Too Real

Cats seem to go to the most happiest of rainbow lands when they get catnip. All that joy appears to exhaust them though.

46 thoughts on “Too Real

  1. I saw this just after todays game theory. They will play metal gear again soon.

    1. if they had eaten them they would have gotten sleepy!!! i is smart! ^3^(lol!)

      1. Like sugar ( he he never happens to no matter how much) Crash and burn my feline friends, crash and burn.

    2. My grandma actually has catnip. She calls it kitty crack.

      1. “wE cAn Go BaCk To CaTnIp NoW . . .”

  2. If they’re going to get lost in the “game” anyway they might as well play some games :P

  3. I hope they don’t try and take that stuff while playing their games.

  4. Gamercat and Glitch are high on life! And catnip, mostly on catnip.

  5. Who all else saw this one coming?

  6. You missed the chance to make an Earthbound reference!

    1. Ooo, yeah.

      Also, I’m pretty sure people like to play things like Katamari Damacy when they’re tripping balls.

      1. I can also testify that that statement is indeed true.

  7. Ermahgerd! Glitch’s tweaker eyes in panel 3.

  8. i bet later theres gonna be a struggle between game addiction and catnip

  9. make the stoned one a background :D :D
    its what the work pc REALLY needs.

    1. And as an ending panel after gamercat says they can go back to video games now. have glitch vomit. He hasn’t done that in a while after all.

  10. We’ll play a game… just one more sniff… Merow!

    1. No GaMERCaT not again you’ll go crazy no Glicth

  11. I would love to have seen the stoned panel animated

  12. This comes off to me more like being drunk then being stoned. They look like they woke up with a hangover after a night on the town.

  13. So… they got high LOL They’re cute when they’re high.

  14. Video Games:
    My anti-drug.

  15. Stay away from drugs, guys…

  16. they got high as f*ck

  17. The 4th panel should be a PC wallpaper.

  18. when i got to this page, Hamster Dance came on (don’t ask why i have it i just do)

  19. catnip’s one hell of a drug

  20. that drugs


  22. Wow catnip is one hell of a drug

    1. So true… (<..>) give meeee!!!

  23. Catnip seems to be like Crack but ‘cat edition’ so… they should’ve made an advertisement for catnip where it goes, ” ‘ Catnip! The Crack for Cats!!’ ” ?

  24. I swear, catnip is like drugs for cats.

  25. play the nyan cat music in the rainbow panel it makes it better

  26. No one knows how cats acrually feel around catnip, but this is a good guess

  27. RandomCommenter#1437

    Catnip, A.K.A, Catweed.


    1. o.o

  29. catweed has become

  30. Glitch it international good boi

    Glitch’s face in the third panel

    am love

  31. Ya know, I once tried catnip and something similar happened.(Just replace the coins with Sonic ring and the fairies with Buzz Bombers and you’ll get like 25% of the picture.)

  32. Catnip is kitty cat drugs.

  33. how it fells to chew 5 gum

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