Disc Roulette

Everyone points out how poorly Gamercat treats his games, and I'm afraid he gets that from me. I'm not quite as bad as him, but I do swap discs all the time and it drives my friends nuts, particularly when it's time to clean up and we have to backtrack through the release order to find the proper discs.

98 thoughts on “Disc Roulette

  1. You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be
    And now that misery has taken a new stand

    1. I honestly would be happy to help him out, I love fixing disc boxes for some reason.

    2. I do this, but with 3ds and ds games
      Then i can never find any of the ones i am looking for. :(

      1. I also do it to my ds games I once bought Mario kart 8 and I put in in donkey Kong return and I never found it . ( and the case too )

    3. I wonder what quote would you set on an answering machine?

      1. Our fear is gone, we sail to the dawn.

        1. i do this all the time

  2. Wait. That’s not common usage?

    1. Took me 2 years to understand it. I found Patapon 2 PSP disk in God of War box.

  3. Hey what does it mean if you cough up your own kidney?

    1. Means your dying

      1. Wait. Humans die?

        1. Yep, some people die later in life. Unless you make stupid decisions- then you may or may not die a lot sooner then that.

        2. Or, they could’ve just been handed a dud in the genetics lottery. Not all early deaths are the result of poor decision-making (though most of them are).

      2. What if you cough up someone else’s kidney?

        1. Then you both die

        2. Avocado's Number

          Then whoever is in charge of cooking the chicken roast didn’t do a good job.

        3. LOL

    2. Wait, what is a kidney?

      1. It’s a piece of bread

  4. That drives me batshit when people do that.

  5. If only the release order strategy worked for me… I’ve just got to check all of them.

    Great comic tho

  7. Normally I side with Gamercat but this is the episode where Pixel is my spirit animal.

    1. My soul and my spirit will go on
      For all of eternity

  8. The panel 4 explanation makes no sense. TR being in the system is no reason not to put RDR2 in its own case.

    …Wait. Let me guess: Opening both cases would be extra work. He’s that lazy.

    1. Congrats, you’ve figured out the joke.

      1. GoldenDonutzGaming

        [insert Final Fantasy victory music here]

    2. RandomCommenter#1437

      Eh, close enough, its looking for the case that nobody does, besides look at all his games.

  9. I’ve done that before, but only with like two or three games

  10. With a 3ds or a Nintendo Switch, the cartridges wouldn’t be damaged from leaving them on the floor

    1. With two to five cats walking around, along with a human? They won’t be undamaged for long.

      1. Who’s the fifth one?

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          Nano, but she got hit by a truck.

        2. big oof

  11. Carefully go through and check every case. Cases with correct game goes in pile ONE. Separate wrong games and cases and place disks in pile 2 and empty cases in pile 3. Match disk from 2 to case in 3 and place in 1. At end of sort… have Three empty cases and Two games that don’t match them, but you also never bought… one of which seems to be humming on it’s own…

  12. The joy of being organised. Your sanity deteriorates through games rather than their disks/cartridges.

  13. I know a way to solve this problem by not even making it a problem.
    It’s called just playing PC and not having to deal with boxes and discs because all you have to do is flip through your Steam library!

    1. Amen! Or buy it digitally on console!

      1. ya just buy it digitally on console

        1. Unless it’s a Wii U

  14. I’d like to imagine that Sweet doesn’t even keep his cases.

  15. I learned a long time ago to never leave a game out of its case. I can’t play most of my PS1 games because of the scratches and smudge left over from sitting on a shelf data-side-up for months on end. I didn’t take care of my games at all as a kid. As for case cycling it’s just not a very fun time to look through your entire collection because nothing is in the right case so I always make sure I put them back and alphabetize my collection. Organization leads to faster gaming.

  16. Better than what my Mum used to do when she found a disk in the drive. She just took the disk out and put it on the desk. She still denies that her behaviour is why several discs got scratched to the point they wouldn’t work.

    These days, I prefer digital distribution because I don’t have to mess about with swapping discs.

  17. …Pixel is me and GamerCat is my friend in this strip

  18. Tip: Use one of those cases that have lots of flaps for discs. Then you won’t have to worry about getting them switched around!

    1. Thankyouthankyouthankyou

  19. I myself am by no means a stickler for order but putting discs in the wrong cases seems like … trolling yourself, why would you do that? It’s really not hard to put it in the right one … and you won’t have to search for it for hours.

    1. What planet did you say you came from?

  20. Yeah…. I do that a bit myself… I don’t always know where the cases are for games that have been in the system for a while, so sometimes I’ll just put the game in the case of whatever game I switch it out with.

    I’ve been trying to get better about that.

    1. like almost every dose it for example I do it a lot and just play any game I have

  21. That process is entirely too complex. Easy method.
    1. Grab box.
    2. Take disc out of box.
    3. Grab correct box for the disc in hand.
    4. Remove disc from that box.
    5. Put correct disc in box.
    6. Put box in completed pile.
    7. Go back to step 3.

    You just need to handle each box and disc only 1 time.

    1. Thank you for that. Now I know how to organize my stuff.

    2. Ya , what if you lost a box and can’t find a different disc

  22. gotta admit: i love the Disc Roulette xD i really enjoy sorting games, movies, books etc.

  23. Wonder what the annoying fairy would say about this.

    1. GoldenDonutzGaming

      The Annoying Fairy would encourage you to be lazier upon seeing this.

      1. Sounds about right

  24. GoldenDonutzGaming

    I’ve done this with a few of my older Call Of Duty games.
    Mostly because I have two copies of COD: World at War for some reason.

    Little side note: Who still likes World at War?

  25. hahaha me to

  26. When Deltarune?

    1. The site says I can’t post “E” so I had to use my name

    2. You really don’t like deltarune.

    3. Scars of yesterday

    4. Hello 911 yes i would like to order some unsee juice because i have seen S I N

    5. Oh, yeah. Here comes an adequate man among overhyped, high self esteem freaks.

    6. The offices of Charlie Hebdo

    7. Welp… You create GaMERcat? Or why you are always here every day reaccting to new comments? “I’m curious”

    8. I’d rather play a bunch of games

    9. Ok sorry… .-.

  27. That’s totally ME every day

    1. Every day
      my life goes by
      at the speed of light

      1. then how are you not dead

        1. GoldenDonutzGaming

          [insert reason for not being dead here]

  28. I am kind of messy but the worst it gets is me forgetting to put a game back on the shelf for a week

  29. FortniteHater123456789

    EARTHBOUND PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nice name

      1. This will probably be the one and only time I’ll agree with you.

      2. Truly a unique and understandable name

      3. Saul the overhaul

        A name that is both respectable and trustworthy

  30. Wait, isn’t the roulette part of the fun of gaming?

    1. Normaly but in disc roulette it’s tedious even if you win

      1. True. It’s just disc, case, disk, case, etc.

        1. I tend to play whatever is in the case anyway

  31. aw i was hoping it would be above what you said second

    1. 8 minutes late

  32. Probably A Blueberry

    Gamercat’s face in Panel 5 is precious, I thought only Glitch could pull that off

  33. That one time you’re stupid enough to try and get someone to watch something with subtitles

  34. I plead guilty on this. And I do it with music discs and DVDs as well…

  35. I love sorting through stuff like that, it’s calming and it gives a sense of accomplishment when you’re done!

  36. Reach for the world as the sky begins to fall
    Rising through the darkened ashes praying that I’ll see you all

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  38. lol this reminds me when I was younger a friend of mine did this once. I’m so glad this didn’t end up happening though😂

  39. When will they make Gamer Cat play Luigi’s mansion :(

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