Tapastic Support Program Ending, Moving to Patreon!

Hey, readers! I have an announcement to make today. It seems that Tapastic will be ending their Support Program, so I have decided to make the switch to Patreon.

The page is already set up and live, though I haven’t had time to add too much to it just yet. Still, I look forward to making it grow!

Ending the Support Program:

I needed a place where I could provide information and answer questions about the transition, so here we are. These are the important bits:

  • The Tapastic Support program will officially end on November 30th
  • Any unused credits you have in your Tapastic wallet will be refunded after that
  • I will begin sending out all unfulfilled earned rewards in bulk on December 1st
  • If you want to increase your pledge to earn a certain reward before then please do it before you’re charged in November (it depends on what day you began pledging)

I have not officially decided what I will be doing with the leftover supporter items. I can’t transition them to Patreon, but I might offer them for sale to patrons only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them! Alternatively, please check out this post if you want more info about the Patreon.

Reminder: The comic is still free. The Patreon is just a way to support the comic financially.

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16 thoughts on “Tapastic Support Program Ending, Moving to Patreon!

  1. So now we have to pay to see your comics? Don’t take this the wrong way, but I personally think this is very unfair.

    1. No, the comic will always be free. The Patreon is just for people that want to kick in some money to help support it.

    2. For shame someone wanting to get paid for their hard work.Entertainment should be free even if we dont need it to literally live. #Sarcasm

  2. I had a cannon/fan idea for GaMER CaT c:
    The reason he wears the bandana is cus he has a white marking under it that looks like a heart.
    I just like to think of it that way….. ;-;

  3. if you hit “prev” or “first” it takes you to a page filled with wingdings. Is this a bug or intentional?

    1. Yeah that happens to me too. I hope it’s fixed soon.

  4. Does it taste good?

  5. Poor GC. It’s hard being a cat gamer in a human world…

  6. Poor GaMERCaT.

  7. I really wonder why Glitch has that little hole in his teeth. All of the other characters don’t have it, so it’s kind of unique to Glitch in this comic. So, why does he have it? Is it because he was a stray cat? Did his teeth get knocked out while he was in the trashcan? Did the teeth just break apart during his time in the trashcan due to lack of hygiene? There’s an endless amount of possibilities! (Yes, he absolutely had it since his first appearance.)

  8. I’m pretty sure the missing tooth is to give him a cute vibe. Like if a little kid loses a tooth they look so ADORABLE. It’s just a suggestion.

  9. That fluffy waffle

    Wait so how did he know how to use a can opener?

  10. You should write a comic about kitty cannon. Gosh, the game is insulting to cats, and if gamercat sees this game I wouldn’t wait to see the expression on his face. If you don’t know what it is, check it out on addictinggames.com not that I don’t like cats, cause i love cats just as much as you do

  11. Oh my goodness! What happen?

  12. great. Thank you for sharing this free comic story!

  13. Aw, we’re sorry to y’all go! We enjoyed the tapastic support program, but I don’t think we’ll be going to Patreon. Oh well, we enjoyed our time! :)

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