I love RDR2 but I wish the people weren't soooo touchy. It sucks to bump someone and get slapped with assault. I also have no idea what I did to offend the newspaper boy, but he wouldn't sell me a paper for a very long time. Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. totally random bork

    1. thats the same when i play assassins creed rogue like when im sprinting and a random person is dumb enough to get in my way they run towards the guards and i’m then hunted by a tsunami of bounty hunters

  2. Sorry people who don’t like that 😰

  3. Spoon

    1. Fork

      1. Top 10 anime betrayals

        1. Top 10 anime crossovers; Spork

      2. Spork

        1. ZehChaosSpammer101


        2. Lawrence Gordon


        3. Splayd, it’s a real thing.

    2. Welcome to the gamer cat version of Tumblr posts everybody.

      1. There is literally nothing I dispise more than tumblr

        1. SlightlyDramaticLogic

          There is literally nothing you don’t despise
          *yeets waterbucket at you*

          Begone, REBEL

        2. Jokes on you, I was 10 seconds away from dying of dehydration!

        3. If you’re ten seconds from dying of thirst, nothing can save you. You could drink ten gallons and you’d still die

  4. Remember how much talk there was about RDR2 being so realistic that horse anatomy reacted to the cold ?

    But when it comes to things players would actually notice, they weren’t even trying for realism.

    1. *tosses comment then hides before the fireworks start*

      I could make a political comment here, but I’ll refrain. *is bursting at the seams to say it* *cough-SJWs-cough* It may be more realistic than you think… ;P

    2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      They clearly spent the budget on horses.

  5. Am I the only one who still gets confused and thinks everyone is talking about one of Star Wars’ best droids?

    1. absolutely not.

    2. RDR2, R2D2… Yeah, can’t imagine how you could possibly conflate the two…

      ;P lol Yeah, you are definitely not the only one!

    3. Yeah, when i saw the first one comic of Red Dead Redemption 2, I was like, “why are they talking about R2D2? This isn’t Star Wars!”

  6. I’m misunderstood 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Somwone must have put the npcs sensetivity to everything a little to high.

  8. Now that’s just unfair

  9. This is how I first ended up with a $300 bounty on my head in the first town.

  10. poke

    1. O

      1. SlightlyDramaticLogic

        Words of knowledge, there.

    2. You motherf*cker

  11. I once played Gothic 2. Just was doing stuff in the Khorinis. I think I was sleepping in the Inn or something like that (don’t know, haven’t played it for a while) and suddenly everyone around attacked me like I was doing some bad thing, like attack someone or whoever knows what. But I was just going out the building and everyone turned against me for no reason O.O

    Also I like poking guards in Assassin’s Creed 2. I bump into them on purpose and they only are alarmed, push me etc, but won’t attack me at all. So basically I bump and go away as they are chasing me XD I bet I would rather not try this at Hom… Red Dead Redemption 2 xD

    1. For me, similar came on skyrim dark brotherhood missions, completed target without bounty but suddenly usually friendly quest giver right outside the area of kill went nuts and became aggressive.

      1. albeit that game was buggy on sensitivity other ways as well, like infamous “I am chicken from local farm, I’d like to report player stealing cheese wheel”

        1. Or 1000 gold bounty for murder because a guard spotted you shoot a chicken just within town boundaries.

  12. Just wait till he sees the economy

  13. Those I’ve watched playing this seem to have that very experience. “Sure I’ll give you a ride.. oh, you don’t want to since I bumped into you? Fine, walk” “You’re welcome for saving you from bandits, sorry I wasn’t quick enough to save your husband.. well, might as well check his belongings, can’t take it with ya, right? Oh, you’re running away? well fine..”

    1. You wouldn’t happen to know… Dagogo Altraide would you?

  14. One time someone got their YouTube channel
    removed because they punched a woman in

    1. Dutch(the probable ass)


  15. Elder Scrolls bounty isn’t any better

    I play Morrowind a lot, and on time, everyone in a tavern tried to murder me
    because I touched a common vase

    I also got arrested for sleeping

    1. In Skyrim, I accidentally picked up an ash yam (price: 1 coin), and everybody within 10 meters tried to kill me. I thought I’d drop the yam where they could see and walk away, but they wouldn’t have it. I killed them all and paid a fine. The worst part was that I liked doing business with those vendors.

  16. Realism seems spot on considering today’s ridiculousness.

    Just hear me out.
    I was helping line control at one of the booths since I had nothing better to do and they were undermanned. I held my hand out to stop a person from crossing the aisle at a convention. They were standing in a line talking to their friend with another person in front of them. The booth called for two people, making the pair numbers two and three. This was Dealer’s Hall at Anime Expo and therefore PACKED and line control is a thing or the booth gets banned on returning if they cause fire hazards. She walked into my outstretched hand and reported to the booth that I assaulted her. Maybe its just California, but the incident has turned me off of volunteering there since apparently everyone is sensitive now. Supposedly the Handlers are trained in proper umbrella usage to ward away attendees trying to get close to their Guest of Honor while escorting them. Just waiting for what they use next since an “umbrella” could be deemed a weapon by an attendee one day since they already can’t use their hands.

    Freedom of Speech but not from Consequence. If everything is a trigger, then all leads to consequence, thus self-imposed denile of speech is the only method to keep people from being triggered. Or does that trigger the proponents of free speech? Catch22s all around.

    Thanks for making it this far and letting me ramble.

    1. I tripped in a park and got a talk with the ranger for “disturbing the wildlife”
      People need to chill

  17. I think it’s just a simulation of how real life people got overly sensitive nowdays XD

  18. Meanwhile, somewhere in Bolivia…

    *Drives past Unidad patrol car*
    “They didn’t see me, did they?”
    *Suddenly, Level 4 heat”
    Call it an exaggeration, but Ghost Recon’s wanted system is really janky sometimes.

    1. Or as I’ve experienced…

      *snipes Unidad officer*
      *snipes second Unidad… and a third… and a fourth… and fifth…*
      *snipes sixth Unidad, mistaking the direction his buddy was facing* Level 1 heat.
      *waits til heat goes away*
      “Oooo! A cartel member!” *snipes*
      *Unidad sees this* Level 4 heat.
      “What the…”

  19. Hey is the game for children?

    1. Not really, I’ve watched my brother play it and hands can get shot off and stuff…

      1. I meant is there any sexual cutscenes.

        1. I dont think so, there is references though.

  20. SlightlyDramaticLogic

    You’d get yelled at for bumping into a person is Assassin’s Creed, as well.

    Pack up your stuff.


  21. i played rdr2 on a friend’s console, i got arrested for “breaking and entering”, and by that they mean walking into a friend’s house and talking to them for 2 seconds. this is why i dont ever want to buy the game.

  22. I got 10$ for trying to pick up a uncoscious man’s hat, an then 30$ for shooting a policeman.

  23. seems like the perfect illustration of real life people who just get triggers at everything nowadays…..people like these are just plain ol’ retarded in my opinion because why? they abuse their freedom of everything……

    1. Feminism

      1. Just thought you should know...

        ^^ Seriously?!? That was allowed to be posted with THAT NAME?!? The comment is fine, but the name needs to be deleted…

        1. Haaaa it got censored

  24. Wow. I see this website first time in my live. In one day i see all comics. I want to forgot about this and see this again

    1. How do you know that hasn’t already happened

  25. You will make an Super Mario U Delixe comic or what?

  26. Xael the Night Prince

    Note to self, do not get RDR2…

    1. Xael the Night Prince

      And wth happened to the anonamice

      1. I say get it. It’s a lot of fun and It’s got a good story. Just remember to talk to anyone you bump into and choose to “defuse” the situation.

  27. If you accidentally bump into me on the subway I will sue you.

    1. And I’m a global elite on counter strike

  28. Yeah, I’ve killed at least 30 people at random over the road because they didnt say good morning to me and I have maxed out honor. My advice, just apologize when you’re in town and shoot to kill when on the road.

  29. Always stay positive about the future, you haven't been burnt to a crisp. Yet.

    My cousin has this game and I’ve watched him play it and this hasn’t happened (yet).

  30. just die of cancer and everythings good.

    1. Good idea I think i’m gonna do that right now

    2. Sounds educational and fun

  31. Ummmmm
    Glad I don’t play that game

  32. Uhh…What did I do? I wave to a guy and then he shoots me where i stand…what the hell?

  33. I played once, tried to buy a yam thing for $1, accidentally picked it up and was arrested for stealing. Another time, I went into a friend’s house, picked up his flashlight, and was arrested for breaking and entering. What the hell. This game SUCKS when it comes to the stupid honor roll!

  34. What the hell! I hate that game

  35. what is this game?

  36. What the furry is this awful law system that when buy a newspaper you get arrested?

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