Water From a Block

When I get deep into a game and eventually get bored of the main focus yet don't want to stop playing, I start scrutinizing the side features. Eventually I shift to a similar game with a stronger focus on my new interest and the snowball keeps rolling.

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  1. I think Stardew Valley’s worse. It has a storyline (with multiple endings), replay-ablility, and more complex gameplay to factor in, while Minecraft is more just doing stuff until you get bored enough to install mods.

    Then starting to build a huge, complex object, stopping a third way through and never coming back for two years.

    Just a random example. *cough cough*

    1. Why don’t you try and terraria

      1. Yeah Terraria is a good idea



        1. *terraria all

  2. I like Stardew Valley but I always wig myself out feeling like “was I actually as efficient with that day as i could have been??” Which seems counter intuitive since the game is supposed to be about relaxing and NOT stressing out about anything. At all.

    1. You can always just yolo stuff. You’ll always get everything back eventually.

  3. Stardew Valley also has assloads of mods.

    1. Sir, this is a Christian Stardew Valley server. no swearing ;)


        1. Yes thank people need to know that kids (like me) read this to

        2. You are so welcome

          Now the comments will be safe for younger readers to read

          All thanks to…



    2. Yeah, dude!

      Watch your f***ing language!

      1. /kill

  4. Starbound and terraria have sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much possibilities even without mods


      1. Where do you live? Depends on the place your born in. That’s why

        1. Why does it matter that Void Fang said much instead of many?

        2. Ahem. In this case: “so much possibilities”, ‘much’ cannot be used. The correct grammar is ‘many’. However, if he had said, “so much possibility” (notice the lack of plurality), it would have worked as well.

          The reason is that ‘many’ is used for quantifiable amounts, e.g. “how many cups of water” which is a solid number, while ‘much’ is used for non-quantifiable amounts, e.g. “how much water” where water could be measured in a number of ways. ‘Possibilities’ is quantifiable, while ‘possibility’ is not.


        3. Seth, are you my English teacher or what?

        4. i live in poland

        5. Nice, me too, but I was born there, if you know what I’m saying.

        6. “It depends on where you live?!?!?!”

  5. Welp, guess this is the last time we’ll see Gamercat away from the computer.

    1. Very Sad

  6. … I feel like I’m killing gamercat forever by revealing this, but modded minecraft expands the game to a staggering degree. pick a ready-made modpack (I recommend Direwolf20 because it’s very newcomer friendly) and bid your life adieu.

    If you do go through this rabbit role, I recommend https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/ as your first stop. We’re always glad to help.

  7. Can we expect Stardew Valley comics???!! :D

    1. Yes, ’cause I checked Tapas. The new Stardew Vallew comic is… well, you can see for yourself.

    2. It reminds me of the second Minecraft comic for some reason.

      1. Hey look my gravitar is working

  8. hmm makes sense to me i do the same thing play games depending on my mood
    current mood: legend of zelda

    1. Current mood: Twilight Princess

      1. Current mood: a link between worlds

      2. Current mood: something elder scrolls or, hopefully, non-PC

        1. Wait… was I supposed to say a Zelda game? Hot Dang!

          Current mood: Skyward Sword, ’cause Twilight Princess was taken.

        2. Current mood: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, slither.io, or (if it’s just a Zelda game) Breath of the Wild.

    2. Current mood: tiny tower (addictive) or smash Bros. Also COC and CR because why not.

      1. Also I like BotW

        1. Breath of the Wild… unless you were joking, in which case it’s Blade of the Warriors!

        2. Botw is breath of the wild

      2. Current mood: Majora’s Mask. . . Mostly because I want to play music like Viva la Vida using the ingame instruments… XD

        1. Current mood, The Last Guardian, Shadow of the colossus (remake), and the zelda game is A Link Between worlds because that is the only Zelda game i haven’t played yet. (Not counting the first and second one)

        2. Alright, I still have 1 question for the internet,
          Wat does IKR mean

    3. I Kant Rember? (Just a random guess.)

  9. next comic is stardew valley! I don’t really like it that much but I have had enough of mine craft comics

    1. You don’t like SV?
      Sorry sir this is a christian SV server.

      1. It’s sorry ma’am to u

        1. Why more minecraft? We just had five comics about it. I say we need to move on.

        2. Fine MORE UNDERTALE! Or any AU.

        3. And why do people keep saying that this web is a Christian SV sever?

  10. Whenever I play Minecraft, I inevitably spend a week or two converting a mountain into a flat featureless plain and then use the materials that used to be a mountain to build a castle with a tower that reaches into the sky. Then I stop. I’m told there’s other stuff in the game, but I never get around to doing it because hey, gotta level that mountain!

    1. Me and my little sister used to go on creative mode and just dig straight down then build a tower of TNT all the way to the sky then light it and watch the madness.

      1. That. Is. The. Best. Thing. In. A. World.

        1. I wish I could have seen it

  11. This is why I broke away from minecraft XD

  12. WELP. At least it’s better than Stardew o_o

  13. I’ve got one word for, just one word.

    You listening?


  14. Hey I was wondering if you ever have played hearts of iron 4 it’s actually really fun once you know how to play it I was hoping you could do some comics on it. Keep up the great work!

  15. Stardew valley is the best farming game ever and if you don’t like it then I will put steaks through your eyes.

    1. SAY WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!?

      1. Please don’t read any comments i posted

        1. To bad! *eats TeM FLaKeS*

  16. I got a gravatar and I added the gamer cat to one of my websites but it’s not showing up can someone tell me why.

  17. This got me thinking; Minecraft could extend fishing by including nets and stuff. They could also make it so you could catch crabs.

  18. I’ve always wondered, if I yell randomly this ‘IM A HACKER!!!!’ Although I’m not.

    1. Anyway. I am happy to say, that I got SonicMainaPlus and LEGO Incredibles.
      Okay, Instead of SonicManiaPlus, I wanted to get some Box game for my switch.

      1. Boss leg o incredibles?

        1. OH MY GOSH I HATE ADOTO CORRECT!!!!!! I meant how is leg o incredible s

  19. I was sucked away from reality by Stardew too, wait, I still am.

  20. There’s a Minecraft modpack called Farming Valley that basically tries to put Stardew into Minecraft

  21. Yay turtles and dolfins might be in Minecraft!!!! I found this out when I opened up my tablet and there was for Minecraft and it said something about an under sea update.

  22. Stardew Valley of the damned

  23. Cool stuff…thanks for the post. Saved this blog!

  24. it is on minecraft

  25. plus more fish but why puffer fish?

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