Bad Babysitter

Malcolm really shouldn't leave his credit cards laying around like that.

40 thoughts on “Bad Babysitter

  1. I highly suspect that my cats might do something like this periodically…

    1. Uh… that or your credit card number was stolen.

      1. Either way, it’s not good…

    2. Poor Malcolm

      1. i’d put mine in a locked vault!

        1. she would get through that!

        2. glich is adorible


        3. His eyes XD

    3. Your actions have made you more evil . . .

  2. Glitches encounter with the fairy seems reminiscent of molestation. Just like last time… stranger danger, keep out of the back room.

    1. D the (Questionable) Fox

      Why? It’s dark and cozy and has free candy!!!

  3. Celesse, do you think you could introduce any dog characters in the future for some extra variety?


  4. The same thing happens to me, except its gaben telling me to buy all the steam sales…

  5. The same thing happens to me, except its Gaben telling me to buy everything on sale….

    1. relatable

  6. They were excited over 33% off (buy 2 get 1 free) and 50% off sales. Are they ready for the 75% off that is common on Steam Sales ?

    Are they ready for the horrors that have been dredged up from the depths of Greenlight ?

  7. I highly dislike this fairy you speak of!

  8. Aw, his wide, innocent, highly-reflective eyes… poor kitten. Getting sucked into the retail vortex.

  9. I don’t think Malcolm is going to have to worry about owning a credit card much longer if nobody stops that fairy

  10. I need to make a healing potion… *grabs Fairy and looks for a blender*

  11. I love how everyone’s commenting on the fairy, while I’m over here thinking, how did Pixel and Gamercat even manage to buy the games in a store for people? Disguises? Did the store owner simply not question the cats? :o

  12. Well it’s the influence of the internet. Nobody questions cats anymore. You get too busy thinking of funny captions to realize you just leased a 4 bedroom Victorian to a Calico and Manx.

  13. I just love the community these comics have. Gamercat should really be in the Sunday comics.

  14. heres some awsome stuff for games

  15. Looks like a certain cat owner might go into crippling debt after this. That, or the færie hocked some cards off of someone. Either way, no bank is gonna believe a færie told a little kitten to do it.

  16. Glitch, you’s a bad cat for sure. Don’t listen to the fairy.

  17. A 100×100 icon on Glitch in the last panel would be amazing! xD

  18. Is it just me, or has gamercat’s scarf been getting longer since the first few strips?

    1. this is gamercat winter edition


    1. I SO AGREEEE =^>v<^=


  20. oh noooooooooo

  21. Tsk, tsk. Total Demon of gaming temptations. I am never wrong with my temptation demons

  22. Navi.

    I swear to gosh.

  23. Glitch is best boi

    I hate the real Navi

    “Hey! Listun! For just 1.99, you can get the best video games!”

  24. hey this was made on my birthday

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