Clean Roll

Every time I play Katamari I think how awesome it would be to clean my house that way. But then I think about what I'd have to do with the ball of junk and it ruins the whole thing. Thanks for your patience while I took my holiday vacation! I had a great time visiting my family. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year's :)

118 thoughts on “Clean Roll

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Nuh-nah! Nuh-nah-nah-nah-nuh-nuh-nah nuh-ka-ta-mar-i-da-ma-ciiiii..

    1. Within this land of shattered dreams
      Where the days seem never-ending

    2. what exactly is Katamari Damacy?

      1. It’s a game where you, a prince, have to roll up a giant ball of random things in order to fix the universe and please the Universe King. It’s something along those lines, I can’t exactly remember but I just know that you roll up a giant ball of junk.

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          Its a trippy f*cling game

        2. truer words have never been spoken

        3. RandomCommenter#1437

          I figured someone would say that

        4. Watch your language!

      2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        To elaborate on what Panda said: You are the Prince of All Cosmos, your father The King of All Cosmos is… scatter-brained., and broke the stars in the night sky. He’s lazy and forks the job over to you. Your job is to start with a teensy ball, less than an inch tall (the prince himself is tiny; despite the overbearing height of the King) and collect whatever the King wants to make stars out of. The ball is incredibly sticky, and can gather things much in the same way as seen in this comic. If your ball is bigger than the object, you suck the object, person, creature, or concept… into the ball, adding mass to it, and thus allowing you to gather even bigger objects into the ball. King gives you a time limit, because he’s impatient, and many levels will have objectives to them, such as “grab as many crabs as you can for the cancer constellation” or “grab as many flowers with as little else as possible”. It gets pretty wacky, and the music is top-notch crazy. Listen to the soundtrack sometime. It’s great.
        If you are interested, and have a Nintendo Switch (I believe), the original game was remade and ported over to it. If you have a Playstation, you might even find some of the other titles in the Playstation Store (or even in your local game retail). They are seriously great games. If you wanna look but not buy, to see what it is about, I’d recommend perhaps watching a playthrough of a Let’s Player youtube. Game Grumps has played a fair few of them, and even tried the remastered original recently. Give em a look.

      3. I guess you are more a furry than a gamer.

        1. Shut up Gyro.

        2. Can you stop

        3. Not trynig to cyberbully. But i am not the one writing all caps in the comment section.

        4. Feel the wind beneath the steel

        5. the real question is not how the ball was made but how it started

  2. Happy NEW Year. xoxo

  3. I asked how he got everything stuck together. Wife just looked at me and said, “Hairballs.”


    1. It kinda makes nense. Doesn’t it.

      1. …”nense?”

        1. *dakadence. I meant dakadence.

        2. *sense. You meant sense.

    2. Well she’s not wrong… ;P

  4. This is just so weird but so funny 😂 hahahaha

    1. That’s actually a pretty good summary of the game too.

  5. You wanted Malcom, you got Malcom!

    1. First time in a year

    2. now I have “For The First Time in Forever” stuck in my head

      1. -severe puberty voice cracks- For da first time in FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -destroys the universe-

      2. RandomCommenter#1437

        My little sister watched it and loved it and wanted to watch it a lot after that and I just said NOPE and tossed the case with the disc down the stairs and booked it down the hall.

  6. That must be a fun game! :)

  7. Nooo! The tune!
    Must… block… out!…


      1. To the land of the sun where our journeys begun

  8. RandomCommenter#1437

    Damn, I was late. Then again I sleep till 11:30 (like a normal person obviously would) and this is being posted at 3:00 in the morning so that is to be expected. Anyway, Samantha, you’ve outdone yourself, I figured a month-and-a-half long break would give you a little extra time to think about it.

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      Also sorry if I’m using the wrong name, I just read the “by Samantha Whitten”
      thing at the top

    2. RandomCommenter#1437

      I don’t mean go spend all your vacation thinking about this, jot down random ideas for the comic and relax

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        Random ideas you have during vacation

        1. Like Mega Man comics

        2. RandomCommenter#1437

          Someone’s already said something about mega man weaboo crap, we don’t need this too

        3. RandomCommenter#1437

          Even if I’d be fine with it

        4. Yeah I’m not really a fan of Mega Man anime

          Or anime at all

          In fact anybody who ever is should build a time
          machine and move into a conversation camp.

        5. RandomCommenter#1437

          It’s not necessarily bad though, like who remembers the Pokemon anime (atleast I’m I’m pretty sure its an anime technically)

        6. Have you three heard of language rules?
          NO CURSING

        7. Have you heard of a profanity filter?

        8. Have you heard of tiny children who come upon things without one?

        9. Have you heard of bread?

        10. Dutch(the probable ass)

          Have you heard of potatoes?

        11. Espurr used Post

          Have you heard of the magical Mr. Mistofilees?

  9. Obviously you throw the ball into the sky so it becomes a new star. :D

    1. Just burn it and catapult it into the air.
      That seems like a good idea.

      1. Yeah. There is absolutely no possibility that it will become stuck in a gravitational pull. Or burn itself out. Or destroy the catapult. Or anything else, come to that.

        1. Dutch(the probable ass)

          See you get it.

  10. So you’ll never make an Octo Expansion comic?

    1. Yea-no not happening, she posts about games she’s played and her experience with them, sooooooooo nah fam.

  11. Anyone else expected Glitch to have gotten stuck in that thing?

    1. Who the heck is glitch?

      1. Smol kitty, pale kitty, little ball of fur.
        BC’s bro, fast like a crow, pur pur pur.

        1. Descriptive

        2. @Justin Read the entire series
          It’s not too bad

        3. Thank you for the BBT reference

        4. I thought BBT was a bank.

        5. BBT is Big Bang Theory


  12. That was easy

  13. You can cover up absolutely anything with a carpet.
    Trust me.

    1. Like my cat.

    2. lol Not really, but my cat tries to all the time… barf, poop, food… anything he doesn’t want me to see gets a rug pulled over it. He hasn’t figured out yet that I know where the rug is supposed to be and I know it’s supposed to lay flat. ;P

      1. No, I mean my cat sometimes tries to cover herself with the rug.

  14. Well at least his plan for collecting the junk worked.

  15. RandomCommenter#1437

    Has anyone seen a show or movie with pirate ninjas or robot ninjas or something. I’m asking because I have a game (Castle Crashers, check it out on steam, its cool) that has them and I think its a reference. Anyway I’d like a Casle Crashers comic plz, you can turn off gore so people don’t get angry at you for it “not being true to the game” or something and its kid-friendly (until they find the comments section, that is)

  16. Malcom! I haven’t seen him in a long time. I always liked him.

  17. Wait, where’s Sweet and Glitch…?

    1. Sweet is proboably at his home and Glitch is proboably playing the games he got from christmas

      1. And Nano?

        1. Nano became micro. She’s to small to see now.

        2. Avocado's Number

          She’s Femto right now.
          Micro is actually larger than Nano.

        3. Thanks.

      2. Someone didn’t get the joke :p

        1. r/Woooosh

  18. Why is there a couple of discs, some headphones, a cover for a game, a controler and Glitch’s sweater? That’s not trash (unless those games we’re trash and that controler wasn’t working) espesialy Glitch’s sweater. Didn’t ge wear that last comic?

    1. When someone’s idea of “cleaning up” is rolling everything into a ball, I doubt they’d stop to consider what’s trash and what isn’t… especially when that someone is a cat. I mean cats push everything under rugs and couches and such anyway then meow pitifully at us humans to rescue the beloved toys THEY shoved out of their reach. :P

      1. #relateable

      2. Yeah you have a point there

  19. RandomCommenter#1437

    I read the next on tapas and its this problem but gamer version

    1. bread

      1. RandomCommenter#1437



    1. Live tonight

  21. What language? He said “fucling” last I checked, that’s not a cuss word. Not like “fucking” anyway…

    1. RandomCommenter#1437


  22. Men oj vad roligt Katamari decami ser ut. Det måste jag verkligen pröva.

    1. *demaci. Inte decami.

    2. Långt bort kommer våra ögon nu att se dagen
      För idag, någonsin varaktig eviga solen

      1. Ja men är du svensk? Ah det var ju jätte roligt!

        1. Ingen google translate upptäcktes svenska

        2. Ah så det är google translate du använder. Det var ju hjälpsamt.

        3. Jag måste bokstavligen använda google translate för att ta reda på vad ni sa, för jag talar bara engelska flytande och lite japansk och spansk.

        4. For those of you who had no idea what I said it’s in Swedish and it says:

          I literally had to use google translate to figure out what you guys were saying, because I only speak English fluently, and a little bit of Japanese and Spanish.

        5. Oh, and here is what they are saying (when TimTime10 is saying “men”, I think it should have translated to “man”):


          Men oh what fun Katamari decami looks like. I really have to try it.


          * Demaci. Not decami.


          Far away our eyes will now see the day
          For today, everlasting eternal sun


          Yes men are you Swedish? Ah it was great fun!


          No google translation was discovered in Swedish


          Ah so it’s google translate you use. It was helpful.



        6. My favorite was the lyrics to OGAP

        7. Actualy the word men could be used in different context depending on your meaning. There isn’t a direct translation but the closest i men would come in this context is “Oh wow”.

  23. I wonder if Gamercat is as excited about Anthem as I am.

  24. K A T A M A R I

  25. One wasted man in one wasted land

  26. Oh god

  27. Never posted here before, but just want to say, site admin, please block Justin’s ip. Replying to almost every post with randomity and swearing is not good for the community of a family friendly comic. I used to refer this comic to young ones due to its family friendly gaming humor as that applies very heavily to kids, but with comments such as Justin’s on the page, I no longer want to.

    For the record a profanity filter does not fix the problem because children aren’t stupid. They still know the person swore.

    1. In what way is randomity bad for a community?

      1. Just asking

  28. Samantha, give Hollow Knight a try. You will not be disappointed. Buy it on the Switch btw.

    1. You should also try:

      Mega Man
      Mega Man 2
      Mega Man 3
      Mega Man 4
      Mega Man 6
      Mega Man X
      Mega Man X2
      Mega Man X3
      Mega Man X4
      Mega Man 7
      Mega Man 9
      Mega Man 10
      Mega Man 11

      Did I mention Mega Man 5?

  29. this reminds me of my brain. its a big ball of knowlege, games, names, and circuits, and a bunch of other crap shoved inside my robotic metal head. people think im drunk but my head is heavy. im top eay so i walk all wibble wobble like a sausage with legs and a big fat head. why am i designed so badly?!

  30. I see some non-trash items in that.

  31. Glitch’s sweater is in there… but where is glitch?

  32. I’ve played reroll before

  33. do a clean roll

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