Oh Snap!

I actually enjoyed Pokemon Snap okay.

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  1. stechiagurl🤣😀😎😘🤓


    1. Well, time to dust off the old blue shell…

    2. Can you people stop doing that? It’s so annoying. It should not be allowed.

      1. PLEASE STOP!¡!!!!!!!!

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      3. People yell “first” to troll others. Don’t feed the monster to make it become something that becomes completely out of control

        1. *slowly loads shotgun*

        2. personally, i’m fine with it when THEY ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY AND AREN’T JUST YELLING IT

    3. Second!
      also, this is gamercat comment tradition to decree that you are4 first
      so then people can get the ol BLUE SHELL OF DEATh to knock some sense into you

      1. EXCUSE you Justin. This is supposed to be kid friendly. >=0

        1. It’s too bad that I don’t care.

        2. You Suck as much as bredits

          (see Awkward Zombie forum for deets)

    4. You’re looking BLUE today. SHELL I cheer you up?

      1. *slow clap*

        1. Can we please stop doing the first thing it’s super annoying say pie if you agree.

        2. Pie. But then, why pie? Just wondering.

        3. The_MeltingClock


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      2. I hate you

        1. *sarcastic* Good for u!

    5. This is a joke please no offense thAnks

      To gouge my eyes out with a pencil in frustration of these kind of threads-

    6. You using emoji’s in your name and also you saying “FIRST!” Really shows something about you, also saying “FIRST!” Makes you seem very insucure

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        First is just stupid and why emojis? I mean seriously emojis are for texting not using in a name, its like naming your child “😗”.


  2. Gamercat better give Sweet a crash course on the main Pokemon game series.

  3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Conceptually (and maybe even in practice to some extent), Pokemon Snap is a fun game. The concept is fun, the added interesting puzzles and challenges to allow finding new places and getting different pokemon to show up. It had what it needed. If they were to remake Pokemon Snap with another gen’s worth of ‘mons or even just up to Gen 7 (Sun/Moon for those not good with numbers), I think I’d be down with it.

    …. Hey You Pikachu on the other hand…. if that were Sweet’s only experiences, then he’d be dead to anyone with a good grasp of JRPGs.

    1. An updated version of Snap would be awesome. (Or even a version that had more than 63 different pokemon in it. That’s not even half of the original 151.)

      1. I want them to make a Pokémon Snap with the Breath of the Wild engine.

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          And I want Final Fantasy 4 HD, but we can’t always get what we want.

        2. No, I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s project managers scour the comments of webcomics in order to find their ideas.
          SquareEnix’s don’t, though; that would just be silly.

        3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          Impossible. Nintendo is afraid of the mere concept of “internet”, as evident by their myriad of attempts around just connecting their systems to the internet like a normal system. :P
          But yes. Squeenix is too far up their own bums with dangling the FF7HD carrot over our heads to even consider anything else. *Sigh*, I’ll never get to see Rydia in glorious HD.

        4. Half life three!!!!!!

          Also, EXELENT

        5. I feel like they should do an HD remaster of FFVI. Almost certainly the most popular in the series (debatable I guess given VII and IX, but still), has plenty of cinematic scenes, etc. FFIV, while awesome, doesn’t have the same oomph given the current demographic that FFVI does.

  4. Nothing wrong with playing Pokemon Snap. A little wrong with that being your only Pokemon game.

  5. Snap was fun. I wish the photo bits in USUM were more like it rather than being a stationary view.

    1. I’ve actually never played snap

      1. Neither have I.


        1. You’re in luck! Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon allow you to do that kind of thing!

        2. …at very specific spots tho :/

  6. Gamercat’s reaction should’ve been “…That’s not what I was expecting, but we can work with this.”

  7. I have never heard of Pokemon snap before, I have only played one Pokemon game. I feel like Gamercat is shunning me right now…

  8. Wow…. I just thought of how many fans you have. You have the ones who comment but you also have people who don’t comment. And then you the people who comment and the ones who don’t friends and family. That’s so awesome that you started this as a little side project now imagine how many fans you have! That is pretty cool!

  9. Really sweet…. Really….. Pokemon snap?!?

  10. I went on tapas and found a kickstater thingy for volume two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

    1. I-I must be dreaming! *pinches self* Ow… WOOHOO! I”M NOT DREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. *parties all night long*

  11. Hope next strips someone will explain to Gamercat that not everyone played Pokemon, even some are not even interested, and that is ok.

    1. Yeah I colleced 147 Pokemon cards and then one day I looked at them and said, “Welp, I have no use for these any more” so when my mom’s friends kids came over i gave him all my cards.

      1. I have a whole binder of pokemon cards.

  12. I’ve sampled a few Pokemon games, but none that came in pairs. Probably the closest I’ve come to a typical one is “Pokemon Colosseum.”

    Bear in mind that I was born in 1982. Most of my peers had no love for Pokemon at the peak of its hype. It took me a while to muster the nerve even to get a Smash Bros. game because of the Pokemon element.

    1. Smash Bros. has absolutely nothing to do with Pokemon minus the presence of them in the roster and the Assist Trophy like item. That’s like disliking FF and having an inherent dislike of Monster Hunter World because they had a Behemoth as a monster.
      Colosseum is basically what you would expect Pokemon to be like in a world slightly different from ours. Most of the gameplay is identical, but the story is far more dark and you catch pokemon basically by mugging people instead of finding them in the wild.

    2. Now I feel like I’m probably one of the youngest people reading this.

      1. im 11

        1. I’m 12

        2. I’m going to be a teenager this summer WOOHOO!!!!!:)”screams”

  13. Somebody get Sweet a copy of one of the Main Pokemon games STAT! Any of them will do! I personally recommend he starts in Gen 3, that’s where I got into Pokemon!

    1. Vehicle Tenderized Meat

      Support. i also started with Gen 3

    2. I would recommend either 4 or 5. Gen 3 is a great game, but it still is largely unrefined and lacks many of the features that made pokemon so awesome to play.
      Also, you can safely (and legally) tweak Arceus into existence in DP :3 (not Platinum or HGSS).

  14. Please make GaMERCaT play Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion!

    1. agreed x100000

  15. Leave him alone, GamerCat, Snap was fun!

    Like, strangely so. The Trading Card game was fun, too.

  16. I played Pokemon Snap more often as the normal games. Does anyone know when Pokemon Snap 2 comes out?

  17. At least he didn’t say Pokémon GO.

    1. That would be way worse, I think it’s just a scam to make people bye data

      1. Not that I play Pokemon GO or anything owo

  18. It’s still baffling to me that we had the wii and the wiiu pass without a pokemon snap game.. the president of gamefreak or whoever said ‘japanese people aren’t interested in photography’

    1. Did you know that Snap was on the Wii store? It’s true! Pokemon Snap continued on into the Wii era, though later it just became…archaic. Kind of like how Battle Revolution wasn’t given a sequel: it was completely about battling and with a more subtle aspect than the Stadium series, which made it fairly boring. Colosseum was fun because of (or if perhaps in spite of) the Shadow Pokemon aspect and the whole thing still, in fact, being a Pokemon game. 3D models don’t mean much in a turn based RPG when the handheld version is vastly superior in all other aspects.
      As for Snap in particular…
      While everyone would probably enjoy a Pokemon Snap MMO-esque game (because it’s the sort of thing where many of the MMO features would work well), I think we’d all prefer either another Explorers-quality PMD or maybe another Conquest (okay that’s just me).

  19. I know Snap was fun and all, but I want to talk about PMD. Aside from how to make the next game not suck, we are also slowly running out of names. Since we have Rescuers, Explorers, Realtors(?) and Cartographers, I say we make the next game Adventurers or Archaeologists. I propose “Seekers of Sun” and “Seekers of Moon” as the title. (Seekers of Eclipse sounds better, but that just sounds like a JRPG Antagonist’s personal Secret Society).

  20. I’m sure Pokemon Let’s Go will never be the tight, intricate, score-based, light-on-puzzles action that Pokemon Snap was. God that game was gud.

  21. I’m really looking forward to Pokemon: Let’s go. Imma get the Eevee version.

    1. XD


  22. can you make some fortnite comics

  23. Well, Pokemon Lets Go IS lazy. Even if they wanted to bring back the classics, they could really get more creative than do the same thing, only in 3D. Plus, they don’t seem to realize, that no matter how loud and obnoxious Genwunners are, if the game focuses solely on Kanto and the first 151 mons, it is gonna flop (partially because most fans are sick of Kanto because of said Genwunners).

  24. I love the face gamercat makes in the forth panale

  25. People STILL want a sequel to Pokémon Snap.

  26. What is with this first second third thing going on

  27. Ive… met people like this.

  28. No Way! Sweet is my favorite from the group and this just cements it. Pokemon snap is the only pokemon I played as well. Pokemon snap for the N64 that was ages ago.
    Everyone is gona hate me.
    I just don’t understand the appeal of pokemon the inherent game design and core game play seems lazy compared to most modern games today. Its the same game reskined over and over. Im just wondering when people will get tiered of the same game. I have not been interested in pokemon for the longest time.
    A little change in pace is needed god knows the nintendo and pokemon franchise has enough money to take a chance for once.

  29. Come on do terraria starbound mabye som smash more undertale also some halo oh and the classics subnutica would also be nice

    1. Terraria would be cool, so would starbound, maybe also make him play horizon zero dawn, *thinks of something* oh… Make Nano introduce him too Bloodborne saying that it’s nothing like Darksouls, or just make him play Dark souls in general, wait I have more ideas! What about shadows of mordor? Or Diablo, reaper of souls? Or maybe far cry? What about they all play different board games? Maybe make them play Zombicide or Catan or something like that, no games like monopoly or candy land

  30. That photo idea seems like a good one! Of course, you can always take screenshots…

    1. Didn’t they have a photo thing in Pokemon sun & moon?

  31. could you create a comic where GaMERCaT play halo would be very interesting

    1. Yeah that would be cool

  32. Nothing wrong with playing Pokemon Snap

  33. Sweet used POKEMON SNAP

  34. Maybe it would be lazy, Sweet, if Nintendo didn’t do the remakes as side games (even if they do become required for competitive), and if Nintendo didn’t do so much work to them that they pretty much ARE entirely new games.

  35. Insert random joke here

    1. A boy falls off a roof while on LSD and dies

      His family says had a very bad TRIP

  36. Plesse!! Can Gamercat play in “Wadanohara and the great blue sea”? Its cool game! Very plesse!!! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 its for you

  37. Defining games of our gen? Hardly, only Pokemon related I have played is Magicarp Jump

  38. Hey… Pokemon snap was awesome. :p

  39. Question:Can you do more Undertale comic’s? You kinda stopped at the San’s encounter and later on did a reference to it in a later comic. I’m honestly curious to see Gamercat’s reaction to Omega Flowey, uuuh…Im gonna use the Anagram for it just in case anybody still playing the game get’s spoiler’s, Serial, Sans boss fight, and HOW HARD UNDYNE THE UNDYING’S FIGHT IS…i cant get past that one attack man 😢😢😢 If not, Subnautica?

  40. God damn

    1. hey can u post a link 4 that song?

      1. I don’t think I can paste lyrics. For some reason It doesn’t work here so just search up black winter night.

      2. rly? i wonder why

      3. Shit I meant paste links

        Why TF did it take me like 4 months to correct myself

  41. I always wanted to play pokemon snap but I never had an n64 and I could get it on anything else

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  46. I can relate. I grew up when the poke craze started, but the only pokemon game I ever played was… Hey You Pikachu.


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