Fall Flavors

I actually have a bit of an allergy to cinnamon, so I don't partake in pumpkin spice.

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  1. I too have an allergy. but it’s to pumpkin

    1. Also a pumpkin spice latte in my hand and call me basic

      1. *slap a pumpkin spice latte in my hand and call me basic

      2. *slap

    2. I have an allergy to people who have allergies. Basically, my allergy is to the receptors which lack the antigens (or have an abundance of them, I don’t remember which). So I am allergic to allergies.

      1. Notice how she says in tooth paste….

    3. i would like to see pixels owner!!!

  2. I love panel 4! Especially like her mount is a little heart <3

    1. I didn’t notice that until know xD

    2. Now I’ll never look at that panel differently.

  3. theHiPSERCaT.com?

  4. All of my female relatives love pumpkin spice. My male relatives (and me) don’t really see the draw all that much.

    I have to wonder if there’s a difference in male and female taste buds. Much like women see reds better than men (on average), perhaps there’s a sensitivity to certain flavors women have that men don’t. Both make sense from the perspective of hunter/gatherer evolution. Women gathered plants and small animals, and those can be poisonous sometimes. A better eye for color and flavor can also help when determining nutrients and ripeness.

    1. Or maybe it’s gender norms and how over the years, women have seen more and more women getting these lattes and thought they should, too. But your explanation sounds legitimate.

      1. It’s marketing. Five years ago, “women and pumpkin spice latte’s” wasn’t a thing. Basically a marketing scheme for pumpkin spice lattes targeted women specifically, and so associated the taste with femininity. Then other advertisers noticed the trend, and attempted to appeal to women who were then developing a taste for pumpkin spice (which, ironically, doesn’t include pumpkin, it’s spices often used to spice pumpkin, but now they’re being used to spice -everything- which means it’s no longer pumpkin spice, but just spice). Basically, it’s an advertisement/PR feedback loop. Same as how about 70 years ago, they turned blue into a boy’s color and pink into a girl’s color (go back a hundred years, and more women’s clothes were blue and more men’s clothes were pink.)

        1. Traditionally, Pink and Purple were incredibly hard to get (you had to get it from certain plant extracts which were often found in the far east and India, making them a big deal in Europe), so they were deemed colors of Royalty. Thus the association with the patriarchies of the time and with men as opposed to women.
          Blue was also fairly rare, but wasn’t used in clothing as much because deadly metals.

  5. Pixel, we need to talk. I think you have a problem.

    1. GaMERCat is addicted to videogames. Pixel is addicted to pumpkin spice

      1. Maybe there is a little pumpkin spice fairy

        1. Pumpkin Spice Fairy: Hey! Listen! Buy me at Starbucks!
          Me: Hate to break it to you, fairy, but you die in December
          PSF: Wh-Why?
          Me: That’s when everything becomes Peppermint flavored!

        2. RandomCommenter#1437

          No, she’s a girl, there’s no pumpkin spice fairy.

  6. I’ve tried the pumpkin spice latte before. Although it wasn’t bad, I prefer the vanilla and caramel.
    P.S: What are you all being for Halloween? I’m the Night Guard from FNaF.

    1. I wanted to be Imperfect Cell form Dragon Ball Z, but I can’t find a costume.

    2. Where’s Waldo for me

    3. Im being a witch. So r both of my sisters

    4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Hard to find/make costumes that work for a guy my… ahem.. size. So I try to stick to larger characters from things I enjoy. Yard Work stores made it very easy to put together a pretty good looking Mario costume. I usually go with that.

      1. wel you could do kingpin from batman, or maybe do a random relative from chouji from naruto or just make a teddybear costume with a big heart on the tummy :)

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          Not a huge batman fan (but the Penguin does have merit), I can’t stand Naruto, and the notion of a fat balding near-30 year old giving candy to children on halloween as a big fluffy teddy bear with a heart on its tummy fills me with the kind of sadistic joy one can only achieve through tormenting the escorting parents.

        2. Umm… Kingpin is a Marvel character, usually facing off against Daredevil or Spiderman. Though he has been in a couple of Marvel/DC crossovers.

        3. The GaMERCaT 2.0

          nice picture
          sorry had to say it is really good

        4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          Ah. Should reflect my knowledge of comics then. *whistles offkey as he walks away*

    5. A Failure in Life like always :(

      1. *pat pat pat*

        If I went with something else I’d be encouraging, but I have nothing to say like this…

    6. LiveLifeInPositivity

      I’m being a bumble bee and my girlfriends being a ladybug! :3 Also, @Rain that’s not your costume! You must of forgotten. You’re gonna be a person who can push through their troubles! ;w;

      1. I got it! My drill will pierce the heavens!

    7. Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians

    8. I’m a Fangirl, We don’t do CALM.

      Lapis Lazuli, from Steven Universe!

      1. Harry Potter. Also @I’m a fan girl, We don’t do CALM, love that name. I’m a fanboy- of homestuck. IT’S JUST TO FLIPPING AWESOME! ESPECIALLY ON Act 6 Act 5 (no, that’s not me double typing, that’s a thing Andrew starts doing in Act 4 or 5)!! CLICK MY NAME!!

        1. It’s okay, but the fanbase is crazy and…well…there are better things out there. It has its merits, but so do many other things.

      2. Sees someone is cosplaying as Lapis: FANGIRL MODE ACTIVATE

    9. I was de Mario

    10. I was Gamercat. no kidding.

      1. I wonder what it was like for you when people asked what you were.

  7. First!!

    1. U r way behind…

  8. I love how her eyes go into Nano mode in panel 3.

  9. I wonder if Pixel is a reflection of the author.

  10. Since that’s a latte she’s drinking, it may be the caffeine… ;P


  12. Kind of nice to see Pixel getting overly into something and GC the voice of reason. It’s a neat little role reversal. Also, love her eyes in the last panel.

  13. I luv pumpkin spice!!!

  14. Also, i luv what they said in the last panel, gamercat was like “how much of this stuff have you ingested so far?” Pixel “lets just say that my blood type is pumpkin spice now” i shortened what pixel said

    1. Agree,pumpkin spice is life and a blood type now.

  15. What is everyone going to be for Halloween. I am going to be Jason. The leather jacket and black shirt one.

    1. I was gamercat X3. Litterally.

  16. This might be Pixel at her most adorable.

    1. You think Gamercat would think that?
      (I ship them)

      1. Who doesn’t!


    1. COUNT The References

      Walk without rythmn to inflict CONFUSE on the Sandworms of Arrakis!

  18. This is quite disturbing actually..

    1. Probably because she had too much caffeine.

  19. So does anyone actually know what Pumpkin Spice is made out of? HM?

    1. *looks it up**goes to a website* HOLY FRICK! THERE’S NO PUMPKIN IN PUMPKIN SPICE!!?? THAT’S PURE FLIPPING INSANITY! *takes sip of pumpkin spice latte*

      1. Pumpkin SPICE is the spice that you add to pumpkin to make pumpkin pie. It’s not actually pumpkin.

    2. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and ground cloves. Also, @Ninsega21, there’s no pumpkin in pumpkin spice because it is just the spice mixture.

      1. Some use allspice instead of cloves. I sometimes go for all five.

        It’s sad that so many people rely on spice mixtures to do their work for them. That said, I’ve never ground my own cinnamon, cloves, or allspice or grated my own nutmeg or ginger. I know that it makes a huge difference, but I don’t do it. I do grind my own chili powder, cumin, and coriander, though.

  20. Really? Mine too! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FALL WITHOUT PUMPKIN SPICE! Please be aware that contradicting this message may be dangerous for your health.

    1. “My doctor told me that drinking too much will kill me
      So I warned him that me drinking too little will kill HIM”

      1. What’s the link? I’m on my phone

  21. Agree,pumpkin spice is life and a blood type now.

  22. My inner hipster hates me for it, but I have to agree.. pumpkin is the best squash and cinnamon and nutmeg are the best spices.
    i grew a ton of kabocha in my garden just so I could pumpkin spice all winter long

  23. Aww, this is the 256th comic, but you didn’t do a special page to honor that?
    I thought you were a gamer.

    1. You’re evil. And naive. Of course she did something. She said she was going to do the books.

  24. Pumpkin= good flavor. Pumpkin spice is not so nice. that’s just my opinion though.

  25. I too have a cinnamon allergy! No one believes me, though. :S

  26. I’m telling you, make more portal comics!!!

    1. YES. Portal UPTOP #1
      That’s why they call me companion cube.
      Made of lemons.

  27. Also can you please add in glitches mom?

  28. Jesus Christ, I think someone has had a bit too much caffeine

  29. Ha, ha, ha. I’m with ya Pixel. I looooove Pumpkin Spice.

  30. You do know that Pumpkin Spice contains Nutmeg, a spice known to be a hallucinogen in certain doses and toxic in larger doses? Two to three teaspoons of nutmeg can kill you.

  31. Pixel is to pumpkin spice as gc is to holiday sales.
    Also can we get a comic of pixel (cat) using a pixel (phone)

  32. Iceheart&Lillyflower

    wait… isnt pumpkin spice stuff bad for cats… ima look that up…….. ok it says that in large quanitys it is very toxic to cats… and dogs btw.

    rip pixle. :'(

  33. I dressed as gamercat for Halloween.
    Noone recognised me.

  34. I SHIP
    WHO ELSE?????

    1. Pixel and pumpkin spice lattes is that what your shipping?

      1. Har, har, harty har.
        Pixel and Gamercat.

  35. Why don’t we have squash lattes if we have pumpkin

  36. “He who controls the spice controls the universe”

  37. It’s one of my personal favorite flavors. To the people complaining of pumpkin spice overload, you need to understand that those of us who enjoy it load up because it is scarce the rest of the year. Imagine if coffee were seasonal, or tea, or whatever your favorite drink is was only available like three months a year. You’d go nuts over it being available as well.

    1. My favorite drink is egg nog, so…

  38. I knew I loved her for a reason ^^ This is one of them. So cute!

  39. maybe next time can he please play world of tanks blitz?

    1. How about Kitty cannon? They’d flip out.

  40. Pixel should try pirouline wafers if she really likes pumpkin spice that much, I really think she’d like it!

  41. I am gamercat (panel 5) when my friend brings up pumpkin spice. I don’t like the taste but I like the smell of pumpkins but not pumpkin spice.

  42. i just realized that gamercat doesn’t have a bandanna but instead a scarf

  43. The_Lost_Aquarius

    Ahh, the delightful taste of Pumpkin Spice
    Latte. Yeah, it is pretty good, am I right?

  44. The downside of all this is that she will attract vampires.

  45. notice how she says smell it and eat for the candle i’m surprised no one talked about this yet still i love this comic

  46. Sooo, she eats toothpaste now?

  47. Does Pumpkin spice latte make you fat? Because we might see a fat pixel someday… and that will be good because remember when GaMERCaT was fat? GaMERFaT XD

    1. Please…

      Don’t comment again.

  48. I remember seeing seeing a car place offering pumpkin spice tires.

  49. *siiiiiiip*

  50. Pumpkin spice….Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip….

  51. Wait- blood type is pumkin spice? That’s too much and I know there was that guy who had teeth instead of blood but he was in a cartoon

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