I don't know about anyone else, but I always felt terrible when I used those red fairies.

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  1. Those are fairy spirits, you shouldn’t feel bad using them, in healing you, they’re free.

    1. Read it reeeeeeeeally fast! It’s weird when you do. ‹(-.-)›

      1. Ishsi Valleirah Kimber

        You know, I thought about that, and didn’t expect much in doing so, but I tried that and gained the ability to make the weirdest expression on my face. (G-mod faces, the scariest things ever :&)

    2. When I read this… NIGHTMARES COMITH.

      1. =°O°=

    3. *3*………………..

      1. I’d use Navi tho

  2. AHHAHAHH oh god… that face! XD

    1. Agree.

      1. PathOfTheAwesomePie

        Creeped me right the math out…. *shivers* (e-e )

  3. I was just shown this comic. OMG. I love it! Bahaha! I can’t wait for the next update! XD

  4. You can always lock them up in a glass bottle before killing them.

    1. Just remember to drink the Lon Lon milk out of it first! ;)

  5. I kind of did too… o_o You’re supposed to be a hero though right? So their sacrifice is not in vain!

  6. Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary…………. Oo’

  7. The level of cuteness is beyond me. Not even the horror of dissolving fairies can stop my daaaaw face.

    1. 4 some reason… Navi and red fairies, ect, aren’t in The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracksâ„¢… Only a white fairy that heals you when you play the song of healing.
      (\ /)
      ‹O› [Hey, listen!]

  8. Dwell not in the legacy of VG cats! You are your own comic!

    1. I agree with this. I really don’t care for VG cats for some reason but I adore The Gamer Cat. ^_^

      1. I love VG cats! :D

        1. Personally I love both much… :3

        2. Being Honest… When I Saw the VG Cat’s Comics I Didn’t Understood Them At All…

          (The Reason It’s Because I’m From Perú… And In Perú They Speak Spanish… In My School I Learned english, But I Dont Know The Meaning Of Some Words…

  9. Omg I just love this cat in Link’s suit ^^ This comic is so damn adorable… well… apart from the horryfying look of the dying fairy .. huh …

  10. more more MORE GAMERCAT!!! =^.^=

  11. Someone’s gettin some Reddit lovin right now.

  12. thats it scar the cat more lol that is awesome. keep up the awesome work =D

  13. I hate to piss on your parade, but VGCats did this joke as well.

    1. How is that the same joke? One is about biting heads off fairies and the other is about the fairies disappearing after they heal you.

      1. This is one of my favourites!

    2. if this is the same as VGCats then digimon is a direct copy of pokemon >.>
      even if there are similarities they are totally unrelated.
      in this case the only similarity was… that they are both cats… and they did something with fairies…
      *grumble grumble*

      1. I have to agree with you on the Digimon/Pokémon thing. THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE THE DAM/\/ SHOW INTO, SO THEY COPIED THE MOST POPULAR ONE OF THAT TIME! -.- digipigs.

    3. VGCats is a shitty fucking comic that couldn’t deliver a punchline to save their life. Quit quoting vague similarities between the two because they each have a cat in them.

      I don’t mean to start a fight with VGCats nerds in your comments section but Jesus Christ, VGCats is the Adam Sandler of webcomics.

      1. Leave Adam Sandler alone!!

      2. Holy sh!t, VGcats sucks a$$

        1. herobrine of time

          how dare you say vg cats suck

        2. I personally think that VGcats sucks and Adam Sandler is awesome

    4. OMG! It’s a cat comic! A cat that plays video games! That makes jokes about video games that easily come to everyone’s mind when they play them! That’s copyrighted material right there!

      I find The Gamer Cat funny and cute, while VGcats just goes for squick and gross-factor. They’re not the same, so quit championing a mostly dead comic.

    5. VG cats does a great job at making me LOL! :D you guys should check out bitter sweet candy bowl comic as well. It’s got a great story line and amazing drawings. You won’t be disappointed! :D and Celesse your art work is amazing and adorable! I can’t wait to see more comics from you! :)

      1. I Don’t Understand VG Cats Comics At all…

    6. OverlyDramaticLogic

      This comic is…utterly disturbing. I don’t understand why people read these.

      1. LANGUAGE!!!

        1. Aperture Science Online Chatbot

          …What? There was nothing that could be classed as a swear word there.

  14. yeeeees!!!!!! I love this little keekeemweor!!!

  15. aww i just stumbled upon your web comic and its adorable ^~^

  16. Funny and terrifying! I’m glad I followed this from tumblr.

  17. I absolutely love the facial expressions!

  18. When i was a kid playing the n64 zelda and the snes zelda, I always used to leave 2 fairies behind whenever I went to a fairy fountain. That way they could always reproduce more fairies for when I came back…

  19. Navi’s such a murderer for suggesting it. She must have had something out for one of those little Red fairies :(

  20. Whoa pretty creepy.. atleast put alittle warning

    1. Or maybe you could try not being such a baby? I find that also works.

      1. Yeah, I agree. I wanted something creepier.

      2. @à2 _à2 , i heard not being an absolute jerk works out pretty well, but maybe that’s just me.

  21. Well, look at the fairies in Wind Waker. If you bottle them up, they even make a sad face ='(

  22. Ok I must apologize for comparing your last comic to VG Cats and starting this giant arguement about stealing ideas and crap. I have to say that, while I enjoy reading the old VG Cats comics (the new ones are just crap), I enjoy reading your comics much more! Keep up the good work and please update soon ^-^

  23. This comic makes me so happy <3

  24. hehe, I love your comic. Please make frame 3 into an avatar :D

  25. I just found this on tumblr.
    Please keep going, it somewhat reminds me of a charming, cuter version of VGcats <3

  26. Wow i never thought about how disturbing it actually is 0.o

  27. John
    December 28, 2011 at 5:33 pm | # | Reply
    Those are fairy spirits, you shouldn’t feel bad using them, in healing you, they’re free.

    IT’S FREE! Ok, but they disappear :C !!

  28. need moar gamer cat plox

  29. Midnightpintowolf

    Moar pwease!!!??? :3

  30. I really wish this comic updated more often <3

  31. Am i the only one who noticed that his color drained from his clothes in the last frame?

    1. no it adds to the drama

    2. i noticed the color was drained ˘–ˇ

    3. It was done on purpose to give that depressed grey look

  32. Okay, A)this is so damn cute. T-shirts…. there must be t-shirts! B)the internet is so large and filled with random sh!t that someone SOMEWHERE at SOMETIME must have done a joke similar or along the same lines as the one’s posted here or there or anywhere. It’s bound to happen. It all depends on the delivery. And I for one prefer THIS artwork and THIS form of delivery…. Just throwing my two cents in there…


  33. This one is BEYOND funny! The face is just him in pure terror! Now every time I play the Legend of Zelda games and find a fairy this is what I think of. Just that face and the fairy and OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!

  34. It’s so cuteeee!

    … In a ‘imma make you guilty and sad now >D’ scary sort of way D:

  35. I feel so fluffy inside now

  36. Must be pretty traumatic for young Link. I wonder if there’s a fairy heaven/hell somewhere.

    Definitely my favorite of all your strips.

  37. thanks to this comic… i found this site ‹(0â—†0)›

  38. This is definitely my favorite of all your strips. After all, this is the one that got me to this site ‹(º————————º)›

  39. i noticed that his link suit drained it’s color a little bit.

  40. This is adorable!! I love this comic XD I’d love to buy some merchandise with Gamercat on it! <3

  41. Looks like VGCats copy everything! I loooooove this, so stop trying to be so MEAN!


  43. No! ;____; I have never thought about it and now it’s ruined! I’m never using fairies again ;______;

    hahaha, kidding, actually it’s the first time I see your comic (on DA) it’s pretty funny :D

  44. Sooooooo cute!!! <3 lol last panel face= still the most adorable terrified expression ever!! XD if only Gamercat was a tuxedo cat he would look exactly like my Kitteh :3

  45. this came to mind once. this also is what got me hooked on gamer cat.

  46. I have to say this made me laugh, digged your style. I seen this over at reddit. just came by to show my appreciation and continue your art.

  47. You should put a blown-up version of the 5th panel out so I can put it as my desktop.

  48. Poor gamercat, that scared the heck out of him! Not to mention the dead fairy, that was creepy!!

  49. Nunca habia pensado en eso QAQ

  50. I think I’m gonna skip out on health next time I play Zelda………..

  51. “Gave life for you” wallpaper please?

  52. ya i felt bad a bowt the feres but i still love this more than VGcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Poor fellow, his face at the end was pretty funny
    I hope the google translator has not hindered too, is that I’m from Brazil

    1. Aperture Science Online Chatbot

      No, your English is good

  54. The image in the fourth panel is my desktop.

  55. I wish you could do that to Navi

  56. And Navi suggested this?

  57. Last panel I dont know if taht is guilt or utter terror.

    1. OverlyDramaticLogic

      no…it’s SHAME.

  58. I shall NEVER play this game. NOT EVER

  59. As well-thought artistically as this joke is… it is sadly very, very inaccurate. Those little fairies are just spirits, unthinking and not alive, created by the great fairies or, sometimes, from the land itself. they’re not sentient, and ressemble more an energy manifestation than a living being, lesser than a poe.

    1. well dude of course its inaccurate… its meant to be humoruous and to bring laughter and make you feel like an ass for laughing at that. it’s not supposed to actually be true. like that hidden blade cut. where gamercat cut himself on accident with his own hidden blade. that doesn’t happen.

      1. No kidding

  60. Games and cats… whats not to love?

  61. ohhh….so thats whats happens to fairies after they’re used. they evaporate themselves after draining its energy only to save you…wow…I’M A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HEARTLESS ASSHOLE!WHAT HAVE I DONE!?


  63. Lol
    This was the first one I’ve ever seen

  64. I now think of this every time my sister uses a fairy in the game.

  65. 2 spooky 4 me!

  66. lol that is very funny and scary too lol


  68. You gotta take Annoying Fairy’s friends for yourself.

  69. Thanks for the nightmares, Whitten

  70. This is probably my favorite gamer cat comic

  71. We come from over the dark horizon sky, with twisted tales of SACRIFICE

  72. Isn’t, isn’t the blue fairy a, well, fairy? So what happens if gc touches her?

    1. no becous the red fairy’s are the only fairy’s that give health i think the blue fairy is is some kind of acint fairy that dosint give hp or the other red fairy’s are just enchanted or something and this is all just a guess

  73. to the right of the pink fairy it looks kind of a skeleton hand

    1. i notist that too

  74. Meow. I restarted reading because the author has been on break for at least 8 months…

  75. Oh frick

  76. They don’t die they just teleport somewhere else so you can’t use them again

  77. They don’t die they teleport somewhere else.
    Well that’s what I’m imagining anyway…

  78. Wait I didn’t remember I left that other comment

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