Mobile Mayhem

Rookie mistake, Gamercat. There is no game called Happy Waffle Adventures to my knowledge.

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  1. First. Ha. Ha. Ahahahahahahah!.

    1. Nobody caaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrreeeeeessssss!

    2. Haaahahaha No one cares, attention seeker.

    3. Blue shell

    4. you must have absolutely no life if you have to be such an attention seeker.

      1. Ur being an attention seeker right now anyway

        1. How’s pixel being an attention seeker?

  2. There IS a game called Happy Waffle Adventures. It’s when you go to Waffle House and try whatever new waffle flavor they have. Mmm yummy… ;P You’re welcome! ;D

    1. that is not true

      1. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)


  3. Well, at least it wasn’t ‘Adventures of Pancakey’, though I am detecting a subtle breakfast pattern to these things.

    1. Look out, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, IHOP and Waffle House are coming to town!

  4. Nooooooooooooo I need Happy Waffle Adventures why world why also fourth not that it matters

    1. That game was so awesome that i had to buy the 3ds version.

    2. OMG Sorry i meant to reply to another comment XD

      1. It’s fine

  5. Well building off of the last comic, not all mobile games require lots of money and/or patience.
    There’s a game called battle cats which is a lot of fun and while progression is somewhat limited by the energy feature it isnt nearly as bad as you would expect it to be. They also have a lot of events for holidays that give you a bunch of random things so it isnt anywhere near a “Pay us or stop playing” feel.

    1. That game was so awesome i had to buy the 3ds version .

    2. I don’t see the difference from the other games. There is cat food to buy if you are out of energy but still want to play.

      1. But energy comes back so quickly that using cat food for energy is only if you have a special set up see?


    1. Just out of curiosity, why do you type in all caps?
      Also…Malcolm already has…
      OR HAS HE????????

  7. Happy Waffle Adventures MUST BE! Quick sidekick, to the Gamer Cave!

  8. Am I the only one who thinks Malcolm looks like SenorPacman? Or even knows who SenorPacman is for that matter?

  9. Finally a legitimate reason for password locking things.
    Though you still should be able to control them with the usual methods

  10. What if Malcolm catches GaMERCaT playing his video games? What if he knows all along??

    Probably not.

    1. He actually did catch gamercat a while back, but he thought he was dreaming and mummbled something about not eating enchilada’s or something before bed anymore :P

  11. Quick: to somebody who knows how to make games: launch a kickstarter or whatever the cool mids use these days in order to make Happy Waffle Adventures.

  12. I just read all comics in 1 hour… dammm

  13. *raises hand* I know how to make games. Ish. What kind of game should Happy Waffle Adventures be?

    1. RPG in Toriko kind of world.

    2. well, Pixel said Glitch was “poking” at the pone, so that eliminates a few types of games, and Glitch was able to make quite a large purchase (of several smaller ones), so that means that there is probably a “energy bar” type mechanic where one needs to wait for a cool down between actions that can be averted by purchasing something. Also, the title has “Adventure” in it, so the game play would meed to involve moving from place to place rather than a town sim or something. maybe a geometry dash clone where you are trying to get to the table or something? but anyway, that’s my over speculation, hopefully this will help you make this game.

  14. I actually did this I spent about the same amount of money that glitch did it was over like a 2 month period but still it was up in the 99th it was up in the thousands

  15. Imagine Malcom in Bertie Wooster’s voice and it becomes so much better.

  16. It would be hilarious if there would suddenly be like seven “Happy Waffle Adventures” games simply because of this. Like, imagine how confused Google would be. Or GameJolt. Or anyone except people that know this comic for that matter xD

  17. For some reason that reminds me of the mobile app Breadkittens…. Lol!

  18. oh glitch, you little child! XD

  19. there is Happy Waffle Gaming, a youtube channel

  20. these comics are amazing and hilarious, mind if me and a few of my friends voice over the comic?

  21. I always when you have to put in a pin or something like that.

  22. ashieo what do you meen you always when

  23. My little sister spent $23 on “My Talking Tom”

  24. Just go into sandbox mode and generate infinite cash. It worked for me

  25. This comic reminds me of when I spend about 200$ on roblox, I was drowning in guilt

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