All the Templars should quake in fear!

42 thoughts on “CATssassin

  1. Me on the weekends ^^

  2. Kitty also beat the bard? XD

  3. GamerCat should play Skyrim, tooooooo!!!


      1. Yesh :3

        1. no he should play …(dramatic pause)…

        2. …Mario kart!

  4. make one with a nintendo 3ds pleasessssssssss.

  5. or minecraft

  6. My cat’s name is Ezio. He jumps on my back and claws me.

    1. Daegon D. Drakohsen

      Ha! Mine tried that with a Christmas tree…
      It did not end well…

    2. Ha,You named your cat after a character in Assassin’s Creed,cool

  7. Hi. I was thinkin….Would you make some with a girl white kitty that GC really likes? But not more than games, though…..

    Also, from Shukit:

    My cat’s name is Ezio. He jumps on my back and claws me.

    My Adice: Whoop him. Or pet him. Or hit him in the head wwith a rock. Or a boulder. Or your uncle…

    1. In the Journey appears one. And I actually want her to be a real character for GC x3

  8. Wow. Go Gamer kitty1

  9. wow….so cute X3


  11. lol this is tha awesome way 2 kill a mouse!

  12. whateveryouputhere

    Just one logic for this comic: Ezio in Altair outfit.
    If not, then… well…

  13. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  14. imagine that house condition…

    1. I need to listen to a DF song every 30 minutes so I don't go completely insane


  15. This is cute. :3


  17. Especially all the Templar mice!

  18. Youssef da Cat assassin

    This is basically what I did to a Templar once XD :D :) :P

  19. Ha GaMERCaT is awsome use those hidden blades to kill those templar jerks!(ps lol love gamer cat i love cats and dogs but dogs are just….. Never mind

  20. I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

  21. Consider that mouse assassinated.

  22. R.I.P cat 2011-?????

  23. Please add more characters!!!

    1. There ARE more.

  24. Where the check d I d gamercat get that costume!?!? I want one

    1. I mean where the HECK did he get that costume

  25. Very interesting cat characters, interesting comic to read

  26. i want roblox

  27. Thankful to you for this update. I always like to read posts that share useful information.

  28. Fairyamethest it’s 2021 now and he hasn’t done roblox

  29. I want him to do it too

  30. #gacha life character model intensifies

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