For the Likes

I hope it was worth it.

47 thoughts on “For the Likes

  1. He is masochist? Oo’

    1. Aren’t we all, in some manner?

      1. Samantha Whitten can you do a few comics about gamer cat waching youtube in some way

    2. Poor gamercat

      1. When my cat scratches me suddenly, it stings and scars. I know that I wouldn’t be willing to pay the cost of scars all over my face.

    3. Hey gamercat, can you do a bendy and the ink machine comic? a series maybe? that would be AMAZING!!!1!!!1

      1. Her name is Samantha Whitten. Pay attention. But I agree about BATIM or maybe Cuphead…

      2. I think she only does comic’s (about games) that she plays

      3. She should do a No Man’s sky comic or Overwatch plz

    4. Nah, He’s a cat owner.

    5. Lol gamercats face in first pannal!

  2. This is so true though when I put a costume on my cat.

    1. This is why I do not try to give my cats costumes

    2. That Is…. SO CUTE!!!!!

  3. *Cough cough* I know that TOO well

  4. He took it like a man

  5. lol i dont get it but its still funny

  6. lol i dont get it but its still funny :|

  7. I put my puppy in a little sweatshirt for Halloween. She loved it. However, when me and my friend tried to dress her cat up like a little prince, he was giving us this glare like he wanted to claw our eyes out.

  8. cats don’t like to be dressed up. It makes them feel embaraced due to them usually (Unless you have a strange cat) wearing nothing but their fur

  9. My cat hates her calor alone

  10. She’ll find a way to take it off

    1. Unless you give her treats for doing it

  11. Basically every facebook BTS about a cat wearing cute clothing

  12. Unless you give her treats for doing it

  13. I sympathize, GamerCat.

  14. My sister’s cat wouldn’t put up with a full costume, but he has an odd affinity for cat-sized hats. Very dapper.

  15. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Cats have no need for clothes, that is what fur is for.
    People who put animals in clothes disgust me.

  16. We need a Cuphead crossover comic please.

  17. U should do scribblenauts in 1 of ur comics

  18. Lawl diz komment made mehlaugh su herd mah pp-bizon broke xddddd

  19. I wouldn’t do that for likes, unless it was YouTube, bc then the likes get you money.

  20. I Bet My Cats Would Let Me If I Tried.


  22. One of the funniest ever


  24. My cats won’t even let me pick them up to show them where I had to put their food.

  25. I’m a Fangirl, We don’t do CALM.

    What is DEMEANING of this costume assault on gamercat! ?

  26. Annabelle struggles a bit when I change her into a cat costume but Haymer just holds still like a good kitty

  27. Pumpkin spice has taken over the cat’s body! OH NO!

  28. Attack: 1
    Attacks per second: 500000

  29. Give it about 10 seconds before the stinging really sets in. Then there’s the bandages!

  30. He got scratch poor gc

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