You guys have been asking for a Five Nights at Freddy's comic for a while, so here ya go! This joke has probably been done before, but whatevs, it's funny.

41 thoughts on “LET’S EAT!!!

  1. Poor, misunderstood homicidal, possessed animatronics…

    1. They’re not homicidal in this case. They’re misunderstood because people think they are

  2. LOL

    1. AHH *slam*

      1. I get scared hearing animatronics a lot so I agree with Gamercat no matter if a party I want to live not get a heart attack (even though I’m a robot cat )

        1. But Foxy’s really nice!

        2. chicas face lmao

  3. Well…
    It’s pretty funny, but I had not expected a scary game like this to show up ( not that that is bad though!)
    Can you do Alien Isolation next?

    1. Nah he should play somethin like majoras mask

  4. Twist ending!

    1. Poor FNAF animatronics. =(•w•)=

      1. No they’re evil T.T they give me night mares

        1. Nightmares is one word, and they’re saying “poor” because in this comic they’re trying to be nice.

  5. It just so happens that Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 was released today. You a psychic?

    1. NANI?! THAT’S COOL!

  6. “surprise party”

  7. And his present is millions of dollars worth of pure gold.(golden Freddy)

  8. This game is a bit more complex than a lot of folks think.


    1. The theory has a large hole in it, i.e. his theory is not supernatural, and the creator said something supernatural was going on at Fredy’s along with the phone guy telling a lie.

      1. Maybe the ghosts of the children are haunting him in his dream?

  9. (SPOILER INCOMING) How sad, fortunately this ain’t the nightmare.

  10. And now FNAF’s 2 is out!

  11. OMG my tummy hurts this is so funny!!!

  12. Okay, that’s awesome. LOL

  13. Love it, but your art style really isn’t suited to scary characters! xD

  14. hahah x3 but gamercat is already a kitty they can’t put him in an exoskeleton so he has nothing to worry about :P

  15. I’ve said this before, but this game really isn’t all that scary when you get down to it. Play it a few times, and the whole thing just starts to seem repetitive and silly at some points.

  16. FNAF!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m bonnie!!


  17. Ugh… that piece-of-crap game series gets way more credit than it deserves.

    1. You…
      Or Purple Guy will come and haunt you in your nightmares. And I will come and stuff you in a Freddy Fazbear suit.

      1. I will find you and kill you

  18. what

  19. Eh, serves them right for killing others and…OMG!!! HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY!? Families, hide your children because you are being watched

  20. And SotiCoto, you better take that insult back! I.WILL.MURDER!

  21. wouldn’t he see the animatronics getting the party ready on thee cameras

  22. Hmm… I wounder why Chuck E Cheese went bankrupt? It couldn’t be because the animatronics gave the kids nightmares, could it?

  23. Its not a surprise party if he can see him! He’ll predict it! Not really, tho

  24. I do this too GC

  25. The duck, has teeth, like the yellow and purple and pink bird I saw on that cartoon

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