High Hopes

Nobody wants you, Zubat. I like the surprise factor of eggs in Pokemon Go. I was going to give Gamercat hopes for something grander than a Pikachu, but it's the "best" one that can come out of an egg that would also spit out a Zubat.

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  1. Done this far too many times…But, on the plus side, my legs are like tree trunks now! \(^O^)/

    1. Dont do skip-everything-but-leg-day

    2. I HATE YOU GC! *picks up zubat* i’ll adopt you~ *later evolves into crobat!* GC: aww man!

      1. it would also hatched into PICHU then evolved into PIKACHU

        1. that_kid_that_oofs

          This was before gen 2 aka johto Pokémon were out in go dude.

  2. poor Zubat

    1. I know right! isn’t the whole point of this game that every pokemon is worth something?

    2. It only wanted to be GaMERCaTS kid why its so cute and he through it away T.T

      1. a Pokemon… that is gamercats kid???? seriously?

        1. why do you have a link to gmail on youre name?

    3. I love Zubat, although it’s annoying when they’re EVERYWHERE and constantly swooping down to attack

  3. I HATE Zubats…. and yet… I feel so sorry for this one :(

    1. me to exept i dont HATE them i just dont like them as much as other Pokemon

      1. and yes its sad *scrolls up looking at the zubat in the trash wile lisining to sad violin music*
        … yes so sad :(

        1. the face of a vary cruel person is gamercat’s face in the 2nd to last panel

        2. it is also the face of disappointment

        3. this is me one year ago I was so bad at spelling

  4. I want to adopt the Zubat in the last panel, please!

    1. same

      1. Yes it looks so sad I want to help it and evolve it to its next form and show GaMERCaT he could have had it but was to selfish and wanted a pikachu instead.

  5. Such amazing

  6. That poor poor Zubat.

    1. Ayyy that profile pic tho

  7. actually the starters can come from 2k eggs and you’re gonna want all them bonus egg candines to fully evolve them… so squirtle charmander and bulbasaur are the best you can hope for from 2 k eggs

    1. I thought pikachu and zubat came out of a 5k egg?

    2. Pikachu is a starter. It’s in the 2k egg group.

    3. Pikachu IS a starter, though. It (and Zubat) both come out of 2k eggs. See? http://www.serebii.net/pokemongo/eggs.shtml

      1. That chart is slightly off

  8. Who else wants to have a little series about Glitch before GaMERCaT found him?

    Might be a feels trip but I really want it.

  9. I’m going to train a level 100 zubat team and a level 100 rattata team, because why not?

  10. Kids, ruining your expectations since the beginning!

  11. *Plucks Zubat out of the trash and brushes it off, then cuddles it* It’s okay, Zubat. *I* want you.

  12. ok i want to see more kirby comic’s plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    But Crobat is a good pokemon. D:
    I know you Pokemon Go-play-a-real-game players don’t have those yet, but I’m sure they’ll eventually have all 720+ at some point. Better stockpile those zubats now to sacrifice for one really powerful Crobat in the future.

  14. Given the sheer number of times I’ve bred Pokemon and not bothered to hatch all the eggs right away, and stuffed the remaining eggs in the PC to hatch later… eggs in the main series can have even more of a surprise factor! “Is this a Bunnelby with Huge Power? Is this a Nidoran in a Love Ball? Maybe a Purrloin with Foul Play and Pay Day? …Nope, it’s an Eevee with Wish. Time to go evolve this so it can have actual trade value.”

  15. But… I love bats owo

  16. Dude! Golbat isn’t that bad!

  17. My hatched zubat borned with high potential, I kept it cauase i want him to become a incredible Crobat.
    This is the first Comic strip i’ve seen from you, i really liked these cats.

  18. That was actually the first Pokemon that I hatched out of my egg.

    1. A pikachu **

  19. Zubat evolved into Pokemon version of Glitch

  20. WTF is everyone’s problem with Zubats!!? They’re numerous yes, but they’re good flyers with a poison element to boot, good for those Fairy Types! Their evolutions Golbat and Crobat are turn Zubat from good to excellent especially once it learns moves like Cross Poison and X-scissor! All this hate for Zubat is really getting old!!! *Sorry, Zubats are my go-to pokemon when I start a journey, they may not be my favorite pokemon but I really do appreciate them a lot!*

    1. They are good, if I had to have a Crobat or a Richu, I would pick the Crowbat. But keep in mind Pokemon Go is from Gen one only. I may have the facts wrong but I don’t think Crowbat was in Gen one.

  21. Hmm, I’d really like to see glitch playing first DMC game…

  22. im the only one who likes bulbasaur durant zubat or anything in pokemon i bet its weird i bet you wouldt say zubat sucks in front of lunala thoe(new legendary!)

    1. Durant and bulbasaur are BEAST

  23. WHY does everyone hate zubat

    1. I know how you feel BananaSandvich, I know how you feel

  24. so relatable!!
    i got a 77 hp Eevee out
    of a
    10 KM EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. At least you’ve gotten an egg…

  25. GIVE ME THE ZUBAT !!!!!!!!!-

  26. This Zubat is the new Prom Night Dumpster Baby. Lmfao And, no, I’m not trying to be insensitive. It’s a Family Guy reference.

    1. You beat me to the reference! >~<

  27. *sad violin death sound.* why would you do that? Seriously I treat every pokemon I raise like a child. I mean seriously I would at leat put him in the pokemon storage at the pokemon center.

  28. Omg zubat is the worst Pokémon

  29. Awww Poor Zubat.

    1. Did you just assume that bats current economic status?

  30. This reminds me of my mom when I was born

  31. Is this pokemon go? ‘Cause if it isn’t, then Gc doesn’t know how to have his pokemon breed. That, or he thinks he found a ditto in bat form.

    1. LockShockBarrel, if you would actually look at the description and tags you would know these things.

  32. Zubat isn’t my favorite but that’s so mean

  33. i would love zubat if it always looked that cute

  34. Zubat isn’t one you should throw away!! It’s so cute!!!

  35. What if it was a Pichu instead?

  36. Why don’t people want Zubat just because it dosen’t have eyes?

  37. Crobat has

  38. I feel so bad for the Zubat. :(

  39. Zubat is cute it’s so underated

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