Resource Regression

Now that's my kind of resource management. How long has it been since you've check on your cookie empire?

96 thoughts on “Resource Regression

  1. Welp, back to cookie clicker.

    1. Click Click Click Click Click

      1. click click click click clickclickclickclickCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK *walks away*

      2. I am currently playing cookie clicker

      3. (buys a grandma. starts to auto click)

      4. Also, who sells grandmas into slavery?

        It is just plain wrong.

        1. You get an acheivement for that….and now I’m upset

        2. Do you get an achievement for forcing them to work in the Cookie Mines?

        3. Ummm…let me check….nope.

    2. Time to check on my cookies i guess(opens cookie tab) cool i can get shipments now (clicks) welp back to reading GaMERCaT

  2. In the second last panel, you can see a hidden cookie. I wonder if Gamercat was looking at that, then decided to play Cookie Clicker again..?

    1. I thought he got the idea from Pixel saying it should play itself?

    2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Better be a raisin cookie or something, otherwise she should not be eating that. Cats and chocolate don’t mix.

      1. No they do not

      2. Actually raisins/grapes are just as bad for dogs as chocolate, so the same probably goes for cats. Maybe that cookie has bits of kibble in it.

        1. Hmmm… maybe, but they are not dogs.

        2. I mean, my cat has eaten a rasin.

        3. Is your cat suicidal?

        4. No.

      3. Cats can’t eat raisins either.

  3. While gamer cat plays cookie clicker it should relieve some stress. It always works for me!

  4. Oh such a lightweight, have you met our Lord and Saviour, Factorio?

    1. Ah yes, there’s the agricultural peasants of Stardew having to do everything themselves.

      In Factorio’s lategame, the game does indeed play itself.
      But to get there makes Stardew Valley look like kindegarten.

  5. I actually have Cookie Clicker running in another tab as I type this


  6. I used to play a similar (albeit simpler) game kind of like this called “rebuild the universe” or something along those lines. The base unit was some sub-atomic particle, and you eventually built up to literal universes. However, like all idle games, the best strategy was to just keep it open and forget about it for days.


  8. Everyone needs a break, when I get stuck on a boss in dark souls I just take a break and do something more relaxing for a bit, and then go back to fighting them

    1. When I’m on this super duper tricky part in any game I just go play animal crossing for some reason

    2. Nano probably doesn’t take breaks though

  9. Lol it’s cookie clicker or clicker heroes. For me it’s abyssrium lol.

  10. I repeat, GaMERCaT should not start playing Realm Grinder.

  11. God of war is an awesome video game franchise

  12. Stop GC. You’ll kill yourself from it all soon enough.

    1. That is not necessary

  13. The game even updated a bit recently. Working on getting the 780 duocillian to get new kitty.

    Progress is currently slow.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this comic to come here so I could comment on it.

    If you don’t want to do resource management, at least do a game that requires a little bit of strategy. Like Super Smash Bros.
    (In other words, DO A SMASH COMIC! Preferably Project M.)

    1. What’s project M?

      1. Kikoro, Writer of Diaries

        A Super Smash Bros Brawl mod that makes all the characters as broken as Fox from Super Smash Bros Melee

  15. I love the marvel universe

  16. I actually found Cookie Clicker because of this comment. I check in every few days for half an hour or so to watch my empire grow, and then forget about it until the next time I jump online with no desire for social media.

    Have you ever played the Dragon Age games? They’re right up there with Zelda at my list of personal top faves, and I would love to see how Gamercat would react to them. Just thought I’d mention it

    1. comic* I found it because of this comic*

  17. Pff, Stardew Valley! You know what is extreme hard resource management? Satisfiying all of your POPs needs in Victoria 2 while playing as Krakow.

    1. And BTW why won’t you make a Victoria 2 comic?

  18. I only play one of those “idle games”. It’s called Egg Inc

  19. Is it a coincidence that I got back into Cookie Clicker as well?

    1. r/NeverTellMeTheOdds

  20. Good ol’ CC! It’s recently had it’s 5 year anniversary :3 And the dev keeps on adding to it!

    1. What’s cc

      1. Cookie clicker

        1. Happy anniversary cookie clicker!

  21. I’m bored so what’s everyone’s favorite video game? Mine is The Last Guardian.

    1. Also tell me how you found it. I found the last guardian when I was at game stop and it showed a trailer for it. I was “huh that looks like fun” A month later my dog passed away and my got me that game. I didn’t play it at first because I was still sad but after three days i was addicted to that game.

    2. Kikoro, Writer of Diaries

      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

      1. idk. who here plays roblox?

        1. What is your roblox user? Mine is Friskusgirl

    3. Fortnite

    4. Europa Universalis 4

      1. Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter

  22. ……what?

    1. I watched saw 4 and this song was at the end, I thought it was good.

  23. I never really got far with Cookie Clicker, I only ever reached 1-3 trillion. Feelsbadman.

    1. Only a fool would actually play the game, I just import a code save.

  24. Fortnite comic plzzzzzzzzzzzz


      1. I’m going to kill myself if you do a fortnight comic

        1. FORTNITE SUCKS.

  25. FortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortniteFortnite

    1. LANGUAGE.


    3. ALSO!!!
      Bill, /stabyoutodeathbecauseyoupickedthemosroverratedgameinexhistance

  26. I have a feeling gamercat will be playing CC for a long time

  27. does anyone know “progress quest”? That is the first self playing game I know.

  28. I’m waiting on gc to play terraria. Though glitch PROBABLY shouldn’t join in.

  29. This inspired me to play cookie clicker again. Goodbye socialising, hello grandma

  30. Thewriterofstories

    Hey, how about making a storymode for the gamercat?

  31. OH GOD
    gamercat, u r addicted

  32. All I’m thinking right now is:

  33. I like how Pixel and Sweet basically live in Gamercat’s house at this point

  34. I am eternally on a regular basis always exclaiming that its hard to observe great help, but here is….

  35. a few seconds

  36. I love Stardew Valley, ha ha! How is it hard? I think that Oxygen not included is worse though, even with Sandbox, I’m not making any progress because of how bad my management is XD

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