Model Citizen

Let's just call it the Vigilante Tax. And I know you can't hack the crime victims, but you might as well be able to.

51 thoughts on “Model Citizen

  1. love your website, and your comics! Oh and first!

    1. thegAmercAtisbAckwArds


      1. thegAmercAtisbAckwArds

        Oh, just read times, nevermind

        1. why does gamercat in the first panel look like he saw someone get killed

  2. I never did get why you can’t hack a criminal. Or any sort of enemy. (Money wise)

  3. ohhh that is so harsh XD what a hero

  4. thegAmercAtisbAckwArds


  5. For a moment I thought she was Pixel’s owner. I’m going to guess I’m not the only one who thinks she has a woman owner. Probably going to meet Gamercat’s owner at some point too.

    1. Oohh, that would be so nice!
      I wonder if she is Pixel’s owner she could become Gamercat’s owner’s girlfriend…
      Hmmm… a girl can dream…

    2. gamercat’s owner has been shown in the previous panels and it was already explained that glitch was a stray. Plus gamercat is playing a game in this panel called watchdogs.

      1. 1)they were talking about pixel, not glitch.
        2)how does the game they were playing relate to what they were talking about?

        1. read the comment wrong.

    3. Ok ok!

      So followup from last page

      GaMERCaT & Pixel make GaMERKitteNs
      and then GaMERCaT’s owner and Pixel’s Owner start dating.

      1. Your name is spelled wrong. It’s mOlag Bol not malag. Any true elder scrolls fan would know that ._. Nub

        1. It’s written Malag Bol on purpose. It’s a letter swap, a common thing. Mind your own damned.

        2. And namecalling? Really?

        3. HA! And I just realized… You would be the “nub” here! It’s Molag BAL.

          Next time you try and correct someone, check your facts!

        4. *claps* Farewell, Grammer Nazis!

        5. It’s a swap of letters , and you are the wrong , it’s Molag Bal .-.

        6. I can’t believe you think you’re an Elder Scrolls fan… ¬¬

    4. That’s a nice thought, but doesn’t this happen in the game world not in Gamercat’s reality?

      1. Yeah it happens on the game world

  6. I love knocking somebody out to save someone, but then killing both parties anyway.

  7. In the 3rd square ”Cronic” should be written ”Chronic”… Takes an H

  8. Wow! Bad kitty. xD Almost mugged, and robbed. And she volunteers at a shelter. Bad Gamercat!

    1. I bet it’s the same shelter Sweet came from (He’s based off of a real cat XD)

  9. Well ya know the citizens themselves are massive aholes as well, since when you save ’em, you’ll get some asshole trying to call the cops on you.

  10. That is just evil! …But funny nonetheless.

  11. susan is a jaywalker?! BUM BUM BAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!

  12. The interface on the Tapastic site is awful. I actually prefer waiting a week just to not read it over there. Your comic is awesome.

  13. Please add Pixel to the Bios!

  14. GeMCrafT The Gaming Eevee

    Lol right now I’m drawing Glitch and I playing Soul Calliber V (i cant spell XD) on Xbox and he’s a boss at it and I’m like HOW ARE U BEATING ME?!?!?!? And Glitch is looking like a smartalec haha

    1. GeMCrafT The Gaming Eevee

      DURP :3 I’m tired and bored….. EEEEVVVVVEEEEEEEHHHHH

  15. I’m imagining one of my cats hacking my bank account to spend on the new Professor Layton game.

  16. Please do a Gamercat Comic with Yoshi. You can decide what to do with it.

  17. You had one job…

  18. Actually you can.

  19. there are two sides to a coin, he’s both.

  20. love the comics theyre the bomb

  21. What Game Is He Playing?

    1. I think it’s Watchdogs

  22. a good deed for a bad. that sounds like me

  23. At least it wasnt a joke about finding a person thats HIV positive, and also a blood donor

  24. Lock@Shock@Barrel

    My mom, had her bank acount hacked and the reaction was worse. This lady is accting like her phone died after only playing for two hours. I hate it when that happens

  25. Either way, the woman lost all their money.

  26. Your animation style is beging to scare me a little. I can’t tell what’s supposed to be game-world, and what’s supposed to be real-world!

  27. How could you gamercat??

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