This is definitely the right direction to go.

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    1. Why?

      1. That is not correct. You actually commented at 3:02 AM, MincraftMuffinsX. Don’t lie to me

    2. people like you are the reason we have not colonized any planets yet, minecraftmuffins

      1. ItzMeDB, people like you are the reason people who post “first” comments feel so great! They like the attention!

        So, if you cared so much, you would say nothing to end it.

      2. I honestly thought it was because of the lack of nearby survivable planets… my mistake! >. <

      3. People like you are the reason humanity sucks. Don’t put humanity on a pedestal it doesn’t deserve.

    3. *Blue Shell noise*

      1. thought it was taking a little ling for the blue shell.

        1. *long

      2. Send in the bullet bills

    4. MinecraftMuffinsX

      Sorry I yelled 😐

    5. MinecraftMuffinsX

      Leave a replay on this comment if you’re excited for Detective Pikachu! Coming in May!

      1. MinecraftMuffinsX

        Reply, sorry

      2. that movie is an over rendered train wreck, but i still wanna see it cus of the game nintendo is gonna make, or already made.

        1. The game came out over a year ago now

    6. I have a blue shell

    7. Why does the 6th panel remind of a dragon movie that I can’t remember the name of.

      1. HTTYD? How to Train Your Dragon? Honestly, that style with GaMERCat, it really makes me think of Toothless. Is that a bad thing? No, not at all.

  2. MinecraftMuffinsX

    Lol that’s how much I love GaMERCaT! And I even had school the next day!

  3. MinecraftMuffinsX

    K ima be honest

    1. MinecraftMuffinsX

      12:02 a.m.

  4. This one was … interesting

    1. But second I guess. (If you don’t count the same person speaking no separate comments)

      1. In*

        1. *Bullet Bill noises* Oh noes I ran out, good thing tis is Mario kart 8! *Star noises*

  5. MinecraftMuffinsX

    Sorry I just love GaMERCaT so much

  6. MinecraftMuffinsX

    That has nothing to do with this does it

  7. MinecraftMuffinsX

    Also I’m surprised to see anyone else up this late

    1. time difference

  8. Not gonna lie, that last panel is amazing! I would watch gamercat movie lol! I’m excited for detective pikachu mostly because ryan reynolds voice but not so excited for sonic which looked more kiddy and tacky to me.

    1. I only now learned about the new sonic movie. from this comic. also, same with gamercat movie, although I had no idea his eyes are green!

      1. My eyes they hurt but I love it so much

      2. the sonic movie is gonna be bad. now i love sonic, but WHY IS HE 1 FOOT TALL?? IN THE ANIME HE IS LIKE 4 FT 9 INCHES!!! SEGA YOU MESSED UP THE WIKI! YOU RETARDS!!!!

        1. sooga (sega's retarted wiki bois section)

          SoRrYYY LoOOYaAAAAAAAAAL fen-Fan.

        2. Sega


        3. He’s a hedgehog.

        4. The original design for the Sonic movie caused trauma in kids and adults. Good thing I wasn’t on the internet as much then

  9. They look great! They are even more cute, but realistic one is probably more taxing on artist… So I would take more comic over new style!

  10. Kill it! Kill it with fire!

    1. seeing gamercat like this makes me want to have never seen this comic or this series before

      1. ALSO THEY DONT LOOK CUTE THEY LOOK LIKE MY NIGHTMARES!!!!!! but a little better

        1. haters gonna hate, cuz I love the new style.

        2. nope no new style

    2. Uh… can we get some creepers over here? CREEPERS ON PANEL 6!

  11. OH GOD NO!!!

    1. and just wait until you see what Jynx looks like!

    2. you saying that makes me think of the upgrade meme than (beep) go back

      1. when i said this i meant to put this under mattomatteo’s name

        1. (presses button saying ESC) IM QUITTING EXISTANCE!!!! PEOPLE ARE IDIOOOOO- (fades away screeeemminngg)

        2. I thought that was alt+F4

  12. Wanna hear the reason, one word – “Disney”.
    Or more accurately, their hyperrealistic live action adaptations of classic cartoons. And whatever Disney does, others will follow.

    1. Will Smith

    2. Honestly, I can’t look at sonic without thinking of the Ugandian Knuckles meme (or however you spell it)

    3. *groans* this reminds me that Disney is remaking Dumbo. Greeeaaat.(lots of sarcasm)

  13. i am actuly looking forward to the detective pikachu movie because it will be like no other pokemon moive.

    1. ever was

      1. i also did not know there was a sonic movie

        1. also i think this is the first time glitch walked on all four’s

        2. also i said also to much for this also.

        3. No it’s not the first. There was this onr time he tried to copy GaMERCaT’s nuisanse to Malcom in order to get food and he walked on all four there.


    1. Look, those contact lenses were NOT meant to be worn overnight…

  15. egh, disgusting, I do have some hope for detective pikachu, tho

  16. Yeah I never got the tend of this high rendered style

  17. Petition to get this style used in future comics? this is great sonic sucks pikachu is fine
    1. The Gamercat 2.0

    1. Maybe. Only if it’s a sometimes thing.

  18. Just use the style next comic

  19. plz tell me that this is not what gamercat will look like from now on PLEASESSSSSSS I BEG YOU TO NOT!!!!!!!

  20. Oh my…. nonononononono….. I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!



  23. The future is “ow”.

  24. I don’t get the HATE on Sonic. It’s not the best of what can they do, but it’s not that bad. Also comparing movie that got billions of money given to it to some random movie with low budget is not okay.
    For me Sonic is okay, nothing more, nothing less.

    1. I think it’s because Sonic in the movie looks way to much like a muscular human with blue fur.

  25. this needs to end now

  26. To be fair though, cats actually exist in real life and are generally considered cute, so fictional cats being drawn realistically is a lot less jarring. Anthropomorphic blue hedgehogs…. not so much. Pikachu I guess is kind of an in-between since it’s a fictional creature based on a real one.

    1. I agree with you Tendo. I hope she’s kidding though. While they are cute drawn realistically, 1) I would think the hyper-realistic drawing would be much more tiring? and 2) I like Gamercat and the others as they are and while she has tweaked them from what they were at the first (go look at the first comics and you’ll see the updates) this would be a bit too much for me aesthetically even if they are still cute.
      It does serve to further prove what a great artist she is though… oh, as does Strays another comic of hers that I wish she would add another chapter or more to… I wanna see more of Meela and Feral! :3

  27. PLease no

  28. Xael the Night Prince


    1. Calm down. I’ve already got a sniper pointing at her at all times if she changes it again.

      Ps. This is a joke and i mean no harm towards anybody. You
      May delete it if you want celeste. You are a great cartoonist.

      1. I got a bit worried there. why would you joke about that?

        1. To be honest i’m not sure.

        2. Because ‘This is the future’ where we can’t really justify our actions, much less others’

        3. that is a one spicy a meatball

        4. Yeah i’m not gonna defend it. It was a tasteless joke.

        5. [loading excuse] I got hacked by mario by inferior coding

  29. Oh wow XD They look like plushies (not the kind that are really cute, just the ones that were made to look realistic but some people wanted to make it have glittery eyes)

  30. Who not try using real cats instead?


    1. Fires and flames

  32. Yeah, but I prefer weekly comics over monthly ones.
    That takes a LOT of time in comparison to a more simplistic style, especially with a lowered margin of error vis a vis arms and such.

  33. This is the best movie ever

  34. Have y’all not seen that Detective Pikachu is based on a game of the same title?

  35. The guy who voices Pikachu played Deadpool

    1. oh no, no no no no…

  36. Can I say that the modified design makes both of them look far cuter? But it probably takes three times as long to draw, at least.

  37. Detective Pikachu makes sense because in a sense the Pokemon are animal substitutes; their cartoonish style is more a side effect of their target audience than their world. A gothic-style rendition (think Castlevania) of Pokemon would arguably work about as well as the cartoonish one, given a certain margin of error.
    Sonic on the other hand is an animal that is present in lieu of a person and his cartoonish style is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT ENTERING THE UNCANNY VALLEY. Making an anthropomorphic animal realistic after already having it be incredibly cartoony (with specific exceptions of course) tends to result in failure. I mean, look at the TMNT and what those new fangled movies did to them. Not pretty.
    It’s not that either of them are incompatible with a realistic world, the issue is that Sonic himself (and to a lesser extent Pokemon) is not.

    1. True. That’s all i can say.

  38. …………….I would love the comic in that style.

      Okay to be honest with ya i can agree that it looks okay but i don’t wan’t the comic to become this style.

    2. Just peeked at the next comic on tapas and luckily it won’t spread.

      1. okay, I just have to ask. what is your gravatar supposed to be, TimT!me10?

        1. A fox i drew in paint when i was like 7. I kinda wan’t to replace it but it’s not to high on my priority list. Whenever i get around to it i’ll make something and replace it. Any suggestions?

        2. maybe a video game character you like? I dunno, just something more recognizable than what it currently is.

        3. Yeah currently it’s just a fox in the style i used to have back then. I’ll maybe find something tommorow if i can remember it.

        4. no I like your gravatar, its cool and different from everyone else.

        5. Thanks.

  39. They look kind of like those new beanie babies with the eyes that take up half their faces.

    1. *extreme trauma*

      1. *wondering what mega oof’s trauma was*

  40. Hmmm i thought Glitch would have been a cat with two different colored eyes

    1. You know what I agree with that

  41. Can you do a comic talking about Deltarune on the Switch?

    1. Okay, I’ve had enough. I liked what little of it I saw gtlive play, but STOP COMMENTING DELTARUNE!!! sheesh.

  42. I guess it beats Thundercats Roar.

  43. how long did it take to draw them anyway?

  44. its like that upgrade button meme all over again

    1. i said that already

      1. but a little diffrent

    2. GoldenDonutzGaming

      Yeah, no kidding. At least Detective Pikachu looks good.

      I am really, REALLY not looking forward to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie though.

  45. [Loading insult]
    [Insult loaded] No one has positive thoughts about you and [Buffering. .] you should be in a state that is unpleasant to you.

    1. Why this act again?

      1. Sometimes i wan’t to be mean in a way that is obviously a joke and have the insults be extremly weak at that and with the real Justin gone i thought: “Hey. Why the [beep] not?”

        1. and I usually reply to his purposefully lame insults with other insults. this spiraled out of control once… but botw champ 2.0 is no longer hacked, so don’t worry.

          by the way, I was never hacked in the first place, this was just a joke I made.

    2. [launching counter-insult virus]
      [location: user (Just!n 2.0)]
      [time of launch: 9:57 P.M. 3/23/2019]
      [launch sequence initiated. logging off…]

      1. note: no virus was actually sent. again, just a way of riffing off of TimT!me10.

        1. [ERROR. Virus DETECTED]
          [JUST!N 2.0 INFECTED]
          You are about to delete the following items:
          Insult degrader
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        2. Welp. Was fun while it lasted.

        3. OMG dude, you didn’t have to delete just!n 2.0! you could’ve run a virus deleting program or something! why did you delete just!n 2.0? or did you just hate that act in general?

        4. Oh yeah you’re right. Luckely i made a backup. It will be online tommorow hopefully.

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        6. error_name_filling_required_filling_requirements_complete

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        7. So i just scrolled down a little and noticed most of Botw champs comments where he talks with himself had been deleted along with a reply by someone named Algy asking him to refrain from “comment spamming” as this isn’t an RPG board so i think i’ll just stop with Justin 2.0 act.

  46. no wait this is going too far.

  47. They actually look pretty good! You do hyperrealism way better than detective pikachu.

  48. It’s so weird how the overrendered one looks like it has bad facial proportions, reminding me of the visual trainwreck that was the train-yer-dragon series, but then I realize his normal look has exactly the same face…

  49. I kinda want to know how other games would look like if they were hyper-realistic

  50. NO!!! NO!!! NOOO!!!!!

  51. Red the fox dragon

    I swear pixel looks like a fox

  52. (sees new sonic movie trailer) WHAT THE- [REDACTED] -IS THIS BULL-[REDACTED]?!?! THEY RUINED SONIC!!!! NEW CHILDEREN ARE GONNA BE LIKE: this is sonic? i didnt know he was real! IMA CATCH A SANIKU!!! no, sonic is in another diemension, not on planet earth. THEY RUINED SONIC THE HEDGEHOG AND MY CHILDHOOD. i hate you hollywood

    1. i know. hollywood animators are just a bunch of MORONS!


    3. thank you for expressing your thoughts without spoiling the trailers for those of us who haven’t seen it. also, with my age, you’d be surprised by the fact that a real life sonic would ruin what I think of him. I was only 6 when I got my first ds, and it was a dsi. still, I played the classic sonic without a sega genisis or an emulator on the computer. I played the sonic classic collection. it introduced me to sonic, either it or my sonic cartoon dvd or, if neither of those, Sonic Underground. yup, even at my age, I know what sonic SHOULD look like. although, you could argue that younger kids with a switch could play sonic mania plus and learn about the classic sonic look with much more cool moves.

  53. [Insert a comment here and that is legaly what this comment says now]

  54. God forgive us. We’re all retards.

    1. Not that it’s a bad thing, just kidding it is

      Nobody wants to be retarded.

  55. should I start using my gmail as well?

  56. I was gone, missed me? noticed I was gone?

    by the way, I stopped writing here for a while because I was playing sonic mania plus (can we please get a comic on it? maybe on its debug mode?) and then I was playing club penguin online (it’s a remake of the original club penguin with free permanent membership for signing up that disney made. try it. 100% free.)

  57. I just realized I can have conversations with my gravatar.

  58. Will this be the new art style for the GaMERCaT comics?

  59. If you’re going to do another skit pleace include it in one comment.

    1. okay, I will. I probably should’ve thought of that while doing the other skit.

  60. Not me.

  61. Hey, you're back!

    yeah, I’m back. so, what should I do today?

    1. Please refrain from comment spamming. This is not an RPG board.

  62. I’m addicted to these comics do not know why! I’m even translating the strips into Portuguese

  63. How would I look like that?

  64. This reminds me of that comic where GaMERCaT is a little upset over the pokemon anime’s change of style and then Pixel shows a picture of his old style.

  65. I’ve always wondered what colors their eyes would be.

  66. Samantha Witten seems to be channeling Jevil.


  67. I actually hate Detective Pikachu’s design, as well as almost all the other designs in the movie’s trailer; they all look hideous. I’m probably the only one who thinks this, though.
    Sonic’s design is just as bad, too.

  68. Miguelantopere Gamer

    me: i like that! .jpg
    **sees the last scene**
    me: but i like this .jpg
    **sees the others cartoon scenes**


    1. I 100% agree. That last panel was better than the original art.

  70. “this is our future”
    never uses it again

  71. Why… do I not find those kitties creepy?

  72. NO. I can’t live with this, I’m just trying to live in quarantine.

  73. rtx off: 2nd to last panel
    rtx on: last panel

  74. …, “thanks”, Hollywood. way to reboot our childhoods for no reason.

  75. Charizard in the detective pikachu movie was terrifying, even the ditto.

  76. a HUGE bit of snot came out of my nose a few seconds ago. by the way I liked detective pikachu

  77. I personally liked both of those movies.

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