I'm guilty of using Pete's delivery service even when my favorite villager is standing right there. Also I hate that in order to make fun of Pietro I have to draw Pietro.

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  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    And here I thought we were keeping the new art style. Kek.

    1. That would have been epic for a while.

      1. yup

        1. i have proof that there will be pikmin 4 for the switch but ill only tell if someone asks

        2. I ask to hear of the proof you have in regards to pikmin 4 for the nintendo switch.

        3. you know how you can change your images on the switch well there was star fox images and a star fox game is for switch and animal crossing images and animal crossing is on switch and there are pikmin images so that means a pikmin game has to be new for switch or a remakes

        4. Immages? You mean those news?
          Also animal crossing for the switch isn’t out yet.
          But i really wan’t it to be.

        5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          I’m glad people reply to things to discuss things relevant to the original commenter’s topic.
          It warms the shriveled black edgelord abyss of my heart to know we live in a world where people don’t just comment on the top comment just so they can be near the top. Can you imagine the anarchy and chaos such a world would be like?

    2. But not for long. Then it will just be boring

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        True-ish. An upgrade in art-style is not necessarily a bad thing. But one could argue the current art style of any given webcomic could be boring or stale. That isn’t to say one should always be trying to change their style, just that there’s always room for improvement.
        In this comic’s case, the hyper-realistic art style would be a LOT of work for not a lot of payoff, as it doesn’t really add anything to the experience. But the occasional panels/comics for 8-Bit Theater (now long complete) that were in a completely different art style (anime or otherwise) were a real treat, as they were widely different from the pixel-art norm of the comic. Seeing those throughout and especially at the end, gave an air of class and style over simply messing around with sprites on Paintshop Pro.

    3. But the “new art style” was intentionally terrifying

      1. I don’t want to think about what Pietro would look like in the new art style.

  2. Animal crossing!
    When the new animal crossing for the switch comes out are you gonna make a comic about that?

    1. I’m gonna save up with my allowance for when Animal crossing for switch comes out. That way i’ll be able to get it as soon as possible!

    2. I have Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, both for my 2ds. New Leaf is one of my favorite games ever.

  3. Yas Antisocial behaviour is finally justified

  4. It has begun.

  5. That’s just like in real life… scary…

  6. Hey, why isn’t there over 100 comments? There’s only 7.

    1. this was lauched a few hours ago T.T DUH

  7. I’ve never played Animal Crossing before but I’m hoping to get it for the switch

  8. Yeeeeeeah I did wonder about that but at the same time… Giving the items EACH TIME individually takes so stupidly long, and Pete cuts about half the time.

    Also Pietro’s just creepy ok.

  9. If you’re going to change all the names, you’d think you’d be careful enough not to have both a Pete and a Pietro

  10. True… I do that… I a bad person… I only talk with my pc and I don’t have friends and I’m happy…
    look -> :) I’m happy

    1. thats the evil face of smile

      1. Yeah I did it on purpose:)

  11. oh yeah if there is a cuphead comic can it be about him either raging alot about being so close to winning and the dieing or him spoiler deiscovering the mugmen army glitch

    1. The raging thubg seems like a way to easy joke to go off. Maybe something to go along with the cartoony style of cuphead.

  12. I totally agree with you, GaMERCaT!

  13. Gotta love this amazing delivery system huh?

  14. Can we get the anonymouse (anonymice?) back, I miss the little devils.

    1. Techniacly they only appeared as antagonists in only one comic and it was a very early comic but i agree. I feel they should return in some chape or form.

  15. [………….loading……….] you ththththththhhhiiink you have won bowtchamp 2.0…….loading….. ha….ha….ha….. that was mearly the begining as i the………..loading……….. justin 3.0 have rebooted and been improoved with a improved rolling system and minituly virus cleaning system………………loading……….[loading insult] ha i would so do this to anyone…….

    1. sorry if the insults are not that good i’m not that good at coming up with funny or harmless insults at the top of my head

      1. [Just!n 2.0 fully reinstalled] hah!
        [Loading insult] you’re programming is barely optimal!

        1. Btw i think if we’re going to do this Justin thing she should proboably keep it to a minimum and not create long strings of replys.

  16. also when there is rolling i meant to put trolling

  17. From what I’ve gathered from The GaMERCaT’s comics, being friends with Pietro

    Is NOT a reward

  18. is it just me or has celesse stop replying on people’s comments ever since 2018

  19. You know this is like the third or fourth animal crossing comic in a row. I kind of want something else.

    1. How is it the third or fourth animal ctossigm h comic in a row if the last onr had nothing to do with animal crossing?

  20. Lol! I’m guilty as charged

  21. Has anyone here seen the Zackscottgames channel yet?

    1. What I meant to say was the Zackscottgames youtube channel.;)

      1. What does this have to do with anything here?

        1. Lawrence Gordon


        2. I meant the question.

        3. Because he plays animal crossing new leaf too.

        4. and he also plays animal crossing pocket camp but he played both of the games like 3-4 years ago

  22. How long did it take to draw him?

  23. I really want to play this now


    also pietro is one of my fave villagers but it’s fine if yo don’t like him :)

    1. A N D I O O P

      1. *AND I OOP

  25. why is thare so many pepol from 2020 hear

    1. oh thay are all the same person just look at the time

  26. You could just draw a black square then in white letters it says pietro

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