the areas felt so small and limited, dino maxing was cool but then became this annoying thing to do, the story was bland with a bland villain, I want them to make cold-hearted villain for pokemon again like Giovanni or something no some lame dude that I forgot his name. without a story there no real reason to get it unless you just want the new pokemon to do the same moves other pokemon have done for 20+ years. finally, they should take a good 10 years and make a giant pokemon game with a huge map, free roam a good storyline, and something to do after you beat the final storyline person, update the battle system to make it more fun and interactive because most battles are tedious and make me want to eat my foot rather than play them now.(I’m done ranting)

        1. You are right. Pokemon storyline became boring, the characters enter and exit without interesting you. I still wonder why Ash isn’t protagonist in videogames, too.

  209. and play super smash bros

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Yes. Why did he not play that with the others before?

  210. any more idea for gamercat should play?

  211. i dont know what should gamercat play to

  212. This is probably EXACTLY why you got blocked dude…

    1. well seagulls suck, WHO IS WITH ME

  213. we are now at 503 comments!!!

  214. and now… 504 COMMENT!!!!

    1. dose anyone remember how i started this trend

  215. how to play the gamercat game i dont know how to play it please tell me

  216. when is the next gaMERCat comic? its already been 8 months!

  217. Hey Celesse (i hope i spelled your name right) I hope you are ok, and i am asking about the comic
    If you continue it, can we see a comic with glitches mom?

    1. Or anonymouse

      1. -_-

        1. what?! its true and i need it

      2. Ok, even if seagulls bother you don’t you think that’s a little harsh?

        1. Woah I typed in a different email for no reason and that happened. I don’t like it

      3. I never got to see anonymouse. Can someone tell me which comic they’re on?

  218. when will the new comic arrive?


    1. END OF PAGE


      1. _____________


        1. i wont give up on gamercat, this is such a good series and im exited for it to start again

  220. and now im the last commenter

  221. omg its been so long its me but on a diffrent computer. hi TimT!me

  222. Can we at least have a date of when you’ll continue making comics? Also do one on SuperHot and Among Us

  223. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    Maybe we can have a comic on Hollow Knight: Silksong (whenever that releases)? I mean, I’m sure Gamercat would have enjoyed the first Hollow Knight (after raging a bit), but still… it’s a good game

  224. notece me TimT!me

    1. i just realized he hasn’t posted seance October

      1. plz come back!

        1. k itsa me

        2. …srsly

        3. u dont even have his gravatar

        4. if u wana be a fake person at least do it properly

        5. ok you got me, i tried

        6. You have summoned me.

        7. Totally not fake TimT!me11 ima real one

          Haha this guy is fake ima real

        8. TimT!me for real not fake

          No I’m real don’t trust him