Season Start

Oh no.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “stress-free holiday”. Filthy lies!

    1. poor glitch

      1. No Glitch!!! :/

    2. I know! You think the holidays are a time to relax, but reality smacks you in the face.

      1. So true…

      2. So true.

        1. Actually, fight reality back by playing Splatoon 2! NOTHING helps me relax more than blasting ink at my enemies!

          seriously, it actually calms me down.

          don’t judge me.

        2. The GaMERCat 2.0

          YES I don’t know how it works but it does.

          I love Splatoon 2

          I get nostalgic around the original.

        3. Splatoon 2 is the best!!!

  2. Oh no… Glitch, not you too! OO’

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  4. Well Glitch is following in Gamercat’s footsteps or paws

    1. Pawsteps

  5. TheMinecraftGamer

    Why Glitch WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. TheMinecraftGamer

      Spoke too soon Pixel… way too soon.

      1. How could you fall for it Gli…wait…where the heck is Navi!?

        1. The GaMERCaT 2.0


        2. Wait where could Navi hide with Glitch? I mean last year she hid in GC’s bandanna, but Glitch doesn’t wear anything most of the time.

    2. TheMinecraftGamer

      Actually she was GC’s scarf…maybe she is invisible???? Good point EnderFire, I never thought of that.

      1. She is prolly in the box of crayons

  6. Poor glitch he’s got gamer sickness.

  7. Not glitch!!! Why??

  8. Bomb Hyper Fusion

    I’ve realised we haven’t seen Sweet for quite a while. Wondering how he is doing.

  9. Oh, Dear.
    I do like GamerCats strategy, tho.

  10. Return of the stress arc!

  11. Poor Glitch…GamerCat you need to help him not become a ball of stress!

    1. What a great role model *sarcasm*

  12. Oh no…

    1. Oops. I just commented the description.

  13. Is Glitch falling into the same trap or did Gamer convince them to do the hard work this time?

    1. maybe the first choice. GamerCat, you need to stop glitch of this madness!

    2. I think the fairy convince glitch forma buy games

  14. Why glitch, why?????

  15. I think pixel Is diferent

  16. Panel three is adorable. And skeptical. Very skeptical.

  17. REALLY GLITCH????????

  18. Play Yomawari:Night Alone. I dare you.

  19. Of all the things Glitch could learn from him, that just had to be one of them didn’t it?

  20. Hey, Samantha? HyperKittyGamer said that she couldn’t comment on here (she went to my site to say that). Did you block her, or is it a glitch?


  21. Glitch even color-codes the plans.

  22. Would you mind making a Star wars game like Force Unleashed or Knights of the Old Republic comic, since Star Wars 8 comes out soon

  23. GoldenDonutzGaming

    Y, Glitch? You saw what happened with Gamercat, didn’t you? [I bet he was so wrapped up playing the new holiday releases he forgot there was an entire world around him.]

  24. GoldenDonutzGaming

    I agree with EnderFire… WHERE THE ACTUAL DERP DID NAVI GO!? Rlly, tho, every time something like this happens, it’s cuz of Navi.

    1. GoldenDonutzGaming

      BTW, ignore my first post, the site kind of messed up, and then I had a better idea for a post, :-P

    2. Where could she hide with Glitch tho? Just wondering

  25. Glitch is glitching!

    1. TheMinecraftGamer

      System overload!!!! I repeat SYSTEM OVERLOAD!!!

  26. use tough love!

  27. It’s super effective

  28. Made it to the end. Loving it so far.

  29. Tradition is not so easily forsaken.

  30. Oh, don’t worry – just throw a ball of wrapping paper and all the games are forgotten.

  31. Make the next comic about Star Wars Battlefront 2. It just came out.

    1. No, make it Ultra sun and Ultra moon

  32. Oh no, Glitch, not you too…

  33. AWWWW look he’s growing up!

  34. LiveLifeInPositivity

    Being raised in GaMERCaT’s footsteps is proving to be a bad for Glitch. xD

  35. I wish I could could’ve made these last longer—I went through them all in under 3 hours… :’(
    However, it certainly made my night much happier :)

  36. I think i know the answer but is it too late to donate to the kickstarter i just found out about and i really want to donate and get that pin

  37. And to donate to help you with getting your book out

  38. I wonder if Malcolm wonders why there are pages with neat little handwriting and post-Its everywhere that he hadn’t written…

  39. not stress free……..

  40. Poor Glitch. Don’t tell me its the fairy again

  41. H A B I T S


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