Hey, readers! I have an announcement to make today. It seems that Tapastic will be ending their Support Program, so I have decided to make the switch to Patreon.

The page is already set up and live, though I haven’t had time to add too much to it just yet. Still, I look forward to making it grow!

Ending the Support Program:

I needed a place where I could provide information and answer questions about the transition, so here we are. These are the important bits:

  • The Tapastic Support program will officially end on November 30th
  • Any unused credits you have in your Tapastic wallet will be refunded after that
  • I will begin sending out all unfulfilled earned rewards in bulk on December 1st
  • If you want to increase your pledge to earn a certain reward before then please do it before you’re charged in November (it depends on what day you began pledging)

I have not officially decided what I will be doing with the leftover supporter items. I can’t transition them to Patreon, but I might offer them for sale to patrons only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them! Alternatively, please check out this post if you want more info about the Patreon.

Reminder: The comic is still free. The Patreon is just a way to support the comic financially.