Defying Expectations

We girls play more than Nintendogs, you know!

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    1. I find Pixel herself cuter. Please do not be mad.

      1. Pixel is a boy.

      2. oh wait, sorry pixel is a girl i thought you were talking about glitch. wow im so stupid

        1. for a sec i almost yelled at u

        2. Yea I almost yelled too

    2. OverlyDramaticLogic

      I sees doki doki. I ships like freaking FedEx (OwO)


      1. kirby with lovely legs

        blushie wushies uwu

        1. Nintendogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Oh boy. Now a bunch of fans will start shipping sweet with pixel or GaMERCaT with pixel or even glitch with that nyan character. STOP THE FANDOM PLZ

  2. She’s the one!

    1. u wanna get friendzoned? becose that’s how u get friendzoned

      1. there is no friend zone, and even if there was one that is not how one gets sent to it. One would get sent to it by giving gifts and thinking that entitles them to a relationship.

        1. Um. What? That has literally nothing to do with the friend zone.

          Friend zone literally just means that you like someone, and they don’t like you back and only consider you a friend. Being “friend zoned” (god I freaking hate that term) means that they told you something that indicates that they have no interest in you romantically, even if you don’t feel the same.

          It’s not about entitlement. It’s not about gift-giving, or anything of the sort. It can happen to boys, girls, anyone who’s interested in another person who doesn’t feel the same.

          That’s.. literally it. You like them, they don’t like you back, just as a friend. It’s a shorthand way of saying that.

        2. I think it’s referencing dating sims. but I played Harvest Moon.
          You can get a wife by making her like you by giving them.

        3. Thankyou. I was starting to think the Universe had completely ran out of sane people when it came to that topic.

          Unrequited affection is as old as time itself, yet it has become popular to completely deny its existence because it got a trendy new name.

      2. I don’t friendzone people, I relationshipzone them. You wanna be my friend? TOO LATE, we’re already dating!

        1. Taylor Swift, is that you?

        2. Nope. Sorry.

      3. Archer reference?

  3. Oh my gosh she’s adorable!!! Love her already. Be an icon to girl gamers everywhere kitteh!

    1. It’s the glasses and the smile that got me

      1. Seconded. I love the glasses. Looking forward to her official intro!


  4. omg she will be our precious number four. #gamercat X3

  5. ‘Atta girl. (mine loves the Assassin’s Creed games as well. so I know this feel from when I first found out. XD)

  6. I can only imagine how difficult it can be for a cat to get a prescription for eyeglasses.

    1. She probably just went to one of those stands with a bunch of standard prescriptions and tried some on until she found a good one.

    2. I’ve got a t-shirt with a picture of a cat in glasses on it.

      It represents my two favouritest things in the whole wide world: Cats and Glasses.

  7. Are you saying that girls don’t gravitate towards AC?

    1. I’m saying guys don’t seem to expect girls to gravitate towards AC.

      1. It isn’t like Ubisoft are exactly a good game company.

        Some guys would expect girls to have better taste in games. =p

      2. Yah. But honestly, it’s just prejudiced. I know I love ‘guy’ stuff, like sports, Comic Books, Video games, ect. I think this comic is really cool!!!

  8. 8D she’s adorable! and ohhh Gamercat u be blushen x3

  9. Who else is betting that Sweet and GaMERCaT will be having a little rivalry for hand– >ahem< I mean, paw?

    1. Count me in, though I think Glitch would the best chance.

      1. i have a felling she’s only going to join their group because she thinks glitch is cute :3

  10. Finally !! *-* I’ve been waiting this moment Since the comic of “The Journey” (Didn’t expect to have glasses but; Pfft who cares?) ^w^!!!
    This is fun; Since my Big sister plays CoD with me (well Played; She’s in University and stuff)

  11. ^_^ Looks like we have a number four! Can’t wait till next weeks comic! So glad we got a girl!

  12. Well well, it seems as though our lil GC is smitten.

  13. Just what the Doctor Mario prescribed. Cool! I can’t wait to see what her personality is like.

  14. I think I see a ship on the horizon

  15. ahh yes, player one, brash and impulsive this is your protagonist, player two, upbeat and young their ignorance allows things to be explained to the audience, player three, a bit of a hothead and a big guy to contrast to player two smallness.

    and of course to round out the cast, the obligatory girl.

    please, please, in the name of the gods of overused game tropes, I beg you to make sure she has more of a personality than “female, lol” because I like this comic and I like that you now have at least one lady (lady cat) in it. please let her be nether a “fake gamer gurl” nor yet the reactionary “real gamer gurl” that one sees so often.

    please let her just be a girl who plays games.

    1. I swear on my 3DS that I will endeavor to subvert the “obligatory girl” trope and make her a character worthy of existing.

      1. Yessss, thank you! And thanks pencilears for your comment, was browsing the other comments in dismay until I saw yours.

    2. Celesse is going to do good on this, because well she knows first hand being someone who plays games and just happens to be female is like. Also has many friends who are the same and some who work in the videogame industry like me. Which is someone who hates the term “GirlGamer” and thinks it silly because boys don’t go around calling themselves MANGAMERS.

      So don’t sweat. She’s going to write her as realistically as you can write a cat who plays videogames and happens to be female.

  16. What are the Vegas odds that she’s a tsundere?

  17. The glasses remind me of the nurd girl meme. I expect her to over react to something a typical gamer wouldn’t even notice, and have the real gamer girl cat come and call her out on it.

  18. PLZ LET HIM GET DA GIRL -fades to nothingness yet again-

    1. GAME OVER

      Reset* Continue*❤️

  19. Now for her to turn out to be a hard like ex-navy, or soft yet competent enough to beat gamercat on occasion.

  20. soooo……

    1. “Love is in the air…” ;)

  21. Silly commenters, that’s not GAMERCaT’s “I-think-I’m-in-love” face, it’s his “I-did-not-expect-this-surprising-turn-of-events” face.

    1. Tis a lie!

      1. Tis the truth.

        1. GaMERCaT and pixel sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G,1st comes love,2nd comes marriage,3rd comes the baby in the baby in the baby carriage!

  22. Called it. ( don’t let this be an in-your-face girl gamer. Just a girl)

  23. Hooray! An adorable girl kitty with glasses!

    1. is it me, or are those hipster glasses?

  24. assassin’s creed is actually a girly game

  25. And you pick AC of all games.. :/
    I feel like this is a missed opportunity. A truly badass girl would be one that picks up Dark Souls.

    1. I second this. >_>

    2. Maybe she’s not meant to be “truly badass”. Maybe she’s just going to be a girl gamer cat and we don’t need to rank her badassery levels and just like her and it doesn’t matter what she plays.

    3. Nano plays dark souls
      she will appear if you keep reading


  26. Say hello to Librarian Cat

  27. I lol at all you guys. watch this cat not be #4.

    cute? yes.
    Possible candidate for $4? yes.

    Garenteed? nope.

  28. Yes! Finally fellow gamer girls represent! We do exist. We are just few and far between X3 But we are growing in numbers!

  29. She’s probably only picking it because it’s on a lower shelf where she can reach it.

  30. Yes! I love her already, AC is awesome. :)

  31. Assassin’s Creed huh? Not bad, not bad…

    Me, however, I think one of the following would make a better sub for it.

    Bayonetta/DMC/God of War
    Ratchet & Clank
    Mad World

    I mean, Assassin’s Creed ain’t bad, but there are a few other games I think are a better cut.

    Then again, it’s not just the game, but how it’s played. Like, say, she goes for the difficult stuff…THAT’S a bit more like it…Really like AC nonetheless, but given the choice I’d like something a bit more…ADVENTUROUS so to speak, especially some of the older games.

    Sorry for the excessive talking. Love this comic, big AC fan nonetheless, and I think I’d be interested in girl cat gamer here…but I’d have to see what else she plays first.

  32. is he in love with the cat or assassins creed

    1. Probably both.

    2. Assassin’s Creed. It doesn’t matter what the shippers say, I’m willing to bet 50 bucks that he wants video games more than a girlfriend.

  33. Then we find out she was his companion in Journey

    1. The ultimate plot twist

  34. Are you kidding? My wife kicks all kinds of ass on Halo with me. The two of us go in as a team and pwn all the nubs

  35. Loving her already! I hope you get charms made of her to sell, I’ve wanted a girl in the group for a while now! <3

  36. OMG my BoyFriend and i *-*

  37. SpillingThePudding

    I’m expecting Sweet to be her “big brother” sort of and then he’ll constantly be terrified of talking to her. XD

    1. That would be toooooo funny XD

  38. Woah,I’ve only met three gamer girls in my life.
    And they are all gone by now T-T

    GamerCat will surely do something weird…
    Lets hope Glitch cuteness will be enough to retain her as the Player 4!

  39. What I wanna know is how do the employees allow so many cats in and around the shop and somehow stay oblivious???? We met glitch outside there sweet inside and now her all playing and/or buying video games. This is their normal everyday stuff nothing suspicious about it ._. Humans

    1. In a comic where cats are sentient enough to hold jobs and play video games, that’s what you wonder about?

      1. One time I was watching Cars with my really little sister, and after 15 minutes into it, she says, “Cars can’t talk!” Uhhh…

  40. she’s gorgeous! i love her already. i know you’ll do right by gamer girls everywhere and make her totally awesome. :)

  41. Assassin’s Creed? Yeah their search is obviously over.

  42. GeMCraFt The Gaming Eevee

    Lol I love Assasins creed I wanna be that cat XD Oh can you introduce Gamercat to some Minecraft adventures? That would be cool thanks!

  43. Pixel-loves-GaMERCaT

    I love the character of Pixel so much I drew a picture of her and GC!
    here’s the link:

  44. Name her WiFi! Name her WIFI!!!

  45. GaMERCaT’s got the blushuus :3

  46. Unfortunately Hipster Cat picked Black Flag and Gamer Cat was disappointed she had so bad taste.

  47. All this time I thought Gamercat was a girl. Huh.

  48. I love that kitten xD ♥

  49. Remember GaMERCat, bros before hoes!

  50. This female cat is just like me but the boys think I are a weird girl lol

  51. Girl cat with pink glasses. that is a rare find if you ask me~
    and you know what? how is the glasses hanging~?
    glasses are meant to be held by our ears~
    but her ears are above her head, Magical if you ask me haha~
    gotta love the power of cartoons~
    Keep up the good work~

    1. Any time you ask yourself a question like that, just tell yourself a wizard did it.

  52. Am I the only one who noticed that Gamercat knows about “Super Makeover Part 3”? Notice he says ‘Part 3’….

  53. I just remembered AC was the first game that ever appeared in Gamercat.
    This has to be fate ^^

  54. Let her be the gaming buddy! we found the one!!!

  55. I want her to be the gamer buddy bc i’m a gamer girl who plays more than nintendogs… I never played nintendogs, anyway, but it looks fun. I grew up with N64 and my first real video game ever was not a girl game: Super Mario 64. Actually, I think it was either that, Ocarina of Time, or Majora’s Mask. I was playing those since i was 4. No joke. (TOO MUCH INFO! Sorry!)

  56. But several of the applicants were female too, why’s he so surprised?

  57. can you make a comic about Pixle and gc falling in love? so cute can’t comm-
    ERROR ERROR CODE 4384992–=308472003—3kv//”’a reported to apple

  58. She looks just like my OC, with a bit less detail

  59. Why do birds… suddenly appear…

  60. You know, I remember Barbie for Gameboy actually being a decently entertaining game. And really goddamned hard, don’t think I ever got past like level 2 (Or whatever one where she’s a mermaid).

  61. this is ignorance

  62. this random human

    *one of the slightest blush*


  63. AC was one of the first games I bought for my 360. I got bored pretty quickly, but then my girlfriend started playing it. She then played the next 6 games in the series. She is now my wife (and master assassin).

  64. I need to save up and get the Assassin’s Creed series. I loved the one I played on the PSP…Bloodlines, I think? It was one of the most intriguing games ever, in my eyes. I fell in love with the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and a few CoD games. Fable, too. I’ll try any game I can get my hands on, and the ones I love will be hunted down until they become mine. Gaming is a part of me that will never go away. I’m glad my mother and father raised me with them being a natural routine in every day life.

  65. 2014 people reading this:Thats how you get friend zoned!



  67. Pixal is so cute!

  68. Lock@Shock@Barrel

    How does GaMERcat even know about those games? =O

  69. ‘the hell is a girl?

  70. ToyChicaFNAFLover


  71. Yep GC is in love get the tables and the flowers tomorrow is their wedding

  72. Gotta love the the gamer nerds relationship dynamic ❤🤓🎮

  73. Assassins Creed? Maybe we’ll get to see Pixel in the assassin outfit.

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