Scoring Points

Kids have this amazing ability to be the sweetest cinnamon roll, then immediately turn it around a second later. And with this it's time for my holiday break! Can you believe how fast Christmas came up? I'm leaving town to visit family for Christmas and New Year's for my first real holiday break in many years, so I'm super excited. I'll be back in January! I hope you all have a great holiday <3

160 thoughts on “Scoring Points

  1. Glitch is so cute in this one! This is a great comic!

    1. Dutch(the probable ass)


      1. Cool a person with brain cells

        1. Unlike you.

    2. Why should he be banned? Also, mature language on the website, you have been warned.

      1. Because the channel is cancerous

        1. How? I looked at the video, it’s not that bad.

        2. 1:It has to do with undertale.

          2:Shitty voice acting.

          3:Took no talent to create

        3. K so don’t watch his videos.

        4. Okay I’ll stop watching them. As will everybody else.

        5. 1. Undertale is a fine game
          2. It had alright voice acting
          3. I doubt you could do any better.

        6. 1:Undertale just takes the attention away from any game that isn’t a mindless peace of ass

          2:The voice acting literally almost gave me ebola

          3:Doubt I could do any better as In voice acting or just
          videos in general?

        7. I meant both, but this disagreement seems to be over, so never mind.

    3. We’re not here to join your crusade against a dude you don’t like

      1. Fine I’ll just find 97 other people who are
        willing to abolish this train wreck of a channel.

        1. Just because you hate a person doesn’t mean you have to get everyone’s opinion on it. look you really hate him because he’s too popular. don’t deny it because it’s true. if you really hate his voice, then try voice acting. it’s harder than it sounds really.

        2. Oh, let’s not go to the ‘you’re just jealous’ angle, i fully believe that Justin just doesn’t like his videos. Which is fine! I’ve never seen them, but he’s well within his rights to dislike them. But trying to get a gang of people on a random webcomic to be his personal brigade against it is dumb.

        3. Not just a gang of people on a random webcomic.
          Also a gang of people on most websites I could find.

        4. So basically, you’re trying to bandwagon other people just so that you can get your way? this isn’t going to happen. just say you don’t like this person and don’t do anything stupid.

        5. Fine. NeonKn!ght sucks.

        6. That’s so hard now is it?

        7. Not really but the petition is gonna have to stay up

          3 people have already spent 4 dollars to sign

        8. What the hell?! the petition got taken down!

        9. Hahahaha
          That’s because of infringing the norm of inciting hatred

        10. Or maybe people are just dicks

        11. Or maybe you are a dick.

        12. I really am

        13. GG making 3 people waste 4$ they ain’t getting back (I assume anyway, idk if there is a money back thing or not)

        14. I actually don’t know if you get money back. I don’t sign the petitions I just create them

    4. Yup, I agree

      1. Hello back

        1. (In response to you saying that undertale is a mindless piece of butt)
          How is it a mindless piece of butt? The music is top notch, the gameplay is really good, and the story is quite thought out.

        2. Actually you know what no.
          There was one music track that was at all decent
          which was H.A.D

        3. The music was okay. But besides some boss fight tracks they are honestly a little forgetable.

        4. RandomCommenter#1437

          Except one… Just one…

        5. Yes. the composition was well.

        6. Otherwise the fact that undertale costs over 75 cents should be a fucking crime.

        7. The fact that you’re saying we shouldn’t be paying enough to Toby Fox for his 2 years of work on the game is a crime.

        8. Yeah whatever thanks for supporting the black plague.

        9. On the topic of game music, I did quite enjoy the soundtrack from the guardian legend for the NES.

  2. HA! that’s funny

    1. Starchaser

    2. It reminds me of old ‘FoxTrot’ comics!
      Cute little Glich!

  3. but Glitch forgot Nano, Malcom and the annoying fairy

    1. Nano got hit by a truck like half a year ago

      1. This has to be a joke, right? Tell me it’s a joke.

        1. Well when was the last time you saw her?

        2. On that E3 comic that released half a year ago.

        3. I think she’s gotten a bit stuck on one of the bosses…

        4. does the boss look like a truck?

        5. Avocado's Number

          Not too long agooOOOH NO

    2. I guess Nano is dead.

      1. *the sun is dead* lyrics

        1. Let’s spam “Nano is gone!” everywhere you can so Samantha will spot a bunch of idiots and memorise somrthing.

        2. Douchebag pointing out spelling mistakes

          Memorise “somrthing”?

        3. guy that follows the crowd for some reason

          Nano is gone!

        4. some other guy that follows the crowd for some reason

          Nano is gone!

        5. Nano is gone!

      2. Welp she’s dead. Where’s her grave?(lol)

    3. some of you are a bunch of trolls.

      1. Set me free from craving the one thing I can’t have inside of me
        But is it all a waste of time?

        1. Butter

        2. RandomCommenter#1437


    4. Uhh screw that fairy

  4. eff the fairy it only have problems



        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          I suppose she did say she was the ghost of Christmas want.

        2. Lawrence Gordon

          I am the ghost of Christmas nothing

          I died of ebola

        3. RandomCommenter#1437

          Did I hear a dead meme?

        4. Lawrence Gordon

          Wait was that a meme?

        5. RandomCommenter#1437

          Lets see if you can get the meme with a hint. Do u no de wae

        6. RandomCommenter#1437

          Also 10 points for using “was” instead of “is”

        7. Lawrence Gordon

          Was the name of the meme “queer”?

        8. RandomCommenter#1437

          The meme was not called queer but the name was a little

      2. No. No it isn’t.

  5. My Steam wish list is:
    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Okami
    3. Stardew Valley
    4. Paladins
    5. Ni No Kuni 2

    1. I don’t have steam.

      1. ah. gotcha.

      2. Bro, keep this kid-friendly.

      3. I could not fucking care less

      4. Well, you should. GaMERCaT is for all ages.

        1. Yeah RIGHT HERE IM 10

      5. Maybe if you decided to grow up and realize that life isn’t about trying to see how many expletives you can fit into a message, you’d feel less angsty. Or at the very least, don’t try to drag everyone into your personal hell. I prefer the weather to be brisk and chilly, not hot and steamy.

      6. Nice name, I like avocados

    2. Dutch(the probable ass)

      Paladins is free…

    3. Chrono trigger is the bomb, never could finish it though

      1. He doesn’t. No ones told him of yet.

        1. Faster we fall if we won’t change at all
          Pray for your freedom and pray for your soul

      2. #FYeahChronoTrigger

        1. #FFXIIIwasactuallyprettygood

  6. But tomorrow’s Christmas! You’re parents and Santa will not be able to get your gifts in time! 🎮🐱

  7. Merry Christmas Celesse

    1. agreed. MERRY XMAS, CELESSE!
      from all of your fans around the world

    2. And a convivial tuesday in april
      to you too pool

  8. This year for Christmas we got limited ad revenue

    1. All I want for christmas is the sweet release of death

  9. ’tis the season for buttering up authority figures.

    1. falalalalaaaaa, lalala la.

  10. Merry Christmas!

    1. Moonclaw DragonForce

  11. Im glad that you are taking more breaks now so yoi won’t burn out again. Have a great christmas!

    1. Sunsets in the western sky

      1. I still do not have an understanding of what your comments are trying to tell me.

      2. We all stand until the end

      3. Okay could you please explain why you are writting sentenses from “Where dragons rule” and some other song?

      4. Because the song is kick ass

      5. And I like fucking with people

      6. Also I can’t even post the entire song

      7. Okay. I have to admit, messing with people like that is pretty funny. I’m gonna go watch small wonder now. Have a nice day!

      8. And listen to soldiers of the wasteland if you have the time bye!

  12. Steam wish list ? It´s a wish list I been some broke for so long for me it is more a buy for my self when I finally get a F-ing job. Anyway great comic as always every time a new one gets out it makes my day.

  13. I just realized how much Glitch has grown over the years.

    First he was playing Pokémon Red in a dumpster, now he’s got a Steam list.

    1. Wonder how old GaMERCaT would look like. Wonder how adult glitch would look like. Wonder how the series will end.

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        I wonder if it will end

  14. Just have him download Warframe.
    And why not do another Warframe comic in the meantime?

  15. Merry Christmas!

  16. Just binged through the hole comic (took me 4 hours maybe 5) i’m really loving it and i can’t wait to see where it goes

  17. glitch is so adorable. if he played pokemon card game thn i would give him some. i got a lot of em, not to brag

    1. *bongocatplaysYT has joined the chatroom* i just sent gamercat a vr game called VR chat. he should try it!

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        Aw hell naw

  18. I thought that Glitch was doing the “randomly write E backwards” shtick, but its very consistent.
    Oh my goodness.
    THEY’RE ALL 3!

    1. Z’s are just sideways N’s

      1. Oh my god MY LIFE MAKES SENSE!!!

    2. RandomCommenter#1437

      Wtf? Are you ok?

    3. 1334 5P34K3R5…?
      Great, now some poor kids with sickle cell and weird skin pigmentation are going to mob the server.
      If you get that reference my sympathies; its not bad but there are more coherent things out there.
      Go read Paranatural or something instead.

  19. I feel a little stupid that i didn’t noticed untill now but GaMERCaT switched to a longer scarf for christmas.

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      I didn’t notice either. I knew something was a liiiitle different but not that.

      1. Our kingdom come, we stand as one
        And we will live for always evermore

        1. Saul the overhaul


  20. Merry six days after Christmas, everyone.

    1. Bread

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        Nutella (yes I will say this every time you say bread)

  21. I’d love to see these guys playing Worms Armageddon. There’s a ton of funny events that can happen in the game. I absolutely love this comic. I both play board and PC games alike and love cats.

  22. 3 reasons to buy someone a gamer a gift card to their favorite store

    1. Lost inside you will never find

  23. allegiance to this game

  24. Happy new year

  25. Saul the overhaul

    *diatant clapping*

    1. Diatant? Seriously?

  26. Hey, Celesse, I know this is old, but can you do a Klonoa comic? First time I saw GC I thought: Thats Klonoa!
    The game reminds me of mario & sonic at the same time, and I think GC likes Mario.

  27. all I want for Christmas is you…

    to get me stuff.

    1. You took that from a comment on tapas

  28. Falling down, my life fading now to the end. One last chance of
    glory in my heart again

  29. Glitch is so cute

  30. Hello :)

  31. I love gamer cat and I can finally comment on him

  32. What the hell…

    1. A day at the park

  33. My steam wishlist is literally 200 games long.

    1. Freaking Vermintide 2 and Hitman 2. (Btw, GC should play those. I can totally see Sweet with a tuxedo and a sniper rifle.)

  34. I agree with your opinion .Hope you share many things.

  35. My favorite bit about Glitch is how he’s missing a tooth. It just adds to his cute rascal look

  36. Gamers gotta game, and nobody knows that better than Gamercat! Master of all consoles, platforms and high scores.

  37. I like to play online games with my colleagues, it creates a lot of fun. My favorite game is roblox free robux online the new version of it, Gamercat.

  38. glitch is honestly my fav character

  39. To the person who made first comment:
    Are you crazy? Come on everyone knows that glitch is ALWAYS adorable!

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