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  1. i played Mario once, it was fun… until the game started…

    1. Mario is better multiplayer!

      1. But if you play online, all your friends will troll you so you keep losing.

  2. Either I have really bad deja vu or this one somehow got mistakenly posted several weeks ago.

    1. that’s what I thought too!

      1. oh crap it is mean cat

        1. EXCUSE ME ITS Grumpy cat

  3. we need a girl cat!

    1. what makes you think they’re all male?

      1. because in the character section it says they are all males

    2. I support this!

    3. Grumpy Cat is a girl.

      1. This, Tardar is a female.

    4. no! none of that, shame on you!

    5. I agree 200%. ;)

    6. Why not a three-legged cat while we’re at it?

      I mean if we gotta fill quotas.

  4. How about this: Sweet has a sister, love at first sight. Girl gamer who is a legitimate nerd.

  5. the mudkip, I quote you!

  6. +1 mudkip’s suggestion

  7. Grumpy cat.
    She is a cat.
    And apparently,she plays videogames.

    1. The Spirit Of Tardar Sauce

      I hate video games.

      I had to put this in here.

  8. Hey, im grump, im not so gruuuump! And we’re the Game Cats!

  9. Dat last panel….I need it to be my new avatar for work.
    it defines me in the print shop SO well!!!

  10. THAT is the worst u could get ^^;

  11. I oppose “the mudkip”‘s ludicrous definition of a female gamer. If the author wants to add more characters I don’t much care what gender they are. There’s no more wrong with a mostly male cast then there is with a mostly female cast.
    Also: Navi is female, so they are not “all boys” at all.

  12. I’m sure you could find plenty of people who are willing to dress up as cat as an excuse to play more games.

    1. I know I would, a large orange cat with black stripes.

      1. I would be a white tom with amber eyes.

      2. Question: Heathcliff or Garfield?

  13. Oh come on, she is pretty nice once you get past her grumpy exterior.

  14. i play titanfall id love to see that cat playing it

  15. yay for grumpy cat! she could be the female character everyone’s been wanting. i read an article about her, and in reality, she’s a sweet cat; she just looks grumpy.


  17. I definitely want the fourth player to be a girl cat. But one who is just their friend, no love interest or anything. Although, if Glitch would have a crush on her, that could potentially be extremely adorable.

    1. Oh! glitch having a wierd crush on Grumpy cat, fantastic.

  18. I believe this is the author’s reaction to the readers requesting a female main xD haha…(Tarter Sauce is a girl, after all).

  19. I also think the fourth “Piece” is a female cat. But Grumpy Cat …. no i don’t think so she’s too grumpy ;-).

  20. This is perfect.

  21. It would be cool if the fourth gamer was a girl… And maybe a calico ;u; Calicos are fun to draw. x3

  22. I think the author is saying she has no interest in a fourth. Seems like a lot of people are trying to push for that.

    1. Or at least a female fourth…

  23. Needs a girl cat named WIFI



  26. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    <.< Uuuuuuum, T-that cat doesn't look so scary but uh….. I'd choose someone lse to… Monster Hunter and Mario Party with haha… (=w= )"

  27. Singapore has a classified platform called CATS Classified :)

  28. Hey, Tardar’s supposed to be a really fun kitty who loves playtime… when the camera’s off.

  29. WOw yOu'Re aMAzInG!

    I think Celesse changed the art style

  30. here after Grumpy Cats passing

    1. Same. RIP Grumpy Cat.

  31. Miguelantopere Gamer

    that is not the cat who appears in the meme what says to a guy how use less is?

  32. They end up getting a cat called pixel who wears pink glasses and is a girl

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