I think we've all experienced the anxiety of waiting for a game by mail.

43 thoughts on “GIVITOME!

  1. I CAN COMMEEEEEEEEEENT!!!!!!!!!! =^_^=
    I waited this moment for too much… i REALLY love this kitty! <3
    Yes, i know he is a boy… i like him like a little kid, to hug and cuddle. ;)

    P.S.: the postman has got still his eyeballs? ^_^'

    P.P.S.: i'm italian. ;)

    1. Redwaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!

    2. OverlyDramaticLogic

      How are you always first, though

      1. rip mail man this must be dark souls he died by gc

  2. Aww this is such an adorable comic. ^_^

    1. yeah, I love how gamevault’s mascot seems to be a bunnyXD.
      I ordered my first ever zelda game today, but I’m to big to sit on my mailbox.

      1. Lol me too m8

  3. Awesome~ I’m so glad you set up this site…I LOVE GaMERCaT! it’s so assdfdgghjh adorable!!! xD

  4. Yay! Finally the site! :D <3

  5. GAAAUNT!!! =^_^=
    Nice to meet you here, my friend.
    When you restart YOUR site, lazy boy? ;)

  6. I love this so much. SO DAMN MUCH. :D

    1. It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides pragmatdsic solutions.

    2. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

      Please don’t swear…

  7. Super ArTuRo GaMeR

    is so cute

  8. Super ArTuRo GaMeR


  9. Super ArTuRo GaMeR



  11. Hahah! I know the pain all too well. First Osu Tatake Ouendan 2, then Catherine.

  12. This was me with Skyward Sword. I’d meant to have it sent to Gamestop, but got home delivery instead. I practically lived on my doorstep for two weeks.

  13. Lo amo!
    Pon a ese humano en su lugar ¬¬

  14. Shouldn’t the mailman just leave it in the mailbox though? Since when does a human need to be there standing beside the mailbox to greet the mailman in order to receive the mail? Unless it requires signature confirmation, of course.

    1. He would have left it in the mailbox if he wasn’t accosted upon arriving at it. GaMERCaT was waiting eagerly for it, he wasn’t there to sign for it or anything.

  15. Game Vault is actually the name of a locally owned game store in my area.
    Their logo doesn’t look like that though.

    1. because is a fake or a imagination version of Gamestop.

  16. Postman Pat is really luck because he not deliver post, If he deliver post he must fate like poor postman was beaten by Cute CAT in up there =) LOL

  17. i dont now were his eyes went

  18. if GamerCat would put a sign that a cat will be the one to get the mail, I will lolled by now.

  19. Wonder what the game was?

    1. It’s Ocarina of Time, from the previous strip.

  20. Hah, all the other fake GaMERCaTs have forgotten their own website.

  21. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    GamerCat’s problem= Gameitis
    Cure= ….playing and owning in videongames

    EH, I don’t think he has any problems *nod nod*~

  22. He might want to think about joining gamers-anonamous! NaaH!!

  23. I want panel 5 to be a poster.

  24. Couldn’t wait for him to leave it on the porch, could you, Gamercat?

  25. LOL. I just want to read these forever. These are great

  26. Shut up and give it to me!

  27. Imagine a cat clawing out your eyes

  28. I ♥️ these comics

    Yeah, it’s not kitty food, it’s catnip…
    at least, what GaMERCaT considers catnip.

  29. Omg. We all have our days…. I get that weird saying now!

  30. haha poor postman

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