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  1. I’m personally disappointed it’s not coming for the Switch.

    1. Also, first!

      1. Evil Harbringer of all things evil (Not Wigglytuff)

        YOU BRought this uPON YOUrself

        1. Are you Jigglypuff?

        2. Maybe it is just a lack of YOOOMMMMTAAAAHHHHH

        3. “YOUBRPONYOU?”

          Or… “ought this self”?

          I don’t understand your code, good friend derp.


    2. Same

      1. *Me, when I can’t figure out a code and depression kicks in* hello darkness my old friiieeend. Hope nice to see yoouu agaaaiiin


    4. Rel, more like Real Dumb.

    5. Undertale is coming to the switch. Didn’t you watch Nintendo direct? Also, Gamercat must play Mario kart.

    6. it is now

    7. HA! IT IS NOW!!

    8. it has come to switch, sept 2018

    9. The irony, Sweet. You played the PS Vita for such a long time. Now your saying it died years ago even though you still play it?

  2. My Vita was more or less a glorified Danganronpa machine. Now even that series is on to steam. xD

    1. …Hate to tell you something…

  3. So “Easily accessible game added to near dead platform”
    …I don’t think that’ll work.
    Just because the Switch is also a console system doesn’t mean handhelds are an open field with carnations and daisies.

  4. I guess i can just call first, right? I mean, no one called! so in that case, FIRST!


    1. I think it is both actuaully, it could be the fact that he hasn’t gotten all the endings, and it’s a “bad” system that he regrets buying (I’ve never played on it, could never get ahold of it).

  6. Unfortunately they put the game on PS4 as well. Kinda deflates the whole argument right there.

  7. You will never get me to admit that I was wrong!

  8. Funny thing is the Vita is only dead in the west. In Japan is still a top selling system and when you look at releases even in the US it’s mostly stuff from Japan. Only thing is most are wise enough to make a ps4 and PC version of certain games since they know Vita isn’t doing well in the US, like example the new Ys game.

  9. Wot is a “Vita”?
    /me for some reason is a teeny proud I don’t know this. Proves I’m not 100% corrupted. Yet. No matter what my friends say.

    1. Sony’s experiment to have a handheld console.

      1. Wait. Didn’t they also have the PSP? As I recall, that was also a handheld console.

        1. PSP vita.

  10. Help Us Revive Undertale!!! Undertale Is Still A Good Game!!!!

    1. YES LETS

    2. Agreed. Especially because of the new dog shrine.


      1. Lol

        1. TO BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. But, wait, aren’t we allergic to the Temmies?

        3. thebluechicken09

          We need the temmies if the haters “wanna have a bad time!” NYEH HEH HEH (sorry i love undertale)

    4. #bringundertaleback #undertaleisbetterthanfortnite

  11. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I’m not much for the Undertale. Not sure if it is the rabid fanbase linking every single skeleton they see to types of font, or if I’m just not into the gameplay, or if it is simply because it reminds me moderately heavily to Earthbound and that makes it feel kind of like a ripoff. I watched a bit of Markiplier playing it and as a game it looked alright at first, but.. I dunno. Not sure how to put it in words.

  12. Hey, there are tons of great games on the Vita, and some still coming out. You just have to be into either niche JRPGs, visual novels, or both.

    1. Heck yeah. The PSVita kicks ass. Though I might think so precisely because I’m a Japanophile.

  13. you know thats kinda sad to me that no one likes the vita and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY when it got announced i was so frickin excited and when i got it i loved the thing only problem was that it wasn’t very popular so lots of stuff didn’t make it to the vita or just got dropped LIKE YOUTUBE the vita had my favorite layout for youtube ever so why don’t people like it it can do so much and at the time graphics couldn’t look better it was just like the ps3

  14. An awesome game, I agree. Please do the Pacifist run tho

    1. Just out of curiosity, is your username a reference to the Warriors series?

      1. It is. Did you read it?

        1. Yes. I love it.

        2. Fellow lover of a great series :3

        3. [expletive] YES!
          Never finished it though, more sets kept on coming out. I think I gave up after the Power of three…


      1. because…=)

  15. What are they going to do about the genocide eraser? DLC?

  16. GUYS WHAT IF GAMERCAT IS CELESSE! jk, I don’t actually believe this, but it’s a good theory.

  17. Gamercat’s face and pose from panel 3 are very Yui Hirasawa.

  18. *GaMERCaT, alone in the corner, crying*
    Glitch: Gamercat, are you okay?
    GaMERCaT: *whisper* Hello darkness my old friend.

  19. Am I the only one around here who don’t like Undertale and think most Undertale fans are fanatics?

    1. *GASP* Where is the dislike button!

    2. I can agree with half of that. I enjoyed Undertale, but the fanbase is completely nutso. I have similar feelings about Doctor Who. :P

      1. Yeah, I can agree on that.

      2. Sr. Vanilla Milkshake

        That essentially is Homestuck

    3. what are you talking about?!?!? Undertale is easily the best onilne game available in the history of ever! The fan base is just crazy because nobody knows who W.D. “Wingding” Gaster is!!

  20. I pre-ordered on the ps4 when i saw it was going to be on there and it came with BOTH versions of the game, i kinda like that about some sony ports like Salt and sanctuary , darkest dungeon and rogue legacy , Yeah they’re better on PC but i like the fact i can play most of these games on the go without paying for it a second time.

    Plus honestly i bought my VITA for persona 4 golden ,the system might be comatose at this point but it still has a place in my heart as a glorified PSP

  21. It’s really more just to ship the game to a Japanese audience better since PC gaming is a niche over there but Sony products and Nintendo products do great.

  22. Revive? You mean reVITAlize.

  23. gimme more undertale comix

    1. Maybe! You never know, Celesse might have plans to do more, or she just heard and was like, “huh, I wonder what GaMERCaT would think”. You never know.

      1. I have to agree with you Ninsega21.

  24. I wish the Vita would have done better. I think it had a great selection of JRPGs and would have liked it to get its legs under itself more.

  25. The 5th panel is the reaction I always imagine Sweet and GaMERCaT having when they are each other.

  26. Undertake is the best game I’ve ever seen so playing it multiple times is a must

  27. Undertale I mean stupid autocorrect

    1. Get out NOW!

  28. Actually the VITA is only dead in the U.S but is selling extremely well in Japan

    1. Someone already covered that, but yeah, you’re right.

  29. I hope that Gamercat does actually replay UnderTale, cause there are still so many great UT comics that can be made. UnderTale is one of my absolute favorite games, heh. Just imagine GamerCat reacting to… Catty, Temmie(s), Nano doing a Genocide run (someone else suggested it), Asgore and Flowey’s… reunion…, some hilarious skele-puns, Papyrus, wanting to eat Undyne since she’s a fish, Mettaton, literally anything. There are so many possibilities!

    1. OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    2. So Glitch hugging Undyne because he likes fish, Sweet looking at Mettaton and not caring, Nano watching the world burn, and Pixel mashing the spare button for 5 hours straight.

  30. but the purchase got glitch!

  31. UNDERTALE better come to the switch, or Toby’s gonna have a bad time. 😏

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