Short Supply

Logic doesn't apply when it comes to nostalgia.

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  1. Inserttrashartmusiclifehere

    I get that feeling. When I try playing Pokemon Yellow on my gba, I always ask myself where the backscreen lighting is. I always ask myself why the pixels aren’t perfect. I always ask myself why I push myself to hours of dratini training.
    oh wait ignore the last sentence I’m sorry

    1. I got a 4k last year

  2. But why, Nintendo? Why play the scarcity game with us? This way the scalpers win!

  3. I connect with Sweet on a spiritual level.

    1. I connect with GaMERCaT on a spiritual level.

      1. I connect with dota servers on router level. please send help.

        1. Ha I feel bad for you man

        2. You are a good person

  4. First, but I simply can't care

    So true, though. My 3DS can play the original DS games, but really low res. It’s annoying. I’m better off using the original DS for the compatible games, like Sweet said.
    Seriously though, that cookie looks delicious. Did they make that with heir cat paws?

    1. On the 3ds you can hold start+ select when you load up a ds game and it loads the top and bottom pixel to pixel. Leads to the part of the screen with color being about 2/3 of the screenspace, but it’s better than the alternative.

  5. Some people have no respect for a desire for quality in games. =)

    1. Well, some people (like me) don’t care if it looks bad and has a crappy story as long as it doesn’t bore them to death.

    2. that would be me

  6. I still have my original NES from 1986, I went out of my way to find a CRT television in 2012 to use it. It was good enough then, its good enough now! Plus, I’m sure the picture quality is better now anyway, when I was a kid I had to use that RF dongle thingy.

    1. I remember those dongles! It added some extra fuzz to the screen, but made it playable!

  7. The art style in the 5th panel is a really pleasant deadpan change. I like how Sweets is sharing his donuts.

    1. Yea. But I think they’re cookies.

  8. Honestly i just use my Wii if i’m too lazy to hook my Nes up. I’ll even play Gb games on a ds flash-cart for convenience of having everything in one system.

  9. My thoughts exactly

  10. I have to do the same facepalm when online DJs tout they are playing “Analog Music” From records. It’s on the internet… it’s digital now. They don’t understand that once the signal is put into the computer, it’s now a digital signal.

  11. Aaaaw. “Sweet” cookies. *^_^*

  12. if you want irony I have by pure luck of the devil a NES Mini yey me
    but my bedroom tv is so outdated I can’t play it there

    but I have a nes, snes and a sega that will become unplayable if I buy a brand new bedroom TV

    arrrggge why

  13. Curse you and you logic!

  14. Meh, my HTPC is setup with RetroArch and some nice wireless Logitech gamepads.

    Still, I don’t really see the appeal of the NES CE. Pis are cheaper and can emulate a lot more.

  15. Rss is working agaiin!!! Thank youuuu ~<3*

  16. Its hard to believe that you haven’t done a Minecraft comic yet O – O

  17. I’m pretty much with Sweet on this one, at least for NES games.

    Something like the SNES of Genesis, however, has enough detail that running it in HD is actually worth it.

  18. Yeah I thought Gamercat was more retro, but I guess sweets is. I like sweets better :) gamercat is lucky he has that whole cuteness factor.

    Since I have so many NES carts, I just stick with emulators.

  19. Me today when my brother was going to buy Sun and Moon for both of us :p

  20. Hey, I’m wondering if you could do a couple of Kirby related comics. There only seems to be one, and I think more would be cool. :3

  21. I think it’s so cute that Sweet is sharing his cookies without being asked to, it looks completely natural to him. Cute <3

  22. Are you telling me that GamerCat’s owner can afford a 4k HDTV ? :p

  23. C’mon, it’s not THAT hard.
    RGB mod your NES. That’ll give you the cleanest possible analog signal. For a display your best bet is a medical grade RGB display, but if you only have a modern TV then a XRGB-mini Framemeister can convert analog to digital HDMI.
    But that’s only if you want to play on original hardware. If you just want retro in HD then get an emulation machine like a RetroPie, which is basically all an NES Classic is.

    1. Timey winey wibbly gobbledygook stuff

      Oh of course that makes perfectly…
      no sense.
      You’re a genius!

  24. Why didn’t my comment show up?

  25. Hey, bring back anonymouse

  26. That last panel… is me… to a tee. Except I don’t want the “classic edition” because I don’t care for all-in-wonder machines. I want something that will play my cartridges!

  27. Did they make that with heir cat paws?

  28. Thank you, Sweet! Sad graphics and still Sad graphics!

  29. I love these cats, they really amuse me.

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