Master Indaway

I do this dance daily with my cat. No matter which direction I lean he somehow manages to casually stretch to stay in-da-way.

46 thoughts on “Master Indaway

  1. 4th panel is gonna be the best face I’ve ever seen Gamer Cat make.

    1. I think the last panel is funnier

    2. I’m going to have to agree with David on this one. Great face and it’s the first panel where you know 100% he knows what he’s doing! :3c

    3. Lath, Summoner of The Isles

      I don’t know about you, but it could be better.

  2. so weird seeing him walking on all fours

  3. What does Malcolm complain? At least he see a cat-video. I mean, that’s the reason we all are on the internet right? :D

    1. maybe he’s reading thegamercat. that’s the only reason I’m on the internet right now.

      1. From the people who brought you "Is that a PHOONNNEE"


        1. my favorite pokemon crossed with my one of my favorite hobbies (shiny hunting)
          I don’t need a cat to stop me watching youtube, my internet can do that on its own

  4. I would like to see you parodying bayonetta one day…maybe with sweet

  5. That fluffy waffle


  6. And this is why my cat does NOT have the run of the house… ;P

  7. Glitch: I thought it was because Pixel called you unfit.
    GC: A secret you will take to your grave.

    1. true

  8. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    This defines my cat Sable perfectly. She does this all the time when she wants attention (but never food). In fact, as soon as I started typing this, she did it. She’s lucky she’s adorable, or she’d be dead to me.

  9. It looks odd because he doesn’t do it often, but I think GC looks cuter on all fours!

  10. I bet yoga is something we got from cats in the first place
    They also do the very careful dance of “I’m not QUITE knocking over your stuff, but i’m risking it really badly, and nudging your hand while you’re trying to draw”

  11. #relatable cuz I’m allergic to kitty’s :D

    1. Bon-bon, if u r allergic to cats, why r u evn on dis website?

  12. Wait-he plays Wii Fit? I thoughi I was the only one who did that!

  13. Cats exercising their ownership of humans. Nothin to see here. All is right with the world.

  14. “LOOK AT MY BUTTHOLE!” -every cat ever

    1. That fluffy waffle

      *middle school girls

  15. His tail looks like a hand saying: “Notice me and bring me food”.

  16. Could you make a new character? It’s been a while since a new character has been introduced. It would spice things up a bit. Thanks!

  17. there’s a joke i want to say but it’s to dirty

  18. This is me. Everyday. Playing anything.
    (The owner, not the cat)

  19. I can agree with please notice me senpai, we could use a new character. Also on the day of release could you do a splatoon 2 comic?

  20. It’s nice to see him being a normal cat again. All the Zelda parodies were getting kind of boring.

  21. Do I sense a very small change in GaMERCaT’s style?

    1. Wait, nope

  22. Makes me think of my kitty, lol.

  23. My cat Snowy likes to lay stomach up and legs tucked in.

  24. Is your cat actually named GaMERCaT or something else?

  25. That’s happened to me. TWICE. I was playing a game on the computer and the cat jumped on the desk, i tried to look past him and my tongue was out cause i was concentrating, and he LIKED MY FACE.

  26. Uh, David? Is your profile pic a… Enderman? 😺

  27. Uh, David? Is your profile pic a Enderman? 😓

  28. second panel yoga pose is actually called the cat

  29. Just yoga.

  30. Funniest cartoonist in a ridiculously long time.

  31. Malcolm, what do you mean you’re trying to watch a video? The screen is white

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