Child’s Play

Apparently a lot of gamer parents do this when their rugrats are bugging them to play.

47 thoughts on “Child’s Play

  1. Thats definitely something i would do if i had children

    1. Me to mini-me: “I need your help, when the big alien comes on the screen, push as many buttons as you can!”

      1. i actually do this to my siblings XDXD

    2. Kitty cat snackadee snack snack

      My dad did dis to meh after a year or so i finaly found out that it was fake *sigh* im not very bright lol

  2. My older siblings definitely did this to me when we were kids.

    1. I did it to my little brother. I said the batteries were BADeries and he shouldn’t use them.


    1. Dat face tho…

    2. Kitty cat snackadee snack snack

      Take dat gamercat
      I dont mean to rime but i do it every time
      Im a poet and u didnt even know it
      Ok dis is getting old

  4. Is it just me, or does gamercat look a lot like a certain late game plot significant charActer in ghost trick?

    1. She mentions that in the FAQ (in the About page), also mentioning “the cat from Nichijou, Chococat and (insert other random characters here)”

  5. If you click “prev” or “first” it takes you to a page full of wingdings! Is this a bug or intentional?

    1. Yeah! The same thing happens to me!

      1. Reindeer Floatilla

        That happened to me when my sister and I tried to get on the website for a couple days.

        1. No way! Me too!!!

    2. same for me lol

    3. same for me lol wow

    4. OMG me too! W.D Gaster confirmed

      1. I don’t know if anyone else can read wingdings, but I can!

        1. What does it say?

  6. My sister used to do this to me apparently! Ha ha ha! I was reading it and going “Well, apparently EVERYONE does it!”

  7. Lolz, my stepfather used to do this a lot with my little sister. It was adorable to see her trying to win.

  8. Omg I do this with my little brother all the time XD

  9. I unintentionally did this to my sister when we were kids. The beat-em-up Final Fight arcade game was for two players, so when I got the Super Nintendo game I thought it would also be for two people. It took us a decent amount of time to realize the second person, be it me or her, was not actually doing anything. Ah, to be a kid again.

  10. ha! I do this with my nephew XD FFXIV is his favorite so far

  11. I did this with my niece for Super Mario games from NES thru 64.

    1. Is…
      Is that an Unversed logo?

  12. Yeah we did this for tiny little kids who weren’t old enough to play properly.
    If I ever manage to have kids I’ll be happy to play with them no matter what T_T

  13. must remember this.

    1. Yeah. I’m the oldest of 5 so this has come in handy.

  14. Same sun

  15. I do this with my 3 year old cousin. Was playing Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday and he’s hammering away on my Xbone controller. I was trying to shoot a rabbit and he starts yelling “Wait I wanna kill the bunny I wanna kill the bunny!” Kinda weirded me out, in that Damien from The Omen sorta way.

    1. O.O

      Yikes… :(

  16. This is 100% something parents do; I’ve a friend who’s done this with his two boys and it’s a nice way for them to have time together and for Dad to unwind with some gaming at the same time.

    I love the recurring digs at GamerCat not being as grand a gamer as he thinks he is lol.

  17. I remember one time my dad did something similar–he called me in to show me how incredibly well my 3-year-old brother was doing playing one of the games on our Original Xbox (thank you, Microsoft, for confusing the issue with the release of the Xbox “One”). My bro was banging away on the controller and surviving the game on Ultimate difficulty. So, I’m shocked, can’t figure out how baby bro is doing this…
    Then I realized the Xbox wasn’t on.
    The VCR, though…

    Dad had recorded a session of him playing on Ultimate to a tape (remember those?), put it in, handed my bro the controller, and just let the recording play.

  18. I remember this happening with me and my friend once…

    (It was really funny when he realized what had happened)

  19. I can say this does work on some kids. My dad did it with my little brother for a long time.

  20. Have you done a fivery comic special on skull girls? I would love to see that.

  21. Seriously though at least do one skull girls comic plz. (P.s. your comic is the all time best in my opinion. Stay awesome.

  22. Yea, this trick never worked on me. And I’d let them know, too. My parents, uncles, cousins… All learned that I was smart and dedicated to games at a young age. My uncle actually did this exact thing once. I gave him the controller back after I beat his score and told him thanks for sharing. Lol

  23. I used to do this to my little sister XD

  24. I hate how this trick doesn’t work anymore they got wise to it

  25. I used to tell my niece she was playing the bad guys.

  26. Please play World of tanks as a gaming option

  27. My kids were to smart for this. xD they had it figured out that they weren’t actually playing super early on and I had to just start kicking them out of the room when they got to annoying.

  28. My dad did the same thing to me and my siblings, when we bugged him about it. It didn’t fool me but I still pretended i knew nothing

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