When I first started playing Minecraft I was rather taken aback by the disturbing farms people create for milking the mobs for resources. They're creative, but yikes!

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  1. Close your eyes, hear the thundering rain
    Here inside of the torture and pain

    1. and then you’ll see, what it should be,
      in this world of pure domestication.

      1. i have a blue shell no one is first? :(

        1. sorry man, gotta put it away for now. Don’t worry, no inventory space goes to waste here, just wait.

      2. rats.
        my willy wonka joke went over everyones heads :(

        1. No it didnt

        2. The DF song went over everyone’s head

      3. hahahaah

        1. XD LOL Willy Wonka!!!

  2. GaMERCat just got rekt by a panda

    1. You just got fucked by knowledge

  3. Gonna be easy to farm the slime balls, just put a bunch of hoppers under them

    1. That’s…actually a good idea. noice

      1. wait, they really do make slime balls? thats wierd, I didnt know because I have the amazing ability to travel across 3 oceans, 5 continents, 4 deserts, and a number of monsters without finding just ONE jungle. Its a miracle I found my way home.

        1. Wow. But relateable. I couldn’t find one so I decided to build my own bamboo jungle. It’s….still a work in progress.

        2. Avocado's Number

          I don’t think they will spawn though.

        3. It’s creative. I’ll spawn them myself

  4. Luckily you do not have to put a baby panda in a meat grinder to get a slimeball – killing them is counterproductive! Just pen them up and wait for them to start sneezing because mommy panda is an anti-vaxxer.

    1. You still put as many as possible into as small a space as possible, and is that much better?

  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    There once was a nature conservationist, all he had was a couple of pandas, a stack of redstone, a few hoppers, some pistons, and a dream…..

  6. Idk if they changed it or not, but I think at one point the slime balls weren’t actually able to be picked up. I believe it may have been a measure specifically to prevent the scenario you’re imagining, though it may also have been a bug.

    Either way, pandas would be extremely inefficient, not only are slimes about a million times easier to farm, but the babies eventually grow up, so you can’t just leave them to their own devices and expect slime… :/

    1. GoldenDonutzGaming

      Yeah, just using slimes would be way easier.
      I’d actually be surprised if someone made a baby panda farm for getting slime, it’d just be a huge waste of time.

      1. Huh? A huge waste of time you say?
        *yells into the next room*MOOOOM! I’M GOING TO START A PANDA FARM!
        (nothing like wasting time on a devise meant to waste time)

        1. Just a memory
          Or is it all a waste of time?

        2. It’s astounding… Time is fleeting… Madness takes its toll…

  7. One time on a server I was playing with some friends two of them went off and created a chicken farm with 900 chickens in it. The chickens weren’t being killed or anything either, it was a farm that only harvested the eggs. The server began to lag so bad that we had to cull down the chicken population, but before that happened we managed to get about 17 double chests full of eggs. Killing most of the chickens resulted in 6 stacks of raw chicken (I think), and about 10 levels of exp.

    It was an… interesting experience.

    1. But was it the Kilian experience?

  8. should add annymouse back

    1. The anonymouses have only appeared once.

      1. 2 time

        1. Really? When was the second appearence?

      2. Anonymice

        1. in the second comic but hes dead

        2. and anonymouses if thay are in group but anonymouse when there is one

  9. the pandas are so adorable so idc if they sneeze slime balls.

    1. Like the sun we’ll rise again

  10. If they add red pandas i will play this game 16/2. I have school days…


    2. Welp… They have brown panadas.

      1. They don’t coun’t!

        1. Do you mean red pandas like the ones that look like raccoons? Or do you mean actual pandas with red markings?

        2. I tried to find pandas with red markings but nothing came up. But i’m refering to to the ones that look like racoons. As for the. Ones that don’t count i was refering to brown pandas.

        3. do foxes count? there coming to Minecraft soon.

  11. Panda farm?
    Sounds legit

  12. Can you do a Deltarune comic?

    1. SlightlyDramaticLogic


    2. why my comment of all things?

      1. Because you mentioned deltarune

        1. So You are basically butthurting hater of Deltarune, right? You are angry because people like quality games, but You have to complain because it’s popular and popular means bad.

        2. Or… He has an opinion that he words very strongly?

        3. I think… Why not?

        4. I didn’t say jack shit about it’s popularity

        5. You don’t have to be rude about it, especially saying EAT ** in the comments

        6. And my email has been blocked from posting comments

        7. World peace has happened. African children are no longer starving to death, we found a cure for cancer, Kim Jong Un cut off his own dick, and life expectancy has gone up dramatically.

        8. To Justin: good, kinda deserve it for bashing a game that doesn’t deserve it, especially in a comic’s comments

        9. To Tyler Furrison: I can just use this account
          To Ted: I know you got that from LIH

        10. Yeah but won’t this email be blocked aswell if you keep this up?

        11. I have many spares

        12. And why do you need so many?

        13. Originally to subscribe to some guy to get him to 10 but now he’s at like 900

        14. Never mind, they’re only at like 400

        15. Dude, I have 2 email addresses that go to the same account. Weird.

  13. SlightlyDramaticLogic

    The babies make slimeballs.
    The adults don’t
    Thew babies can grow up
    Then you’d have to breed and kill them
    There are many things wrong with this
    Am I questioning my sense of knowledge?

    1. R

      1. SlightlyDramaticLogic


    2. Just one of many incomplete, silly, and kind of pointless circles we drag ourselves into

  14. Can you do a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Comic?

    1. But that’s not a game.

      1. That doesn’t mean anything.

      2. I mean there are the fighting games and the characters are in jump force

        1. Yes but this comic specifiacly goes with games or things releated to games and not movies.

      3. Jojo’s bizzare adventure: all stars is a game.

        1. Alright

        2. There’s also JJBA: Eyes of heaven, which is Playstation exclusive. And JJBA: Last Survivor battle royale, announced exclusively for japanese arcade stations.

        3. Oookay. But how popular where those games. From what i remember GaMERCaT doesn’t play obscure games or at least those games weren’t obscure at the time of that comics release.

  15. I’m much surprised Minecraft still exist. I thought they stopped updating it like 1-2 years ago. But TIL they made a new update and have plans for more.

    1. When you create one of the biggest games ever it’s safe to assume that they would wan’t to keep it going. Even if it has gained a little infamy because of the fanbase through the years.

      1. Thats just people, not the game. Thats why I only ever play with my friends and will never play online with people I cant see and hit in the face again

  16. The baby pandas sneezing make all the surrounding adult ones jump, in reference to a classic youtube video

    1. Classic

  17. I’d love an escape room style comic where they all go ‘screw it i can puzzle game why not puzzle room’ and end up screaming

    1. That would definitely be funny.



  19. Jag har en idee` för en serie strip. Vad sägs om en serie strip där SPELaRKaTTEN försöker klara ett jätte stort spel till hundra procent och faller ner i galenskap? Det låter väl kul!

    1. alors n’échappez-vous à la folie que d’utiliser une autre langue pour en rendre fou les autres? K

      1. isnt google translate amazing?

        1. I am actualy from sweden so i didn’t use google translate.

        2. No. I’ve tested it with various languages and talked to people who speak the language, either because of a class or because they are native speakers and in every case I’ve tested, Google Translate has been wrong.

          Then, of course, there’s the fact that Google Translate literally contradicts itself sometimes. For example:
          Me: Come no further!
          Google Translate: *Something in Greek*
          Me: (Switches to translating from Greek to English)
          Google Translate: Come further!
          Me: (Mentally) What the heck?

      2. hmm that translated a little wierd. sry, escape the madness to cause madness to others.

        1. Det gjorde verkligen överskådligt konstigt.

      3. Till Owilve: Näh ibland skriver jag bara saker i min moders tunga. Jag gör det dock lite extra generiskt svenskt ibland för den där gammaldags käsnlan.

  20. I have a pet panda,They love cake and if you feed them cake they wont die!unlike the FREAKING BIRBS

    1. How do you feed cake to pandas?

  21. Kingdom Hearts 3 Finally came out! Can you do a comic of it?

  22. What about fortnite

    1. Not literally but comically

    2. i will too, but playing mine diamonds on a super loud speaker.

      1. That has a clone hero chart

    3. Why would you people ask for a [beep] fortnite comic it [beep] [beep]. Every little kid that’s palying that stupid game should be [beep] [beep] [beep] [beeeep] and [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] until they [beep] [beep] [beeeeeeeeeeeeeep] so they’ll never walk properly again.

      Okay to be serious i really dislike fortnite a lot.

      1. Me too… But the rats of Minecraft go for Fortnite
        So it’s a better place… But it’s just time to see if Minecraft it’s best now… I still playng it and I like it

        1. Yeah minecraft is still a pretty good game. It’s just the fanbase that caused it to recive a little infamy.

  23. I would love to see a GamerCat Cartoon on Netflix!
    Cause, that would be up my alley!

    1. You know what I want on Netflix?

      Family Guy again.

      1. Stop it.
        Get some help.

        1. Lawrence Gordon

        2. i shot someone with a 360NOSCOPE in fortnite and i shot gordans profile profile

    2. Yay GamerCat for netflix :D

  24. no and no

    1. It leads to mediafire

  25. Defenently not TimTime10

    Random question of the… There’s not a set time. Have you ever tasted bambo.

    1. germanwings cockpit

      1. Again. I'm totaly not TimTime10

        Are you trying to confuse me again?

  26. …the heck happened to the comments section? It used to be so chill.

    1. Justin happened to it

      1. Hehe. So true…

        1. yeah, he dropped an f bomb on the time I was asking for a splatoon 2 octo expansion comic…

        2. welp he ded now. and i can now play the harp without being judged by justin

          joking but i’m sure he would judge me

  27. Someone, by the name “ilmango” tried to make such a slime farm. Wasn’t very practical

  28. acshuly only the sik pandas produce slime balls so that was a sik baby panda their are also aggressive panda lazy panda sad panda the playful panda and the rarest one is the brown panda and their is even mor pandas then all of those! sory for bad spelling

  29. Meanwhile, Kirby’s sneeze can knock Earth off of it’s rotation around the sun by sending us towards the sun at 50000000000000000 miles an hour

  30. I eat babies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And I use their blood to brush my teeth and to shower! I’m truly evil!

  31. Rey you could get more evil if you left bad comments about gamercat and ate puppies and kittens and tricked someone into drinking pee

  32. And to eat poo

  33. GlitchyGamercatFan8627

    To Justin: Don’t go hating on Deltarune man, that’s uncool. Sincerely, a Ralsei fan

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