Site Overhaul Complete

So, it’s over a year late from when I said I would do it, but the site has finally gotten an overhaul! The last round of back end updates borked it up, so I figured it was a good time to rearrange and update some things.

Not too much has changed, I mainly just moved stuff around and updated the look and feel of things. Also, Nano has finally been added to the Characters page. I know a lot of you really wanted to see her there and I finally got around to making her player card, so she’s officially in the cast list now.

If things still seem broken to you, clear your cache and/or give it a few days for any caching to catch up. Then if it’s still borked, please let me know!

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28 thoughts on “Site Overhaul Complete

  1. Also glad to see the RSS feed is fixed!

    1. Is it finally fixed? Yay! I tried some new settings this time, glad it’s finally behaving itself.

      1. is it suppose to be random numbers and letters?

  2. “If it’s still borked”… lol

  3. aww… i liked the cool background with all the different gaming symbols…

    1. Sorry, I felt a little awkward using it. A friend sent it to me years ago and I don’t even know who made it, so I decided to remove it with this update rather than keep on with it. I’m going to try to make my own background instead!

  4. One of the patreon link on the support page is broken.

    1. Thank you!

  5. Is there still that background/icon page in the website? Because I can’t find it.

    1. It needs a serious overhaul/update (who uses 100×100 icons anymore?) so I’ve put it away for now. I’ll try to bring it back when I have time to refresh it.

      1. I use them…

  6. Although The facebook, twitter and tumblr pictures are sitting on the fairy’s text thing at the top of the page i think it looks nice!

  7. RSS feed is broken again, it’s not updating, it’s been stuck at ‘morning ritual’ for ages.

  8. Some gamer cat t shirts would be an amazing idea

  9. Just some fandom guy

    It would be cool a Gamercat story un Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  10. you should make a comic about kitty cannon

  11. Could you make more Gamercat/Pixel interaction comics?
    Also, when are you going to update a background?

  12. Also, I don’t see Nano very often. What happened to her?

  13. Your ads are so aggresive that unless I’m using a private browser mode or firefox focus I am redirected (within 30seconds of making it to the home page) to a clickbait/advertising screen that will hijack my browser making the use of the back button futile. I understand ads are necessary but I can’t enjoy the website content when this happens

    1. The website shouldn’t be running any ads like that. Have you cleared your cache? It could be from another site. I’ll speak with my advertiser as well and make sure nothing has embedded itself in the site somehow.

  14. So, Glitch got his 2 front teeth for christmas?

  15. OH HECK NAH! Gamercat’s the purrfect guy for Pixel, not Sweet!

  16. i hope all the cats saw the movie ready player one

  17. They would all propably faint from the epicness

  18. Hi Cellesse, you said, that you sometimes did not know where the days went and got disorientated.
    …that does not sound like a fun time. :(
    Please take good care of yourself.

  19. Woohoo! We’ve been waiting for the site update, so this is a relief. Luckily, the website is beautiful!

  20. Yo, if anyone needs a ceramic coating head to

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