Self-Made Millionaire

Can't blame a guy for trying.

35 thoughts on “Self-Made Millionaire

  1. hush pesky pixie it’ll work $u$ ruuuuuupeeeeeees~~

    1. shut up navi, you’re not even in this game

      1. …besides, you only want him to stop so he pays money for more!

        1. Yeah! And you need to save your voice for your pitch on buying the master sword like you did to glitch…if there is one in that game…

  2. You’re not thinking far enough ahead. Why draw the rupees when you can just draw the things that you’d buy with the rupees? You never have to buy anything from that freeloading jerk living in your house ever again! I mean, unless you just like the rupees for their own sake like you want to sleep on a big pile of them or something.

    Incidentally, this is one of the things that bothered me the most about that game.

    1. What, the jerk in your house, or the rupees in the walls?

    2. I would tell you not to talk crape about Ravio, but that might give away too many spoilers

      1. Ravio reminds me of nabbit. I actually called him nabbit for a large portion of my play-through when I forgot his name. the only thing is…
        WTF ravio, what did you do with my bed???!!

    3. Big brain, big brain.

    4. No one needs you, Navi. Keep your doubt elsewhere.

  3. Shun the non-believer! Shuuuuunnnnnnnah!!!

  4. It could very well work…. They aren’t as poorly drawn as they could be. They could pass for the real thing.


  5. I wish i could do this…

    1. You and me both bro

      Could you please make him play minecraft? (— [TNT] —)

      1. He does eventually. It’s rediculous.

  6. It works but they’re kind of crooked and weird looking upon close inspection. Everybody he buys stuff from eventually notices because the rupees break or something. They come after him and he tries to escape.

    Hey, you could make a whole story out of it. :d

  7. The real thing is that if you had professional skills as an artist, or knew somebody with some mad art skeelz, was that you’d get them to draw you a howitzer. Or a giant, Tolkien-esque robot. Your crudely drawn drill will pierce the other dimension’s heavens!

  8. Long time ago there was this Cartoon in Poland called “Zaczarowany ołówek” (eng. Enchanted pencil) and the idea of it was a lot like this episode of GC
    youtube link for one of the episodes

    1. There was also a show called chalkzone that has a similar premise

  9. I like his face in the 3rd panel, hmmm…

  10. i wonder how many rubies he wasted on this project :P

  11. Greedy cat. ;)


  13. Gold Star (Fellow Gamercat)

    I mostly just go to the arena and get the rupees as reward. Note: it’s ALOT if rupees.

  14. Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna work.
    He painted the rupees too poorly

  15. little did you know you can do this irl too

  16. wish i could do that with money!

  17. i have never played this zelda

  18. this comic strip is my favorite

  19. their is like almost no commits in this strip

  20. Only for rupees

  21. If only! LOL

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