Letting Go

It's easy to get overwhelmed in the materialistic trappings of the holiday season. Don't forget to take a little time, walk away from the screens, and gain some perspective on things.

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  1. This was adorable. Also, the message i feel will spark a firestorm of controversy between the half-hardcore and full 24/7 gamers.

    1. I like games and all but it is good to get out after all

      I am a half hardcore gamer

      1. I NEVER SLEEP 24/7 GAMER!!!!!!!!

    2. IDC what it does to gamers on either side. It is adorable and that’s how a kind, loving, and respectable cat owner should act. If I had a cat and they just HAD to sleep on the floor next to me, then that’s where I’d be until I could figure out how to make them comfortable enough to sleep on my bed. Obviously that would never be a problem, but you get my point. <3

      1. Celesse… you realize that were on screens right now?

        1. glich is adorible

          glich is soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!

    3. I guess he ate all of the cat food lol

  2. Four words: Faith in humanity restored.

    That was just adorable.

    1. Agreed, Merry Christmas

  3. Awwww. :)

    Coincidentally, I think I should spend more time outside.

  4. Awesomesauce!

  5. bumblebeetheautobot

    this is so sweet a little family moment i wish my cats were cool like this

  6. CUTE!

    1. Malcolm? Scince when was Gamercat’s owner called Malcolm? Am I seriously out of the loop? I have never heard that the owner was called Malcolm…

      1. I knew that because I saw it on the characters bar.

  7. Hey, I just wanted to say that I love these comics, for a lot of reasons. Thanks a lot for posting them. And happy new year !

  8. Heh, no thanks. I’ve had enough away-from-screen-time for a lifetime..
    Cats would be nice though.

  9. OMG SO CUTE! makes me want to play _animal crossing_ and _little inferno_. j/k, makes me want to spend time w/ friendz… playing _smash bros_. ;)

  10. This was cute. Reminds me of the Christmas one from last year. ‘The miracle you want, might not be the miracle you need.’

  11. LOVE it. :)

  12. It’s already been a year since last year’s COTY – comic of the year imo
    poor glitch getting lost in the snow was making people cry

  13. So now he’s just… Cat?

    1. No, just taking a break. Everyone needs a break every once in a while.

  14. This was the cutest thing EVER… I have a cat myself and it’s too bad he doesn’t play with me like that. TT-TT
    But seriously, I like this owner. He’s the best LOL

  15. fuckin’… glitch… in the snow… form last year… and now this… >.<

    comics that make you laugh, comics that make you cry.

  16. Hng! My heart just exploded from adorable overload.

  17. I once went outside to chase my cat down when he got out. Three blocks and an hour later, I brought him inside, sat him on the couch, and promptly took a nap with him.

  18. It’s always the winter seasons that makes you want to give us heart attacks, isn’t it?

  19. this is awesome. i think it’s my second favorite, after the one glitch chases the letter to santa, gets lost, and gets found again. LOVE it!

  20. I’ma go cuddle with my kittehs now, bye.

    Happy Mew Year from Sassy, Smokey.

  21. Malcom… Will you marry me?
    So cute :3

  22. This is how u spend winter with people :)

  23. I LOVE the look on Glitchs and Gamercats faces as they stare at the fire. Glitch being all “Ooooooo shiny” and GC just losing it.

  24. *Last Panel
    Please put those discs back in the cases.
    Leaving lying about like that causes scratches & if you put them back in the case after use means thay can still be playable for years without a single scratch.


      1. The abused disc’s ruining the moment.

        1. They’renotevenrealshush!

  25. nothing needs to be said

    1. ZeldaGameNerd3101 (11 yrs old)

  26. awwww thats so cute x3

  27. Games are games be it played on a board, on a grassy filed, in the local mall, or on your TV screen. Just remember to now and then take a step back and focus on other things that matter, like having fun with people you care about or seeing to your own health and needs. More often then not the games will wait and be just as fun if not more fun later.

  28. Awwww so cuuuuute *-*

  29. Malcolm is so adorable and such a great owner. I love it!

  30. This is so cute~ <3 I think the real message here is not to let video games consume your life but let it just be a small part of the bigger picture. ^^

  31. Did anyone notice that the TV was still on? Possible foreshadow o_O

  32. How cute! =^_^=
    Their cuteness is over 9000! ;)

  33. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me Gamercat and Malcolm on this particular comic page reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes.

  34. So cuuuute – but why is the guy sleeping on the floor?

    1. Because he wanted to sleep next to the fire.

      Also, this is adorable!

  35. Just look at Glitch the entire time…
    comic enough.


  36. i’m crying right now so much… my kitty passed away a few days ago… he was greyish black with white line down his stomach, like half black half white. he had white stripes down his back and tail and black paws, and i named him retro, the little cutie…
    he is actually my granny’s cat but i love him the most, and ik he loves me!
    please please please could you make just 1 tiny comic strip about him? i used to do all this with him, playing in the leaves at fall…
    please, it would make me really happy if u did

  37. This is incredible. I love this. Malcolm is an amazing owner. I need to take more time off screens.

  38. Dang I need a cat

  39. That was the cutest thing I’ve ever saw.

  40. So cute and meaningful!!!!

  41. … What an utter waste of valuable gaming time. -_-

    1. ZeldaGameNerd3101

      Man, you are coldhearted.

  42. Aww.

  43. That worked. Also, FIRST COMMENT IN DECEMBER!

  44. THE FEELS!

  45. The snow piled up fast for light snow…


  47. Y’know, this did not help me

  48. I love this one. I am going to do this with my cats someday. IT BETTER SNOW!


  50. RandomCommenter#1437

    G.C. in the first panel tho. XD

    But seriously this is adorable.

  51. Been working my way through the archive of this comic and I live it. Characters are funny but their connections and friendships feel genuine. These longer ones are sweet too. And bravo for making Gamercat such a great big brother to Glitxh. Seeing them always warms my heart.

  52. Finally away from the video games!

  53. sleeping here

  54. am i the only one that saw glitch’s eyes become sparkly in panel 15?

  55. Struckzeus I saw it too they looked like they had diamonds in them

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