Making a Splash

Happy Halloween, y'all!

29 thoughts on “Making a Splash

  1. Careful about teasing him, or he’ll get so pissed off, he’ll evolve into Gyrados, and pwn you so hard, you fly into the horizon. XD

    1. Gamercat blasting off again!!!

      1. Where’s Sweetie Belle?

        1. in my mind:Glitch:magikarp karp magikarp karp!!! *evolves* *uses* hyper beam* *world explodes*

  2. Of course Glitch cutely goes as his favorite pokemon.

  3. Calesse… can u put on Glitch’s pokemon stats “mash”? Under characters, Glitch only has one attack, which is puke… please… GIVE HIM ‘MASH’ ATTACK.

    1. And remove “CAT NAP” for GaMERCaT. Real gamers don’t sleep…

      1. yea. i dont sleep….. ever…….. *** falls asleep at keyboard ***

  4. It’s very effective.. at being adorable.

  5. But then he evolved! Nah, just kidding, he puked again.

    1. So he used water gun?

  6. When he evolves into Garados he’s gonna F**K him so bad

  7. That’s not Splash, it’s Flail.

  8. He is just so adorable, now puke

  9. Where is the Annoying Fairy!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Hey LISTEN!!

  10. /) *^* (\ BEST.COSTUME.EVA.

  11. Wow gamercat, a Link costume, how fucking original.

  12. Is anyone else getting ported to ads while reading?

  13. I Wonder how was Glitch like inside of the outfit in the las scenes .

  14. The first Magikarp that has legs.

  15. Can you make a comic where GaMERCaT get’s addicted to

  16. Glitch- Magicarp Magicarp! Gamercat- USE ADORABlE ATTACK

  17. Magicarp! Jump!

  18. He looks like the magikarp that i battle in my games. I’m so disapointed that i get no real competition with these dudes. Can’t they just evolve already?!

  19. moving things!

  20. #2020sux

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