Sandbox Games

My friend keeps asking me if I'm excited to play games on the toilet.

53 thoughts on “Sandbox Games

  1. Going to sleep may be a problem.

    1. Sleep?
      What’s “sleep”?
      Real gamers don’t sleep! ;)

      1. Sleep ? On which level do you unlock it ?

      2. They shold make a tutorial on how to sleep.

      3. My dissapointment level is over 9000!

      4. Let’s call it: “falling unconscious” instead, shall we? I mean, I don’t think even Gamercat wants to drop face first into the kitty litter.

    2. Going to sleep is an important way of life
      Not sleeping And gaming could cause really bad damage to
      Your body.

      1. ._. So how does one get the Humanity and Healthy Body add on for Life? Do I unlock it through playing or do I have to go and pay for it at the local Cathedral?

    3. Sleep? I haven’t heard that word in years…

      1. *Looks in concern*

    4. …i hope I’m not the only one who plays games on the toilet

  2. Truthfully, Gamercat as a gamer disappoints me. I’m surprised he didn’t think of this sooner. Portable consoles are not new.

    1. Right? What gamer hasn’t been doing this since childhood? I got most of my progression done on Sonic Advanced in the Porcelain Palace Zone, and I mastered Tetris Worlds and Megaman Battle Network 6 in there too.

      1. When you said (or typed, rather) ‘Porcelain Palace Zone’, I had to think for a not for of it was a real zone.

        Almost googled it too.

    2. There was this old wavebird comertial of a guy doing just that.

  3. God dammit I just looked at the title

    1. OH frunk me, I didn’t see that either. That’s tickling my grundle.

    2. That’s hilarious!!!!!!

  4. this is me all the time

    1. Doesn’t the cat mind? Or is there a second litter box?

      1. well played good sir or madam or… gentleperson!

        1. I am a boy, thank you.

  5. I literally got up at 4:00 in the morning to look at this comic before you guys, so let me ask you this: HOW COULD YOU STILL BEAT ME!?!

    1. Time zones…

  6. Well, clever title

  7. Yeah I can’t wait to do this when I get my Switch.

  8. oh boy, he’s on the road to becoming a level 100 colonel now
    Next thing we know he’s taking down Calamity Ganon with just 3 hearts and a tree branch in is underwear

    1. Thats easy

    2. Assuming he even wears underwear.

  9. i should of thought of this year ago

  10. Hahahahaha.


  11. I have to admit the WiiU has been nice to occasionally bring onto the toilet. but the screen is still too tiny to reliably play an actual game.

    1. Do you need glasses? Not only is switch’s screen basically the same size, but it’s WAY bigger than 3ds or cell phones, which people play actual games on all the time.

  12. I’m about to say 2 words that are the bane of any portable gamer: Low Batteries

    1. Well thats why he had the charger right next to him…

  13. Actually, it’s not practical: one day or another it’s gonna stink (you’re in your own ness, Gamercat) and you can get infections by doing that.

    :-(*) … And these eyes, it frightens me!

  14. Has anyone else noticed the star on glitch’s back (He’s just the cutest).

    1. Yeah I’ve seen it. Glitch is probably my favorite character! ?

  15. Heyo samantha my name is dragoonmon, and I just have to say your comic is great. Seriously I have been reading for a long time. I have two ideas. First how about skull girls, and second why not do one with youtubers. Like he tries to be one. Or at least him watching a video from markiplier.

    1. mao mao mao mao manooo, mao mao…
      (Hell my name is gamercat, and today…)

    2. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no to Markiplier. Try DanTDM though!

  16. Also please do more horror games :-)

  17. turn off my adblock before going onto sites of people I like.

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  19. How does that work? You are sitting on a pile of litter his poop will just be squished under his butt

  20. Genius, If I dont say myself.

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