The Best of Frenemies

Friends don't always agree, but what fun would it be if they did? And this is officially comic #300! Wow!! I can't believe I've done so many of these o__o I want to again say thank you to everybody that has been supporting this comic, whether you just found it recently or you've been here since the beginning. It's been quite a long haul, I've been working on it for over 5 years now! And with this amazing milestone, I've decided that it's time for me to go on break for a while. If I'm being honest with myself, my health (both physical and mental) still isn't in the best place, and I'd really like to rest and take some time to try new things this year. I also need time to start assembling the third book since it can now be made, and that alone will be quite a task. I'm not exactly sure how long the break will last, but it will be a couple of months at least. I will keep you guys updated on the progress of the new book, plus some new merchandise that I want to finally get going on. The best place to follow updates is via the Gamercat Facebook and Twitter accounts. I will also continue to make high-res wallpapers every month for the Patreon tier for those of you who are interested in them. If you'd like to follow my non-Gamercat stuff in the mean time, you can catch me over on Twitter at @celesse where I'm most active! Thank you again to all of you dear readers! See you soon~ Update 8/12/19:

1,408 thoughts on “The Best of Frenemies

  1. First again

    1. Oh snap!
      *Throws a blue shell

      1. no!!!! this is no way to do things. here you guys need to use the blue shell minigun (gives the blue shell minigun to BorizG

        1. *Grabs the minigun*
          This make a smile to my face
          *Shot Wess*
          We did it! We did it! We did it!

        2. *goes flying past in a bullet bill*

        3. *Placw color change Uno card* I cange your name to be black and *plays a stop card* Now you must skip a comnent

        4. H O O V Y

        5. Id love to see someone animate this little comment piece. oh and..
          *launches DSBGBcanon ball*
          *throws cannon too for good measure*

        6. I'm dead inside :')

          Seeing that comment makes me want to animate it

        7. Is anyone concerned that Glitch got dramatic on the 8th panel or am I the only one.

        8. I am so lost here

        9. TravisChessie1933

          Mario Kart 1

        10. and uno. mow

        11. then why are you on boardwalk? you owe me 800 caps now.

        12. Powerpuffrailfan121

          You need to use this *hands them a red button*. It’ll set off a blue shell orbital strike! :D

      2. How the Blue Shell has evolved.

      3. I know I’m late to this but.. the people who scream “FIRST” shall be hit by blue shell and bullet bill. *Hits Wess with bullet bill* Nice.

    2. *quietly loads a blue shell Jericho Missile*


      2. DO IT DO IT DO IT!


      1. Are you talking to Wess or the guys beating him with spiked turtle shells?

        1. Definitely need the white Turtle Shells to deck the guy in last place for that comment.

        2. Replying to Tim from June: Wess.

      2. I’m pretty sure it’s become a GaMERCAT tradition.
        Also, I use my BLUE SHELL SUBMACHINE GUN!!!


      1. *Shows a Gaster Blaster the sive of Germany*This is a surprise

        1. *Launches a blue shell looking nuke* Won’t make it out of this one will ya first place?

        2. tEMmIE GiVes yOUs A SpIkE ShEll ThAT SuPER Big!

        3. …Lucifer dammit Temmie *Get’s oblidirated*

        4. It’s been a while but… *loads blue shell rocket launcher* …this is too fun to give up.

    5. No im first!!!

      1. why do people try to get in first and thay now that thal get obliterated sorry for bad spelling

        1. let me now wiy

        2. Tem NEVER DIE

        3. are you shour?

        4. well then wiy do you now you are going to get hit and still want first

        5. and im gesing that everyone hear has mareo cart 8 deluxe sorry for bad spelling

        6. just looking at theas commits makes me realize that some people get up at 3 IN THE MORNING TO READ GAMER CAT! I AM CONFUSED THAT IS INSANE!

        7. Uuuugh… Well that was a coma. What did i miss… Oh i see. Well now that it’s summer anyone over the age of 11 has their internal clock Under maninence and repair so it’s offline for a while. I mean it’s 4:25 AM for me right now.

        8. i juts got band for puting in like 10000000 ?s and i can still come in i think its probably a glitch ho and i will put a shorter version of wat i did

        9. now it wont even let me commit it

        10. I’m from britan that’s why? It’s actually 10 am

    6. I WANT MORE GC!!!!!!!


      2. Me too. But I have a plan: ima come back in April. Approximately a year after this comic was uploaded. Worst case scenario, there’ll still be nothing, and the comic went dead like vg cats. Best case, she started uploading again a week after I post this, and I have a bunch of new ones to read.

        1. Poor Wess, did he know she still hasn’t uploaded by 2021. I mean, its been two years and she hasn’t uploaded! Im so sad :( GC IS DEAD

    7. But those faces in the 7th and 8th panels tho!

    8. Dang how long did this go on for

    9. How naive of you. Now the first thing we see when revisiting our beloved strip. The first comment, it does not praise the work, nor mourn its end. Instead it is simply “first again”. The comment itself is annoying, displaying someone who rushed straight towards the comment section without reading, for the sheer sake of being first. I know you didn’t know what was to happen at the time, but looking back you should be disgusted by yourself

      1. Let me be the first to welcome you to this comment section.

    10. KNACK 2 BABY


    11. *pulls out blue shell minigun* *aims it at wess* *fires off 100 shots*

    12. Breon_The_Umbreon

      Time to animate this

    13. I’m just randomly saying, I’m going to be GaMERCat for halloween

  2. Dang, now I want a slushie tornado!

    1. I like smoothie hurricanes better

      1. Same. I don’t even like sushi.

        1. I can’t tell if that was a typo but either way… ew. sushi tornado doesn’t sound the best thing I could spent my health on.

        2. noob / pro gamer

          I mean slushies

      2. Slurpee Storms are copyrighted, I’m afraid.

        1. What about Shake Quakes?

    2. In my day we called it a suicide. I never went to any slushie place that had tart, sour, or zesty flavors though. Just different kinds of sweet
      Nice metaphor though!

      1. oh yeah, I remember!

    3. @LionHeart ah i see a fellow person who reads Warrior’s..another great cat book series

      1. gamer/feathertail

        greetings, it is nice to see more warriors nerds around.

        1. I have finally found my people! who knew it was as easy as going to a comic and looking at the comments? (Thunder clan is very awesome!)

        2. I need to finish the first book still.

        3. Jade Nightshadow

          my friend reads them, but I only played the game on scratch…:|

        4. GoodLuck / One-Eye

          I’m rereading the books at the moment i’m on MoonRise and man there so good i’m starting it ether tonight or tomorrow but man it’s nice knowing i’m not the only one who reads them on this site.

        5. You guys should see my school library’s checkout list. I think i have checked out books in the Warriors series like 40 times altogether… they have like 25 Warriors books. Think my top book is Firestar’s Quest. Checked it out 8 times lol.

        6. noob / pro gamer

          my older sister is into warrior cats

      2. its nice knowing im not the only one who reads the books.

        1. I can’t believe it! I have been loving the series and I have a set of the first six books! Anyone else have some of the books? (All the clans are cool! Erin Hunter has been one of my favorite authors since I read the first book of Warriors! It was really good!)(to all those who haven’t read the Warriors series, I say, read it please!)

        2. I kind of wish they would stop making books, they’re great, but i’m getting tired of it, i wish they would give a happy ending and focusing on the other series the Erins write. Although, I do love it enough still where i’m making my won story/fanfic of warriors



        2. Dovewings eyes are green


        3. YAAAAY TO DOVEWING, WARRIORS AND LIFEE!!!!! No wait. Take back that last part.

        4. notice how the conversation changes to a whole different thing

        5. Same

        6. first slushy tornadoes and now this*

          *look at the commits up thare

        7. warriors obsessed guy

          I am star clan

        8. warriors obsessed guy

          I am star clan. I protect all.

    4. mmm loved that series before it got just a bit too repetitive

    5. although with the last series it made a comeback…

      1. warriors obsessed guy You are my new favorite person.

  3. Yes, mixing all the different flavors together to get a new one is fun. Why do you think cocktails exist? Try it with other kinds of food too.

    1. Like… salami and Nutella?

      1. Salami and nutella are best together as sandwiches, with banana bread.

        1. Salami… and Nutella? Uh…

        2. I despise nutella.

        3. Canadian Propaganda Division

          On 19 April, a statement was said that was found to be incongruous with the federal law

        4. i would eat that lol


        6. Professional jooj person

          Good morning to everyone but these two

      2. Remember, Ham and Peanut Butter sandwiches are only HALF as good as they sound.

    2. Like soda and (condensed) milk. Or mayo and jam/jelly sandwich.

  4. Until next time, take care.

  5. Thank you so much for the 300 comics of awesomeness you have created. Take all the time you need to recover, we will be here if you ever decide to return :) Take care :)

    1. You know what? I 100% agree with you.

      1. Wait…

        1. God D_____! why do I always have to be the bad guy? I’ve done some good this too! like I uh… helped an old woman across the road or something, that being said I did try to toss he-


        2. noob / pro gamer

          Wow great job.

        3. noob / pro gamer

          Justin. :-(

        4. too many justins aka justin, justin 2.0 justin, 3.0

          ugggghhhh we already have enough justin’s we got the first 2.0 and 3.0

        5. It was me that created Justin 2.0 but it was more or less just a joke. I won’t do it anymore.

          To justin: Woah, you’re back?! That’s a suprise.

        6. it was a joke tim time im fine with all the justins

        7. to justin 1
          you should have seen what we done with you banned ps how did you get back

        8. Justin what the acctual hecc are you talking about?? I didn’t say anything wrong yet you act like you started an argument or something

        9. I didn’t even mention you

        10. i slow claps for justin i wow. just wooooooow.

        11. oh hey you still exist. neat.

        12. So how has it been being dead Justin?

        13. Well, hell was kinda pretty

        14. That’s good to hear. Have fun only being dead inside now.

        15. Great job! You are so helpful!

        16. Can’t believe someone actualy commented up here.

  6. take your time , you are doing a great job

  7. having relax and me time is important too, just take your time :)

  8. Well good luck with your life!

    GaMercat, but explained with food.

  9. Guest comics!Guest comics!

    1. AylaStarDragon! AylaStarDragon!

      1. where do we submit guest comics?

  10. well she always needed a break isn’t it true?

    1. GoldenDonutzGaming

      It’s as true as this website is real.

      1. True.

  11. glitch with the save

  12. Hopefully you can get your life where you want it to be. I know the feeling. Your comics are a joy to read and something I always look forward to, and I love the products you come up with. See you when you come back from your break. Take care! =^.^= <3


  14. my brain almost exploded when this happened but i won my a match OF APEX LEGENDS and i was the one carrying the team for once PS i played as bloodhound

  15. i also need to mention that you needed a extended break because it has been several years ever since your last hiatus

  16. This is weird, not yesterday I thought to myself- “Hmm, I wonder if she’ll take another hiatus again” and BAM it happens. But please, thank you for all the work you put in just to give casual passerby’s on the internet a great experience. I’ve followed the comic for awhile now and it truly is a joy to read!

    1. She announced it last week on the Tapas update

      1. i don’t look on tapas. sue me.

  17. “Better yet, why are we even friends?”
    Well… just click my name.

    1. good point

    2. I’ll give you that one.

  18. can someone put me unconscious until the comics are back up

    1. Okay fine but theres a 33% chance you’ll die from it.

      1. wait? wut!!!! clonck!

        gets hit from shovel

        1. *Writes a check for the knockout on a post it note and puts in on your forehead*

          That’ll be 5 dollars.

  19. … Is it just me or is the art style diffrent? I like it.
    Enjoy your Hiatus Celste!

  20. could the next maybe be sonic forces or smash bros ultimate

  21. Take care Celeste! We understand!

  22. On God, another hiatus.

    Please tell me it means guest comics like last time.

    1. poeple who want guest comics spam guest comics over and over

      1. And that’s a problem…why?

        1. i never said it was a problem

  23. how many comments and replies will be here until the comics are back up? just guess cause i think it will be over 100 by the time a new comic is here

    1. We usualy reach 100 comments normaly so yeah. I’d say 200-300 Would be impresive.

      1. we should try 500!

        1. OOh yeah lets do 500.

        2. no 1000000 more like lol

        3. we are almost to 500! :D

        4. Yeah. Only 135 to go… Wait… 135… That’s alot of comments left.

        5. compared to what we already have its not

        6. and now its 118 commits left

        7. Sliw and steady did win the race… The snail race that is… Oh wait… France. Okay. Slow and steady won the turte Race… Oh right… Japan. [Bleep]. Alright……………. I GOT IT!!!
          Slow and steady did win the [This section of this comment has been removed as it is nlt suitable for anyone no matter age or Prefrencess. Additionally the commenter has been sent to a mental health hospital. We approcoate your understanding]

        8. sooooooo close!! :)

        9. only 175 commits left!

        10. 164 commits left yay! :D

        11. i realize that evre time new comits come out i say how much are left

        12. sad isint it

        13. we did it yay :D

        14. hellooooooo?

        15. anyone out thare

        16. literally like one year later HELOOOO IM V-V-VARY COLD AND LONELY UP HEAR IN THE FORGOTIN COMMITS

        17. My god. I thought these comments where abandoned.

  24. anyone who wants to do a countdown to see how many days it has been to see how many days it has been until the next new comic say i and say how many days it has been since this comics release

    1. Please do no chain comments like this with the number of days or it will be flagged as spam. There is no need for a countdown.


        ***All posts following in the count chain have been removed. ~Algy

      2. oh wait there’s actually moderators? wow no wonder that justin person kept getting banned.

        1. if its real than my last words are………… YOLO!

        2. anonymous, are you and bongo cat the same person?

        3. bongo cat and anonymous

          yes i’m the same i just keep forgetting to switch my name

      3. you sure youre a moderator? its probably just your name

        1. Avocado's Number

          It doesn’t matter if they are a real mod or not: it will be spam nonetheless, and then the other, definitely real mods will have an issue.

        2. Why, yes I am ;) If you would like confirmation, feel free to email Celesse at [email protected].

        3. Hey Algy, I tried to put a link on here to Celesse’s online manga on here, but it disappeared. Why?

        4. I fixed it. The spam plugins flag links, so I just had to approve it.

        5. Ohh. Thanks for clearing that up! ow0

        6. Algy, check the most recent update news thingy and scroll down. Is that really Celesse, or is someone just trolling us?

        7. Yep. Troll, big time.

          Just FYI to EVERYONE, Celesse will not make any kind of announcement in a comment. It will ALWAYS be in a NEWS post.

          Celesse still posts on her Twitter account, so you can always check on her status there; her personal Twitter is

      4. Who says that youre a moderator?

        1. she is fix-it-felix!

        2. Who?

        3. I dunno the (Moderator) tjing is a pretty good sign though.

  25. oh yeah i need to mention i wont be commenting anymore in 23 days cause i’m going on summer break than but ill be back when schools starts and i might have a new name or profile pic or both but just a fyi i’m going to become bongo cat from now on

    1. im now a bongo cat! if not than give it time to load my profile pic

      1. also this is my goodbye gift to all if you have spotify go to it look up dank tank and look for pokemon theme it better than you think

  26. gamer cat going on break? welp, time to undergo metamorphosis for until i get info gamer cat is back! AND REMEMBER! LIFE IS AN ILLUSION, EVOLUTION IS A LIE! DARKNERS EXIST! BUY GOLD! BYE BYE!

    1. jevil is just evil hiding behind J

      1. no, im THE Jevil! if you dont know me, find me in the card castle, hidden in freedom, which you might think is solitary prison, but i can do ANYTHING NOW! hahahahahahahaa!!! CHAOS CHAOS!! BYE BYE!!

        1. Ever stopped to relieze that a balerina could beat you? As lonh as the balerina knows pacify that is.

        2. what is all of this crap you guys are talking about

        3. If i knew i would tell ya.

        4. ralsei cant pacify jevil cus he always dies first.

        5. That’s why Kris always buys EVERY. SINGLE. DARK. BURGER in the dark world.
          Or if you’re like me you play a green stop uno card.

        6. wait ralsi from deltarune chapter 1? is this a secret boss fight or something also i need to mention i never lost a single fight in deltarune chapter 1 but it has a really bad ending just sayin

        7. Ralsei is the peince of darknes you neet when you reach the castle at the beggining of the game.

        8. no pathetic dancer could b- wait are you talking about kris? he ISNT a ballerina. he is a valiant warrior! oh great now in talking like roulx kaard… what a wierdo. ok im gettting off topic. stop insulting the protagonists!! and secret characters like me.

        9. I wasn’t ismnsulting any of the main charachters and i’m defeniently not saying Kris is a ballerina. I’ saying that A ballerina could defeat you if said ballerina knew pacify.

        10. *insulting (How did i get it taht messed up?)

    2. wait a minute!! I thought gamercat was an INSIDE sort of gamer

      1. b*tch wtf bro?

  27. Another break? I hassa sad. :(

    Seriously though, enjoy your well earned break and get plenty of rest and fun! Your health matters so do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself! We’ll be here when you get back! ;)

  28. thank you for making so much comics for everyone i love your comics so much i read all of your comics over and over again. i will always be waiting for your next comic i will miss them. :)

  29. my birth day is in 6 days! i will be 11! everyone say happy birth day!!!🎂

    1. hello?

      1. a now kind of disappointed gamer master

        iv bin waiting for 2 days for someone to reply

        1. I think it’s because they are either waiting untill the 22 or just deosn’t care.

        2. Well, hope you enjoy it as much as i did becoming 13.

    2. Happy birthday…

  30. Sounds stressful, but i still think school is even more so..
    Anyway, good luck with all of that! Hopefully i can afford Volume 3 on the kickstarter!
    I know it’ll be a few months but i’ll still check this site every monday just in case.

  31. Regain your hp. Everything else will wait.

    1. Listen, if I can go to the inn 50 times in a row and nothing happens, Exdeath is just too slow.

  32. Has it been 5 years? Wow!

    Have a good break Celeste and take as long as you need. Your health is important.

    Thank you for 300 pages of joy! <3

  33. Time to show you what Sharpness IV looks like.

  34. Like I said on the Tapas page, I hope you get better, not only mentally, but physically!

  35. I love these comics. Every Monday, I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with next. I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into these, and I think that if you would like a break, you totally deserve it. Hope you feel better!
    ~Daisy Kitty

    1. If u want I can trade some Pokémon cards for Pokémon cards. The ponyta (sorry if misspelled it) cards cuz I have none. Hopefully u read this but yeah. I have 3 gx or 2 and if Tyler Furrison is reading this I am interested in trading. Gx for gx. U said for a vaprion (idk how to spell. Lol)

      1. i have pokemon cards too

  36. 🎵You ready for this one?🎵

    Up, Up, Chu!

    1. I thought atleast one person would comment on this.

  37. Get you on twitter.
    Have proud on your handiwork till now and take some well-deserved rest.

  38. Yay! I think you deserve a break, after working so hard

  39. I love Gamercat! And yeah it sucks that there’s a break but you deserve it!

  40. You need to make this a YouTube show. This needs to be a YouTube show. Also, throwing back to the Glitch using a FF guide, I’d do the same thing to my friend.

  41. Sayonara for now, Samantha-chan. Hope you enjoy your break, you deserve it~

  42. oh god i had the worst dream it was including this and there was suddenly a lot more new comics but one of them at the bottom said it was the last comic and was being discontinued it was a nightmare

    1. You should try lucid dreaming. It’s when you can control your own dreams. Then you can have infinite comics.

      1. but here’s a problem it seems that my brain splits into 2 when i sleep like one half controls the dream and the other half is the victim or also me and i have no control over my dreams no matter what.

        1. Try a dream journal and/or do reality checks. Because in dreams. Literaly nothings impossible.

  43. Your comics are always awesome! Have a nice break! :)

  44. (wakes up) I smell a new comic…. its not here. dammit. ok bye

    1. How… How does a… New comic… Smell like something… At all?!

      1. i can do anything, THATS WHY!!!!!!

        1. Then why couldn’t you free everyone from imprisonment?

        2. enchanted prison?

        3. Okay so if he couldn’t get out of the enchanted prison wouldn’t that mean that he can’t actualy do anything?

        4. well maybe he could use magic in the prison but the prison was enchanted making it immune to jevils magic preventing him from escaping

          wow this is such a delayed reply

        5. nobody likes or cares about me… thats why theystay in their prisons why im still free. now shut up im sleeping. im gonna /lurk/ now.

        6. Wouldn’t that just make it easier for you to destroy them and throw the world in chaos if their imprisoned and don’t care about you?

  45. What is your favorite game of all time? Remember. If you answe incorrectly you DIE!
    Have fun!

    1. We need to talk about Fred

      MegaMan X

    2. how can you incorrectly answer an opinion question? ):<

      1. DuN'T hATe on mY LiTTlE PoNY, iT'S MY FAvorAtE shOw!

        Like this!


        1. fell into my trap. HA!

          NOW DIE!

        2. *gets jaw ripped off*

        3. Yup now you have to die Justin. Let me just pour this gasoline on you aaaand. Ah. I love arson.
          Btw bongo cat. What’s your favorite game of all time?

        4. I literally just got my jaw ripped off, you’re just pouring flammable liquid down a corpse

        5. It's 4 in the morning. Why am i awake?!

          I know. I just wanted to light some fire and bodies doused with gasoline make for a suprisingly good fuel. Suprisingly of course

        6. Are you Mark Hoffman?

        7. If i was wouldn’t i be dead?

        8. But that hasn’t been completely confirmed yet

        9. If he is still alive could he get out the house?

        10. i just realised i never told you my favorite game it is kind of a 50 50

          plants vs zombies battle for neighborville and don’t starve together

        11. DTT is pretty good. You get to live.

  46. Make Gamercat play fortnite battle royal

    1. She’s on a break right now. Wait untill she uploads comics again.

    2. Tyler Blevins? Please relogin.

    3. help i accidentally died

      tyler…. NO. shut the f*ck up you cringey a** lobottomized sh*tlark.



  48. hi there stranger. have mess im gonna call a rant.


    I get the whole first thing is annoying.

    but boi, its gamercat culture at this point

    even if it wasn’t just calm the diddly dang down, its not like they said “haha. black people suck.” or something else that’s actually offensive, theyre just excited theyre commenting on a webcomic first, therefore are here early. not that big of a deal.

    this will probs attract a crap-ton of hate and ill probs regret this it like, 5 minutes when I realize how crap this comment is but oh well, take my random opinion anyways.

  49. They call me purge. Chu!
    All pleasure to meet you, Chu!
    I make the galaxy dance for me. Down!
    Dance. Don’t give him the chance. Down!

  50. Happy 10th anniversary

    Found ya *throws blue shell* (you) oof *like ROBLOX. (Make a roblox comic.)

  51. 🔫you ar not
    (You are not secure.)

  52. 2 weeks without a new comic…
    Having gamercat withdraws…
    Rereread the old comics….
    Going insane….
    Enjoy your break celesse

  53. man i miss reading a new comic from her every week, but she deserves the break.

  54. I LOVE gamercat and I love his comics but go enjoy ur self dude! in the meantime ill be staring at what the original gamercat looks like :)))))

  55. beep boop. why a break? beep beep boop. im confused. your comics are good. are you defective and getting repaired, beep boop? (calculating root sounds)

    1. robot*

      1. because she needs break! she needs rest in order to stay healthy! how would u feel if every week you work hard on a comic that many ppl enjoy? it would probably take a toll on your health!
        she deserves the break, and even though many ppl will miss having an awesome new comic every week, we know she needs the rest.

  56. Justin has this skill of both being offensive and funny at the same time.

    1. i wonder how he keeps getting unbanned?

      1. New accounts.

        1. hey i’m back and unbanned

        2. good thing i have 2 accounts ps one temporailer and one permanent

        3. Didn’t know you were banned. Why were you banned?

        4. for the stupid chain comment on the countdown

        5. Ah i see.

        6. If you were banned, then it was most likely due a WordPress plugin. That is why I gave the warning that it could happen.

    2. I’m gonna try not to be as offensive now

      1. We’ll se how long that will last.

        1. to algy i dont do wordpress!

      2. Press X to Doubt.

  57. I’m sorry to hear about your health! Please enjoy your break-you have worked so hard. ^_^

  58. I love u Celesse!!! Keep up the good work! P.s I’m 11.

  59. Dear diary.
    It’s been 3 weeks without a new gamercat comic. The withdraws are driving me insane. Up is down. Down is up. I can’t even remember what Malcolm even looks like. I keep clicking the wrong apps like my journal app every time I mean to click on the internet… when will the madness end.

    1. Hey kid… I uh, got a little something else for ya. An animal based comic… A good one. It should, heh, help you with your withdraws. What do you say? Heheh.

  60. we reached partway to our gole only 300 comments and replies to go guys

  61. Loads of comments disappeared!?!?!

    1. Just get to 300 on the first comic

  62. Concerned TimT!me10

    What happened to the site?!

    1. WHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    2. We lost so many comments! We’ll never reach the goal!

      1. okay but why is the side all [beep] up?

        1. Oh it’s been fixed.

  63. A month and a half? Still no new gc comic… I’m having withdrawals. *starts violently convulsing* UHUHUWAAHHUHUHWHUHO

    1. I have just what you need. Here’s a bat. Use it on yourself and you will wake up just when the comics starts comming out.
      T!m corp is not responisble for death, coma, severe headache or pretty much anything.

      1. HahAAaa

    2. YESS Celesse! PLease make a new comic we miss gamercat so much :C


  64. NOOOOO What happened to our comments :( we were so close so so close

    1. Hmmm. I wonder. Let’s work up to 300 again and if it happen s again then maybe theres thibg that prevents to many comments to be made. Maybe to prevent lag?

      1. Maybe welp…crap

        1. Appereantly they moved the site to a new sercer and accedentaly messed something up. That’s arleast what i’ve read so far.

        2. Yeah that’s what algy said.

        3. Gamerrrrrrr humaan

          Let’s try again tho

      2. We have 800 now!

  65. Okay.. Almost 100 comments deleted and the site has a weird new layout..
    the icon for the tab is now gears.. so like.. is the site getting an update?

    1. This will be the most commented post of the world.

    2. The site was moved to a new server, so it went a little crazy.

      1. it getting moved to a new server caused some things to break a bit? I’m gonna assume that things are gonna get fixed? Like the icon (because right now its just a pair of gears) and the scale of the website? i don’t know if the scale being lowered was on purpose but i’m pretty sure the black bars on the side shouldn’t be there.

      2. OHHHHHHH. That makes a lot more sense! Thanks algy! (I used o hate u but now I know ur just doing ur job) :)

        1. Also, this may sound dumb but will the comments come back? They probably won’t but I’m just wondering.

        2. Hey, if you press algys name it goes to an animal art websight. What’s up with that?

  66. Not first

    1. you’re a bit… a lot late.

  67. First (wink)

    1. 2 months with no gamer cat is driving me insane what does Malcom look like left is left and down is right pls hlp

      1. *Hugs* Don’t worry everything is gonna be fine……….maybe

      2. I have this heh, Time machine. Apply it to the head at a high speed an uh, boom. You’ll wake up in the future. Note that, um. You might have a slight headache but that’s just a heh, side effect from time traveling. And it only costs the low uh, low price of you’r credit card details. It’s a really… Good… Yeah it’s a really good deal. Um… Heheh….

        1. Stop being so edgy and just admit that it’s a baseball bat

        2. Yeah that’s… That’s the act. I’m acting as a sleezy busniess (that’s not how it’s spellEd is it?) guy selling people stuff and claiming it to be awsome and revelutionary things. But now that i’m thinking about it I have only sold baseball bats so far havent it?

  68. Y’all ever just look around and it looks like a YouTube video on 1080p. Btw I use this to socialize with other human beings because i dont have friends why am I taking my time to type this tho srsly.

    1. Also several months since last post what

      1. Also Mtn. Dew AMP Game Fuel ads

        1. hey you have twitter? you should follow me. i post unfunny stuff.

  69. The GaMERCaT 1# fan


    1. I’m with you

  70. Ever stoped to think about how when in the pokemon anime. The things the pokemon says comes from humans. So an adult has said “pika-pika-pika-pika-PIKA, CHU PIK!!!” Unironacly

    1. No and now my head hurts….help


    1. Sorry but when your head starts to hurt from this you’ll start to see spoken and written letters and Me-meee- mareep! Pancham Pancham. Pika, CHU!!! So if you just do that you should be fine.

      1. Wait no that this was supposed to be a response to the comment above this. Sorry!

        1. Also I just realised on that guys name he wrote pLS as in please but it looks like something else…

  72. How to make snow bread.
    You will need:
    3 slices of bread.
    A prefered jelly.
    1-2 bannanas.
    Whiped cream.
    Start by smearing the jelly over the first 2 slices of bread.
    Cut the bannana(s) into round slices and spread them equaly on the 2 slices. Put the 3rd slice on top and coat the hole thing in whiped cream. If there are any bannana slices left put them on top of the snowbread. Finally grate chocolate on top of the snow bread, you can also grate chocolate on the sides if preffered. Enjoy!

    1. That sounds really..reallly YUMMY i’ll have to make that sometimes

    2. But why?

      1. Because i came up with it about a year ago and i’ll be dammed if i can’t prove that you can make perfectly good cakes out of normal bread!

        1. Jelly and banana? Gross? The rest sounds good tho

        2. Well it depends on the kind of jelly you use. Just a warning though. NEVER use lingonberry jelly. For anything.

        3. Lol. Ok. What jelly would you recommend? Do mean jelly like jam or the wobboly jelly?

        4. I’d recomend strawberry jelly. And i mean jelly like jam.

        5. Gamer huuuuuummaan

          Oh ok that makes sense.

        6. inventor of the year award going to come to you someday T!MT!ME

        7. Well i want’t to beclme an enginer so…

  73. So whats everyones thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Shield?

    1. It looks pretty good. I’m going for pokemon sword.

      1. My friend and I split for the duo pack. I’m taking sword he’s taking shield. I have a couple issues. 1:No Nationaldex… at least at the moment. hoping they implement it in later updates. 2: Not big on some of the new pokemon shown… Corviknight however… He’s gonna be with me through the entire game! That imp thing.. Limpbizkit or whatever they’re calling it. just doesn’t look like a pokemon.

      2. I’m going sword too. It looks incredible

        1. Also Venus, that’s a good idea. I tryed that but my friend wants sword too so meh.

    2. I plan on starting with the Golden Deer’s before I check out the other houses… oh, wrong game XD

      1. Yea i’m going with Sword too and yes Corvinknight is one of my favorite pokemon…now all i need is a switch lol

        1. Yamper > Corviknight > Wooloo

        2. GAMER HUMAN !!!!

          You haven’t got a switch?!

        3. No…You want to buy me one??

        4. Nah I just thought all gamers had switches.

  74. nobody hears so imma say the nword

    1. drown eht yas ammi os sraeh ydobon

      1. Wut? Drown the say aimm so earsh dobyon???? I’m do confused.

        1. Professional jooj person

          Me,who probably missed your joke,here.

          He said the same thing as the first guy but backwards.

        2. No I wasn’t making a joke. I thought it was in pig Latin and I was really confused…

  75. Oooooh. Nobody hears so imma say the nword but backwards for some resen

    1. I just picked a random comment to say backwards. Taht’s all.

      1. Gamer human (that other guy)

        That’s cool. I guess?

        1. Whoa why’s my pic like dat?

        2. Oh it’s coz I’m using my friends email. Woops! I’ll change back to mine. There.

        3. Alright…

        4. What?

  76. It’s another happy Monday….
    And… no… gamercat…
    So it’s just another monday….
    I hate Mondays.

    1. Professional jooj person


      1. What the f*ck have you bestowed upon this cursed land

  77. Ookami (formerly Sam L)

    36 more comments to 300. WooT WooT. 300 comments for the 300th comic.
    No spamming to get there people. Let’s do it. Let’s do it for Celesse (Samantha Whitten)
    Also I am changing my name to my online tag. My old phone for some reason always put my Google tag when I commented and wouldn’t change it.

    1. Okay… But what’s an Ookami?

      1. Japanese. Means wolf.
        My nickname in school was ippiki ookami. Which is lone wolf. I was literally friends with almost everyone in school but was not one of the popular kids. So I was in a group of my own. I would sit at an empty table at lunch and kids would leave their tables to eat with me. Cheerleaders, football players, nerds, goths, etc didn’t matter. I had my pack… no one missed with me and yet I was a nobody. I accepted everyone for who they were. I danced with the hippy girl in the rain. Took the goth chick to prom when her boyfriend told her it was a waste of his time. I helped everyone with their school work. I was friends with the bilingual students that were still learning English. And helped them translate when they had a hard time. And when my life started falling apart… they were all there for me.
        One funny story. I tripped and fell into the school bully. Dude didn’t hate me but I made him mad so he picked me up and threat to slam me into the floor. (I was 6 foot tall if that tells you how much taller he was and I had on a Letterman’s jacket so he miss took me for a jock.) This girl out of no where tells him to put me down. She’s telling him about how I was friends with her (his girlfriend) and that if he beat me up, she would leave him because everyone in the school would hate him for missing with me and I’d get be with her because I was a gentleman and would treat her right. He put me down. Straightened my jacket. And begged her to not say anything to anyone. I was dumbfounded. The school bully was now terrified of me and I didn’t even know who his girlfriend was. But she knew who I was. And I earned the nickname the three days later. Because everyone knew what had happened. I thought great, I got saved by a girl… this can’t end well… surprisingly it did. It was the story of David and Goliath. I was mistaken for a popular kid, threatened to be beat up by the school bully, managed to defeat him without throwing a single punch. And I was gaining in popularity and I didn’t want it. I stayed me. And so amongst some of the students I became ippiki ookami. To others I was called Samwise. So it was 2 nicknames I carried.

        1. Ooookay. I’m curious why people called you Samwise but now i’m to afraid to ask. My best guess is that it’s related to the bully story.

        2. No. Lord of the rings referance. I was as loyal to my friends as Samwise was to Frodo even when I was right and they didn’t want my advice. And my name is Sam. The running joke was. “You’re so wise… and you’re sam… you’re…. Samwise”

        3. Oh. Okay.

  78. YES! People! Lets make it to 300 comments! (and/or replies)

  79. 20 more comments!


    2. Dats gonna take forever

      1. We can just get everyone in!

        1. Gamer human tut tut tut

          Like 5 people commented and we’ve done it.

    3. one day…

      1. Uuu wut

  80. Maybe unless we can get everyone from TimT!me10 totygo five to do this.

    1. WE CAN DO DIS!

    2. Uh… What?

    3. Were you attempting to mention me or

  81. Gamer human thinks this will take too long , like this message

    I like t!m t!me 10 and bongo cat. Bongo cat left tho :(

    1. Yeah. I miss that guy.

  82. Omg lets talk about what comics we want Celesse to do! I want her to do a fortnite or another splatoon one. Mario kart would be cool too.

    1. I’d like a comic showing the cats thoughts when it comes to the new animal crossing game.

    2. I would not mind a Star Wars one tbh but copyright

      1. Oh I like ur idea Tim. The new animal crossing looks boring, lots of work but fun! A bit like stardew valley. OOOH THY SHOULD DO A STARDEW VALLEY ONE!!!!!!

        1. Oh wait they already have :(

        2. Why are you sad that they already made one if you wanted one?
          And when it comes to New horizons it seems that it has a little bit of island escape (a minigame in new leaf) blended into it. I only hope that it won’t cause problems with the “feel” of animal crossing.

        3. 1. I dunno
          2. Yeah your right

    3. I’d rather not have fortnite since its still very overrated.

  83. Justin… is that you?

  84. 300 COMMENTS!!!
    and no new updates

    1. I’m pretty sure this Comic strip has the most Comments now.

      1. I am pretty sure these comments are now the comic strip..

        1. Can’t argue with you there.

        2. While waiting I read a different comic on the internet, just thought people should know.

        3. Traitor there is only one comic you need and its gamercat…
          And awkwardzombie…. and missmab…. and katraccoon…
          Man i read a lot of comics…
          Omg I have betrayed you celesse. I am sorryyyyy!!!!

        4. That comic looks good

  85. LET’S TRY 400!!!!!!!!

    1. We’re at 325.
      Just 75 more to go

  86. #protectglitch2k17

    Help him.
    He’s too pure for this world.

  87. I just want to ask you a strange question. I can divide guys out there into gamers and furries. So, how many furries are there?

    1. Uhh.. Gamer furries are legal right

      1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams

        NO NO THEY’RE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

    IT’S JUNE NOW FOR PETE’S SAKE!wait why not mickey’s sake?HA HA!I crack myself up.anywhoooo…I NEED MY GAMERCAT!!!!
    (sob sob)😿🎮

  89. Rest in peace Etika

    1. I know he was the best, someone left a cardboard F in the place where they found him, imagine finding the body of a famous youtuber.

      F :(

  90. AFanInDireNeedWhoLostTheirPhone


  91. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING LIKE FOREVER FOR A NEW COMIC!!!! she did say she was going off for a few months guys

    1. A few months is more than two. Maybe 3, or 10.

  92. wow i cant believe its been 4 months and i read all the comics a few days ago. I LOVE THIS COMIC SERIES

    1. God I’m so bordD

      1. ‘…’ To you too

    2. HehehehehehHeheheheheh


      1. WHAT DA BLIP

  93. CandyKittenLOL (gamer human)

    Im gonna change my name coz why not.


  94. …Good for you.

    1. Huh? I swear i clicked reply.

  95. Starting to think this chick ain’t coming back.

    1. I’m sure she’ll be back… Hopefully…

      1. Whome?

      2. At this rate I’m starting to doubt it. She said shed keep posts up on twitter and facebook but those haven’t been updated for ages, like last jan for twitter and middle of last year with facebook. Now is months later and still no update on either and no word here.

    2. How long was she on break last time? I hope she’s doing okay.

  96. What’s your favorite comic? If it’s “there you are” choose your second favorite. That’s my only rule.

    1. Savestate is coming in on a close second this one is by far number one

      1. I should have been more spesific. I meant comic strip from this comic. GaMERCaT. Good to know you like savestate though.

        1. I quite like the earlier ones when there trying to find players for the group it reminds me of how we got here.

        2. I love raina telgemere and gale galligan

        3. OOOH I misunderstood! I mean from gamercat that really sad one when glitch gets lost in the snow and another cat finds him and looks after him! So cute!!!

        4. That comic strip is “there you are” the only comic strip i banned because it’s everyones favorite.

        5. oh. then the one were gamer cat firsts finds glitch and he’s playing on a game boy

  97. Hope everyone had a good holiday week (Those in the United States)

    Can’t wait for the return of the Gamercat comics.

  98. It’s Monday. Time to update the comic…
    Not today… okay, see you next week.

    1. Panel 1
      Glitch: Order up. The final splatfest is soon upon us.
      Pixel: So you are going with team order?

      Panel 2
      Glitch: I sure am
      Pixel: that’s swee-
      GaMERCaT: Whaaat?!

      Panel 3
      GaMERCaT: I thought we were gonna be on the same team
      Sweet: Greaaaat…

      Panel 4
      Pixel: Wait you booth picked chaos. Why?!

      Panel 5
      GaMERCaT: Black’s my nattual color
      Sweet: Chaos is apart of everyday life.

      Panel 6
      Pixel and Glitch look at eachother.

      Panel 7
      A war has begun
      Pixel and Glitch: THERE WILL BE ORDER!!!
      GaMERCaT and Sweet: CHAOS SHALL RULLE!!!

      1. This sounds like an actual comic wtf

        1. Well splatoon is a good subject to base something of. Speaking of which. Tom- Oh geez it’s 2:29?! What am i doing still awake?! Okay, um. In about 12-13 hours we will bring chaos to the battlefield. I can’t wait… Seriously. 2:29… I need to sleep

        2. 2:29AM….ha i go to bed at 3PM and wake up at 8PM ha i’m better……please help me

        3. Better? 3PM is close to mid day. How do you fall aaleep mid day? But olay, here’s some advice. Male sure you have something to do untill nighttime. Stick your head in (or just drink) cold water if you’re feeling drowsy and just make sure your room isn’t an oven…. Mine might aawell could be.

        4. well iit seemed like a no brainer that chaos won and it was the only splatfest that i’ve won in

      2. I. Am. So. Excited. For. Version. 5.0. Aaaaaaah (in splatoon 2) oh hey! If anyone has a Nintendo switch can they give me there friend code! I’ll try friend you. My names splatato so you know it’s me!

        1. I’ll give you mine in a few days (I’m sleeping at a relatives house and forgot to bring a switch)

  99. how do you get a thing for yor profile

    1. Gravatar

  100. who’s excited for minecraft earth! i am! :D

    1. its kind of like Pokemon go

      1. well so are many other games like jurassic world alive. havent stoped playing that yet. cant wait for minecraft earth!

  101. search minecraft earth dantdm on youtube

    1. i meant to reply to my commit woops

  102. dos anyone realize that yore profile tilts randomly?

    1. now i see a pattern the pattern is tilted right then straight up then tilted left repeat weard

      1. i meant weird

        1. It’s just the way the comment bit was made. To jazz it up a bit I guess

  103. i just caught up with gamercat again, have an awesome break! also, have you played detroit: become human? the fanbase is slowly dying and i would love to see a gamercat comic on detroit before it’s gone for good lol

    1. Is your name Hayley as in from stardew valley? I’m dating her. And Shane. And Emily. And Im also married to Sam and have a kid with him. Dose anyone know how to Dump people in stardew valley? I know how to divorse but not how to dump

      1. Just don’t interact with them and give them gifts they don’t like.

        1. but they’re my friends! wait a sec…. its a video game

        2. Wait so you’re married and wan’t to dump someone else whos in the friendzone? Oh look at that a black hole is in my room. Let me just grab my bat

        3. Okay don’t worry. I’ve bashed the black hole away. It should be dead.

  104. 400!

    1. Woop woop woop woop! PARTAYYY IN DA HOOOUUUUSSSSEEEE

  105. Ok, no offence Celesse but I. Reeeaaallly getting bord now? I get that your doing other stuff but it has been….. Ummmm…… 3 or 4 months? Too long

  106. My room is an oven and I can’t do anything about it. The only thing that helps opening my windows, drinks LOADS of water and sleeping on the floor

    1. My rooms also an oven. But i can’t open my window because of fear of spiders. Luckely though my dad’s been fixing a new vedroom for me.

      1. Your a kid?

        1. You’re not?

        2. Can’t argue with that. How come you use adult jokes sometimes? Do you have a switch? Give me your friend code! Oops sorry ….

        3. SW 3572 9229 6407

          I’m actually a teen but i couldn’t pass up that response.
          Also could you guve me an example of an adult joke i’ve made because i can’t recall any other than sleezy bussnies thing.

        4. Some of your jokes I didn’t understand so I thought they where adult jokes… Oops. Thanks for the friend code! (I’m almost a teen)

        5. I’d give you my friend code but I’m at my mums house (their divorced) and she diesent have a switch

        6. Actually. I’ve looked through the comments and some of them are sorta adult but more like the lethal kind. Hope you can get to your switch soon.

        7. doing it now. (my name is splatato) wait i already said that

        8. oh wait i didn’t

  107. How have you not made a yo kai watch comic yet?

  108. is that even a game?

    1. i ment to reply to dan theman_1234

    2. Sadly there is

      1. ???

        1. do you mean its bad?

        2. Never again…

        3. i dont get it

        4. I mean that i didn’t like the game

        5. CandyKittenPOOP

          God, why did I even have to THINK about this game :(

  109. hey everyone say yore favorite comic strip in gamercat mine is self made millionaire

    1. EY! Ye stole me idea!

      1. i did?

        1. well anyway say yor favorite comic plz

        2. I… Don’t think i have one… give me a sec

        3. It’s a tie between Order up and Moonstruck

        4. no i mean wat is yor favorite gamer cat comic

        5. That’s exactly what i meant. Order up and Moonstruck are the names of two comic strips on gamercat.

  110. You are doing a great job.

    1. what are you talking about?

    2. A GREAT JOB!


    1. I play a blue stop UNO card that makes you have to skip a turn and therefore you can’t kill yourself. UNO

  112. say i if you have a Nintendo switch

    1. and also say yor favorite game on it too

      1. Me. I like splatoon and all the mario games

  113. The anonymous is back

    Summer is almost over and still no new comics

    1. She went on break in April. It’s now August. That’s decidedly longer than a couple of months. I hope the extension is because of the book and not her health. :( If it’s because of the book, Samantha, please drop us a line here to say how it’s coming and if it’s because of your health, I hope you get better soon!

      1. Oh jeez it’s been 5 months? Huh, reaching 500 comments might not be as implausible as i first thought.

        1. Unless someone else’s comment posts first, this will be comment 454, so yeah, 500 isn’t implausible at all.

        2. Er, I meant 455 in that last post, but now it’s 456 so… Yeah, I could get us to 500 but I don’t feel like it today. It’s extremely humid here – dew point is 74 – and if you walk outside it feels almost like you’re in a swimming pool the air is so wet. If I pulled a fish out of the water today, it might not notice it isn’t still in the water. O_o

        3. If you meant posting a bunch of comments that just has random words in it then it wouldn’t work. We’re trying to reach 500 comments semi Natrualy.

        4. Nah, I was mostly joking while melting into a puddle from the extreme humidity… ;P But we are getting dangerously close to 500 comments. ;)

        5. I hope your electronic devices aren’t getting water damaged.
          Ja nu är det ju bara 28 kommentarer kvar så har vi äntligen nåt den där Inga 500 kommentars milstenen. Det kan vi alla ta hand på då!

  114. So who is familiar with sims 4 let’s plays. If you are then tell me. Which sims 4 let’s play is the craziest one you’ve seen. I’m gonna tell you right now though. It’s not as crazy as the one i know of. Trust me.

    1. I feel like you doubt the cult of jim pickens and the power of kevin.

      1. Nope. That’s exactly the sims 4 let’s play i was talking about. I had to keep it to simply “crazy” as to not make it obvious.

  115. Panel:1
    Glitch: GaMERCaT. I made a mario maker level.
    GaMERCaT: Really?

    Panel: 2
    GaMERCaT: Let me try it. *takes switch*

    Panel: 3
    Mario maker level starts and it’s an underwater level with an absurd amount of cheep cheep

    Panel: 4
    Mario is attacked by cheep cheep

    Panel: 5
    GaMERCaT: Um… Glitch? How did you get so many Cheep cheep’s into this level?
    Glitch: Glitches!!!

    Panel: 6
    GaMERCaT:.. But why on Cheep cheep?
    Glitch: I like fishes!

    Old roots die hard

  116. how long will it take to make another one

    1. Read my comment to steeloid

      1. Or just click my name

  117. i miss your works , i dont need a complete comic , i can be a little draw of GC cosplaing?

  118. When will you be back with more comics?

    1. She said she’s not quite ready. Look at this

  119. Sadly I think this comic is dead due to the fact she has not responded with updates in months. I understand issues but I actually think she should just have ended it earlier with how much it was stressing her

    1. Agreed

    2. I think that if she decided to end the comic then she would say it instead of leaving everyone in the dark. But if the comic is dead. Check out Savestate. It’s another animal based gaming comic. It’s not as heavy on gaming but it’s still good.

      1. I think she would let us know if she was ending the comic like she did when she ended Strays unless her health has gotten worse where she can’t (like she’s in the hospital or something). :(
        She did say she was working on the book, so maybe she’s just super busy. I hope that’s all it is even though it’s been 5 months.


          Just saw this right after I posted and feel dumb now. But… Good news – her health has improved! YAY! :D Sad news – she’s not ready to make new GaMERCaT comics yet, but the good news makes me happy!

          So glad you’re doing better Samantha! Even if you don’t get back to making GaMERCaT (as sad as I would be) I’m happy knowing you’re okay and thankful for all the comics you DID make (not just GaMERCaT but Strays and all your cute animals too). Stay healthy and if you DO get to a point where you feel like resuming the comic, we’ll still be here! ;)

        2. And we will proboably be at 1000 comments by then. Okay i know that was a bad joke. If she doesn’t post commics anymore. We’re fine with that. A persons intrests and well being is far more importnant than a web comic.

        3. Ye

        4. Agreed Tim. I’m sure she’s glad to know so many people are rooting for her and wishing her the best no matter what. I for one am glad to see a comments section filled with positivity and people being nice to each other! It’s sadly rare these days and I think it speaks well of Samantha that her comics inspired a friendly comments section! :)

        5. True.

    3. Agreed. Samantha has been on break for 6 months. The last one was about 3 or 4 months.

      1. She deserves a break. I agree with Tim.

  120. WAIT A SEC. Are you saying there I’ll be no more comics?! -faints-

  121. Well has she done anything on her Twitter account or has she keep up with her wallpapers for her patreons?

    1. She mostly shows her cute animal drawings.

  122. Oh wait, I just read the news! :))) she’s said she’s not quite ready but at least that’s something!

  123. ALSO YOU CAN READ HOUSEPETS WHILE YOUR WAITING :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    1. Imma read naruto and my hero academia. Here’s the site

  124. Oh hey! If you have mario maker 2 give me your code for your levels! Ifi comment (my name is splatato) then plz play my levels too!

    1. Didn’t i reply to this commen’t?

      1. Oh wait no. I mixed them up. Sorry.

  125. I dare someone to count all the words in every comment once we’ve reached 500 comments.

  126. Without an automatic word counter of course. So you have to do it manualy.

  127. you know you could just lessen your load of work you need to do like 1 comic every 2 weeks or however you want to do don’t let me tell you what to do just an idea celesse

    1. CANDYKITTENLOL oops, caps!

      Is that bongo cat????? No Soz I got confused

      1. yes it is i

        1. oh i just got unbaned yay for me

        2. CandyKittenLOL :))))))))

          BONGO CAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. T!M its bongo cat!

        4. Bongo cat! You’re back! You’re just in time. It’s not lonf now before we reach 500 comments.

        5. Hoe’s it been?

        6. *how’s

        7. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Btw I was gamer human and also splatato but you probs don’t remember me :(

  128. I have many secret identities. Splatato, gamer human, tunujuhyfrf. I am A SERIAL KILLER REALLY

    1. lovely, just lovely…

  129. powerpuffrailfan121


    1. Yes. But this isn’t what the comments are for anymore.

      1. powerpuffrailfan121

        It’s just, I’ve never seen sweet smile before until now

      2. powerpuffrailfan121

        think about it have YOU?

  130. !'m so sorry for doing this

    Well… I have to do it it’s GaMERCaT culture… Sorry…


    1. As an apology you can all crusify me. You can’t choose by the way

      1. Candy.....kitten.....LOL

        Gamercat is Becoming…. Dead

        1. Oh yeah, carry your cross to the top of the hill where gamer cat and all the guys from strays have also been crucified. then be prepared for torture. ooooohhhh lets put your cross upside down

        2. I have 1 question and 1 thing to say:

          1. Why would GaMERCaT and his friends be crucified?

          2. I wouldn’t recomend putting my cross upside down. First time that happened war stopped being a concept. Then i think the 5th time the black plauge was unleashed. Oh and last time it happened… The twin towers… My point is that crucifying me on an upside down cross always ends badly for everyone else.

        3. the answer to your question:
          it was kinda a joke because gamer cat has been on a hiatus for so long that the only possible explanation is thant he has finally been crucified for stealing stuff i guess.

          opinions on you ‘thing to say’:
          how about on its side!

        4. Are you okay?

        5. Yeah sideways should work.

        6. hey, i sent you the friend request!

        7. I accepted it yesterday or the day before i belive.

        8. oh yea

  131. Heyi just re-read some of our old comments and I’ve realised so much of our comments are missing :(

    1. This is fine.

  132. I actually think we’ve broken the sight…

    1. Sight? Do you mean site?

      1. yeah

        1. By commenting too much

  133. This is a great thing, I think everyone feels this information is very valuable, thank you

    1. uuuuuuh wut?

    2. Run 2 was better
      Change my mind

      1. Run? The game where you’re an alien?

  134. Where’s everyone gone? I never see anyone commenting anymore.

    1. It’s been like 2 days…

    2. CandyKittenLOL