That didn't last long.

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  1. Yeah this is me too. I have some SNES games that need finishing. And PS1. And PS2. And GBA. And GCN. And…

    1. sounds like mine, except the lack of steam games that i still havent started playing yet.

      1. has 40 steam games only played 15…

        1. i have 70 but i’ve gotten about 50 of them for less then 5 bucks via humdle bundle and free game giveaways

        2. Yeah, that was me a year ago. Now I’m sitting at like 41 out of my 54 Steam games played. Even though I knew I had a huge backlog I couldn’t stop buying new ones, ha.

        3. still haven’t played any of my nintendo 64 games and i got them in 2018

  2. It looks like GC got everything he wanted for Christmas.

  3. Reminds me of my game library. I may or may not have bought games from *cough* Steam sale. I eventually stopped buying every game that was on sale. I realized that I had more than enough games to keep me entertained, and Steam sales will probably happen again when I need more games.

  4. That paper bag is breaking the fourth wall.

    1. I think the left one is the 3rd they draw. XD
      Top and bottom, first and second, and the right one fourth to finish the frame.

      1. I think DongXpander is referring to the 4th wall as when an actor in a move or play interacts with the audience. Meaning they ignore the imaginary “wall” that keeps the actors from the audience. Example

  5. I actually recently came to a realization like this. All throughout my break, I wanted to finish my back log, but I was having so much trouble really doing so. I came to the realization that I shouldn’t play these games to complete them, I should play them to enjoy them. That, and the realization that I don’t need to buy and play every good game out there has helped me relax a lot.

    1. “I shouldn’t play these games to complete them, I should play them to enjoy them”

      This, so much! Me too; a couple of months ago I was thinking about my motivation to play games and I came to exactly same conclusion – and that’s why I stopped playing Pokémon and I just throw away (not literally :D) games I don’t enjoy.

      1. You know, I really have to remenber this for the next time that Steam starts a new sale!

        1. Tell me about that. I have about 3 games from GOG sales which I never even installed. And I thought I’m immune to sales (except games I specifically wait for them) -.-

  6. that’s not actually how you use a paper bag…

  7. Heh, I’ve always felt like I had a decent amount of money but videogames cost an order of magnitude more than other things I buy, so that’s always been easy to curtail.. Buying more than one at a time is like buying more than one car per person. and i’ve never had more than one console in a generation..

    hmm i bet gamercat is about to play with that paper bag.

  8. Whatever; the material plane is for mortals anyway.

  9. >playing on the Game Boy
    >asking about another person’s backlog
    I don’t think you’re ready to judge, buddy.

    1. Except that one game is his entire backlog.
      I wonder if he’s upgraded from Magikarp to Gyarados or Goldeen or Seaking…?

  10. Hey Celeste, What voice do you imagine your Characters would have?

  11. I used to feel that obsessive with the backlog – though being a completionist for so long will make you privy to finding ways to cope with the internal pressure. Right now the only thing I worry about is not being able to play a game before everybody else stops playing it. Like when I finally got money for Animal Crossing, nobody played it anymore and webcomics stopped making fun of it. Apart from that I only worry that I can’t buy a game before it stops being sold.

  12. Can I please translate your comic for website with funny pictures/comics?

    1. Sorry, I lagged

  13. Can I please translate your comic for a website with funny pictures and comics?

  14. gran comic me lo vi por casualidad y desde ese momento me gusto sobre todo el del gb color cuando conoce a glich sigue asi es lo mejor que hay y hay mensajes muy buenos sigue asi eres lo maximo crees que podrias ponerlo en español

  15. do a comic where gamer cat is playing resident evil(code veronica would be cool).

  16. That’s basically me when I can’t play video games at home. A similar occurrence happened when my parents said I can’t play Halo until I’m a teen yesterday or the day before.

  17. My backlog is crazy, ranging from NES to present on all platforms. x.x

  18. but what if i like the virtual world more than the real world because the people I meet are more friendly?

  19. O_O. Aiyaa….. this is so me T_T

  20. Triple curse you fairy

  21. thank god i use cloud vrison of games so i don’t need to tide it up or anything >:)

  22. more moveing things!

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