Guided Ambition

I legit have a friend that created a notebook for Stardew Valley. I haven't worked up the courage to ask to see it yet.

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  1. The amount of time I’ve spent switching between Villagers on the wiki to memorize which ones like what items and where they are every single day is actually beyond belief. I have never had a lesser amount of fun playing a farming game than trying to max out everyone’s hearts in one year (spending 2 days a week running between EVERY SINGLE VILLAGER IN THE GAME and giving them the necessary items)

    In other loads I just accept that I already got the friendship achievement (and cooking achievement) and just leave it at that.

    1. Mods are your friend! Now that I have a stop time app, SV is a joy.

      1. Lisa, I there any way I can see you’re friend’s notebook? Like maybe you can just post the pages like you would do with the comic. Please I am practically begging you. If you’re not going to post it I am going to cry.

    2. Lisa’s got it. I tried and failed 3 times to get into SDV until I got rid of time limit and exhaustion. Now it’s fun and not just a jerb. Okay, it’s still ‘work’ but without the bits I hate.

    3. i am evil i put it to 70 comments and not 69

  2. The closest I’ve come is a spiral-bound graph notebook that I made maps for various games in. Did both quests in the first Zelda (OW and Dungeons), every floor in Shining in the Darkness (and yet I never actually beat it…), and Coffee Break 5 in Gran Turismo 4.

    Nowadays if I need to make notes for a game, I’m likely to use OneNote. If I have to “draw” something, like a map, I’ll probably hand-code some SVG.

    1. Over the weekend I was replaying DarkCloud and Adam Venture on PSNow and did the same thing. One note has really become my go to for all note taking.

    2. Maybe I should make a Harvest Moon notebook.


  3. Come on do terraria alread

    1. Yeah I can’t wait to see gamer cat play terraria!

      1. Calamity mod peoples!

    2. Yeah!

    3. Yeah! Or starbound would be cool too!

      1. I wanna see them try Oxygen Not Included :P

        1. I also want him to play rime. I can’t believe I cried when I played that.

    4. Terraria is a big YAS

    5. I hope he’ll play octodad sometime. The humor practiacly writes itself!!!

    6. No. not terraria. It sucks
      just do Celeste already

  4. And I thought I was bad for consulting the wiki constantly and installing a mod that tells me all the stuff about everything when I press F1.

  5. O did the same thing when I played the last guardian! It was a journal about how to get all the trophies, the back story, how it contects to shadow of the colossal and ico, and much more. It was a lot of research but in the end it was worth it.

  6. At this point, I don’t even play these games. Copying every word in the wiki into a more convenient format IS what I do for fun. I love Excel…

  7. Lol. Pixel created a guide. I mean like, how long did that take!?

    1. 2 years, 8 months, and 13 days.

      1. For my guide it took 9 months

    2. But that’s for the last guardian of you are planing on making a guide for star dew it’s going to me waaaaaaay longer

  8. Have you tried out the co-op beta yet? It’s very fun and playing co-op with even just one other person makes things a lot more manageable.

  9. Oh no… she’s even worse about it…

  10. My friend and I (and even her mom!) did this for Harvest Moon for the PS. Glad to see that female obsession to detail still lives on. ^_^

  11. I’m willing to bet that panel 4 is ripe for memeification

  12. So basically, a perfect 180 from when she was giving GC crap about obsessing and charting out games to play. But its perfectly allright when she does it.

  13. My chart says GC should court Pixel.

    Sure, it’s shipping chart, but a chart nonetheless.

    1. Give me the that chart so I can send it to hell

  14. Yeah stardust valley, cool

    HEY how about you play mega man?

  15. Two words. Cookie clicker :)

    1. I’m kind of embarrassed to say this but cookie clicker is one of my favorite games. It’s so satisfying when you click the cookie!

  16. how i feel about some games *VWIP*
    still how does her human not know about that

    1. How do you know she has a human? It’s a conspiracy! Actually it might be cool to see sweet and pixels owner, can you do a comic on that soon? That would be cool!

  17. Hmmmm. Ever played Final Fantasy? I’ve beat seven like, six times over the summer. Imagining GaMERCat with the Buster Sword… oh my… that image is the best.

    1. FF7? Shame on you.
      FF6 and 4 have an outstanding, emotionally moving story coupled with the same quality gameplay, and FF5 has possibly the highest replay value of any game I have played, if for no reason than the giant mound of classes you can pick and change between at any point.
      (Okay, not the highest but higher than 7)

    2. One of the only games i played over the summer was the last guardian. I am trying to find all the secrets and I’m giving up even after I played it 7 times. (But I also played Botw , super Mario oddciy, and spatoon 2 because if I have the whole summer off I should not easy it by playing one game

  18. This brings back memories of Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town.

    1. We don’t talk about Harvest Moon in this town

  19. A teacher of mine in middle school gave me a notebook of rules for a game her previous students had created based on D&D. Not notes on actual D&D mind you, but an entirely new game with complicated rules BASED on D&D. I think I finally got rid of it when I cleaned out my old room at the house. I wonder where those students are now.

  20. Glad to see I’m not alone in obsessive note taking when it comes to some games. I wrote up a physical guide book for Legend of Zelda Windwaker once. I still keep the papers inside the game case where the manual goes.

  21. <>
    Seriously kudos

    1. I am currently listening to this

  22. Oh man, this takes me back to younger days. I remember putting together notes for the Shining Force games on Genesis. Mapping out party configurations, trying to plan out what weapons I wanted each character to have, coming up with strategies for hard fights. I think I had as much fun doing all the planning as I did playing the game.

  23. I wrote up a physical guide book for Legend of Zelda Windwaker once

    1. What does it have in it

  24. They are A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y made for each other! <3

    1. Eww…. No one wants this comic to get all mushy.

      1. I agree, I like this guy what’s his YouTube channel?

  25. Pixel’s glasses doing the anime thing where they go opaque in panel 4 made my day. Reminded me of the gif in the guitar hero comic.

  26. I finally made a pintertest bored to gamer cat! I’m still working on it but it you want to see it search my name, #kechup narwhal and you will see it

  27. All these comics about indie games where you do stuff you could already do…you should really try playing Smash.
    “And, as we face each other, locked in combat, we shine ever brighter.”

  28. That’s why I still prefer Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, it had a lot of time and resource management, but was genuinely fun and relaxing instead of frustrating.

    1. Yeah harvest moon is more relaxing

  29. How long did it take you to find all of that and type it?

    1. 6 minutes or something around that.

      I do this in the comments their other comics as well.

  30. Could we get stellaris in here? I think it would be funny seeing their frustration!

    1. Stellaris? Hmm.. IMHO Victoria 2 is harder than Stellaris. Stellaris is still a good game for a comic, though I perfer to see a Europa Universalis 4 one.

  31. *I’d perfer to see. sorry :(

  32. This is not how I play stardew, and something I don’t suggest anyone doing :p Stardew is laid back. you don’t HAVE to do everything at once. Jut relax, and go your own pace.

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