Star-Doer Valley

It's great when you can settle down and play a nice, relaxing video game of extreme resource management.

117 thoughts on “Star-Doer Valley

  1. I feel sorry for gamercat you have no idea how many times people slammed my face to the ground

    1. I realized that the anonymouse’s never appear anymore

      1. anonyMICE!!!
        also, I realized that at least a year ago


    1. thank god

      1. Winged-wolf-Dragon

        Minecraft isn’t that bad.

        1. I agree with you but we just had 5 comics about it

        2. SO! WE HAD 3 COMICS OF UNDERTALE AND THAT WAS IT! NO PAPYRUS! And Undyne would be funny, but MTT, Asgore Asriel or Chara, I mean come on.

        3. I agree Pinnapel!!

        4. I played Undertale myself, and it is one of the best games in the history of mankind.

    2. Well I joined in the middle of the long break so I didn’t really care

      1. me too

        1. MORE UNDERTALE!!

  3. Hey, question: why do you post all gamercat comics a week early on tapas?

    1. Because it takes longer to post it on the website than it does on tapas.
      At least, that’s my theory

    2. I don’t know for sure, but the most likely reason is there’s more money from ad income and tipping, making it financially beneficial to publish it there first. (That way it guarantees more hits on Tapas.) Even if it’s not a huge amount, it’s not like web hosting is free, so this helps pay for the website hosting if nothing else.

      I personally dislike Tapas, so I just wait the extra week to read it here.

  4. The bags under your eyes, that’s who.

  5. YAY! Keep the Stardew Valley comics coming :)

  6. Wait until he figures out the multiplayer… its gonna be a sweatshop in this place

    1. Stardew Valley = Hard enough
      Stardew Valley Multiplayer = EVEN HARDER THAN STARDEW VALLEY

  7. You do *not* want him to play Realm Grinder.

    1. Or “Trimps” or Idle “online universe” or “idling to rule the cods” or…

      1. But if Glitch finds time clickers or clicker heroes…

        1. RaindropDreamer

          He’s already found cookie clicker…

        2. Ahaha I remember playing Idle games long ago.
          Don’t bother.
          The thing that gets me to stop playing a game is when I realize I am playing a game for the sake of completing, as opposed for the sake of a story or for fun.
          This is also why I don’t get past reaching G-Rank in Monster Hunter…I’m hunting these Rathalos just so that I can get better equipment so as to be better at hunting Rathies…
          Idle games are worse- with the possible exception of Crusaders of the Lost Idols, there is no purpose in the gameplay.
          And since you kids are playing Idle games, they’re probably browser games…so y’all should go play some EBF or some MARDEK. Learn to Fly, Crystal Story, Enchanted Cave II, there are so many other games that are much better than idles objectively.

    2. I am ashamed that I know what that is

  8. me when i get a ton of important items

  9. Yessss! This is so me, when playing Stardew. I have all these lists going on and all these plans. Luckily I’m at winter Year 2 now, so energy is not that big of a problem anymore… Love the comic, keep em coming!

  10. I see his problem, even if Gamercat doesn’t. He’s fallen into the thought trap that a lot of us gamers do as we get older.

    It’s the trap of “Trying to play a perfect game the first time through”. I’m not totally sure how we did this, but a lot of us that play games have forgotten that it’s okay to play a game and not be 100% completely optimal each and every time. That learning and exploring and enjoying and having an adventure are a thing, and that’s kind of some of what’s been lost in games anymore.

    1. Very well said! :)

    2. I’m reaching the point where I’m ready to give up on 100% complete runs even for replays. When I try to do it all complete, it tends to end with me not finishing the game, even on replays.

    3. It’s not like you can’t do both at the same time. People have this weird idea that if you’re putting effort into completion you aren’t still enjoying the adventure. In fact, that’s part of the appeal of some games is to do it as efficiently as possible. On top of that I go for completion on first runs because I’m unlikely to replay a game. I have far too many games I want to play to waste time replaying a game I’ve already played once.

      1. Lol, same… though sometimes I don’t even complete the game (getting ~90% through) on the FIRST playthrough! XD

  11. Mayor Lewis gives you 5 parsnip seeds to start out with. Plant them, water them every day, and forage, fish, or collect wood and stone in your free time. Fishing can get you a lot of money. Buy better backpacks and forage too. When you get enough money, buy coffee seeds and seeds for the bundles in the community center.

    1. It’s 15 Parsnips…

      1. Oh. Well I knew it ended with a 5.

  12. Enter The Gungeon should be portrayed by Gamercat! It would be funny and interesting how they would react, especially with the new update.

  13. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    … That feeling when you greatly enjoyed the Minecraft comics, then the artist moves onto a game you have absolutely zero interest in, and the comments are all “thank god, no more minecraft.” =3=

    1. Agreed, and I want more Undertale, or Underfresh. That’ll be funny.

    2. I wanted to see Gamercat build a huge building then watch Glitch discover and use TNT.

      1. “Hey, you said you needed some red stuff for the walls of your building, but all I have is TNT. So…I replaced the walls of your building with TNT!”
        *Blaze comes out of Nether Portal*
        *Blaze shoots at GC and Glitch, hitting the building*
        “I’m helpiiiiing”

  14. Winged-wolf-Dragon

    This remind me of Harvest Moon. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an old Game Cube game.

    1. YOU HAVE A GAME CUBE!!!!!!! Even my parents don’t have one! (Well not any more at least they sould it on e bay a couple weeks after I was born.)

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        Nobody here from the 90s tell this kid about their working SNESs… they might burst from shock and awe.

        1. SNESs can still work????? I want one so I can finish playing my Zelda games

        2. Certainly they still work. Old cartridge based consoles are extremely reliable for the most part. Even systems like my Atari 2600 and Fairchild Channel F from the late 70s still work fine. :)

      2. I WANT ONE!!!
        I WANNA PLAY AS IKE!!!

    2. there are plenty of versions, not just for Gamecube

    3. do you play kirby air ride i want to play it

    4. It’s more or less the same type of game. Games like Rune Factory, Recettear and Stardew Valley use a very similar formula to Harvest Moon but with emphasis on different aspects.

      1. …wat? I know a lot about Nintendo games. And Sonic The Hedgehog games.

        1. Like that Nintendo was going to be some love hotel.

    5. uhh no, harvest moon is a series with multiple titles on multiple nintendo platforms


    6. Lovewing_dovewing

      My gameboy color works fine.

      1. I have a GameCube
        and a Wii
        and a Wii U

        1. The wii was the first Nintendo console that had a remote

  15. Why does glich look like he’s going to puke on last panel?

  16. This pretty much reminds me of me playing Harvest Moon on Gameboy Advance. For every season I had a very clear daily schedule of where to go forage, what animal and crops to take care of, what to leave to the elves that you can befriend so they’ll help in the farm, what to go do in the town, flirt with my target lady, etc..
    It was crazy, but I had huge profits in very short time

    1. I played it, and chose the “I don’t want a farm” option.
      Best choice :)

  17. XD I play this game sooooo much. Which of the villagers will GaMERCaT try to get to marry him?

  18. I dunno about you but I made multiple text documents for each of my loads outlining exactly what plants I needed each season, how many I needed, how much fertilizer I needed and then a comprehensive weekly schedule of swapping between Mining, Fishing and giving gifts to every single one of the villagers (twice a week) in any free time I had.

    I have since stopped that because it just made me hate the game. But even though I slowed down my own pace, I still “”finished”” the game (all achievements, all quests, couldn’t be bothered to do max friendship because that just sucks but whatever) in less than two years. Sure, I COULD have gone for a complete, 100 percent run, but I’ve already done 99 percent runs twice and I just really can’t be bothered.

    Love the game, hate the way I play it. Every day has to have maximum effort with no time wasted, so I end up finishing everything too early.

    1. Watch DF for some ideas

      1. Dragonforce?

  19. This is basically the reason why I ended up refunding Stardew Valley. Too difficult to get anything done, especially after I got fined for passing out on the first night (without knowing beforehand that I’d get fined). I much prefer Slime Rancher, which is far quicker to make progress in.

    1. You don’t NEED to do everything possible early.
      Take your time, or watch DF on YouTube.

      1. What’s DF?

        1. DangerouslyFunny

        2. DF is dumb. I mean who does this stuff? And WHY! DO THEY GET PAYED JUST TO RISK THERE LIFE!

    2. I am still playing Slime Rancher. I have deleted every world except for one and it has blown my mind every time I play. Though in every game I have played, I have learned that its never a good idea to stay out after dark, it always results in disaster

  20. Please have GaMERCaT play Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion!

    (After he gets some rest of course)

    1. OMG YAS

      1. And long time no hear Dan The Squid!

        1. What?

        2. I hadn’t heard from you in a long time.

        3. The last time I heard from you was the comment
          ‘I think I’m going to make a parody of this website called PRoGRaMeRCHiKeN!’
          And I wanted to be in it, but you never responded.

        4. Well, I get it. I never told you my Cat Identity.

    2. Pinnapel are you the same person as Pinnapel cat?

    3. I suggested Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion during the hiatus!

      1. Did that. AND YES I am PinnApelCat.

  21. Stardew Valley is the best!

    1. I never played it. So it might be.

    2. I like the Super Mario Odyssey profile picture you have

  22. I love stardew valley ^^ There is so much to do, but it doesn’t force any of it on you. Get tired of crops? Go fishing. Take a day off, or work hard clearing some land. It is all good.

    1. Or watch DangerouslyFunny.

      1. Don’t. It uses cuss words.

  23. Annnnnd THIS is why I stopped playing stardew.

  24. Poor GaMERCaT doesn’t watch DangerouslyFunny…
    He doesn’t know about everything in the game.

  25. reeeeeeeeeeeee*dabs*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! minecraft is ok

    1. Um… ok?

  26. That conversation between Gamercat and Glitch is the same conversation I’ve had about EVE Online

  27. Star dew made me super stressed for that reason

    1. So I stopped playing it

  28. Hey Celeste, do you think maybe you could make some World of Warcraft comics with the Gamercat Crew? I think it would be pretty cool and I’m pretty sure some other people want it too. Thx! (also can you please tell me if I’m spelling your name wrong (;^u^) )

    1. League of Legends, too

  29. Hey, how about: The gamercat play in Mogeko Castle?
    Or Overwatch? Pleeeese!

  30. Why play Stardew when you can play Starbound?

  31. Please stop requesting games. She says in the About that she doesn’t take requests and comics are based on mood and what she is currently playing.

    1. Ohh. Thank you ó_ò

  32. I’m thirsty

    1. Hi thirsty! I am PinnApelCat!

  33. 312 sand shore rd

  34. Wow! I finally finished! I just binged the whole thing! Also this is my first comment, I have replied once before though!

  35. Where did the Anonymice go??

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  37. Stardew Valley now has a co-op mode, which definitely makes things easier if you play with the right person.

  38. Thanks a lot for the post. It has helped me get some nice ideas. I hope I will see some really good result soon.

  39. This is philosophy. When I played octo expansion and I was trying for the thirtieth time to pass that stupid level by myself I wondered, like Glitch: aren’t video games supposed to be fun? I’m not having fun. And okay, you can complete automatically, but it’s not the same thing to do it by yourself


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