So it's time for another break update. I'll cut to the chase for anyone who doesn't want to read a lot - I'm going to remain on indefinite hiatus for now. I really have no idea when I'll start again.

I know this is disappointing, and I'm sorry. I was really hoping that as I got closer to the 1 year mark for the break that I would feel like returning. I'm pretty sure I'll eventually get back there, I just need to stay "pawsed" for now, especially with all the extra stress and anxiety from what's currently going on in the world.

Regarding the Patreon, please feel free to suspend your pledge if you want to. I can't close/suspend the Patreon without blocking access to everything and losing the grandfathered account, but I know money is getting tight as the economy goes downhill and I'm not currently active with the comic, so it's totally understandable. I am still doing monthly wallpapers for the $5 tier for now though, so if you dig those they'll be around for a while. That being said, The $1 tier is set as a general tip jar and I greatly appreciate anyone that is still supporting me as an artist. It really does mean a lot to me, so thank you!

Finally, I still intend to print Volume 3, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do it this year. There are so many restrictions in place - both from tariffs and now because of Covid19 - and everybody is tightening their belts anyway, so it's probably better to hold off on a Kickstarter for now. But I'll try to do it sooner if possible.

I'm still active online otherwise, so if you want to follow me and my general art you can find me on Twitter at @celesse. I know it's pretty different in style from Gamercat, but it's there if you're interested! And you can check there to confirm that I'm not dead, don't have cancer or disprove any other weird rumor people try to start ;)

1,027 thoughts on “Pawsed!

  1. In true GaMERCaT fasion, I would like to tell you to ‘hang in there’ ^ w^ Thank you for the update (and the wonderful pun) and I hope there will one day come a point in your life you’ll be able to resume your lovely webcomic. Until that day comes, I wish you the best (after that day comes too, as well as if it never comes) and stay awesome~!

    1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

      You mean,PAWsome?😹

      1. lolZ

        1. scroll down

      2. The cat puns… keep them up! Also *blue shells AnotherMemory* job done!

        1. Oh wait he got that bullet.. and he’s coming after me OH GO-

    2. Thank goodness you didn’t comment ‘first’ or some guy would probably rage

    3. Thank you! I do really appreciate the support and kind words :)

      1. Continue the strays!

        Awwww man! First the strays and now gamercat! So many great thing must come to an end! Anyways, hope you borrowed your friends stardew valley journal and stay safe!

      2. I love comics and cats and video games so puurrrrfect book

      3. I love comics and cats and video games so puurrrrfect book meow gamer cat

      4. hiya! hope that you’re ok and not too bored stuck at home! i love gamercat and it is just purrfect! when you’re back, do you think you could make a rollercoaster tycoon comic? it’s really funny when you put people in a river and then their status is ‘drowning’ or if you make unfinished rollercoasters so the vechile flirs off!

      5. I have some ideas for gamercat! how about a stray siamese cat named silver who has never played any video games other than mario until he comes over. there’s also a posh cat named chloe who has loads of video games cus her family is rich. she has a mega crush on silver.

        1. Celesse, make more comix plzzzz

          is it too late? i’m with you gamerdog. sounds like a good idea. a few tweaks and that would be great.

      6. Hope you get the virus 😒

        1. Keep that to your self!!!

        2. Don I hope you step on a lego

        3. I agree doom STEPON A LEGO

        4. Couch_Potato_Cat

          Don! That is ILLEGAL!

        5. Wtf dude?

        6. Don, if you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the heck up.

        7. glich is adorible

          i agree.

        8. glich is adorible

          don…the virus is no joke it has devistated over 9.7M lives. you just hoped a deadly virus on a fricking LEGEND! what the F is wrong with you!

        9. glich is adorible

          i mean 10.2M in the F-ing US! *rages*😡😾😠

        10. never, joke about the virus, don, pleas don’t be mean on this positive site, i ruins everyone’s feelings and makes everyone mad, and these people mad means they will GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND BURN IT DOWN PEE ON IT AND ALL THE SEAGULLS WILL KILL YOU AND THE GODS WILL CURSE YOUR LIFE FOREVER AND MAKE YOUR LIFE HORRIBLE AND A SEAGULL WILL POOP ON YOUR HEAD, AND YOU WILL BE TORTURED AND BURNED ALIVE AND EATEN BY SEAGULLS AND SEAGULLS WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER… oops, i got angry. don, just don’t be mean or you will face the consequences… and i hate seagulls

        11. I hope you get something much worse! :D

        12. Like, say, a blue shell! Or the Black Death (in case you don’t know, the Black Death is another name for the bubonic plague). Or literally any disease or sickness that’s more deadly than coronavirus.

        13. Don I hope you fall into a pit and die

        14. Don’t joke about the virus. Samantha is a real person and she could get the virus. We never wish it upon anyone. Never. It’s extremely insenitive and if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it, okay Don? Glad we’re all on the same page.

          Don’t make me bring out the red shells.

        15. Literally, it’s not a joke. Sorry to extend my comment but I want to say that I didn’t mean that joke about the red shells and I’m being serious.

        16. I hope both sides of your pillow are warm don

        17. Don i hope you step on a lego and then fall into a toilet face first (the toilet hasn’t been flushed btw)

        18. Don, great job in being a total moron. You’ve embarrassed yourself by being a jerk who wants the world to burn. Don’t know what you’re pissed about

      7. Hey! I love all of these and they’ve helped me through lockdown! Once this is back up, d’ya th8nk you could do a super mariokart deluxe 8 comic? It’s an awesome game and I’ve been playing it with my family

      8. thanks for all the comics over the years. by the way, could you please make a terraria comic?

      9. Can you make a starcraft cartooned comic? Just asking.

      10. I love this comic. Please, Celesse, if you could make more of them — unless you don’t want to, because that’s OK too. But if possible and you want to, I would LOVE more GaMERCaT — maybe some reactions to the new Pokemon games, etc.

      11. can you do piggy roblox? its a puzzle game so pixel would like it.

    4. what actually is the, “first” thing with the blue shell, it doesn’t make any sense!?!?

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        Theoretically, it does. As I’m sure you are already aware, the Blue Shell is an item from the Mario Kart series, a weapon usually obtained by those closer to the back of the pack of racers. It’s shtick is that it targets the player in first place in the race, seeking them out, then crashing into them causing a large explosion, giving other players a chance to catch up.

        I believe the logic here is that those who claim “first” without adding any significant input to the conversation regarding the comic or topic of the comic, claiming “first” purely so their’s is at the top of the comment list, are deserving of having such a fate befall them. It’s a bit of a childish response, as it is giving the poster exactly what they want, but there’s not much else one can do if annoyed with such things. One could argue that it isn’t worth one’s time as the poster of “first” has already wasted our time by scrolling, and the one responding with “blue shell” comments are only really fueling the fire, causing the rest of us to have to scroll down even further to get to actual comments worthy of reading.

        Anyway, that said, welcome-ish back-ish, Celesse. I genuinely thought the comic was dead. Even put it in the “probably dead” folder. Given your comment, that’s probably where I’ll put it anyway, and come check back in another year. At least you took the time to respond, unlike the 3-4 years without word we’ve had waiting for Nerf This’s creator to say anything. It isn’t that a comic creator has a life and might not want to keep the comic up that bugs a reader, especially for a well-made we get to read for free. It’s when they just drop the comic without saying anything at all.

        1. Couch_Potato_Cat

          Wow, ChaosSorceror_Davidicus. Your explanation is LONG! I just spent eleven minutes reading your whole comment. Not that that’s anything compared to the time I’ve spent reading the gamercat comics. I love GaMERcat so much!!! >w<

        2. WhenWillIReadAnotherGaMERcatComic

          Ikr Couch_Potato_Cat, his comment was so long…

        3. glich is adorible

          wow. just. wow. *faints*😐

        4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          I can pontificate longer if you’d like. I didn’t go to college to learn a buncha words to NOT use em.

        5. @ChaosSorceror_Davidicus, I smell increasingly verbose.

        6. Increasingly verbose? FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ZORK

        7. Well that makes sense.

        8. Celesse, make more comix plzzzz

          thank you for explaining how the blue shell works, ChaosSourceror_Davidicus, you are appreciated for your explanation.

    5. Anyone here from october

    6. I feel Malcom needs to find a girlfriend of something. Just sayin. I feel like it might be good comic material.

    7. i read through the entire comment section… yeah, im THAT bored -_- AND I SAW NOBODY SAY FIRST FOR ONE WHOLE FRICKING YEAR, SO HERE GOES…


    8. Look here —–>
      there is a bar. Use it to scroll down in 1-5 secs.

  2. the virus just had to show up am i right lol, it can get very boring sometimes having to stay inside for multiple weeks but a wise cat gave me a solution…play video games! we will all get through this crisis together and i hope you all stay safe until its over.

    1. True gamers have self isolation at max level

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        Doom Cat, Why do you think so much like me?

      2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        BTW we have not only self-isolation down but also more ideas for what to do other than games too.

      3. Us gamers have been doing this for years

    2. I live like this every summer, it’s nothing new to me, the problem is that during breaks you deplete YouTube of interesting videos and burn yourself out of the games

      Or that’s just me

      1. It’s not just you……..

        1. Lol.

    3. #gamesforever!

  3. I only started reading gamercat about maybe 1-4 months ago, I enjoy the comic and I am sad that it’s been ‘pawsed’ for about 1 year. Continue the updates, please.

  4. Totally understand. I miss the kitties and the laughs, but you take care of yourself and do what you need to do. We’ll be here waiting when you get back!

    1. Me too.

    2. Thank you! We’ll see how this year goes ^^

      1. me toooooooooo

        1. Celesse needs to make more comics. Who will document my and GaMERCaT’s wacky adventures?

        2. glich is adorible

        3. Navi have patience. Everyone needs breaks and time to themselves

  5. indefinite

    lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time

  6. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    When I discovered this comic last year I have been waiting for something to even happen here, so this makes me a happier person.

  7. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    I have read every single comment on every single comic and no longer have anything more to do.

  8. need more clan members in clash royale join with this tag #LRVYOLCU

  9. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    I’m sorry but I only play games that are FUN so no.

    1. Hello there! Have you ever heard of Raid: Shadow Legends? (don’t worry I never played it)

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


      2. Today’s video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it’s totally free! Currently almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it’s one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the champions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities! The dungeon bosses have some ridiculous skills of their own and figuring out the perfect party and strategy to overtake them’s a lot of fun! Currently with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has almost a perfect score on the Play Store! The community is growing fast and the highly anticipated new faction wars feature is now live, you might even find my squad out there in the arena! It’s easier to start now than ever with rates program for new players you get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days that you play in the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you’ll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I’ll see you there!

        1. glich is adorible

          my cousin has it but I do not.

  10. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

    That game among other mobile variety games is NOT FUN! But you should really play “The Room” games.

    1. Jeez, ‘The Crusher Of Your Dreams’ you really crush dreams :/

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        That’s the point! :}

        1. I play Cookie Run: Ovenbreak because it’s fun and I love the lore

        2. I agree, but FNAF has SOOO much lore, especially with Security Breach coming out soon.

        3. glich is adorible

          this is the #3 biggest question right now:why does the crusher of your dreams want to crush dreams?

        4. Lucario (Master of Aura)

          *thinking intensifies*

  11. play brawl stars!

    1. Man, all my friends are OBSESSED by that game…..

  12. if I was stressed, I would think DOING a comic instead of not-doing-it would be the relief. Especially getting patronbucks for it, instead of havin to worry about different work

    1. I actually quite enjoy my shop, I’ve been running it even before I started Gamercat. But I probably won’t have any cons to do this year so I’ll have more chill time and might get back into the comic groove.

  13. Thank you for updating us! That’s all we wanted (well, okay we really wanted new comics, but we understand if you’re not quite up to it yet and are just glad to hear DIRECTLY FROM YOU that you’re okay). Stay safe and be sure to keep those talented hands washed! ;P

    1. Thanks for understanding! And I’m washing my hands a ton ^^

  14. Glad you’re okay – please take all the time you need and stay healthy!

  15. Long time reader, and long time checker XP
    Glad to see your alright and to see an update
    Whatever may come in the future I hope your safe and will always love your works even if it ends here

    Stay Safe!

    1. Haha, thanks for checking back even while it’s been on break! And thanks for the support ^^

  16. Finally next update! This is my favorite comics, so please do not quit it!!!

  17. I knew not to give up! It was worth checking every week! :]

  18. I’m so happy you wrote something! I really hope one day you will restart with Gamercat, but don’t feel obligated

    1. I’m glad my little update helped ^^ I hope I can resume it too!

  19. Wow i actually thought you were dead. i found this comic one day, and a few months later, it stops. Take your time coming back if you need to.

    1. I’m always a little surprised when people think I’m dead/gone since I’m so active online for the rest of my work ^^; But I guess most people don’t associate me with the comic for some reason.

      1. pls make new comic, the fans are bored, and that is a lot coming from a person who like never commits, ps i check every day. we need more entertainment!!!

        1. Dude chill she is going through a lot bro read the description for the comic before this one if u want more details but chill.

        2. First of all, Celesse/Samantha is a human being. She does not gring out comics just for your contentment. Try to have a little consideratio for others- she has been working on this comic almost nonstop for 5 years. Imagine how tiring that is. You do not need more entertainment if she is in a bad situation, stop being self centered. Second, just because saying you “never commit” doesn’t make your argument any better. Have consideration please.

        3. Wow Nano, you really have a lot to say. Not saying I judge you. But I agree all the way!

  20. anyone play animal crossing new horizons cuz i think gamercat should play it,it was really good

    1. yes

      1. Lol made bridg yesterday

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      What is animal crossing exactly, other than a more interesting and complicated town-building game that isn’t restricted to mobile? It’s not complicated enough for me though, Civilization VI is more complicated, yet the switch controls for it SUCK. (if you’re a veteran gamer then you know what the Civilization games are, I’m not, my dad just had a Steam account that already had Civ V on it.)

      1. tom nook sez: here is your nook phone your tent and your ITEMIZED BILL

        1. the itemized bill is the funniest part

        2. play ACNH teach your kids the fun of dept

      2. I really wan the game, but I cant get it.

    3. Gamercat already played one of the Animal Crossings (I forgot which one)

      1. I think one of them was new leaf, in the comic Gamercat says something about being a mayor

        1. He played also pocket camp


        3. that’s the spirit !!! goooooo acnh

    4. I found gamer cat when i was looking for terraria comics so I
      thought that one would be him playing terraria so please make one

      1. I found gamer cat when i was looking for terraria comics so I
        thought that one would be him playing terraria so please make one

  21. ok i know i said i was done commenting but i feel the urge to say this.


    also just a P.S. i’m not done commenting forever i’m just going to comment much less than usual

    1. yeah I saw your comment saying that you were done lol

    2. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      That is sad, that you wanted to stop commenting, not that the day after you say that you’re done commenting an update gets posted.

  22. well glad your not dead :3

  23. FINALLY AN UPDATE!! THANK GOD YOURE ALIVE!! I hope you’re doing well otherwise!

  24. Also, have you ever played Deemo? It’s a tap-to-the-rhythm story game. It’s really good <3 another good game is Incredible Mandy, which I am currently working on completing. I can also see GC quitting Incredible Mandy very quickly because it is little bit hard and it’s a puzzle game.

    1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

      You like puzzles!!!! Play The Room games,they will confuse you for a couple of hours at least, especially The Room 3 and The Room:Old Sins VERY FUN and VERY CONFUSING.