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Is this like a participation trophy? Game: Magikarp Jump

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  1. I am definitely missing a reference here, but jumpy Magikarp town does sound super cute!

    1. There is a mobile game called “Pokemon: Magikarp Jump”. I think that’s all you’re missing here.

      1. hoppy town’s name was a last-minute change from “carpsville”.

        1. maybe because some people would have read it wrong ¬_¬ *_*

        2. I play magikarp jump, Its fun! Try it :) (its an app on phone and tablet)

      2. my friend liked that game

    2. I play magikarp jump, Its fun! Try it :) (its an app on phone and tablet)

      1. Whoops, sorry, wasn’t looking when I posted two comments by accident..

      2. y-you said that- oh,… its ok

  2. samurai jack reference, check

    1. Leader Aku: Your Magikarp knows “Fly”?!
      Trainer Jack: No; Jump good.

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus


  3. That fluffy waffle

    I got a shiny magikarp in that game :/

  4. Inserttrashartmusiclifehere

    I would love to high five a satellite :/

    1. is a cheap way to send food and replacement to astronuats.

  5. Ooh, I like that you are referencing what game GaMERCaT is playing in the descriptions below now! You should do one where GaMERCat does one of those pokemon challenges (like nuzlocke challenge) for an old game that he’s bored from. Not sure if he would be interested in doing those though.

    1. I try to tag the comics with the games, so if you check them you can usually find what it’s referencing :)

      1. you kinda overtagged the latest one tho. it was tagged nintendo, AND you decided tagging the console was suddenly nessecary.

  6. But… isn’t that useful? I’m pretty sure the NASA would be very interested in fishes like that.

    1. There are no space stations in pokemon universe.

  7. Pokemon Go was the Pokemon phone game we thought we wanted.

    Magikarp Jump was the Pokemon phone game we really wanted.

    1. ya… but the fishing pole looks like a POKEBALL

      1. IT ALWAYS HAS… look at the fisherman sprites in the early(Gen 3) Pokemon games, or the rods

  8. I just realized who’s voice I’ve been giving Gamercat: Edward’s from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    1. William Shamamamamamamamamamamma miaa

      That works so well ??? oml

  9. Insert insert here joke here

  10. This game is clearly a rip off of the magikarp mini game from pokémon stadium

  11. Gotta admit, I keep playing in the hopes that maybe, maybe someday I can level my Magikarp up enough that it will become a jumping Gyrados…

    1. If you tap on it enough, you break the everstone it’s holding. At which point it evolves into a gyarados at level 20+. Its basically a forced retirement though, as gyarados isn’t allowed to compete

  12. So is this game like Flappy Magikarp or somethin?

    1. That fluffy waffle

      No, it’s an official Pokémon game where you train your magikarp and then press jump and he jump good.

  13. Kinda surprised he didn’t eat the fish.

    1. How do you think forced retirement works?

  14. I love this game!!

  15. I like this game way too much – can’t get to 100% because my luck is bad (I am still missing a few patterns & I’m… way past 200 Magikarps now)… and once I get the very last upgrade / pattern, they will probably release another update which unlocks the Top Four and the Champion..
    Some tips for new players (things I would have liked to know when I started)
    1.) Don’t re-roll on the caught Magikarp (unless you want to spend money anyways / want to get that one event to trigger) – it will cost you 10 Diamonds the first time and 50 Diamonds the second time – which is way too expensive. Save them for upgrades like Helper Pokemon and Decorations.
    2.) Buy Popplio first – it will spawn you a treasure Pokeball which can contain coins, item or diamonds and is quite reliable to give you 5 diamonds every few days – the earlier you start saving diamonds the faster you will get helpers and decorations. After that you may consider Snorlax and Slowpoke and or decorations.
    3.) “Retiring” a Magikarp forcefully before it loses at the league is only viable when you want your trainer to level up and can’t get another win anyways: you will lose your 10% growth bonus for your happy Magikarp, so it is better to wait a few more minutes and let it lose gracefully at the peak of it’s capabilities then to gut it in front of it’s peers!

  16. Don’t get cocky karp

  17. Everyone says Magikarp is useless but it’s purpose is to evolve into Gyrados (and it does get Tackle at Lv 15 and I think it could be taught Bounce at one point). If you want a truely useless Pokémon look to Unknown. It only gets one move and I’ve never had one be useful. Ever. At least magikarp evolves into a great Pokémon. Unknown though is utterly useless.

    1. Unknown… wow. I completely forgot about that pokemon. Does it even still have game files for it in Sun and Moon? I mean, I know it probably does, but I never hear about it any more. They used to have a big mystery surrounding them that was hyped up in one of the movies, but then they proved useless in game and were just kind of forgotten.

      1. See exactly my point! Magikarp is useful for getting Gyrados at level 20 but unknown is so bad and useless it’s completely forgettable!

    2. Unown my good friend.
      And hey, if you get lucky a level 50 unown can OhKO a Ledyba from Little Cup!

  18. Hoppy Town, the town of Magikarp! A peaceful, faintly ridiculous place. Until the Magikarp evolve, and suddenly it is Ruins, the town of Dragonrage.

  19. Friend made a comment about this game. The starting town used to have the best magikarp but then they started loosing and lost the heart and will to jump making the TRAGIKARP.

  20. Hey, I have a question. So can only GaMERCaT’s friends see Navi, or just any animal that is near GaMERCat while he is talikng to Navi? And what about Sweet? Can he see her? (I don’t recall them ever talking or anything)

    1. And what about Nano?

    2. Presumably just Cats.
      Different wavelengths of light+hallucination?

  21. Please Do Twitch!

    You should have GaMERCaT do twitch plays pokemon, where GC is the avatar and he’s painfully struggling to just walk to the pokemon center. Pleeeeaaassse do this! It would be so awesome!!!!

  22. I truly enjoy this game.

  23. A mobile game?

    Wasnt this a minigame in a Pokemon Stadium game…?

  24. I’m sure Glitch would love that game. :)

    1. just like he likes monopoly, the end of the world as we know it

  25. GUYS.
    Gamercat’s FISHING POLE looks like a POKEBALL!!!!!

    1. It….
      it’s been like that the whole series

  26. OMG its pokemon magikarp jump!

  27. at this point, i gave up on that game (AFTER LOSING 23 MAGIKARPS BY RANDOM EVENTS)

  28. OMGOSH! I used to love this game until I tried to get a fruit from a tree and my Magikarp got taken by a Pidgeotto out of the air. I stopped raising Magikarp after that.

  29. What would happen if one of them evolved into a Garydos? (yes, I know I spelled it wrong)

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