Best Toy

Silly human, yarn isn't for gamer cats.

47 thoughts on “Best Toy

  1. lo siento, a veces la vida tiene sus decepciones

    1. Asi es la vida….
      Del caprichosa…
      …Lo siento, tenia que hacerlo =]

      1. translation: this is life… from the whimsical… sorry, i had to do it.

        1. 2nd thing i translated.

    2. translation: sorry, sometimes life has its disappointments.

      1. glich is adorible


      2. 1st thing i translated the 2nd time.

  2. GaMERCaT is like “Hahaha NOPE.”

    1. hey this is the only uncensored curse word

      1. Except… Hell is a place.

        Religiously, and there are a few cities named Hell. Some of them freeze over quite often.

        1. okey but he was using it as a reference

        2. No Ablo Español

          Someone plz use google translate and get back to us…

    2. brystal evergreen

      i love gamercat but where is his girl friend?…

  3. I can just imagine this conversation going on: “GaMERCaT, you’re supposed to play with that.” GaMERCaT: “Are you sure?”

  4. Then Glitch comes in and he’s like “OH BOY!!! YARN!!!” *GLOMP*

    1. Then he swallows some yarn then…. BARF!

      1. You really think that’ll happen again?

        1. Idk, that’s kinda his thing

  5. Imagine if he could eventually understand Gamercat….

    1. Gamercat works a job where he types, so… He’s probably keeping it a secret.

    2. GaMercat should get phone

  6. Gamercat: YEEEE- no… =_=

  7. The owner actually looks kind of cute. O///O

  8. There should be a gamer girlfriend who eventually moves in with Gamercat’s owner. Plot twist: she has her own gamer cat who is constantly competing with him (including trying to teach Glitch how to be a gamer). ^.^

  9. HHNNNNNNNGGGGG I kinda need more of these. A lot more. All of them more. So amazing. So adorbs.

  10. Izzy, Navi already does that though.

  11. This page made me chuckle.

  12. GaMERCaT: The only cat who doesn’t know how to be a normal cat. It’s funny!


  14. I think I just figured out why my cat doesn’t play with the toys I get her.

  15. Saw this on cheezburger about a week ago. Do you have an account? Can we be friends?

  16. My mind knows it’s funny, but the rest of me says it’s hilarious.

  17. Welcome to my world. My Persian cat doesn’t like to play, although he doesn’t game, he sits on my lap when I’m playing Borderlands 2! He’s fluffy, his name is Titan and from what I heard from his last owner, (Got him about 5 years ago, he’s about 14 now!) he used to be a show cat. Interesting…

  18. GASP!!! He said a bad word to his person!


    1. not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not


  20. oh just wait until he plays with it, and gets all bound up :P

  21. Try a scratching post. We all know gamers doesn’t mind scratching people…

  22. Human be like “I’m the best owner ever” Gamercat be like “Nah jack!”

  23. I feel like that after playing on electronics a

  24. parents: we got you some pants!
    me: the hell is that shit?

  25. They eventually use it and get high…

  26. I love these comics, but yarn is actually really dangerous for cats! Because their tongues are made to hold onto food, the yarn can get stuck, and their solution is usually to swallow it, but because it’s a long string, it can choke them and/or mess up their intestines.

  27. Glitch did come come though and he did ba-q he djaisiejensjajamsjdjkmwma Glitch, not on the keyboard!

  28. It would make more sense if the yarn was red

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