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  1. omg so cute, and first!

    1. You! you are an example of all that is wrong with the internet! LoL, jk, I don’t care. :)

    2. You are an example of all that is wrong with the internet. No, not joking.

      1. both of you are whats wrong with humanity joking and not joking

        1. fire the blue shells!

        2. already did! *mountain of blue shells behind me* *throws all of them*

        3. And YOU… need to stop because the joke isn’t funny anymore 😠



  2. The joys of cat ownership.
    Though, ours just licked the face off a mouse instead of force-feeding.

    1. mine had droped birds on the front porch as presents

  3. That’s what you get for giving your cat a ball of yarn instead of a new controller with headset…

  4. that pat pat in the first panel and glitch’s buutt on the floor in the last panel is so cute!

    1. gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitcch buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt

    2. u r weird, who thinks a CAT BUTT is CUTE?!?!?

  5. looool
    Man look what happens when the comic releases on another site first, barely any comments here. It’s taken me a lot of restraint to keep coming here alone, specially since I get the notifications about new comics on my facebook

  6. Ewww-ew-ew-ew…….panel 5 makes me shiver. GaMERCaT and Glitch are still as cute as ever though! There are so many things I like about this comic – dialogue and topic of choice being two of them. I am very glad I found you on deviant art.

  7. soooo should i read on tapastic from now on? do they have a RSS Feed?

  8. Do i really need a name

    5th panel.WOW GC….just……wow

  9. My cats never bring me dead animal offerings… But when I woke up this morning as one of them jumped off the windowsill and rebounded off my leg… I heard oddly disturbing music…

    I sat up and looked around… “WTF?! Why is my TV on, and who was playing Prototype on my 360 last night?!”

    1. is this true or just a joke to make fun of them?

  10. You… FOUND it; you didn’t kill it yourselves?!

  11. so… the cat is clever enough to get an online job (and do it to boot), but not enough to know the value of a dead bird to a human? .__. i gues he needs to be catty about some things

  12. Everything about cats now makes perfect sense.

  13. lol, i love how glitch holds out the dead bird so innocently, its hilarious

  14. as with any such incentive would be up in the act, and not just to buy the console video …

  15. Thi is why I’ll NEVER EVER have a cat… OO’

  16. Cats… whether or not they play videos games, they will give you unwanted “gifts”…. all those dead lizards……..

  17. sorry kitties, your owner is not impressed by your tribute

  18. They’re getting the xbox1 and the ps launcher preorderd, right?

  19. Now I know why the cat down the street leaves dead birds on the doorstep and sits next to them as if waiting for something…
    (Great comic by the way. Hilarious.)

  20. OMG they are both like my cat, all in one…and he is black and white as well, creepy

  21. When we lived at my sister’s house (husband was laid off during the sequestering), our cat would leave dead mice in front of our bedroom door.

    We quickly learned to turn the hallway light on if we left the room at night for anything.

    For that reason more than any reason I’m SO glad our apartment we now have is mouse free.

  22. Cats do these things because they think you can’t hunt your own food. In case the pet/master relationship between man and cat was in doubt.

  23. I remember once I was sleeping over at my aunt’s house. She had 5 cats at the time. The one that I really liked and got along with was this handsome tortoiseshell named Domino. I found out that if your the first one awake, he expects you to feed him. And if Domino’s not fed in the morning he’ll leave you gifts to try and bribe you into feeding him. So I was playing games on my laptop while eating cereal and went to use the bathroom. When I came back, there was a dead bird lying on my keyboard and Domino was sitting there, looking at me. It was SO gross.

  24. Humans probably won’t want a dead bird…

    1. that’s the point(I think)

  25. Polandczechball Gaming

    Why the bird when he would throw up

  26. You know I’ve seen cats do that, now I’m convinced that all of them kill birds to make deals.

  27. i once found a dead bird in front of my house, and my neighbor has a cat. coincidence?

  28. I don’t think so

  29. 46th comment yay

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