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  1. Happy Valentines day everyone! (…eventually)

    Hope you all enjoy it

    1. Happy Valentines Day!!!!! :)

      1. i don’t care about either of those

        1. GoldenDonutzGaming


      2. some idiot with a laptop

        dude, not to be racist, but its both things at the same time, not many ppl know about black history month.

        1. Black history month doesn’t exist in the U.K. At least it’s not a month and black history is more likely to be about unknown history.

      3. HeY yOu! thUnDERpheONiX! waTCh uRr lanGuagE! hO-hOw boUt’ yoU fUCinG cuT YoR wRis-

        1. you people wanted them shipped or something so the author did a teaser

        2. I feel that’d ruin the comic for a lot of people I think things should just leave it as is


      1. SHIP ALERT D:

      2. Is that their ship name?

  2. I was actually playing a dating sim recently lol
    (i am incredibly lonely)

    1. “Hello darkness, my old friend…”

      1. “I’ve come to talk with you again…”

        1. Also, Come ON! Pixel x Gamercat 4 life!

        2. Its a mean joke… THAT SHOULD HAPPEN!!!

        3. hello………

        4. hi hi hi hi wanna play A Hat in Time

  3. The nitw fanbase is cancer

    1. What’s nitw? Or is it better if i don’t know?

  4. This is the most stupid special day ever existed. Just because of the idea of spreading love. Love is either always or never. If it’s only visible during one day, it means bad. It’s wrong.

    1. Valentines day should be year round… But wait! where else would we get our awesome discount chocolates?!?

  5. I’d say valentines day is the weakest holiday of the four big ones. (Christmas, halloween, easter, valentine). I mean here in sweden it’s barely a thing.

  6. What is NITW?

    1. Googling NITW shows Night in the Woods and National Institute of Technology, Warangal.

      I don’t think it’s the Institute.

      1. What if The Institute is MAKING the NITW sim and is using the fact they are there as a cover!

        1. Night in the woods

  7. Happy Singles Awareness Day!

    1. I don’t get it.

      1. GoldenDonutzGaming

        “Singles Awareness Day” is just a funny name for Valentines’ Day [or maybe it isn’t, that’s just what my common sense makes of it].

        #singlesawarenessday should be featured on GTLive!
        By the way, if you don’t know what the Game Theorists are or what GTLive is, if you have any appreciation for video games, you should check them out, they’re AWESOME.

        1. I know what the game theorist is and it’s pretty good. And thanks fot telling me about the name change.

        2. i dont know what im doing with my life

          [read this next line in an extremely sarcastic voice]
          oH, nO pRoBlEm!

        3. GoldenDonutzGaming

          Btw, glad you like The Game Theorists, I think they’re pretty great too.

  8. Isn’t chocolate lethal to cats?

    1. Yes but cats won’t eat it themself unless they are coaxed into it.

    2. GoldenDonutzGaming

      Oh, really [not being sarcastic here, bear with me]?

      I thought that only applied to dogs.


      1. Yeah i thought the same but then i decided to look it upp and it turns out it’s lethal to cats aswell.

        1. I wonder why

        2. Chocolate contains an alkaloid (A plant-based compound that is made up of mostly nitrogen. It is commonly found in certain drugs and poisons) called “Theobromine.” Chocolate contains a low enough amount of this alkaloid that humans can eat it in moderation. Cats and dogs, however, are way more sensitive to Theobromine so it is not advised that they have Chocolate. Cat can have more chocolate than dogs but still, keep your pets away from it!

        3. Intressting.

        4. GoldenDonutzGaming


          [insert the “the more you know” tune here]

        5. Ha! Nice.

  9. I love all of the faces in this one. I feel like they perfectly portray the emotions of the characters frame by frame

  10. Please tell me he isn’t playing Huniepop or Doki Doki Literature Club

    1. Based on GaMERCaTs face ln the last panel, the color of the screen light and that Pixel asks him to atleast play a dating game we can proboably assume that there will be a half lofe 3 this year.

      1. I.V. in my vein to feel less it’s pain.

        1. Of all the comments to reply to, why mine

        2. Because i saw an opurtunity for a joke and had to take it.

      2. There will be no Half Life 3 because Gabe Newell has triskaphobia, or fear of the number 3.


    2. He’s probably playing Cookie Clicker or something. :/

    3. Huniepop = XXX Love = Scary
      Doki Doki Literature Club = Horror Game = Scary

      1. Actually Huniepop is a creepypasta

  11. i wish i could eat candy, but i am allergic to sugar

    1. We’ll besides chocolate you’re really not missing out. Candy tastes pretty bad honestly.

      1. GoldenDonutzGaming

        Yeah, I feel like chocolate is the only kind of candy that’s done right.
        And most of the time, chocolate isn’t all that great, the only kind I really like is Ghiradelli, they’re really the only company who knows how to make actually good chocolate.

        However, I will say that KitKat isn’t all too bad, I like the wafer on the inside.

        1. Never tried any Ghiradel chocolate. I do prefer marabu chocolate and even then only once in a looong while. Might try Ghiradel chocolate someday though.

  12. I love the occasional shiptease for these two. But alas, Gamer Cat’s true love are games.

    GamexCat is the OTP.

    1. I read shiptease as Sh#tpeice and that made think “wait that?’

    2. I read shiptease as striptease and was really confused

  13. I need to listen to a DF song every 30 minutes so I don't go completely insane


  14. Oooh. Yeah i have seen night in the woods. It’s a pretty okay game but who and why would anyone make a dating sim about?!

    1. Night in the woods was excellent!

      1. It’s Tumblr trash but it’s a decent game. Could go with less LGBT though.

        1. Tumblr trash mammal

          Don’t worry I’m gonna kill myself later

        2. the game is ok i GUESS… but the fandom/fanbase is complete cancer. soo many frickin FURRIES!!!!! NYAAAH! i hate furries. there are quite a few fan dating sims of night of the woods that are cringey. i stopped playing NITW and being in its fandom as soon as i saw the furry army.

        3. SlightlyDramaticPrick

          Houston we have a problem. We have a big problem. Like we have a huge problem and its planet earth okay we need to be nuked!

        4. at least 10% of furries are autistic. yikes.

  15. Well the ship is ruined now

  16. Gamercat plays doki doki

  17. They keep teasing Gamercat and Pixel together and the actual result ends up being something ridiculous

    1. i dont know what im doing with my life

      [insert the most cringey sans fortnite dance in existence here]

    2. well, i can’t reveal whether me and gaMERCat are together or not, but i can tell you that little glitch and nano have been playing quite a bit of games together lately. more than they play with me and gc…


  18. It’s Mark Hudson’s birthday today!

  19. Is there one (even a fanmade) of gamercat and doki doki?

  20. Can you do a Deltarune Comic where Gamercat is dressed as Kris (you can make him blue if you want) meets Ralsei?

    1. Why are so many mother fuckers obsessed over deltarune?

      1. Because it’s made by the same guy who made Undertale (and the title itself is an abagram to “Undertale”), so it’s gonna have the UT fandom pushing it everywhere no matter how mediocre it is.

      2. Because they’re not dead on the inside like you are Justin

      3. GoldenDonutzGaming

        In my opinion, Deltarune is a great game.
        And no, it’s not because I’m a hyper-obsessed fan.

        It’s actually because of Game Theory.
        I watched GTLive’s playthrough of the demo [which is fairly long],
        and I watched all of their videos on what the true story was behind the flashy scenery and the “story”.

        [spoiler alert: the playable story in deltarune is actually just a dream, watch Game Theory’s video for more info]

        1. noob / pro gamer

          I LOVE GAME THEORY!!!!!!!!!

        2. noob / pro gamer

          Also can you give the link?

        3. Crusher of your dreams

          Game theory is usually wrong, have you seen some of the stupid stuff they put up there? Such as the Undertale can story thing.

    2. i think Sweet would make a good Susie

      1. Just recently Deltarune was announced for the Switch!

        1. *Burns down neighborhood*

        2. i dont know what im doing with my life

          Your comment “*Burns down neighborhood*” was posted at 9:11.

          cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrY!!!11!!!!!1!!1

  21. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Brace the doors! HERE COME THE SHIPPERS!

    1. I’ll just sit here in the back with a minigun that fires missiles.

      1. I have 12 grenades

        1. GoldenDonutzGaming

          I have a hyper-nuke to destroy this whole galaxy if anything gets shipped.

        2. I have a flame thrower.

        3. Flame thrower?

          On a cold winter morni-*gets shot*

        4. i have a laser canon from earth taken 3

  22. Does Mass Effect count as a dating sim?

  23. “”””””Kinda”””””” That is an understatement.

  24. GoldenDonutzGaming

    [insert agreement here]

    1. GoldenDonutzGaming

      oops that was a mistake sorry kbyee

  25. I will play RDR2 and Smash Bros Ultimate alone :D Yaaaaaaay

    1. The light for the world will save us tonight,
      Redemption still so far away

      1. In online nobody it’s alone :)

        1. i dont know what im doing with my life

          Quite true!

          [insert more agreement here]!

        2. noob / pro gamer

          yes but it’s creepy though right?

  26. I think my favorite improvement these comics have gotten over the years are the eyes. Specifiacly GaMERCaTs eyes. They always looked a little off in the earlier comics but they have definiently gotten better.

  27. Because we have nothing better to do than argue on a comic strip’s comments.

    1. i agree.

      1. GoldenDonutzGaming

        I feel like I should have something to say, but I don’t.

        [this earns a strange stare from all people in this comment string.]

        I’ll leave now…

  28. Looks like he’s moved on from hitting on girls.

    1. yup.

    2. i dont know what im doing with my life

      ♪ Haaalelujah! ♪

  29. i make candy for a living. i make like.. gummy bears. it gets messy, but, worth it! also on valentines day, i never get cards, or candy. not even a “happy valentines day. _/(;^:)_/

    1. Dang it!

      I’m just a day too late!


  30. Fun fact: Valentine’s Day is one of the most common days people get breakups Happy Valentine’s Day guys and girls! 😃

  31. I am forever alone

    1. Why don’t you see a Scary movie?
      You will not be alone :)

    2. Why don’t you see a Scary movie like… I don’t now but.
      You will not be alone :)

  32. Funny how people who hate something and are willingly advertising it to others who possibly didn’t even know that thing existed and now that whole thing could get more people into it because some people don’t glorify violence like those warhammer 40k fans.
    Let’s be realistic there is always people who doesn’t fit to so call “normal” category and i personally don’t care about them “normal” ones are after all the ones who f**ks with economy and ecology hard so some groups going on with they own life is not even problem unless some idiots starts making fuss and starts gathering hate group now that is going to be a problem.

    1. Hell fires are raging

  33. no i’m waching bird box it enough to last me but… I dont have a valentine never will

    1. “Hello, darkness my old friend…”

  34. You don’t know that

  35. I’m gonna commit vomit.

    1. We’re banished from the time in the fallen land

  36. Now feel your soul burn in scenes of all eternity


  38. Almost read that as Two Wuv (2 Wuv)

  39. I ship this !

  40. This reminds of the guy I read about in Ripley’s Believe or Not who married his Xbox… ^^

  41. Gamxle. Let’s do it. Please. They are adorable together.

  42. GC x Pixel. (If you don’t ship it then get red shelled).

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