Strings Attached

Glitch sure is talented.

35 thoughts on “Strings Attached

  1. Once in a Blue Mew

    This current generation…. so silly

    1. I think I misspelled my name

      1. Once in a blue Mew

        Did I find it?

        1. Once in a Blue Mew

          I FOUNDZ IT

        2. Once in a blue Mew

          lol no

        3. Case-sensitive?

        4. Once in a blue Mew


        5. Doesn’t work

        6. i guess its harder than it seems…..*disappears*

        7. I’m a mew too! I’m less special, as im not a shiny.

  2. looks like the ball of yarn has a glitch

    1. ha ha ha LOL Glitch

    2. Bu-dum Tss

    3. IndigoWinngedWolf

      While I understand your joke, I’m curious as to how he managed to get himself into that big of a mess in the short amount of time GC was gone.

      1. well we don’t know how long he was searching on google…

  3. They know about that bug but they left it there because it’s so funny. :P

  4. Instructions unclear, glitch caught in yarn.

  5. Littke does anybody know, this is more than likey a reference to a game that is probobly called “yarn simulator, [enter year here]”. Probobly why all the yarn got caught by litterally nothing. Also this references a comic oh so long ago.

  6. Cuteness!!!Do some “manual” gaming :)

  7. All that’s missing is a catnip toy to send them into a frenzy.

  8. I was wondering what ever happened to that thing. Well now we know.

  9. Allen Swordweaver

    BallofYarn used entangle! It was very affective!

  10. Do you think their will ever be a plush of Sweet and and Pixel one day?

  11. Maybe they should just stick to gaming. Poor Glitch. :(.

  12. Okay, glitch. Roll a dex check to play with a ball of yarn… *roll roll* …aaand crit fail.

  13. When game start to be dangerous, dangerous boys start to play. ;)

  14. is there a walk through?

  15. is there a walkthrough?

  16. The “Next” and “Last” links are broken.

  17. A wild ball of yarn appears.

  18. That looks like fun…..

  19. They are more gamers than cats. THEY EVEN HAD TO LOOK UP HOW TO PLAY WITH A YARN BALL! HOW HARD IS THAT?!

  20. Spider-Man Physics! What’s that string attached to?

  21. If you google “Instruction manual for yarn,” you can get some pretty crazy stuff.

  22. Also, does Malcolm have an iMac?

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